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Senior Editor, @waypoint. Host, @3MA. Co-host, @idleweekend. Freelancer at heart. Still happy for you, but STALKER remains the greatest game of all time.

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@Papapishu Boy there's a lot here huh @Papapishu Sorry what @jcompton11 I finished the movie and watched that sequence twice more. Also, not as transcendant but the shot from… have chills from Deakins' photography. That opening train robbery in Assassination of Jesse James is just haunting. @thethirdhouston Yuuup @miseregame So I've played Hanabi... And each time found it extraordinarily unpleasant. The problem is it all hinges on memory. Mine is bad.What a night. Watched Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, then went through a little ritual in…
Just imagining the Barstool video we'd have by now of a bunch of alpha bros sharing passwords and complimenting each other's khakis. @ultrabrilliant My problem is when the Hitchcock mood strikes it's very hard for me to NOT end up watching Rear Win…
This is such a good breakdown of why the Jay-Z partnership with the NFL feels so grotesque, and so revealing about… @cronetunes Yep! SH was another game I was thinking about falling into that really specific moment, and I think it'…
@donoteat1 <loads images into the ESPER machine so I can find this fucking person> @BergmannDawson thank you! @EGTF texting @alex_navarro @Fobwashed @patrickklepek @aurahack @bradshoemaker @jasonschreier Holy fuck I just flat out forgot th… is sensational. Couldn't put it down this week. @BigHotSneeze @Heronymus @waypoint Ah dammit I mistakenly attributed to Tyler I think. But yes, it was very, very good.This is awesome. And honestly, for all the ways it's corny, it's still one of my favorite Hitchocks. The assassinat… @ChappellTracker I remember renting it and making my parents watch me play so they could see the FX chip in action.… @Chef_Lu_Bu I just feel emasculated by watching that room full of alphas. Nothing more hardcore than rolling around… @Chef_Lu_Bu oh my God this is some sad shit.
@PartlySkies The thing I remember from that area was the freaking servant droids. Still being polite and helpful as…
@kernco Yes but that's like fully half of all video games. @SpaceRumsfeld @LongwoodGeek @PrimalBits @MetalJesusRocks @lazygamereviews @PushinUpRoses @TroyGoodfellow HA I beli… @Kebrel Yep she's absolutely the story's main protagonist. First person to see what's coming, last person fighting to salvage things.There might not be another game where my memories and impressions are more at odds with reality than System Shock 2…
@Gregtito Tried to get my Gloomhaven group to let me crank the Enya playlist but no such luck.
@cyclelikesedins Actually yes I think that'd be perfect. Or something like it. @bombsfall i feel very called-out @KCoxDC Well if that ain't a metaphor for American and climate catastrophe @jbu3 @RowanKaiser OMG everyone loves those feathers so much it's wild. @cardiganism Yeah I've wondered about this myself. At times I agree but overall I think there is scene-setting that… @Smokey_McCabe Not yet. Last story mission for me was in the catacombs after you find Manuela.As I play more Fire Emblem, I think it's cheery music lets it down a bit in places? There is more stuff that's happ… @EJLindholm Oh wow. That journal still in the family? What a horrible time, but what a singular record. @itskindred Perfection
@ElysiumGWJ This is a good gift. Hope you have been enjoying? @ShawnAndrich @CourtIsInOrder Thank you both. And wait, what the hell is this new handle, Court? @accretivegrowth @michelmcbride The issue is that you increasingly can't properly the devices without official part… @Zonk Thanks, brother!It never, ever would have occurred to me that something like this was possible in Mario Maker. @AdamSerwer Cuts down on any fears about consequences for violating other labor laws too. So many stories about wor… many ordinary people ended up trapped between armies in WW2, and their experience is so rarely the focus that th… @DJMSpaint @austin_walker Where does the rubber meet the road on this issue? In the Apple Store itself, or are ther… @michelmcbride YES! The build quality on these things is not that good! And that's been the other big change. It us… @timothydclark Remember when these devices were like cool exciting miracles and not reminders of how awful these companies are? @KCoxDC I was feeling happy about that until I saw news that it looks like Google and Samsung are going to definiti… Christ the extent to which Apple wants to lock-down their devices is just mustache-twirling cupidity at this…
A piece about Formula 1, a racing game, or my latent dread of younger coworkers? WHO CAN SAY @guitronolone @shiftf1podcast Interestingly enough I've seen one significant driver switch so far in F1 2019 (GRO g… @abestein Thanks for the kind words. Btw this definitely means you're wearing a polo shirt right? Slacks too?I love reading and listening to @RobZacny on F1 and his piece today on aggressive driving, both in-game and IRL is…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @Phos_ Man I need to be rich and brimming with even more unearned confidence. @nthnmllr Yeah it's amazing how well you can Goldilocks your way into a perfect balance. @ztiworoh @dannyodwyer @drewscanlon See the past WAS better!Started out writing a thing about the driver AI in F1 2019 but ended up talking about how the sport's been radicall… zoomers are mean.
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @jehuty88 The ESA was formed when all those companies were a fraction of their current size, and struggled to coord… @jehuty88 I think they love that people think that, and do their best to put themselves at the center of every conv… @markherman54 By God is that operational-level Napoleonics?
@VaynerVictoria God I wish it wasn't summer or I'd be doing that right now.From yesterday, the ESA has no idea what it is supposed to do now, and its malaise has become toxic. ashe @jeremyzimmer Remember when the fun and games of Robotech turns into a meditation on combat fatigue and trauma? @Bryan_Vehonsky Yeah it's terrific. And I appreciate its perhaps unearned happy ending, but after the hell of the story, it was good. @Allandaros @waypoint Interesting. I can't shake this feeling that there's also kind of a romanticism to a lot of t… @MIDImyers Thank you very much. Your story this weekend was also very good and fair. @MittinsKittens Not Revolutionary Girl Utena (which is not really like EoE, but came up on the show)? Escaflowne?…
@dialacina @Astromarine (I do not do this) @Astromarine @dialacina It's rhymes of dubious quality with adorable animation. You'll do fine.Great work by Rob here, unpacking what the events of last week mean in the larger context of an organization whose…
Retweeted by Robert Zacny @dialacina Dia the other day we watched an episode about everyone decorating the tanabata with their wishes and I w… @dialacina @RowanKaiser It's a good word that we should embrace. And that way I can start slipping revanchism into my everyday speech more. @dialacina <frantically rereads his editorial>The ESA made the kind of mistake that happens when lazy self-interest is the order of the day, and all the risks ar… @RowanKaiser @robotdere @aeazel @KCoxDC Color of Magic is good though. I mean the whole book is basically in servic… @RequineGG RIP your discord channelsWe went on a journey on this Waypoint Radio. Patrick asked if I felt the current Tom Clancy games from Ubisoft were… Deals is willing to make it slightly harder for white reactionaries to kills scores of people if we just… @catcavespdx @BlueHighwind @_ryanmeier You know that's fair and my response was more peevish than warranted. Thing… @BlueHighwind @_ryanmeier Well golly I guess I should pack it in then.
@EricRudkin Let me say that line was when I understood why Jeralt was like, "Hey whatever you do don't trust that woman."Honestly I love this. It really feels like FF8 if it didn't take that hard turn into metaphysics and instead focuse… @Matt_Volk Actually I'm pretty sure the school just like wiped out a town? As part of a field-trip / counterinsurgency operation? @_ryanmeier Blue Lions. It's been clarifying.8 hours into Fire Emblem I'm ready to burn this school down and kill these priests.That race may also have featured the greatest race strategy call I've ever seen.F1 has been so good this year. The emerging Red Bull - Mercedes battle is a godsend.
@ExumAM Wind That Shakes the Barley is another one. Movie about a guerrilla unit fighting to establish the Irish Fr… @ExumAM Oh man, that's the vibe I got from trailers. I loved Murphy but Anthropoid looked excruciating. @andrewpfister Right they're going into that shitty "oops we got hacked" phrasing that companies use but they didn'…"a website vulnerability" is a hell of a term the ESA is using. It's not a vulnerability when you posted something… @mjgault Better a long dead sea captain than a live cad. @EmilGson I swear Fraser at PCG told me he was like fifteen hours in and wasn't sure how it would change once the t… @CorreyLim Probably!For real though I might love everything about this so far.Well Fire Emblem is already on my bad side by refusing to respect my wish to be a ghost. Don't tease me like that,… @sajon77 I feel very fortunate to have dodged it as a kid.Now back to the good stuff.