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Goosebumps and a sigh of relief. #GoRogue Jersey and Kit is so hype>!
Retweeted by Rogue @LeonGiddens I know. You were too busy saving our R6 spot 💙 @LeonGiddens Yo wrong logo on the flag. You can find the correct one here: wants to see the new @Rogue jersey? 👀
Retweeted by RogueWho wants to see the new @Rogue jersey? 👀
Retweeted by Rogue @Hanssama 👀Curious about the process of our rebrand? Read this thread! 👇
Audio for LeonCams™ coming soon
Retweeted by Rogue @R6esportsEUWho wants a @LeonGiddens cam during #R6EUL season? #GoRogueRelief. Months of stress, tension and pressure all came down to this very game, and we played better than we have…
Retweeted by RogueNice to see you again, @Rogue! #R6EUL
Retweeted by Rogue @R6esportsEU uwuthank u for all the gifs today through #R6EUL, @LeonGiddens have a pleasant evening @TeamLiquidLoL Yes it is!!!mentally we're here RN. Siege is a Good Game™ #GoRogue STAY IN FUCKING EUL FOR ANOTHER YEARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GG WP @MnMGamingUK #GoRogue
Retweeted by RogueWhat a CLUTCH to keep our spot in #R6EUL the boys played out of their MINDS tonight, they should be proud we're… @koreyr6s @ripzR6 that was some pretty good rainbow 6, boysalso, are we the first team to win relegations? 100% relegation winrate for @ripzR6 and me i guess
Retweeted by RogueWhat do we say to Relegation? "Not Today!" We're STILL HERE! GGWP @MnMGamingUK Thanks to EVERYONE who had fait… you're up 4-0 in the potentially game winning match ahhhhhh #R6EUL #GoRogue the Marshmallow squad got a W on the 3rd map. No matter. We still need one last map to win. It's time fo… @TSM @LCSOfficial Context: @TSM @LCSOfficial We pick you to win but yesterday all our picks lost so please just win today. @INTZ @LCSOfficial #GoINTZ x #GoRogue @LCSOfficial Our jinx picks for today: #IMTWIN #TSMWIN #C9WIN #DIGWIN #100WINmentally we're here, just like @LeonGiddens #GoRogue stats from the last OVERTIME game still my beating heart. What an overtime. what a match. one more map win, and we're BACK in the #R6EUL WE CAN… we win our games. We've been found out :o but we can multitask. #GoRogue ONE: SUCCESS. We're having a watch party so you can join in and cheer the boys on! Map 2 is NEXT. LET's GOOO… map so far: #R6EUL #GoRogue isn't so great are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player so skilful at killing blit…'re kinda nice right now. Solid play from all the boys...let's keep it up! #R6EUL #GoRogue rooting for @Rogue and my boy @LeonGiddens 💙🧡 LETS GET IT BOYS !!! #R6EUL
Retweeted by Roguewe're catJAM'ing in the chat, it's always a party when we're playing #GoRogue #rainbow6 time is now. We win or bust. Really important match! Come cheer the R6 boys on, the stream is live! All eyes on…⃣ days until we #GoRogue in the #LEC we guess the winners again? 🤔 @AstralisLoL @Zanzarahlol Because he is a @Rogue @CrapelleR6 @FNATIC @agorogue Need your support for today 🥺 @EXCEL @OromeLoL Can't wait for the playoffs jersey 💙 @EXCEL @OromeLoL Happy Birthday @OromeLoL 🎉 @EXCEL @OromeLoL Is that the new jersey? @CR7STIANOOOO @FostyLoL @FNATIC @Nisqy @Cloud9 @Hap_R6 @IgniteCreates @G2esports @virtuspro @MnMGamingUK @CaptainFluke Only thing we are roasting today are marshmallows. @Brio_oo @FNATIC @agorogue @iamJayrad @FNATIC @Nisqy @Cloud9 Thanks Radjay @AstralisMiracle @FNATIC @agorogue Let's defend our #EUMasters title!The only difference is that we managed to keep the most promising one! Get ready for @trymbilol! #GoRogue @Lunarobase @FNATIC @agorogue Watching #LCS makes you wake up like this.What do @Fnatic and @agorogue have in common? They both developed players for other #LEC teams. #GoRogue @FNATIC @Nisqy @Cloud9 Weird flex G2 academy team but okWhen this tweet is 12 hours old, we'll be deep into some @Rainbow6Game against @MnMGamingUK. The stakes are high, o… THE DREAM - We bow out of Week 3 of The Grid in the Top 4 👊 See you next time, Rogue Nation! #GoRogue 7 Rogue OT? Feels.. Familiar. Almost.. Comfortable. 🤔WE CAT, WE JAM, ROGUE SCORE, BUH-BAM's our first Semi-Finals of the year, let's GET IT - LIVE! 🔥 📺 REVERSE SWEEP IS ALIIIIIIVE - We make it through to the Semi-finals of Week 3 of The Grid! See you in just a bi… STILL ALIVE THOUGH already feels... Wrong. IN HERE, we're fighting to the top this week 🔝 👉
STARTING OFF TODAY RIGHT 😤 GGWP @CLTPhoenixGG - We're live against the winner of NRG vs. Soniqs next! #GoRogue RL right now: 💨 💨 💨 #GoRogueLET'S GO WEEK 3 #RLCS GRID PLAYOFFS - We're live starting NOW! #GoRogue 📺 @LCSOfficial #TSMWIN #CLGWIN #C9WIN #FLYWIN #CLGWIN7️⃣ days until we #GoRogue in the #LEC final product is the result of passion, hard work, and community. We hope that every fan and player will wear o… countless hours and too many emails to count, we honed in with MBA on an image that we felt kept everything t… a deep running love for our brand, we worked extra hard to capture the essence of our logo while making it mor… establishing ourselves in the four years of our organization’s history, we knew it was time to elevate our im… to know what a full rebrand takes? Open this thread. 👇Best teams and memes, big brain plays, LECtronic, 200 years and more! Welcome to the #LEC YouTube channel!
Retweeted by Rogue @LEC Can wait to see content on this channel for the future #LEC & #EUMasters champion! #GoRogue @RyanWeavile @SpambotXZ I don't believe in yordlesWhat do these League champions have in common with @Rogue? They wear masks! They probably like to #GoRogue also.… power of the new logo. 😤 to b back ggs @SpacestationGG @Alpine_Official @KnightsGG 😁
Retweeted by Rogue @SoLoh @SpacestationGG YESSIRTHAT'S HOW WE WANT TO END THINGS 😤 GGWP @SpacestationGG! With this result, we go into tomorrow in 1st place in ou… BELIEVEAAAND WE'RE BACK - We're live against @SpacestationGG! #GoRogue 🔵
As soon as we taste victory, we're.. Also reminded what defeat feels like. 😱 GGWP @Alpine_Official! Our next matc… WE CAT catJAM WE JAM catJAM ROGUE SCORE catJAM BUH BAM catJAMLET'S GET BACK INTO THE GRID - We're LIVE against @Alpine_Official! #GoRogue 👉 victory of 2021 ✅ GGWP to @KnightsGG - We'll be facing off against Alpine in just a few minutes! Stay tuned…, now that it's 2021 and #RocketLeague is back, we need to know... What names do you want to see @Turinturo_ rock this season? 😳🎵 First buh-bam of 2021, and it feels so good 🎵'S THE FIRST ROCKET LEAGUE MATCH OF THE YEAR 🔥 We've got the boys - @SpacemanSR included - reared up and ready to… @agorogue team for the upcoming @ultraliga split! #GoRogue @SummonersInnDE @S04Esports @EXCEL Viel8️⃣ days until we #GoRogue in the #LEC @LEC #GoRogue
Saturday we've got a big match scheduled for our @Rainbow6Game team. Relegations. That's the reality. The boys ha… @CramordapTTV @RgeFoxy1 Nothing left. Too tasty. @tyblaho @RgeFoxy1 Go eat something! Have a good meal! :)9⃣ days until we #GoRogue in the #LEC @FNCSupremacist @FNATIC @G2esports @MADLions_LoLEN @MisfitsGG @SKGaming @TeamVitality @Astralisgg @EXCEL