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MK reported that just before this, a tom was all puffed up and had the turkeys standing in a circle. It was like a… @ELahti An island not too far from Traverse.Enhance. Enhance. at the cabin in Michigan. No word of a lie, first thing that happens is I look up and a turkey is on a rea…
@emanuelmaiberg Wait spacedwarf miners game or kill the orcs stem Chaos dwarf game?The fuck did I miss? @jason_koebler God help me I'll bet that's crushable as hell. @ConsumingLipids I would have to say yes, at this point. @dropkickpikachu I mean they're alone so honestly I assume it's not great right now but if we can just get this drum circle going...A single undergrad has been trying to make a drum circle happen for the last 45 minutes.
In which we learn I'm a terrible robot companion.
Solves a major problem with a lot of late game design where a game suddenly behaves according to completely differe… into this more on the pod for tomorrow but I think the cleverest thing in Three Kingdoms is the way it doesn't… Multiple Snap employees have abused their privileged data access to spy on users. Motherboard has also learned…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @bombsfall <as the boot pushes down harder> You know actually I think I can imagine exactly what this looks like. @GTElephant oh riiiiiight yeah @MitchyD Though it's going to be harder. The AI resolution is much less kind to you than fighting battles yourself… @MitchyD very much soI knew I’d get to Total War: Three Kingdoms eventually, but the way @RobZacny writes about it means that “eventuall…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @Petyr92 I didn't leave it out, it really does work like I said. The diplomacy hit is a bit like realm divide but i… @thepilgore "A lot" is too strong I think. But Warhammer is also kind of a tough comparison. It's literally based o… @ilitarist It's a hand-wavy "decade" but I don't think Empire would make that cut. I am mostly saying this is proba… @emanuelmaiberg Dangerous logic, Eggberg @GTElephant The weird thing is for me it still almost works. It IS a scary space, it does feel dangerous. But then… @GTElephant It's such a weird space. Jagged difficulty spike to begin with but literally it spikes almost room-by-r… this review opens on an execution but I maintain Cao Cao did nothing wrong. @RerTV @RowanKaiser def worth it. But I thnk the whole narrative rogue-like thing is tough and this game doesn't fi…
Here are some youtube comments on an old Mr Magoo cartoon
Retweeted by Robert ZacnyPanic, the folks behind a bunch of great Mac software (and the money behind Firewatch), are doing something wild in…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @rodvik It all depends on if you can find the right pair of boat shoes and a nice seersucker to go with it. @JKeverne A subgenre that leaves me utterly fucking cold @Jam_sponge No place in the world like Monaco.
The reason I love @waypoint is cause @RobZacny said "These gods of hotkeys have built these weird, tactical ziggura…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @Chef_Lu_Bu Is this why you need two grand?Welcome to Mordhau, a game where everything you learn is thrown into chaos as soon as you step into a battle, and t…
Retweeted by Robert ZacnyIf I learned anything from Dishonored, it's that in-game rat populations correlate directly with a game's quality.… is edging too close to cringe comedy these days., after the intro, it turns out nobody could hear Jon. Naturally, after a series of awkward pauses, TJ and I ju… which the gang is really curious about the demographic data available to 2nd century BCE warlords.'s quality is uneven imo, but this transfer of The Spiral Staircase is pretty breathtaking compared to other ve… Man conversation earlier today reminded me that this came out recently and it's extremely good and the new sc…
@StevenMSanders Oh yeah that's huge. What a terrible decision. @AndrewElmore I saw their 4K remaster in theaters and it did look better than the Criterion version, no idea how it… actually they've put up like the entire Criterion Blu-Ray content around this movie. This edition buries the Stu… @BooDooPerson "People might suggest things that make you uncomfortable, or that you think are improper. For your ed…
@annamerlan Gentrification, and cities in general I guess, increasingly make clear restrooms are for paying custome… @Chef_Lu_Bu The Landmark editions of the Greek histories tend to be loaded with detail maps around each incident, h… there an edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms that does what say the Landmark editions of Thucydides, Herodo… top 10 for me.
Retweeted by Robert Zacny
@bcolayco Whoa! Looking forward to hearing what you're up to. Congrats on all those good years.
@XaiaX Oh I was definitely on an episode where we talked about stocks though my position is a bit different. The Ca… @laevantine Great news: its locality is impossible to divine because the game can't choose between which accent is…, going into this, just know that we are not licensed financial advisors. narrated a biography of Susan Sontag, and the audiobook came out today! It's on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. If y…
Retweeted by Robert ZacnyFinally going to get Oli's review of Formula D. About God damn time.
@DrTeflon Yeah but I also have always felt that's it's worst trait as well. LOS is so hard to parse and that might… @YannickLeJacq Great to hear man!We had @jason_koebler on Waypoints yesterday to discuss growing up online in light of this gripping, but hard-to-tr… @ShawnAndrich @ElysiumGWJ man he even handles his birthdays with low-key grace. Truly the king. @WarrenIsDead @mode7games Wait this is like a Known Incident? @RowanKaiser And I would argue Parks and Rec was just jumping onto that same gag, but just from the show's trademark saccharine liberal POV. @robertashley Yeah, I just didn't have the craft. Got overwhelmed by it, particularly come root vegetable and squas… have thought about this constantly over the past few years. Just how completely Biden's reputation was remade by… @WarrenIsDead I completely tuned out of that because it was Not For Me but was kind of shocked that it was, because you're that good!This is such good critical essay. I don't know Homestuck, but @WarrenIsDead unpacked the meaning of its endings in… @robertashley Yeah this is where I go wrong. If i do the "eat same thing 5x a week" route, eventually I lose my min… @AliceAvizandum Was reading that piece earlier today and I had no idea how Gothic her situation has been for the past decade. @ridebird Oh believe me I lean on oats hard. The thing is that I do crave like tasty variety and if I don't satisfy… @ClockWiseGames And it *is* two hours. Cleaning the kitchen, plus reading the recipe, doing the prep, cooking, serv… @TheDerrit Right. Or think about how much good produce is really only at its peak for a day or so after you buy it.… @andrewpfister Yep. My produce drawer is a chamber of horrors by the end of an average week. @SoulofTwhit But sometimes those things require a lot of energy. Cooking is one of them! And ordering delivery or g… @SoulofTwhit Well there's a whole other dynamic. First thing to go is your capacity to do the maintenance tasks nec… @taylorcocke @Vahn16 Hang on lemme mute this conversation real quickIdentify pretty strongly with this. About the only times my diet is really healthy is when I have a fair amount of… @HeathFGordon Answers a lot of questions tbhIn hindsight, all the money spent on Game of Thrones should've been spent on a Master and Commander TV series.
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @SpaceRumsfeld @TroyGoodfellow Yeah 8 shelves is a lot and makes me think you've found something pretty special.A while ago @iboudreau pitched me on this "serious" hospital sim and exploring it with a doctor to see how laughabl…
@Appleguysnake That's a good example, but where I get iffy on this is: we're not doing a BGRW on The Sixth Sense. B… @Appleguysnake I just laid out why that solution is shaky when you move away from newer stuff. I have nothing again… @Appleguysnake Detective Pikachu is new and, also, note that there was nothing to say about it without spoilers. Th… @laevantine Also, like even on that pod, there was *nothing* to say about something as simple as Detective Pikachu… @laevantine Yeah a thing I wish I'd gotten into more on the pod is there is a massive difference between respecting… was like a glorious moment when I could update Nvidia drivers with the push of a button and I was like, "This… Mahon's poem As It Should Be is a 1980s Troubles movie...
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @videodante They really are wild. I finished the second book and started trying to find any reviews that touch on t… @videodante They're just distillations of her resentments. Second book focuses on brutally torture-killing literary… @videodante Dante, with this task now complete, you owe it to yourself to drink deeply of her Cormorant Strike mysteries. @SpaceCowboy1890 @patrickklepek @waypoint God yes this cannot be overstated. And if you just want "bigger, more min… @transgamerthink Honeymoon in Vegas a standout for being the only movie that makes a point of noting that multiple…
@DrTeflon It translates decently. It's good, totally agree that the game struggles with its scope (or at least I do… @a_man_in_black I feel like so many games looked to Saints Row 3 for inspiration but profoundly misunderstood what…*Always Sunny theme*
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @DrTeflon That is wonderful to hear. Do you have a link to that btw? Because it's something I keep thinking about.Good piece from @videodante on how TABS subverts the orderly spectacle of conventional tactics games. @TroyGoodfellow Same man, and thanks for your RT and your thoughts. Was just in agony much of the last day, and kno… @timmyce Yeah. It's funny: two of those Broadway shows were highlights for me. The My Fair Lady revival and The Fer… had a weird experience with Rage 2 that drove home how many parts of that game, including its few big ideas, don'… @Matteo138 Yep, exactly.