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@sidestreams I don't know what matched betting is! I started this year on Twitter to find an additional news sourc…
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @home_grown_sanc Monkey energi… @AyAy_Ron69 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @lawrencekingyo Wait what? I’m in the 1%? 🤯Which way, Western Man? @TomSince1977 @realmorganlefay Hahaha! It’s a better movie for sure. Stick with that one. @home_grown_sanc Find these. Prepare to be blown away. @TomSince1977 @realmorganlefay Said arc doesn’t exist though. The guy goes from “I hate everyone” to “whoa, I’m a… @home_grown_sanc The despecialized projects are done by fans. A recut removing the special edition changes by Luca… @realchasecurtis Ahh! @realryanbooth LMAO! That’s just the start. @home_grown_sanc Ah! That’s right. Have you seen the Star Wars despecialized projects? @estherk_k Ooof. @SamDixonSA WIN. @realmorganlefay Each movie in the new trilogy was written by baboons. 😂 @Muss_717 Lucky you. @GBHOnTheRun Same story with atrocious writing and better effects. @killa_treez @PathToManliness Hahahahaha. I had forgotten about this… @Ryan12Banks About 2/3 of S01. When they stage a small village revolution against some dudes with a walker. @mrdavidarthur I partake… occasionally. @LegacyFuel Luke confirmed raw milker. @roncaruthers See if you can find the Star Wars Despecialized projects. You’d enjoy that one. I know I did. @rolypolyistaken Shaking my head… @Ryan12Banks The thing I like most about The Mandalorian is the tech used to film it. Real-time in-camera effects.… @realchasecurtis You lost me there, brother. Not sure what you mean. @LifeMoneyTips Atrocious is a fitting word. @home_grown_sanc What tweet? I’m lost… @MOLEntrepreneur Correct. @MikeTamerlan Got a point there. @PathToManliness Nah. Nobody “loves” the prequels. People just hate these a tad less nowadays because when compar… @DylanReeseMarsh Critical Drinker is a good one. @IrishMarine57 You won’t miss anything. The conclusion to this particular attempt at a story is nowhere near to be… @DejaRu22 Nice spinner text template you got there…Had the misfortune of watching Rise of Skywalker tonight. I didn’t think it was possible to go even lower than The… @40tons70mph @ScottAdamsSays You are right. I knew something was off with my statement. My English still needs work. @Bernardoabz @ScottAdamsSays Yup.On anxiety… @joserosado I’ve had this feeling sometimes. I take it as a sign that I’m doing something wrong. Nine times outta… @SaaScapo The more I read that one, the more insights I find.
@SaaScapo Oh. Lazy grammar there for me. @Asaaadude Legit.How to use Amazon for primo market research A thread...
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @SaaScapo Dopamine hits from gaming dopamine hits are less expensive (money and effort wise). Laziness wins almost every time. @iamjustincscott I been on that synthwave 80's retro vibe
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @TyTribble Hopkins was a beast.
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @SubtleBodhi Made me laugh…Good googly moogly! Sit down before you read...👇
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @ROGUEWEALTH @gumroad @blackhatwizardd @joserosado @OneMolinaJK @wizofecom 🔱🔱🔱
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @gumroad @blackhatwizardd @joserosado @OneMolinaJK @PaikCapital @wizofecom Soon… @ROGUEWEALTH too.❞ When writing copy, a marketer's job isn't to create desire; it's to channel and direct it. -Eugene Schwartz @SaaScapo Dopamine, brother. These games are engineered to deliver massive doses of it. Gamers at this point are bonafide addicts. @sharingideas Clutch mode on… @SmittyCopy @ScottAdamsSays Agree. Alley Oop was fun too.Your last chance to grab this at the preorder price of… 3 bucks. So, you can expect the price to go up —at least t… @stephenpratley Ooof… @BGZeroTwoOne I think what strikes people is that it’s being normalized, or glorified… @lawrencekingyo @aarongrt The eyes, Chico… @iam_antifragile @ScottAdamsSays Wally’s unbelievably relevant nowadays…Probably made me unemployable too…While growing up, every Sunday I’d be tasked to buy a newspaper for my dad. I enjoyed it. Paper came with full-col… thread has some absolute 💎
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @jereeemiass @LogFitz6 @7ulfaqar 🤝🔱 @ROGUEWEALTH 1) Find VSLs & Webinars doing $3-5M+ a year via 90%+ Paid traffic in variety of niches 2) Identify th…
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTHIf you were aiming to make $5,000,000 in the next 12 months, what would you try? I’m curious. Reply below.
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @7ulfaqar Love the reply. Feasible plan.Find a retiring boomer with a good business. There’s millions of them at the moment. Cant find buyers because thi…
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @csallen @arvidkahl My favorite use for twitter.One of the best reasons to build a Twitter following is so you can ask them questions. The answers are often bette…
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTHWhat I learned the day I lost 15,000 followers. Quick thread.
Retweeted by ROGUE J. WEALTH @FelixKammerlan1 @Avantgardeish There are couple others, more ethical in nature, that work quite as well too. @TDubsGoonSquad Ooof. @whiteboycryalot Worked for Picasso. @chadvivi Easier to spend down to five. @masadacapital If you had to choose one, which one would you go for? @DrArchiRizu Good stuff. @MarvelousOne11 Where do you live? @kayIinsanchez Why not join the 1%? @FurkYuce Nice. What do you do? @CountryBoyDM What field would that be? @SPM27978499 What are you doing now? @AnthonyTumbiolo Indeed. @everorg_ In what why? @DKBO @PaikCapital It’s fun af. Some of us use G sheets though to make it speedier. @RDirtwater I said five million. Not 1 billion. @LogFitz6 If you could choose one, which one would it be? @LogFitz6 I like Gorilla Saiyan mode more. @YousXP 📸 @ericjacobbutton This probably works. Got to double down. @itsmndxmtr @roncaruthers @Asaaadude It was a GREAT experiment. @OneMolinaJK 🔱 ROGUEWARRIOR @Chopsss13 Good idea. @SeloSlav Put a towel. Shake the tree. Harvest. @Asaaadude Sad to see it go. @FergusonCurly @Pat_Stedman 😂❤️🙏🏻 @thedankoe Legit. @roncaruthers @Pat_Stedman 🤝 @waronweakness I agree. 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @Mcpollodeldia I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it…