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I’m so glad @Jokoy is saving his money and using it wisely. call Monday and tell New Jersey Governor Murphy that YOU OPPOSE S2173! 609-292-6000. You do NOT have to be…
Albert Einstein published more than 300 journal articles between 1901 and 1955. Only a single paper of Einstein's w… the bar is closing... hope the good people of New Jersey can see that Pharma is the real culprit behind New Jersey State legislators st…
Put this political partisan crap behind you and listen to our podcast on the single biggest problem in America: Peo… swerved... Another unjust intrusion on American’s Freedom. Today it was New Jersey’s removal of religious f…“We are a very diverse community, we believe in parental choice, and we support our parents in that,” Riverhead Sch… 20 years of #deucebigalow with the first of two very special episodes featuring Rob’s dear friend, the…
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Dear Citizens of New Jersey Kindly remind your state legislators that the Religious Freedoms you’ve currently enjoy… Birthday, Deuce! #DeuceBigalow20
Hello Salt Lake City! My COMEDY SPECIAL is shooting in YOUR CITY FEBRUARY 29, 2020! The First show is SOLD OUT! He… @jimmykimmel Thank you for your huge heart, taking the time to hear my friend Josh. His son Otto was injured… at all the charts below and in the comments from the CDC's own vaxxed v unvaxxed study, a study they buried it…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderCan’t believe it’s been 20 years! But Dec 10th 1999 was the Premier of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. I had a blast!… @RobSchneider
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderStill happy... Still a child... Still the best pal you could ever have...
“I don’t think the same industry behind the Opioid Crisis should be behind a push to remove Parental Rights and Rel…** CALL TO ACTION ** Hate the vaccine push? Want to fight back? Download these vaccine-stats, in the comment secti…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderI only know two. Richard Pryor and Rob Schneider
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderMi querido amigo, eres el regalo de México para el mundo! @EugenioDerbez it comes to scientific theories, unless they have been verified by black women they can be safely discounted.…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderThe 1st Amendment of US Constitution “prevents the Gov’t from making laws that prohibit the free exercise of religi… can talk to your Doctor about getting off these drugs slowly and safely. You are not alone. You can feel better… @Plasticdoe @SB276refdumfail @JNTHN_LCKWD @joshbucky @RobertKennedyJr @DrBobSears @RobSchneider @Lucky_me209
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Clutch 4th down play Jimmy G to Kittle #49ers #NewOrleans
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderI never doubted can use your help @AdamSandler, Let’s keep positive here! My plane is taking off! Darn!! Please let me know how @49ers won! crossed please close out this game
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderAn early Christmas present would be the 49ers defense forcing a turnover rn please please please 🙏🙏🙏 #GoNiners
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderLet’s go defense!!! Everything you got! #49ers
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderAbsolutely @NilsHeadley No, Headly, It’s your inability to think clearly and rationally that is inhibiting you. Reminder: As… a minute?! These citizens were “HOLDING SIGNS?!” And “PROTESTING?!” What country do they think they’re in?! AM…! ‘A Sourge!’ Put them ALL in re-education camps! But don’t stop there Ricky! Get out the old style German Zyklo… Police State of New York doesn’t care about your ‘Religious Rights,’ Amish people. Though I seem to remember th…
Good job fellas! 🦈🦹🏻‍♂️ Sometimes the thing we fear the most is actually the thing that will save us 🤗
Retweeted by Rob Schneider“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good peo… Years ago... Japanese Planes attacked Pearl Harbor. Luckily, all 4 American Aircraft Carriers were not at Pearl.… podcast is up! This week @RobSchneider and @realpatriciasch discuss Rob’s tendency to prematurely blame others,…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderIt was not a fluke. Ruiz was better. Which Joshua will show up THIS time? people in the #Amazon are under threat from business interests as well as politicians, including far-rig…
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Some light reading 4 your weekend! “... the issue is whether we want to live in a free society or whether we want t… @420lasnaga Iron Mike still almost won that fight. @yayayay1991 That’s interesting, but Joshua saw everything he needed to see (and unsee) in their last fight. I don… @TheProduct410 Joshua! All he needs to do is Jan and stay away. Occasionally use the right hand then stay away, tie… seems a little similar to Buster Douglas after he beat Iron Mike. His next fight he looked out of shape and go… NBC news compares the families of children injured from liability free drugs to anti-gay hate groups, this Pr… if we had you fooled 😂😅 #FinsUp
Retweeted by Rob Schneider‘Shadow banning’ written into Twitter’s new terms of service, may ‘limit visibility’ of some users. Time for Congre…, “My Child, My Choice!” State Legislators, “Your Child, Our Choice!” Dozens of parents protest vaccine bill…
Parents pull children out of school to protest proposed mandatory bill. check out my latest article and please consider contributing to the website using the tip jar at the bottom…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderTop medical journal takes on big pharma: 'Cannot be trusted ... causing harm'
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderHappy Birthday to my favorite player and a terrific gentleman, @10APG
Thank God you and your family are okay, Anna Faris.WebMD and Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy now...
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This Yoga position is called Kama Take Down Kamala Harris. presentamos nuestro nuevo jersey, inspirado en la cultura industrial de nuestra querida ciudad. Vibremos juntos…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderThis was a real coup against an indigenous person democratically elected as their country’s President. liar @DrPanMD - the paid Pharma Goon & (unfortunately) elected Cal Legislator tells another outrageous… must be something wrong with a drug that Congress rules ‘Unavoidably Unsafe’,has to be mandated, protected fr…
Over 684k views! Psychiatric Drugs Are More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined via @YouTube
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderAll it takes for our Freedoms to continue to erode is for good people to see it happening, stand around and do noth… amigo! I love Mexican Futbol. I am sorry for my TIGRES, but Very excited about the @miseleccionmx ! Congrat…! QUE?! Me alegro de haber trabajado esta noche, así que no tuve que sufrir. Felicidades América y tus gra…é en el escenario durante el juego. Revisaré en secreto mi teléfono ... ¡por favor, denme actualizaciones sobr…¡Todos los ojos en Gignac!
Check out our podcast on YouTube @TheSWHpodcast and everywhere Podcast Podcast! have to stop telling our kids they can “be anything they want!” They can try their best, but they can’t be “anyt…
There’s a good list here of how YOU can help stop plastic from continuing to poison our oceans...and US! better, Will! I love you. #milwaukee&SFLegend
Felicedadez ⁦@TigresOficial⁩ ⁦@10APG⁩ TIGRES!! @TigresOficialGOOOOOOOAL VAMOS TIGRES!! #10 Gignac @TigresOficial esta es una verdadero penalty Tigres @TigresOficialNO PENALTY!!! VAMOS TIGRES @TigresOficialGOOOOAL!!! TIGRES!!! @TigresOficial TIGRES!! @TigresOficial
See you this weekend, Irvine!, This was my FAVORITE of the Star Trek movies! And that it took place in our hometown of San Francisco was unb… @RobSchneider @dcexaminer FACT A 21-yr-old woman died of heart arrhythmia induced by autoimmune response to HPV vac…
Retweeted by Rob SchneiderTHREAD: My new column this week is about the freedom to question vaccines, which is under escalating assault by Big…
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Hahahahaha! You are up early! Glad you laughed...
Philippines! Pag-ibig sa iyo! Love from me and my Tita Rose, 93 YEARS YOUNG! WW2 Survivor & Thriver! #GoPinoy, ⁦@DrPanMD⁩ I know your pockets are filled with Big Pharma cash, but take a look & see how The Science is Neve…, New Yorkers. I guess you could tell your elected state legislators that the new Bill they are proposing is AGA… is a good example of when the State (Iran) decides what Free Speech you’re allowed. If you AGREE with the Stat… and Main Stream Media tell us to, “Believe Women!” Then... “But do NOT believe the Women who are Mothers… @RobSchneider I watch my daughter suffer everyday because of the HPV shots! I would give my life to go back in time…
Retweeted by Rob Schneider @RobSchneider Did 63,000 individuals all conspire to report a vaccine injury? Was it one large group text? While i…
Retweeted by Rob Schneider @RobSchneider My eldest daughter got the vaccine and had problems , I didn’t allow my other 3 daughters to get the…
Retweeted by Rob Schneider @RobSchneider Jessica Ericzon, died at 17 from the Gardasil vaccine. Her parents were “compensated” for her death b…
Retweeted by Rob Schneider @RobSchneider I was given the three series, ten years ago. I’m now facing seriously debilitating auto immune disord…
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