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Fridge magnate

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Well, I’m going to take it up the bum. Spector - talented and a bit murdery. @JasonHazeley Thor loser
@NickMotown Anyone apart from Blue Peter alumni. @NickMotown Ask anyone.I’m still writing ‘in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty’ on my cheques. @Jeffwni No comment.
@MJowen174 Surprise surprise. @MJowen174 That question to number 3 please, Cilla. @squeezyjohn Not unexpected, given everything else he’s turned his hand to.“Thanks for coming. Hope you like my new direction. This one’s a sea shanty...”
Bastard. think I just pulled a muscle in my stomach eating a whole Victoria sponge.Rat joins shipwreck can’t even export British-style chaos anymore.
Still preferable to his uncle’s
Retweeted by Mr Roger QuimblyDonald Trump impeached again. He must be a very proud boy. @davidclewis Only of the uphill variety. @davidclewis I’ve been skiing. @omid9 I thought we agreed that I was doing your PR?Major U-turn reporting for duty like a film/TV show/band/book/person that you don’t. Deal with it.
@mattleys Overripe. @mattleys Nice buns. @mattleys You’re brown bread. @mattleys With gravy. @mattleys Brown sauce. @mattleys I’ll batter you. @mattleys @sharonGOONer You’re no plumber. @mattleys Fishy. @sharonGOONer @mattleys Mutual. @sharonGOONer @mattleys Thank you for noticing. @mattleys @sharonGOONer I’m very well off, thank you. @mattleys Like a potato. @sharonGOONer @mattleys Still going? @sharonGOONer @mattleys Don’t you start. @mattleys I’d wipe everything.If you read only one tweet today, I’m sorry that it was this one.Er.... hello? @mattleys A lot of things have been under that Matt. @mattleys Looking for your back door. @mattleys You’re on my wick.Controlling the virus by Priti Patel giving the stupid public a good, stern telling off. @mattleys Tears of pure joy. @mattleys Onion. @mattleys Fickle. @mattleys It’s just distant. @mattleys You won’t get a better offer. @mattleys Give it a few minutes. @mattleys Two hardboiled eggs and a saveloy? They’re from Fortnum’s, son. Quality. @mattleys Leave my lunchbox out of this.How long does it take you to get angry after logging into Twitter? My record is FUCK OFF YOU BASTARDS!!!“Nothing wrong with my pre-packed lunch” says haunted pipe cleaner. @TobyPestridge @keano81 @trouteyes @ArenaFlowers @RealBobMortimer @HalfOnionInABag @KeetPotato @getbentsaggy’s the last time I lend my bike to Boris Johnson.This Fitbit has certainly come in handy during lockdown. I now know exactly how many steps there are between the sofa and the fridge. @BeffernieBlack Thanks BB.
@mattleys Bye. @mattleys Happy Birthday. @mattleys You’ve changed your tune. @mattleys I’m standing in the hole you’ve been digging. @mattleys Well, you were on your knees.Karaoke night looks like fun. @mattleys Begging then. @mattleys I can.If you’re upset by the image of two men eating a chocolate egg, wait until I tell you about my finger of fudge.Pretty pleased with my first day running Parler. @paulduanefilm It’s ok. He doesn’t read my tweets. @DavidHughesTwit What year is this?
At least Donald Trump doesn’t have a podcast.
I’d quite like to be banned from Twitter, but I just don’t have the energy to encourage an armed coup. @greg_jenner And lying, apparently. @mattleys What?!? Oh... bombing. I misheard. @mattleys Don’t get heavy about petting. @mattleys And the crabs. @mattleys Salty down there. @mattleys A real barnacle-scraper. @dowiejohn Jesus wasn’t a coke fiend. @dowiejohn I’m not entirely certain what his job is. Any idea? @dowiejohn It’s preemptive. @mattleys I’ll go down with the ship. @dowiejohn Will do. @mattleys I have some business in the rigging. @mattleys They call me Jolly Roger. @mattleys Avast behind. @djhenshall Many people say they are the biggest.He tweeted free-speechily, insanely and shittily from his Twitter account. @mattleys All on deck.I’m sorry to tell you that @PigeonJon has been banned from Twitter for starting a coo. @mattleys It’s always me. @mattleys I’ve felt several.That feeling when you just don’t know what to do with your hands. @mattleys You should get that looked at. @mattleys Don’t start that again. I’ve only just cleared up the last lot. @Yer_ActualGTC Preferable. @mattleys *ouch!* You bastard, Leys. Did you throw that? @mattleys You’re the fourth person to say this. Not so clever now, eh?Donald who? @AdrianLester Bigly.