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#RoisinMachine + #CrookedMachine – out now!

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That intro certainly cleanses the palate @lennybeige !🤣🤣💋 @sohoradio with me and @PAMHOGGcouture CHOONS and BAD GIR… Glasgow show is now sold out! #roisinmurphylive #crookedmachine @TheOnlyDetox @PAMHOGGcouture @sohoradio Lol 🤣🥰 @tocho_cada 🥰Róisín Murphy performing at Festival Fauna Primavera 2016 (📸 juan maralla)
Retweeted by Róisín MurphyToday is a good day to stream ‘Evil Eyes’ mv, released 6 years ago, @roisinmurphy has outdone herself with this fas…
Retweeted by Róisín Murphy @The_____Machine @roisin__machine 😀💫💫💓My nearly completed collection of Róisín Murphy's solo work is the reason I'll never be able to retire, but look ho…
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Me and the glorious @PAMHOGGcouture on @sohoradio in a few mins!! and the wonderful @PAMHOGGcouture 💕💕💕will be causing double the trouble on @sohoradio today 4.30pm. If you l… morning's inspiration from @roisinmurphy & @OnlyAnExpert They are Heart seeking sonic superheroes ⚡
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@SamHarrisOrg @wakingup I listened to four of the talks, I was absolutely loving them but are they now gone?? I can’t find them on the app? @casiohearts Oh dear! @Avissos @casiohearts really need to use my glasses more often! @yasbanks @phonicarecordsWith running commentary from me and Parrot 👍🙌 @Tim_Burgess 🥳💋💓
That was great though #timstwitterlisteningparty #CrookedMachine @AVFC_Ed Hello Mum! @TimGough9 Oooh I love a cheeky mini roll! @cesarmoz @Tim_Burgess 💋💫 @generalisation 🤣💫All artwork and collage by the wonderful, the brilliant @BraulioAmado ♥️♥️♥️💕 you @LlSTENlNG_PARTYThank you everybody who came to this very groovy party! KEEP STEPPING!! until the next time 🔥🔥🔥🔥No, it’s a warmer experience than that, warmer than most music around at the moment. And it came from the place of… #timstwitterlisteningparty Basically, this record is right up my street, which is handy. But reall… 'Hardcore Jealousy' is a response to that. No, we're not going to slow it down.  We're going to make it pu… remix to have achieved, It’s an incredible feat! Imagine when I got to the end of this record on first list… Oh God this is bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad! (In a good way, obvs) ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Parrot: So we were aghast when record labels interested in releasing it as a single wanted to slow the tempo down.… Like a rush of sugar to the head, the finished article was simple but pleasingly effective.Parrot: 'Jealousy' is a tune that always contained a lot of kinetic energy. The original rhythm track was giddy dis… HARCORE JEALOUSY #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachine @cesarmoz Poor lad @JamieMccredie#Wearethelaw Great running track this! It has propulsion. Synths are magic on this track. on then!!! Let’s have ya!! #WEARETHELAW 💫 Anyroad, despite my foibles, I thought it might be fun to forget about the songs for once and just have a b… ...But in dance music that  style can be so prevalent that sometimes it's a struggle to find the real prima… @stevegray1974 @LlSTENlNG_PARTY LolParrot: These days I tend to avoid doing remixes that don't use many vocals from the original songs. For DJs I acce… @roisindaily_ Hahahahaha8. WE ARE THE LAW #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachine Parrot: This one sounds quite 80s doesn't it? @DebrophyOff Dancing is deep and dark 🔥💓Parrot: For a no doubt very important reason that I can't remember, somewhere along the way, the tune acquired a bi… @MickeyDeron YepWhat a concoction this groove is. Funky and menacing at the same time, a totally unique sound. #namechanger #crookedmachine#NameChanger which parrot did across this album, changing the title’s names to titillate and amuse himself😜 For it's eventual release, Murf freshened the vocals up with a couple of extra parts, and 'Game Changer' wa… The oldest song on Roisin Machine was 'Murphy's Law', which had originally been written for the Overpowered… @stevegray1974 @LlSTENlNG_PARTY Top stuff that!7. NAME CHANGER #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachineAnother hands in the air moment!! We are in a field at 9am, been dancing all night and we could dance forever! #LessisMoreoh the drama here! This is a really good version, one of my favourite tracks on the record. Love it, it’s deep and… The full remix LP felt like an opportune moment to nag Fat Dave into getting the chorus to work on the trun… Well the title could be engraved on Parrots gravestone! #crookedmachine #timstwitterlisteningpartyParrot: …but unfortunately we ran out of time before we could massage the chorus into its new bedding. That'd alway… There was a previously released mix of 'Something More' that we did very quickly, almost as an afterthought… @haavarg Jesus that’s saying something! @Eddiemunsteron1 @GlasgowRunner Aye 🤣🤣🤣6. LESS IS MORE #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachineI’m already lost, long gone people! @robshone I’m already lost in the groove #Tim stwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by Róisín MurphyIt has that kind of minimalism, that kind of regimentation that makes you bore down into the very core of yourself,… were 75,000 lyrics in the original track or thereabouts, and before it had a title everyone always called it…’s something about Parrots claps, they’re so fully real and rounded, I recon it’s the claps that keep this who… Sublime groove, this is a Parrot classic, it just bounces along, total equilibrium in this so… Ironically, this is rhythmically straighter and less crooked than 'Shellfish Mademoiselle'. Which was total… CROOKED MADAME #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachineThat’s me that is 🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t get to it slide @LlSTENlNG_PARTY sure can do a build and release, he must be good in bed! 😜 #Assimulation #crookedmanThese piano chords, I feel them so hard, it’s so of my moment right now. I have a feeling that whenever I hear this… this song was the first one written for this entire project and it was so long ago, with this remix it all comes… I’m in my happy place. #crookedmachineParrot: ... But it turned out ok, probably the best thing on the record. It's got more of a traditional "song" arra… I was shitting myself doing 'Simulation' cos I always quite liked the original, and unusually for me had ne… ASSIMILATION #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachine @trasho_mondo It’s warm innit! 🥳😜 @mrmitchell78 Aye! @claire3638 Ideal!I’d love to be back in the cellar in Sheffield and hear this get dropped. When I was living in Sheffield years ago,… Perfect version, encapsulates it all, so Sheffield.. Its a glamor-stomper! The guitar on this is a special thing of beauty.Parrot: Is just an old version of Incapable with some rhythm guitar busked over the top. Spotlight on Fat Dave! @robshone @Tim_Burgess @LlSTENlNG_PARTY 💫3.CAPABLE RHYTHM #timstwitterlisteningparty #crookedmachine @bambibaebe 👍Parrot: Which is quite pretentious... So as an antidote to the pseudery...Down to the molecule! Some serious Celtic minimalism on the go here lads! We’re also in Doctor Who territory, insid… The picture I had in my head when making Echo Returns was of Narcissus dead, floating face down in the lang… Oh it makes my heart sing! 🎼💕 The love story of Echo and Narcissus is such a cracking tale, and luckily well enough known for me to go of…’ve taken the original to a very pure place, accentuated the cold, JG Ballardness of the original! The first t… RETURNS #TimsTwitterListeningParty #crookedmachineI wanted the artwork to be simple,this record is not about the popstar’ image, it’s a producer record. It’s about t… But ultimately, right at the end when you think it might be over, the wheel just keeps on turning... Into...It’s really not enough to call it a remix album. Crooked Machine could stand on its own, it’s it’s own universe. Th… It felt pretty obvious that for the remix LP some kind of landing should arrive, solid ground could be reac… All of that may be a complete misreading of what the song is about, but it's certainly what me and Fat Dave…