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HISTORY!! 🐐👑 Sabrina Ionescu is the first NCAA player EVER with 2,000 points, 1,000 assists and 1,000 rebounds!!…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Es la hora.
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Just got off the phone with @Kurt0411Fifa “The man EA sports wants to disappear” Documentary Deal Done 🤝 ✅
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛The people's people. He never takes no for an answer. The @Kurt0411Fifa End of an Era SBC is now available in-game…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Reminder that MLS is back this week. #LAGalaxy
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Man it’s actually so disgusting what this franchise has come to. I grew up loving FIFA and everyday I FKN hate EA m…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Martial they have families 😂😂😂
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛ @EA 🤢🤮
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛ @EA What a fucking joke. If it wasn’t for the worlds love of football this game would be completely in the gutter.This picture gone be up in every white barbershop
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛There’s absolutely no way Marcus wouldn’t be top scorer right now if he didn’t get injured man ffs, imagine if he g…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛If I see this this year I’m rioting
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛I think the Pokemon anime nailed it with the shiny hunter character
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Sancho vs. Håland in the u17 EURO’s. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇴
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛This girl just beat a kid twice her age to become the Oceania Jrs Division champion in Pokemon. She thanked her fri…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Not... knowing knife party is a sign that the scene is different and I need to fucking retire
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Greenwood shoots the ball from just outside the box. The Ball:
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛I think the same thing when I hear your Bum ass songs!!! Don’t let the rap game think you tough.. Ill smack the ...…
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She watched my anime recommendations with someone else...
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Lakers vs Celtics Finals I’m calling itHow to calm a woman down 101
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛🤔
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛My heart still SHAKES at this scene
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛how the fuck did no one else try and sign Bruno
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Deja Vu.💥 @masongreenwood
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Greenwood - Natural Finisher Bruno Fernandes - Godly Martial - Mercurial The fact United have gone 3-0 up here, wi…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛WE FEAST
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Oh my god Mason Greenwood what a fucking banger FRANCHISE PLAYER
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛TONY MARTIAL SCORES AGAIN 🎶 👏 Fernandes 😤👏🏻
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛BRUNNOOOOO LETS GO moment of silence please we just lost 24/7 lofi hip hop beats to chill and study to
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛baby yoda gets a cupcake 🥺
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Apparently Michael Jackson isn't dead he's a wrestler in Brazil
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Barcelona refused to sign Haaland as they believed a fee of €20M was too much for him... meanwhile Barca have decid…
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the only tanjiro cosplay that matters
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛More reporting here that an unnamed MLS club has indeed reached a pre-contract agreement with 27-year-old Tigres wi…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛ @iamdabinlee just think they're neat
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛The streets won’t forget
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Anytime crystal castles comes on & you see me dancing like this, mind ya business.
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Been telling people all year... #fifa20 has no skill gap... overload... dropback.... come back on D....…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛“No one enjoys playing it” sums it up pretty nicely. What are you going to do now? Ban him as well? They’ve done ev…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Erling Haaland just cannot be stopped! It's 2-0 @BlackYellow! 😤
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛I am not in danger. I AM THE DANGER!
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛
4 years later, here we are This is crazy af, dreams do come true🥺 Me and Angel will see you guys under the electric…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛4 years ago we started this project because I got inspired when I went to edc. 4 years later here we are, thank you…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Teacher halftime interview
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛The mascot didn't know where to go so Arsenal included him in their team photo ❤️
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛So my brother got pulled over and his girlfriend thought he was lying y’all look at this 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛sable valley can have a little dnb as a treat
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛An unlikely superhero ❤️⚽A beloved character around the world 🌎 Bienvenida la LEYENDA! El #Chapulín Colorado KIT i…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛🏒 @CH14_ x #GoKingsGo
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🔵 Born in Carson ⚪️ @LAGalaxyAcademy Graduate 🟡 17 years old
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛#AFTERHOURS ARRIVES MARCH 20. @theweeknd's new album drops in one month.
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Today is Bruce Wayne B-Day This is 1 of my fav. #Batman moments Batman was sent to kill Ace, a Reality Warper.…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛This is brilliant! 🤣🤣👏
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Pissed off Landon was the fucking best
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Ey Airy gimme all dat fookin quid ya muppet
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Since we taking about range
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛andddd new album pretty much complete 😌
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United need to do everything to get Werner because if he goes Liverpool they'll be dominating for years. He's that good
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛#LAGalaxy fam, VP locations for the 2020 season! Show these locations some Gs love! Show up deep on Feb 29 at 12:…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛The strength and conditioning coach told their team manager, Dominic Stevens, that he could get some minutes if he…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛EDC Lineup Leak (same as reddit but w/ Boombox Cartel) (1/3)
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛No one: Anime character getting hit into the ground:
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛When I was in high school I was trying so hard to get at this girl that I liked so much, I just wanted her to be mi…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Unbelievable night to make my champions league debut but even happier for the win! Support was amazing 😍
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛War of the Worlds 😂 Thunder and lightning storms as a kid gave me anxiety after I watched that movie years ago, Gio Reyna was 15, playing for NYCFC's academy and training with their 1st team during pre-season. Was…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Here we go!
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Lmao 😂 them: we’re here to support the best team in MLS Reporter: the best? without any championships?
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Haaland 🇳🇴 >>>>> Mbappe🙌🚨Giveaway🚨 RETWEET and FOLLOW @getFandom for a chance to win a copy of the new 15th Anniversary ‘Avatar: The Last…
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛The formation is critical. Everyone doing their job with a common goal. Love seeing this kind of teamwork
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Neymar again🤦‍♂️ flopping all over the place again smh 🤦‍♂️Bad start for Liverpool lolChampions League is officially back 🙌🙌 #HejaBVB #DORPSG👀 @HaloGear
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Bruno>Maguire>GOAL #mufc
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛#BravoPavon 👏🙌 CHAMPIONSSSSSSSS ✨🎶
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛ @BlackYellow I’ll take it to relaunch this as a thread. Top 50 LA Galaxy Players...
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Get ready. The Champions League knockout stage kicks off tomorrow. 🙌 And these matchups got us feeling 😮😳😵😱
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Big 3 points ! Keep going! #MUFC 💪🏾⚽️❤️🙏🏾
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛ @UtdCam__ @MUFCScoop @B_Fernandes8 Pl aint ready, martial x bruno and rashford x pogba 🔥🔥
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Finally a man that can cross so we can finally put that slabhead to good use 🤣 #CHEMUN
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Just shows what happens when you put quality crosses in to the box. Taken us three years to figure that out
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Slabhead you know it
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛Brunooooo to Maguireeeeeeeee Booooom! 0-2 @ManUtd 🙌🏽⚽️❤️
Retweeted by LostBoy⚛HARRY MAGUIRE!! Slab head 🙌🙌🔥 😩😩 so closeAndddd...breatheeee...😳
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