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Thomas Roessler @roessler San Francisco, CA

Privacy Engineer at Google. Used to run W3C's Technology and Society Domain. Immigrant.

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@ChadBrubaker5 @XorNinja @SchmiegSophie @thinkpanzer @motiyung @FredericJacobs Nah. No change of course needed. this for real?
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerPlease check your timepiece, it appears to be set to the early 1930s.
Retweeted by Thomas Roessleromfg
Retweeted by Thomas Roesslerwho is this sign for
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerWow. Just wow.
Just in case you thought Jim Crow era "literacy test" B's was a thing of the past.’s leaving a hell of a lot unsaid between the lines here.
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler1/ I just finished reading @NewYorkStateAG’s 169 page lawsuit against @NRA and I’m shocked beyond belief at the lev…
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how is it 3pm how is it thursday how is it august how is it 2020 what is time
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerSo homeless people can’t sleep in tents to avoid the elements but diners can eat in domes to avoid the homeless peo…
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@0xMatt I'm so sorry. That's just awful.And Florida pulls ahead of Texas in the "We've got the dumbest governor" sweepstakes!
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The clip is far more illustrative than even the pull quote suggests.
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler @johnwilander Now, that does make me wonder what your mind is anchored to right now.No, "how high is Mr Everest" is not a good question to demonstrate anchoring with.
TIL: some people are surprised that many KN95 masks are made in China. And leave one star reviews. @jefposk That's more than just a hint of smoke.
@adrianba @robinberjon @gsnedders Just. Don’t.BREAKING: My latest @VanityFair story, a detailed investigation into how the White House secretly drafted, then aba…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler23/ Finally, @ 1:25:45, I asked all 3 when we’ll have a game-changing strategy that gets us to normal life, and wha…
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Upcoming Android OS update will ensure the location permission setting isnt needed for health dept COVID bluetooth…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler"At this critical moment in our nation’s fight against COVID-19, it is time to radically rethink our approach to te…
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Steven Calabresi is a co-founder of the Federalist Society
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Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerI needed a laugh today. that “almost every government”.
John Lewis is lying in state across the street
Retweeted by Thomas Roesslerwait...wat
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerWhite House advisors right now: "Um, Mr Trump, suburbanites generally like their segregation a little less explic…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThe article quoted here: #flyingreptiles
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Totally normal doctor being a doctor and things.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerOf course it was the vendor‘s fault (I guess the intern was not available). Of course the enlarged nose was a mere…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerWow check out Lenny’s latest run. Thanks for the tip, @Artificehowdy
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThey tested and traced and wore masks and now they’re back to normal and we’re still fucked
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerSaying this louder: MORE THAN 40% OF RENTER HOUSEHOLDS ARE AT RISK OF EVICTION.
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Retweeted by Thomas Roesslerbuilding data centers, maintaining databases, designing data structures, and many things more. This is what I know…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThis is a particularly good thread by @ASlavitt. We don't have a science problem, or tech problem, or even a money…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler @burritojustice So, how do you read the signs there? Pedestrians and bicyclists to detour? Or pedestrians and bikes…
@nikitab And there I thought you just really weren’t sure whether I had disappeared from your audience.I’d make a privacy engineering joke, but the data’s all gone.I’m sensing a win-win solution.
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@nikitab Who still went to key signing parties in 2015?I can’t believe I only just noticed that @OfficialCCSF has a bicycle jousting lane.
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler @johnwilander FWIW agree that if that’s the PR they put out it would be snark worthy. I hope they’ll do better. @jilliancyork Now you’ve got me curious - what parts of Berlin are you comparing? @johnwilander And let’s not forget, even companies that are doing well today have had their well publicized learning experiences. @johnwilander That’s more snark than I’m ready to indulge in. It’s easy for you and me to rest on the laurels of bi…’m super stoked there will soon be an unhackable Internet. Not sure how it will work, probably the confusing quant…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler @gilesdouglas I’m pretty sure I’ve power cycled it without WiFi before.*powers down Garmin watch*
remember when trump said he took no responsibility for the response back in march
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerRemember when we all sat in a small room around a table and someone always came in late and then later at the top o…
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Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerAs always, essential reading. Trump escalates his offensive vs blue cities, these are the inevitable responses from local officials: we will d…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler"I am become Death, the destroyer..."
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Cool. He specified Oakland. That seems like it'll be fine. I can't imagine anything will go wrong with that.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerSecurity & privacy infrastructure dot jpg
Retweeted by Thomas Roesslerguys we all need to install Word 3.0 ASAP
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler“Quarantine hotel sex scandal”
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update: Ft Bragg is named after a Union hero after all
Retweeted by Thomas Roessler👀 Kemp is garbage.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerAndy’s updates are always some of the best and most important reads on Twitter. But this one. This one is on a wh…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerDeath is the point.
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@__apf__ @kevinriggle Well, I hear that walking mops can in fact be trimmed. You never know how much of that weight…*sings* Remember, data visualization is rarely if ever values-neutral.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerUnable to knock the virus off its game through insults, Trump has lost interest in it.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerWe don't have months to get this under control, we barely have weeks. We can get this under control if everyone we…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThe White House Press Secretary on Trump's push to reopen schools: "The science should not stand in the way of this."
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"In the context of campaign reporting, Trump’s epic failing as a president and a human being are just value-neutral…
Retweeted by Thomas Roesslerthis is fine dot gif the difference to other countries, and other places within the country.! Congrats to my colleagues ⁦Manny Yekutiel (of ⁦@welcometomannys⁩) and William Ortiz-Cartagena. Thank you ⁦…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerTale of two countries: In Germany, where they've mostly crushed COVID, restaurant reservations are actually UP 5.…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThat headline is something else. Not the onion.
@SchmiegSophie What’s the threat modelAlso, sharrows should be considered the “thoughts and prayers” of cycling safety.
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerThis is why you should use the ITU Phonetic Alphabet as a amateur radio operator. #ham #amateurfunk #funkamateur
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerDamning ffs. Is there anything that Kemp (and deSantis) would do differently if they wanted to kill as many people as th… SHIT THEY'RE BACK ACT CASUAL
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerDamn, bluechecks are back
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerFirst, hugs to Twitter team. OMG. Now, let's speculate. I doubt this was total account compromise. DM access to al…
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@seanwbrooks @JoeBeOne One of the most important things to understand about the Internet is that _anything_ can tur…
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerWho the fuck cares
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerLife comes at you at approximately the speed predicted by the majority of infectious-disease experts
Retweeted by Thomas RoesslerI make a good six figure tech salary, and I would love to pay proportionately more income tax in order to fund adeq…
Retweeted by Thomas Roessleromg this thread., did he just tear down a confederate monument?
That sounds like a rare case of good news. is the sort of thing that makes me happy to pay my state taxes. Of course, I’d be happier if it wasn’t necessa…
The kicker: that’s a month old article.
My only misgiving about that article: The Council of Economic Advisors’ own epidemiology forays aren’t mentioned. R… the oppo file blows up in your face... @bdowney I mean Gödel definitely hacked Hilbert's brain. I don't think he ever fully recovered from that result...
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found my next mask
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@bcrypt 2014?! What you describe there sounds more like 1990s style badness.