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RØDE Microphones @rodemics Sydney, Australia

Entries into My RØDE Reel 2020 have closed! Head over to to watch your favourite!

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@BhanotMukund Agreed! We've had some amazing entries this year 🎉 @sasilacaksey Can't wait for you to try it out! 😄 @ONRR61 Hey, sorry to hear about your issue! Our service team can help you, just reach out to them via! @watsonwu We love that you love it!! 😊
You'll always know who's talking on your podcast with the RØDECaster Pro and XLR-ID cable identification rings. Th… @buirachel Glad we could help, Rachel! @DJ_NATDOG Hey Nat, max payload for the PSA1 is 1.1kg!Great chance to get your hands on an NT-USB! @DurvidImel @imPatrickT I'm sorry, but pineapple on pizza is where I draw the line. What's next? Mango???Voting has officially closed for My RØDE Reel 2020! Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted for their favour…
@imPatrickT MRW someone tries to tell me pineapple belongs on pizza 😒 @BelleRosetv @SilencedKnight_ Awesome! My fav streaming/podcasting mics would have to be either the PodMic or the P… @MichaelAkadiri Hey Michael, sorry about any issues you might have had with our products! Get in touch with our sup… @Token_ZA_ Thanks for the feedback, our web team are currently looking into this issue! @BelleRosetv @SilencedKnight_ Let us know if you'd like any recommendations! @JoysVacation Hey! Sorry about the issue, our website has been experiencing a lot of traffic due to people voting.… @jeffbreithaupt Oh noooooo! Sorry about that Jeff, get in touch with our support team at an… @DavidLloydRADIO Hey David, the headphone input on the SC6-L will monitor a combination of the mics and what's comi… @pd_cameraman Protect your filmmaking equipment, everyone, it's spooky season 👻 @Lancy_10 Big fans of it! @ItsBeardoWeirdo Are you referring to the screw on the joints of the PSA1? If so, it's not mentioned anywhere becau… up filmmakers, there's only one day left to vote for your My RØDE Reel entry! Send it to your nan, your neig…
@RoseStokes Just think about it, this could be us @Jabari305 Always happy to help! @RoseStokes Maybe we can sweeten the deal with a crisp high five? 😉 @DazAction Happy to answer any questions you might have! We've got an excellent service team and great warranty pe… @IAmMazlu I'd recommend checking out the Procaster and PodMic! Both are dynamic mic, just like the SM7B, and sound… @andre_pilli Hey Andre! This won't have any impact on your My RØDE Reel entry! If you can still view it on the My R… @GTechGeorge You're going to love it! @TheSneak Hey, the Wireless GO has an inbuilt battery so won't require phantom power to run. In your case, both the… @dekiarycarter @AputureLighting @SonyAlpha @YouTube @YouTubeCreators Looking good! @RoseStokes Hey Rose, looks like a few people have already recommended the NT-USB and NT-USB Mini, let me know if y… #MicMonday everyone ✌️ Show us what you got up to over the weekend down below ⬇️ @AdamBassWCCS Sorry about the issue! Get in touch at and we'll organise a replacement for you! @CubeyHSF If you're still having issues, our support team will be happy to help further/replace it if need be. You… @DjMayone The XLR inputs can, but they won't be stereo. @IlanOlivares @SweetwaterSound Hey Ilan, the internals for the black and white Wireless GO are exactly the same, yo…
@acorren1 Hey Anthony, I'm thinking it might have something to do with the 'Master Compressor'. Do you have effects… @Dan8Radio Hey Dan, depending on the tablet you should be able to connect both the NT-USB and NT-USB Mini to it. We… @KiloCommand Loooooove this shot! @DaultRadio Hey David, thanks for the feedback! I've passed it onto our RØDECaster Pro development team to look int… @CubeyHSF 😬 Sorry about that issue, glad you've got it fixed! @ajcobbs Hey Angelo, so sorry about the issue with your RØDECaster Pro! Get in touch with our support team at… @DjMayone Hey! The only line input option you have for the RØDECaster Pro is the TRRS input. @MasaTanahashi We don't sell it separately, but our support team may be able to send you a replacement! Get in touc…'ll be back 😎 rig, @tysonhutchins_! @tysonhutchins_ @SonyAlpha @SonyProUSA Love love love this rig! @SocialMixxFC @amazon The PodMic is currently in very high demand so stock is tight worldwide. We're always making… @MopGarden I love that you love it ❤️ @TechnicallyTee So sorry about the lack of stock, the PodMic is in SUPER high demand at the moment so stock is tigh… @JoshEstepMedia @SonyAlpha @SonySupportUSA Hey Josh, a good way to test this would be to connect a different mic (i… @AOL_Vivek @amazonIN Hey, so sorry about the issue and experience you've had with our products! I'd definitely reco… @smartfilming Hey! Looks like you're looking for a studio condenser mic. In that case, the NT-USB Mini and VideoMic… @teachwtech2day @bing @amazon
@jefferysaddoris @ZoomSound No problem! I don't feel like that's a question we can't answer without bias - but IMO… your #podcast anywhere you want with the RØDECaster Pro and DC-USB1 Power Adaptor! Where will you record yo…
@ReeceTheFirst @moment This looks great! What cable are you using to connect the VideoMic Pro to your phone? @StNeotsMuseum I can! The SC11 is compatible with an iPhone when used with an SC4 adaptor. However, the SC11 will n… @synthezd Hey, although I don't have any experience with that particular interface, the PodMic is quite gain hungry… @Geeekystuff @deitymicrophone Hey, so sorry about the issue! Unfortunately some camera models provide weak RF shiel… @storyographist @imPatrickT I think some internet providers already include it free of charge at random intervals s… @imPatrickT Instead of a personal trainer, just hire someone to unplug your internet for an hour a day @pphantasyy It does! @jennaezarik @ijustine Nothing wrong with recording a podcast in your jammies 😴 @jefferysaddoris @ZoomSound Happy to answer any questions you might have on the RØDECaster Pro! @McErin2006 Love it! Enjoy 😃
@CJW_HQ These pics rock 🤟 @beckiandchris @imPatrickT @AputureLighting I love this so much 😍 I just shot over an email to you! @X_CaliberVR @ijustine @mdrews1 @renatohojda Try wrapping some fabric around a set of pliers to get a tighter grip on the thread. If that… @1493abdullah Sorry about the delay! If you could get in touch at explaining your issues, o… @jamescharles We've got a few good options! I'd recommend checking out a dynamic mic like the Procaster - they're l… @usBern Hey! Sorry about the issue, get in touch with our team at and they'll help you troubleshoot! @LSTMeow @ylecun Sounds great!I like it a lot. @cameracaleb @FujifilmX_US @moment This is reaaaaaaaal nice 👌Ohhhhh YES! Hand up if you're also in love with @imPatrickT's podcast setup 🙋🙋 @ijustine Yeah! The Stereo VideoMic X! It's pretty dope 😉 @imPatrickT @AputureLighting Gonna have to get you some WS2 pop filters for the PodMic and Procaster, I'll send you an email! @imPatrickT @AputureLighting This is incredibly aesthetically pleasing to look at this. We're announcing the My RØDE Reel 2020 winners. We get to People's Choice. Your film wins. You've ju… @Cubs_2016_WS @MKBHD 😬 They're coming! @MicroPtwitch Yewww, enjoy!The RØDECaster Pro offers extreme flexibility and endless expansion for any streamer who needs more audio options.… @MKBHD @kogass_ Get in touch at, we'll help you out with a replacement!
@BasicFilmmaker "Uhhhh I mean you're the complete package?" 😉 @iBobOlsen @BasicFilmmaker I'm speaking from experience here 😂 @BasicFilmmaker *somebody closes a car door a few houses down* You: BETTER GO CHECK OUTSIDE JUST IN CASE @Casey Oh daaaaamn the sound design is next level @aldypradana17 Heya, the internals of both the microphones are quite different. With the ME-L, all of the audio pro… @therealjpk @shashwath_j @rajeshf8 Ohhh yes! 😍 @Chos3nKing Ohh yeah 100% @MattNavarra Happy to give some suggestions, Matt! If you're just doing VO/interviews, I'd recommend going for a dy… @tisfortech Love that album too 😉 For real though, the PodMic is in super high demand at the moment so stock is ti… @realGHodson Hey Graham, sorry about that! Get in touch with our team at, they'll help you troubleshoot! @janakatino I'm not too sure, sorry! Might be worth getting in touch with Rycote - they should be able to help you find a dealer. @DJSnM @smartereveryday @SennheiserUSA @BHPhotoVideo @AKGaudio @shure @CanonUSA @LumixUSA @PanasonicNA @jonwitsell Yup that should be fine. Although there will be small differences in audio between the two, it shouldn'…