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jester @rokakakafruit 17 she they

best friend of the wonderful and illustrious @roachparties| autistic | bisexual | RJ | JESTER | PEA | DARIA | IVY | @gudriid @yuusvke @aiihni

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@yuusvke Ok where are it @yuusvke Bro everytime I do you deactivate and it fucks up my threadCrocodile @axelstacy_Machi pucci Pucci Brando ascension dio chipmunks toga•[thread of fancam I like 3]•Robin the woman who suffered more than jesus
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Retweeted by jesterRemember, a Black woman named Nadria Tucker was removed from this show for calling out awful #MeToo jokes in the s…
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Retweeted by jesterI just want good things for nami Kaneda fanart
Retweeted by jester @MOBPSVCHO100 Idk who those people areI made a gofundme for my living situation since I'm getting desperate to get out. Please retweet and spread this ar…
Retweeted by jester @GOLDPISTONS Yess :Dsaw shirt like this in another post and i had a tiny thought.....
Retweeted by jesterI actually look very good today @MOBPSVCHO100 Jesterfriendly reminder to the dudebros who won’t read the manga, it doesn’t show jolyne actually masturbating 😐 it start…
Retweeted by jester @yuusvke Who r u talking tooimagine showing this to someone who thirsts over Morrigan but never seen Darkstalkers in their life
Retweeted by jester @bobhobobstudios It is @bobhobobstudios You are lucky @J9TAR0 Hi show was always on it pissed me off so bad @MOBPSVCHO100 Hi @MOBPSVCHO100 I’m robbing your house @MOBPSVCHO100 Cool collection @MOBPSVCHO100 Nice @MOBPSVCHO100 CoolMy selfie flopped cuz im uglyI’m 7’9I do not rock with this ‼️‼️ 23YR OLD BLACK WOMAN RICHMOND, VA🗣
Retweeted by jesterkomaru and koharu! both voiced by @CheramiLeigh
Retweeted by jesterMy bookmarks go crazyhamster hand-shake
Retweeted by jesterfellas is it gay to focus your entire life around going back in time to save the girl you love #pmmm
Retweeted by jesterI miss madoka magica sometimes #pmmm
Retweeted by jester✨ “This is the ultimate state of human emotion. More passionate than Hope. Far deeper than Despair. It’s Love. ” ✨…
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Retweeted by jesterわたしエヴァの大人組だいすこ芸人
Retweeted by jesterasuka and rei redraw hehe #evangelion #nge
Retweeted by jester希望へ向かう蒼天
Retweeted by jesterMy girlfriend turned into the moon 🌙
Retweeted by jesterダンガンロンパ10周年おめでとうございます🔫!
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Retweeted by jesterhis name is narancia, and he’s seventeeEEeE- Een...
Retweeted by jesterFinally finished off the mlp gijinkas , I always found these 3 the hardest to do ⚡️
Retweeted by jesterthh chapter 3 spoilers /// old + unfinished but whatever HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELESTIA
Retweeted by jesterhave some doodles ok
Retweeted by jesterRise and Grind Knuckleheads
Retweeted by jester记忆的永恒
Retweeted by jesterI'm actually sorry for wavy kira- 🏃🏃 #jojosbizarreadventure
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Retweeted by jesterholy meets her baby brother
Retweeted by jesterplaying w a new style :DDDD very fun
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