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|17|they/them|she/her| best friend of the wonderful and illustrious @roachparties| autistic |read carrd byf | bisexual | RJ | JESTER | PEA | DARIA | IVY

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@dansughost No it was face paint she was dressing as her sister
Retweeted by jesterMy baby @squatchland A monkey could type this exact tweethey Twitter, I cant afford for you to ignore. i am desperate single mom w 3 yr old . i recently lost my job from a…
Retweeted by jesterI’m so @ariadoII GnCrunchy ass photo @understooooooop Yeah she’s way older?????? WHAT Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despai… @boringangel_ Ms frizzle would shrink them and they would fly into that shitShe’s an adult 3 is so trash the world baby Bruno kinda scaring me Joseph cheater ass ugly ass young Joseph guy with water stand I forgot his name risotto sdc dio dio crazy diamond a few more days until we get to meet them 😌
Retweeted by jesterThat would be Trash changed a man for life
Retweeted by jester @understooooooop Fishnchips @yuusvke ?they all went :(
Retweeted by jesterPINKK
Retweeted by jester @stillsigma Nah not yet I don’t even think I’m pass the prologue lol I’ve been busyBye original kosaku
Retweeted by jesterProsciutto had no personality besides polnareff talking through it
Retweeted by jester @enboyouma the manga artists rn
Retweeted by jesterNah that makes no sense bruh what about danganronpa I have comfort charactees there so how would that happen if tha… @yuusvke EWWWWho wanna play pokemonThis one is hard. Holy fuck ummmmmmm 😭😭😭I’m sorry risotto @lethalbeefshots I just don’t classify him as that in my mind 😭😭 love him thoOkuyasu isn’t a himbo so bye got beaten up in an alley by a gang of white blonde kids wearing these @indeedeee KITTY @yuusvke FUCK TOU 😭😡whaaa this guys got a shiny Pokémon cheater @yuusvke Such an L 😭Bye Rohan ugly slut thing I’ll say is I appreciate all the lore and worldbuilding this game adds it’s the only redeeming factorPeople who say this is better than 4 how does it feel to be fucking stupidAwful game literally part 5 jotaro has no role in the story bye ugly
Retweeted by jesterPersona 5 @lethalbeefshots SAME ANSWERFormaggio and illuso were so WACK lisa TOU ANASUI BYE HOE @lethalbeefshots fly or smth dk how to describe it eat deer before eggs 5 😛 tea Shitty cookies? and u can eat it w ur mouth Parton football gas station maybe of you black mirror having that as the first episode wasn’t a good@idea @ariadoII AWWTou can tell how badly araki was struggling @ariadoII CUTE @yuusvke I hate Joseph @ariadoII CUTW @squatchland YukakoFucking byeeeee battle tendency and stardust crusaders I do not care what y’all say they are TRASHHH @ariadoII OHHHH @ariadoII Idk who rhat is I haven’t read it yetAll my lifeFinally thank godddCan this ugly Pokémon stay in this ballBye lisa lisa kakyoin dio tbh this one is hard actually 😭😭probably fugo cuz he didn’t stick around till the end I still love him tho caesar hair two. Bye ugly