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Rob Hart @robwhart Staten Island, NY

Author of a bunch of books but most recently THE WAREHOUSE, unless you’re in Germany where it’s DER STORE. #PitchWars mentor. he/him.

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Any Democrat who defends insurance companies or thinks the system as it stands is salvageable in any way ought to b… weird the MTA has plenty of cops to beat the shit out of black people and brace churro ladies but are somehow… so THAT’S why @BigDaddyThug insists on calling me ‘matey’... yorkers ✊
Retweeted by Rob Hart @gelrdrgz @alexisc_art My buddy is bartending tonight and the bouncer is out. I offered to come in and pinch hit an…
Slept five hours last night, hung over, spent roughly four hours in a car, and am now at a toddler’s birthday party. Pray for me.Hotel bathrooms need a hungover light. Just some soft lighting for first thing in the morning. No one’s trying to l…
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Door de voortdurende wissels zijn er vaak kleine cliffhangers, waardoor je snel wilt verder lezen. Daarnaast…
Retweeted by Rob Hart @kathleenq @emilyhughes @rchlmllnd Of course by "meeting" I mean "let's get the team out for drinks!" @kathleenq @emilyhughes @rchlmllnd This is very insightful Kathleen I demand a meeting immediately.Book Wizard recommends @robwhart's THE WAREHOUSE, and THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers! #AskABookWizard
Retweeted by Rob Hart @alex_segura @theferocity @alafairburke @stephycha @riley_sager @StephPostAuthor @matthewjmcbride @owenlaukkanen are some of my favorite reads of 2019 if you're looking to fill your TBR pile! Includes @alex_segura,… go for this. Ever. This practice has increased from large corporations in the past 5 years, and it's never w…
Retweeted by Rob HartWeird government isn’t supposed to work like that but I guess there’s no such thing as law anymore I guess that mea… = 👼🏼 5: THE WAREHOUSE @robwhart Big online retailer and owner get so powerful and ubiquitous that they essentially…
Retweeted by Rob Hart @joshua_mohr It’s a low bar but I’ll take it.I feel like the CATS movie will bomb because it looks majorly terrifying. But there’s a real opportunity to turn it… back, Christmas piggy.
Narrowed down my non-fiction research reading for the next book. I think this is my favorite part of this dumb proc… @DobbinJon Literally the scene I was thinking about but didn’t have enough space to explain it. Should have gone wi… was the most architecturally or visually interesting hotel you ever stayed at? Doesn’t matter where. If you ca… if anyone out there is really into crafts, hit me up.So the new book takes place in a single location and the narrative is so complex I am seriously considering buildin… book is the goods, folks. Don’t miss it. books!!! time travel books/movies/tv shows. For books, please include non-fiction. And... go.Who the fuck needs to be taught how not to steal?
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@SamThomasBooks I may revisit the idea. It might just need more time to percolate.New book means new book soundtrack which might be my favorite part of the process. See if you can guess the theme.’s okay to admit the book you’re writing isn’t working and pivot. About to trash six months of research so I can… hello there THE WAREHOUSE by @robwhart on @bookmarksreads's best reviewed books of 2019! "a fun, fast-paced read…
Retweeted by Rob Hart"If we end the death penalty, how will the executioners make a living?"
Retweeted by Rob Hart*laughs in writer*
Retweeted by Rob HartThe Best Reviewed #Books of 2019: #SciFi and #Fantasy. Featuring @MarlonJames5, #TedChiang, Ta-Nehisi Coates,…
Retweeted by Rob Hart @ATXDem Thanks so much! I’m glad you dug it.
Them: "How's the novel going?" Writer:
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@NikKorpon No lasers! But I’m still pretty early in the process so there’s always time...I could have named a dozen more books, but I had to settle on five. It wasn’t easy. My five favorites, by… was my lowkey favorite moment of the ep. Angela Abar doesn't have time for your bullshit, god. #WatchmenHBO
Retweeted by Rob Hart @Gabino_Iglesias Were it that easy!It’s kind of incredible how much of my mental health relies on having something to work on. Someone, please, give m… and Bezos have enough money to literally solve every single problem in the world: “How cool good for the… have seen the future through the eyes of @robwhart & it is scary. The Cloud World envisioned by Rob in THE WAREHO…
Retweeted by Rob HartMe to my agent: “Don’t worry, this isn’t like SUPER sci-fi. It’s a lot more grounded than you think.” Also me:…
@theferocity Ok I actually just had a thought. If Dr Manhattan has transcended the spectrums of human thought has h… @theferocity This one is gonna have blue man sex too. Calling it. It’s gonna be a lot.This story has two tragedies, one of which we're not talking about. 1) contaminated produce sickening and potential…
Retweeted by Rob Hart @TwittsMcGee FLEABAG @TobiasCarroll “Is it my birthday?”Almost stayed home because I couldn’t find my pocket square but then I found it and now we’re ok. the draft to my editor like
Retweeted by Rob HartI think the fuck not you trick ass bitch.
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Is it just me, or does so much of a writing project snap right into place as soon as you land on the right name? Th… have found my Everest. @Gabino_Iglesias @DavidJoy_Author Well shit it seems like we ought to go out and tear up Lyon a little. I speak a l… @DavidJoy_Author @Gabino_Iglesias Are you going to Polar too? Wait is @Gabino_Iglesias also going to Polar?!I got to co-host @writertypes so I picked two writers I respect tremendously to interview: @katemwhite and…
Retweeted by Rob HartMy next book is NOT about dinosaurs but I think I figured out a way to include a velociraptor and yes it is ok to be jealous.
I walk through the woods, careful not to disturb the deer watching from beyond a babbling brook, standing in a shaf…
Retweeted by Rob HartAbout halfway through "The Warehouse" by @robwhart and WOW, does it paint an ugly picture of a certain online A-to-…
Retweeted by Rob HartIf you really have to ask this question I don’t think I can help you. I don’t think anyone can help you. through baby name sites. That can only mean one thing! I need a good character name for a new writing project. @NotLikeFreddy Gotta be honest I am shocked—shocked—to see a take like this and discover it’s from a self published author. Shocked, Paul. @NotLikeFreddy Receipts please.At @HGLiterary for some meetings and my German edition is keeping good company with @blacklionking73. up the pressure everyone! Maybe if we get angry enough Amazon will figure out new and creative ways to cut cor… @kendalljosh He is definitely going into the rotation. @kendalljosh Was not familiar but I looked him up and I will allow it.FYI today is a Led Zeppelin kind of day. Try it on and see how it works.This is America. are many rewarding things about being a dad but chief among them is the excuse to buy delicious garbage food.… cheers to @laraprescott for being the first author in my timeline to make this common sense promo. @GiveMeYourTeeth @JaceyCockrobin You missed “I become my character.”
The Warehouse by @robwhart is an e-commerce dystopia that riffs on workers' rights while also being a spiffing thri…
Retweeted by Rob HartIt’s been weeks since I read The Warehouse by @robwhart and it’s still eating at my brain
Retweeted by Rob HartRead The Warehouse by @robwhart and now I'm just feeling guilty about all the crap I ordered on Amazon this weekend…
Retweeted by Rob Hartartists are pitting bots that steal artwork to sell t shirts against disney's copyright practices this rocks lol
Retweeted by Rob HartUber didn't want its white collar employees to have to wash their hands in the same sink as its gig worker drivers.…
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Finished The Warehouse by @robwhart. Such a great book. Incredible world-building (an environmentally-ravaged Ameri…
Retweeted by Rob HartThe cruelty is the point. @PeterClines @malloryomeara @sblackmoore @RoanhorseBex @tazmuir @Authoroux Thank you!So if you're still thinking of holiday gifts for somebody, over on the ranty writing blog I just put up my list of…
Retweeted by Rob HartAfter a @UPS worker fell from a loading dock and broke his hip, pelvis, wrist & elbow, managers placed the injured…
Retweeted by Rob Hart @NotLikeFreddy I need to finish these reruns of The Office. @NotLikeFreddy Yours is good too! And hey what better use of our time than coming up with metaphors about the writi… @NotLikeFreddy That’s a good one! My favorite: heard someone say it’s like climbing a mountain and when you’re do… @NotLikeFreddy Isn’t it cool how this profession is just long stretches of anxiety followed by brief flashes of ins… came up with a killer twist for the TV show I made up and wrote a pilot for. I can’t tell you what it is, and… @ChuckWendig This is exactly why the Republicans haven’t turned on Trump yet. The longer they hold out the more the… called 'gay' at school for liking books. A 'big girl's blouse' by a teacher for not liking Rugby. A coward for…
Retweeted by Rob HartFinn and Poe belong together. DAY 4! THE WAREHOUSE by @robwhart. A terrifying, not-so-distant-dystopian about the price of corpo…
Retweeted by Rob HartMijn gesprek met @robwhart in de Boekenkrant van november. Uitgegeven bij @UitKarakter
Retweeted by Rob Hart @ChuckWendig Right?! I mean fucking c’mon!
Just realized this was up: I took a deep dive for @PublishersWkly w/ a 3-part look at some of the most original mys…
Retweeted by Rob HartFUCK. That’s it. That’s the tweet.30 Min archived chat with @robwhart on Pam Stack's @AuthorsontheAir talking "The Warehouse" from @TransworldBooks i…
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