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I adhere to a set of standards and tastes that appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges.

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quarantine day 15 we're doing a puzzle of @egolvin
@DarthLux is that a thing you can do. are cats just plug and play like a printer @DinkMagic I like the sound of this @humidnightblue I'm also constantly basing my audio-only medium preferences on host looks.ordered pizza and gave him what could accurately be described as "the rest of my money" as a tip so let's go pizza guy don't die @jackdwagner well, let's not be too mean to lost. no need for that on the timeline in times of crisis.I will for sure never rate your app, so stop asking me to. @krummey hmmm checks out @aurahack that's insane @Guenboozy29 people whose families own spare houses..... can't trust emmy father is like 65 I must at this time once again say that if anything happens to him due to this absurd system w… father works for hewlett packard and they are for some reason still open despite the entire state being closed (… @IdahoBones told someone in cod just yesterday that i was drinking their milkshake @RiotBananas It's just the FAL. I like it because it does a lot of damage if you can land your about unappreciative; we save this team from two other teams, one of which was on a roof above them absolutely… richards in the world is not enough as a nuclear physicist is one of the funniest casting decisions ever
@losdrogas wo @JucheMane think Laura shot him @ByYourLogic B 4 3 @IdahoBones my sushi place please @MichaelGunEmoji my thinking it would be sick to live in places like this is completely negated by inability to do… @dannyodwyer none so far luckily @noclipvideo 320 pieces are doing a puzzle in tabletop @RiotBananas tends to happen when there is no definitively good entry in the genre but people want to play the genr… CoD's servers are finally up and looking stable for an entire night and their entire progression system is down…
@tom_on_here don't have one @JucheMane you can if you add them to your "family". used to share catalogs with several friendsImportant new etiquette rule developing in which you definitely don't wanna be the last person out of a Zoom sessio… @diffusioncolumn @IdahoBones @bitesperry legitimately discussed rhodesia in regards to the FAL while in game like t… @IdahoBones @bitesperry I'm probably going to swtich it up just to keep things fresh. Might give the SIG AR from th… @bitesperry Give the FAL a go! It's not like top meta or anything but it's a lot of fun if you can hit the targets.… @bitesperry The one I use for most of it? It's a FAL. I just click quickly.this is not exciting it's just a funny 1v3 that I ran into while searching for money to buy my teammates back last… @DarthLux how do her aunts feel about it @edzitron @ByYourLogic I keep hearing more and more about these lakes @ByYourLogic in boston the place that you go to get like some small items, not a full grocery load but a few things… being home rocks and it's the best place to be, I have determined that working from home sucks my whole ass. It's garbage. I hate it. @BrandyLJensen Ancillary Justice @runolgarun I apologise for this but there are very few opportunities for history puns in quarantine @runolgarun funny, america cancelled the spanish american war after spain traded rich portSo far my Warzone strategy of pushing relentlessly at every single sound I hear is working pretty well. Just play h… @jakehoevenaar real 5'11 guys doubling up on dr scholl's and calling themselves 6 foot guys while 5'10 guys doing t… 5'7 guys seeing this thread and being like oh hell yeah i'm average height that's right
@IdahoBones building Outer Heaven, but for gamers, as a result of thinking Kojima can see the future @granderojo Oh it wasn't my opinion. I just know people loved the album. I was like 8 and I was like man this sucks shit! @IdahoBones Yeah definitely. Difficult to predict the long term effects this could have while we're just at the ver… @granderojo It's tough. For me when a game is one of the best of an entire generation I automatically like it, so I… @BearPawB Well ideally, yeah lol. But even 9 to 530/6 is better than 8 to 5.I wonder if people worked from home from long enough if the work day would shift away from 7/8 am toward 9am as it… @granderojo Animal crossing is cool, but I dunno. None of it comes close to horizon or God of war @granderojo There are about a dozen fantastic games on PS4. I'd like a switch, but aside from Zelda really don't know that I'd play. @COAbrah @deathoftheparty damn let's go. Taking yourself out of action, too, because you saw a child playing and wa…'s weird but without a commute to kind of lock my schedule in place, I'm all over the place in terms of how much… @ByYourLogic I'm 28 and I work at the IMF because I was deemed too untrustworthy for my dream job; FIFA's ambassador to the EmiratesHad a match with @deathoftheparty @COAbrah that ended fourth place because we got airstriked in the final circle. 🙏… @spongebobtitty I've honestly had it up to here with thieves @granderojo yeah and just when she should have the mask on, due to the ronaI live alone in one of the most expensive areas in the country and I spend about $300 on groceries per month. $175… enough that $1200 doesn't come close to covering rent, but if you're spending anywhere near $1200 on groceries… @aurahack people should have integrity and not bring sniper rifles in their loadouts if they don't want me to disrespect themcouple nice plays etc etc'm a good friend to have in a BR because I will literally never let a squad get away with killing a homie. Especia…
@IdahoBones my mother recently had to collect for a *3 week period* (she knew she had another job lined up but had… @IdahoBones lol will never happen. when I was unemployed and had to collect benefits, despite being literally the e… @humidnightblue i don't even use a 3-in-1 but all the psychos on twitter who think it's absurd make me want to start @intellegint twister rocks. underrated disaster movie because it was so big at the time I think people assume it's dumbAs a person with no stake in anything I really don't care about the line that goes up and down. In fact it seems go… @MrPope It's just tabletop simulator on steam. Has basically every board game that existscod servers were down so we played The Thing game on tabletop sim. it's still very good. haven't played it since I… from just being truly psychotic, it's also demonstrably untrue that our grandparents have any interest in our…
important reminder that epicenter is a geological term and doesn't just mean very very center thank you new york ca… @Superfluous8 Haven't seen it. Looks insanely uninteresting. @JucheMane imagine this bothering you and not just being an indication of the quality of the man lol @tom_on_here god the best scenes on that show are when the rock and the bald guy from the daily show are just havin… @ripkanyewest There are plenty of honourable mentions but I just can not accept anything else into the top tier at this time. @tom_on_here ballers is my fantasy. have you seen the chicks on there @tom_on_here take a hikeDo not reply to me as there are only three counters and I don't care. 1. The Wire; spend less time on Letterboxd a… @IdahoBones Yeah easily top 3 for me. If not for Twin Peaks might just be hands down my favourite.So true. The best show HBO ever made, as well. I think it's because so little has been going on. Nothing in the news really. An odd change of pace from the l… thinking about the three guys we found hiding in a tiny little garage in Warzone last night. They had been th… Democratic Party moved heaven and earth to secure the nomination of a senile, dying man in the midst of the big…
Retweeted by Nick Taylor @MichaelGunEmoji Mine only accepts online payment in the first two days of the month. :) After that you need a mon… @JoinDeepRock rock and stoneHas anyone ever thought of just murdering all the rich people before?nobody will leave me alone I just wanna run around with a crossbow
lol pretty good @RiotBananas lol what's going on over there @cliffordaurus Yeah I've heard that. Honestly the problem is rarely being surprised by them and more just that ther… to the point in Warzone where I feel pretty confident I can squad wipe anyone even 1v3 most of the time, bu… my headphones to my new phone and what do you think Bud Light TD is. I'm tempted to start knocking on doors…
@granderojo what about by the end of this?Don't expect anyone to watch this 20+ killstreak, but the kill where I drop a care package on someone's head was en… will never bring a sniper rifle into a match due to it being cowardly, beneath me, the tool of 5'4" guys, etc, bu… win with just a duo. Having three players is overpowered, best to stick to two like a normal BR.
@XEECEEVEVO @ByYourLogic It's referenced a lot now but the Columbus Day episode is so funny