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In collaboration with Stream Beats by @HarrisHeller, I'm VERY excited to release the new Now Playing overlay. This…
Retweeted by RollRNGPineapple doesn't belong on pizza. Period.and another morning started with an ambulance for my aunt.The public release of our @Twitch support will be available tomorrow! Huge thanks go out to all our Preview users…
Retweeted by RollRNGEnd of an era
Retweeted by RollRNG @shayylatte So your gonna give borkbot a new home right?
Something new, Something old. #Diablo3 on @cjayride @mamadoTV oh i get ya now, yea most of the time when i've seen those posts it's been over working towards… @cjayride @mamadoTV Yea my entire gaming life revolves around grinding and looting. It's an enjoyable experience. T… @Phlog See that's the pleb way of things, I just warp time and space with my MIND POWERS!The Inner Sanctum of the Command Center is ready to welcome Season Two...the brainchild of @ThomasWinterton & Erik…
Retweeted by RollRNG @ACPixel Welcome to my sleep schedule!I dunno what to do anymore.
@MANvsGAME Nice!
Well we're starting off with that RNG again... I dunno what killed me either! I thought I was going to sleep but the kittens have other plans.
Well now, that's some RNG @Hogtheassassin nope just phone watching. @RunJumpStomp that's what i'm guessing, but he just got a new modem today.So does anyone have a clue why one of my mods, using an iphone x would be getting minutes of delay on my stream whe… @LuckyShotsMIX It's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know :P
Ok, we're under 30 minutes till S21 @AdmiralKrull then yup that's decent especially for the older models. If I didn't live where it was cold I'd totall… @AdmiralKrull I don't know VW's all that well, is it a diesel?S21 for Diablo is at 5pm PDT not EDT, doh.Then you reach the point, where you are alone and failing in your success.The nice comments become people just being nice, the negative comments are the real ones. Because the rise in the c… the chart is going up, your golden, when the curve starts to flatten are you becoming a stale person? and when… your grinding and watching your analytics and everything you start to see yourself as a reflection of those n… Example: The opposite is also true, when your rising up and the work is paying off, you'll get people who y… do streamers end up feeling alone? One Example: I've distanced myself from good friends over the years because… I'm going through some really old emails and found some from twitch back in the day including this fantastic log… can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by RollRNGNew hand for the viewer-controlled slap hat.. time to test it! [Among other updates..]
Retweeted by RollRNGI am saddened with the news of Mixer shutting down, but it's okay because we were able to use the tools provided by…
Retweeted by RollRNGThe YouTuber... Read:
Retweeted by RollRNGRest in peace, Reckful.
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We - all of us - are fighting an epidemic of disconnection. Suicide has been on the rise for a decade, and our comm…
Retweeted by RollRNGFuck man, not @Byron now... damnit!
The story of the convention... Read:
Retweeted by RollRNGI can't find my Dongle!
Do I have any emote artists or Twitch staff that owe me any favors? No? Ok, guess we're live then @LuckyShotsMIX @Twitch Literally their bank probably was faster with the confirmation, apis always lag behind billing
Don't mind me, just going crazy. We're live Trying out new settings, and crying over a stupid website.To make it easier for the companies I'm working with I'm pinning this. My former Mixer Channel was… I haven't played Diablo III since the whole Immortal thing, I think I'm over it and might just stream some tonight. @iamthatkatt As long as it arrives before the launch with enough time to plan the unboxing esp if it's a giant stat…
The memes aren't worth the spying. 📵 #DeleteTikTok
Retweeted by RollRNG @brennadactyl I'm a dude He's a dude She's a dude We're all dudes, heyHere's the biggest OOF in the industry right now. Facebook partners up with Microsoft, Facebook gets the streamers…'s time to say "Bye mixer".... dot com! - If you're a streamer, you can add your new channel - If you're a viewe…
Retweeted by RollRNGHonestly with these stories coming out, how did these creeps, absolute losers actually get popular? @AdmiralKrull yup that's what i figured out., first podcast is up. if I figure out an entertaining podcast idea, where do you nerds even listen to them? Cause I should probably upload it there.I have the laziest animals
Ok, let's go Mixah style!Open letter to Twitch (video and statement) STATEMENT:
Retweeted by RollRNGAny pixel artists out there that specialize in character design?
Retweeted by RollRNG @navithesquirrel You know mining is the best for getting money right? 🤣🤣🤣😇Absolute legend, this is awesome!
Ok, we're live, got the restream figured out, #LegendsofRuneterra on hoping to go live in a few, anxiety is kicking my butt right now tho.Whats this @JiZmakOfficial thinks @gwar is the only thing that can kill me??? Challenge accepted also he wants you…
Retweeted by RollRNGSorry Doc, Twitch had to make room for the Mixer Badasses coming in.Sources: DrDisrespect has been permanently banned from Twitch
Retweeted by RollRNG @straydog6547 Shut up and get off the road grandma!This pic represents the definition of what @WatchMixer was. 4 friends at PAX south went to lunch, but while waiting…
Retweeted by RollRNG$40,000,000 distributed to 500 partnered streamers is $80,000 each... The biggest mistake @WatchMixer made was not investing in us.
Retweeted by RollRNG @Leavaris Same here, minus the f5, I set my client to check every minute @Sithos_ Yup same totally not full of anxietyBOOM. Goals now work on Twitch. Stats bar now works on Twitch. Emote overlay AND Chat overlay now support Better T…
Retweeted by RollRNGChange of mind, I need to chill, get stuff setup correctly and get my head straight for a good stream tomorrow.Ok, we're live for a bit with some Chill #PathofExile on guy's for the last time on Mixer I hit my sparks crystal. I'm laughing and crying. guys, I finally got some hard sleep for the first time since this mixer crap happened. I might go live in a few.
To my art friends. I want to redo my channel art, emotes, and badges. Comment some samples below. and also my Youtu…
Retweeted by RollRNG @TBSteezy_ absolutelyYou can say I'm starting to feel #satisfactoryaf after all the mixer stuff, so I'm checking out Satisfactory now on… is gonna sound really dumb but, I haven't been able to make myself go on the Mixer site since the announcement :(So. I'm hypothetically working on something amazing with @SamCWoodhall and @HarrisHeller . Get ready for July 11th…
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I could tell a management horror story every single day for the next month (many with receipts, all with people who…
Retweeted by RollRNGUgh... I hate being forced to comment. #TWITCHBLACKOUT isn't going to do anything. Now canceling your amazon prime,… @cuteavalanche Good sounding promises lol.I just signed up for Rainmaker! An amazing tool that helps me monetize my live stream even more. Check it out here:, stream's up @Zune_Girl'll be taking kanga to work soon, then we'll be live on I was going to be live earlier but…
So uh, Chat overlay uh, Supports twitch now, badges + emotes. woot.
Retweeted by RollRNGWith stories like this coming out more and more it's all starting to make sense. Most of us who worked on building… love our Mixer community and are happy to assist any of you who need help acclimating to the other platforms we…
Retweeted by RollRNGHe's live now! GO FOLLOW, if your not one of the mixer peeps and have just been on #Twitch you need to experience t… just doesn't care anymore lol'm coining this. "We got the Microshaft." @Strippin @_jdodd Banter between platforms was awesome! Then we got the Microshaft. @tianareeses @m24_brandon ok, cool this is useful! players make every game better. @WatchMixer built an incredible platform and grew a passionate community of ta…
Retweeted by RollRNG @BVRlive dude, join the club.Live again for a bit as we figure it out on