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inteleon is so genderBloodborne Demake
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGi’ve barely played the new pokemon oooooppsssbro what if star fox was real @SunsetSilvally i love dawg sm @noname ❤️❤️❤️ @SunsetSilvally latinaanyone in the atl area wanna go see glass onion w me tonight at atlantic stationI LOVE BEING AN /IT/ I LOVE RELINQUISHING HUMANITY AND BEING MY AUTHENTIC ANIMAL SELF AND HAVING MY FRIENDS RESPECT IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD😐 I'm EMO who fucking cares
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@ROCKDOG this is the dollar store how good can it be?
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGhey dad look its the good kush! @Wanderlynx Gonna get one in the future for sure!crooked block
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGI BROKE IN LETS GO @scratchyhearts my coworker potentially has something so we’re gonna see 😩 @KINGSH3P 2005 honda accord! yeah i dont have anything lol @scratchyhearts 2005 honda accord and i have access to a doorstop but it might be too big and idk abt the wire coat hanger. im at work rni canNOT afford a locksmith LOLanyone know how to break into your own car because u locked urself out like a dummy 🤪🤪🤪🤪Y’all, ideally, would be losing sleep over publishing something like this. IF U WHERE AT THE DINNER TABLE ON THANKSGIVIN AND GEORGE BUSH..........JUMPED OUTTA YO TURKEY...WHT WOULD U DO? HAHA
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGThe worst part about Glass Onion is that Rian Johnson didn't go through with this idea, smh.
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGThanksgiving Bobbypost
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGHot retail worker
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGhonestly homophobic when the pen battery dies @Tropicmess im just now watching something about this and i have to see it now crossfaded to hellhey babe come to my place we’ll watch neil breen’s fateful findings together THE ANIMALS A ROOM PARTY!!!Hey y'all!! We are looking for a room for a therian party at MFF but we can't seem to find one, is there anyone tha…
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @eridanusexpress caicanroc…having a display name that isnt @ROCKDOG doesnt feel rightgirl cmon turkey day!! 🎉 Where's my turkey!? Gimme my turkey, otherwise... 😈😈 📸: @ClaudLeTigre
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @Al_Rubyx i WISH imagine rocks just, having rly pleasant flavors like that @bloodfuch sorry the rocks tasted too good u just had to be there @Hypetaph next: shower footlong sub sandwichThat man parallel parked a semi truck, without even being inside. The hype men crazy
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @wildpaws_ I wish i was a plant sometimes fr @wildpaws_ HOW DO U KNOW WHAT THE SUN TASTES LIKE…. WHAT DO WE NOT KNOW…Cool fox 😎✨
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @bloodfuch LMAO i just eat rocks bein a rock type n allSmol 30 min doodle but I made him wear the traffic cone #Bloodborne
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGi think they want me to vote early wouldnt believe what limestone tastes like @pardonthemusic_ they literally got me into listening to music lol. legendsTHOSE EARSluxray really is such a perfect pokemon
@QuakeRoc the intro trumpets to the rival battle music are seared into my braingirl my pokemon are half health leave me ALOOONEshe was so petty for thisなんだこの子...可愛すぎる... #fanart #ポケモンSV #ワッカネズミ
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @SlySylas YOOOO 😩😩😩SO TRUE BESTIE!!!! coming to eat all ur cranberry sauce tbh @boltactionbeaut FORTILCOCKthis is my 9/11
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @toothpickisgay always have had a deep connection to pokémon and always have wanted to be a werewolf. when lycanroc… @videah_ @toothpickisgay same exact experience here i was performing random rituals n shit i found on the internet 😭 @toothpickisgay im jus a regular lycanroc w a lotta piercings tbh @ISmoochdragons fantastic @Werewolf_doggo GIMME IM GONNA CHUG
I’m puppy treat me as such :O33
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @intoxicat2 You, your friends, everyone you know! They’re all me! :O3 waggssEverything is ROCKDOG. @Macabremutt every time booting up a civ game 😩 @mlemth a very visceral memory is ordering a buffalo chicken sandwich “with blue cheese dressing” and having it com… from tillsswagcenter eat THAT?blue cheese get that shit outta my face I'm halfway through watching a movie on 123movies and I win a free iPhone 14 and Milfs in my area wanna have s…
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGi am going to singlehandedly launch midnight lycanroc to OU in competitive through sheer gritlike, ΘΔ, yknow what im sayinHoundour 🐶💀✨️
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @ottdogbuns REAL SHITim sorryif u have ever made a lycanroc faint in a pokémon game i need u to apologize rnZeraora Lycanroc Solidarity Fr 😤 @HiThisIsDeclan FUUUUCK I GOTTA GO SEE THISLycanthropy not as a curse passed on in accidental violence but as a gift given lovingly to protect the vulnerable
Retweeted by @ROCKDOGi wanna see jessie ware liveim done with humanity i want lycanrocity @WOOFGRRRBARK thank you for sharing, 🐶⚰️ ! :) p @WOOFGRRRBARK wow. he seems like a lovely guy :)1v1 me nerds @Ty_eff turns u into the bootleg cover game shops put on cases if the original was lost :03the lycanroc is running akimbo rangers fuck uwhat class is ur fursona running in CoD?math twitter: log😅 = 💧log😄 💬27k 🔁360k ❤️9M
Retweeted by @ROCKDOG @Hypetaph yellow looks soooooo good on you hype 😊 @CANIDMAENAD i STILL feel it im wired rn