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“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” Oscar Wilde

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@thedailybeast Watched till the end. She didn’t lose it.When I was young, big conundrum was: how did ordinary Germans/Italians/Spaniards allow Nazis,Holocaust,Hitler, Muss…
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Retweeted by Pat RocheAs humans what we become?😔
Retweeted by Pat Roche7 July 1942 | Hungarian Jewish girl Zsuzsanna Gerstl was born. In 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz ana murdered…
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How to mask
Retweeted by Pat RocheWe believe this video should be shared far and wide. This is what the Tories think of Scotland So we will be posti…
Retweeted by Pat RocheThis is just fantastic Everyone who voted Tory needs to see it #ClapForTheNHS
Retweeted by Pat RocheA runaway slave advert placed by Andrew Jackson. Bonus offered to torturers. (Tennessee Gazette, 3 October 1804)
Retweeted by Pat RocheEnnio Morricone rides off into the sunset. His brilliantly innovative music will remain with us
Gardai walking around the streets in Dublin City Centre to make sure pubs are not breaking the guidelines on social…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @RedEyedSprite @mrsmoneypinny Even though the sound of him is something quite atrocious @atrupar You know how you can see your breath when it's cold out? Yeah, that's why you should wear a mask. Those ar…
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4 July 1944 | A transport of 1,100 Jews deported from Drancy - men, women & children - arrived at #Auschwitz. Durin…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @RositaSweetman Ah fekkit it’s photoshopped4 July 1942 | French Jewish girl Suzanne Hasman was born in Paris. In February 1944 she was deported from Drancy t…
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Putin looks like he’ll save Russia a small fortune on his pension payments @GMA @ErielleReshef Hang on! Is this story about Alabama students or a New York apartment? What did you just do there? @weird_hist Biggest gang feud in its day @WritersFrock Hahaha! Love it. that is brilliant!#liveline @rteliveline PLEASE RETWEET EVERYONE
Retweeted by Pat Roche @robcullen79 How many times can he say “we care about our customers” without it losing all meaning
@RossMcEwen10 @NUJofficial That’s a bit ironic, misspelling his name @MichealLehane @rtenews What one did they give Jim that he didn’t like? @diaryofannepank @reginalddhunter Why Lesbos? Are all the other Greek Islands ok then or what?A reminder that #TamirRice was killed for having a toy gun, while #PatriciaMcCloskey pointed a gun at peaceful prot…
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Turkey is armed and backed by the West, including the British government. Silence is complicity.
Retweeted by Pat Roche @NiecyOKeeffe @deshocks I saw him on a bike and he’s a bit of a shark
@reginalddhunter Night to you too sir @ljam185 Ah here!Good morning ☀️ A friend of mine shared this video of social distanced salsa and it’s how i’m tryna be. Enjoy.
Retweeted by Pat RocheAbsolutely devastated. Our two bikes have been stolen from George’s Quay #Limerick. They were locked together and…
Retweeted by Pat RocheHats off to the brave man! A minivan flipped over on the highway of SW China's Chongqing and caught fire. A passer…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @guardian When a man keeps getting his inspiration from the past, he learns nothing newToday #Limerick Limerick Museum is back! We are open today Monday 29 June for our usual opening hours 10.00 am to…
Retweeted by Pat RocheWhy the Anthropocene began with European colonisation, mass slavery and the 'great dying' of the 16th century…
Retweeted by Pat RocheURGENT Retweet MISSING TIPPERARY GIRL @GardaTraffic issue appeal for 13-year-old Aoife Kidman Newport 5' 8" height…
Retweeted by Pat RocheIf you have lost a loved one to suicide and have a photo of them during a happier moment in their life but it's a l…
Retweeted by Pat RocheWhat does a country look like after almost 10 years of war?
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Alexa, I figured it’s time we got to know each other. #AskAlexa to play Gordon Lightfoot on @AmazonMusic today.…
Retweeted by Pat Roche28 June 1940 | French Jewish girl Sarah Zilberstein was born in Le Mans. On 21 August 1942 she was deported from D…
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@reginalddhunter He looks like he just saw his own soul. @reginalddhunter Wonder what religious laws cover this activity. Woe be unto they who doth knowingly commit the sin…
@JTDoyleFingal Which is de meaner of the two of them?How to second term
Retweeted by Pat Roche @kimlockhartga @NautilusCarly See, straight away there I’m thinking a tray of sand would be much more comfortable @Jenni4Canesten Oh if I ever run in to him on the road to Cork........"There Won't Be A Second Wave" Confirms Taxi Driving Immunologist
Retweeted by Pat Roche @reginalddhunter You let yourself down, you let the pack down and you let ME down“I trust these guys with my life.” - anyone going to the Trump rally in Phoenix today
Retweeted by Pat Roche @davidehrlich @sarahcpr And the rest of the bar goes quiet for a split second in order to take in the utter enormit… @SeraphAnnaLeigh @sarahcpr Maybe that would just be like opening a can of worms.
This is so naughty and I absolutely adore it! 😁
Retweeted by Pat Roche @reginalddhunter One does enjoy some scrambled custard for breakfast dessertTchynahh!!!! @NautilusCarly Accents can be beautiful.25 June 1943 | A transport of 1,018 Jews deported from Drancy in occupied France arrived at #Auschwitz. After the s…
Retweeted by Pat RocheExclusive: Viber severs ties with Facebook in growing boycott
Retweeted by Pat Roche @John_Idol Nice @CorkCoypu Have you been busy?Tony Benn really was one of the very few who had the courage in politics to say it how it is.
Retweeted by Pat Roche @elisaodonovan @SocDems @SocDemsLK @JennyBlakeLK @limerickpost @Limerick_Leader @Live95fmNews There seems to be a t… are urging our passengers to please wear a face covering on public transport to help protect other passengers an…
Retweeted by Pat RocheFox advertiser @ProcterGamble has spoken about "the brutal reality of systemic racism”, which can "no longer be ign…
Retweeted by Pat RocheRethink: Tara Westover says 'We are one people and are all needed'
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@Limerick1914 Is there any statues of Timothy? Just asking. @BBCWorld Without wishing to be too unkind There’s an attitude lately, I find Where no one will ask “Should I we… @reginalddhunter Good morning to you too Reg. Good to be alive21 June 1941 | French Jewish girl Harriet Nordmann was born in Paris. She was deported to #Auschwitz from Francy o…
Retweeted by Pat RocheThe June 4 week support group programme for the recently bereaved is now fully booked out. We have two slots remain…
Retweeted by Pat Roche22 June 1940 | Hungarian Jewish girl Eva Drach was born in Gyor. In 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murder…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @Thomasod10 Well done Thomas. Congratulations! @SindyLJoyce I remember the old caravans. We used to think they were like the covered wagons in the films.
#HCP: Protect yourself and others from #COVID19 by following these facemask do’s and don’ts. Learn more:…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @roisinmeaney @Jobrienjo Also, you should be aware That sitting too long in that chair Can damage your spine But…
How to empty seat
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Is it safe to wear a mask? Some people are suggesting it’s dangerous to wear them But as @BBCRealityCheck explain…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @PhotosHistos est-ce une photo originale des années 1920?So true! Irish phraseology guide
Retweeted by Pat Roche @happimess73 Happy Birthday AnneMarie @NautilusCarly The wheels will be set in motionHappy Fathers Day, Jacky @nicok886 @realDonaldTrump Well in fairness that would appear to make the virus go away. Out of sight and ironically out of mind @JamesCreedonF24 @nypost Of course all those “friends” who provide her with safe houses may now also come under sc…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @BrexileInBerlin Ah yes a Union Jack aeroplane should distract the masses. Just like that lying busInconvenient truths. It is high time this history be stared in the face. Blushing would be a good start. Humble sil…
Retweeted by Pat RocheDes spectateurs portant des masques assistent à un match de football américain lors de la pandémie de grippe espagn…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @reginalddhunter The detail in that is amazing. Is that a fly screen on the window frame?This is our @Hermesparcels delivery man, we see him 1 or 2 times a week, start of lockdown Tallulah drew him a…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @mummybear1903 @Phil_Jones01 @Hermesparcels @ststephensaud That’s really lovely @VonnyR7 Dyou know what? Youre spot on there. @paulmurphy_TD Those who need him to be there will not upset him.......until he is no longer of use of course
@shambridge1 Let’s get (insert disastrously planned action here) done#APPEAL | Can you help? Detectives have released an image of a man they need to trace after a cyclist reported havi…
Retweeted by Pat Roche @irishexaminer Hurrahh!! @Jenni4Canesten If you can love Peig you can do just about anything your heart desires. @DVATW Wait now the left are the fascists? And what are the right? Open minded and caring? Don’ make me larf @jeremydepots @reginalddhunter I’d get dafuck outta there @reginalddhunter Show them what being an American is all about? So it’s all about flags, barbecues and fireworks fo…