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Dr Sam Hirst @RomGothSam Todmorden, England

Gothic lit and theology. Side-line in gothic romance. Associate lecturer, tutor, proofreader, translator, book seller. Writes stuff.

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Me and other great speakers! followers! Time to promote that story where a teenage lesbian and the antichrist team up to end the world. It's…
Retweeted by Dr Sam Hirst @ArdenPowell @ArtemisiaAxe Sounds amazing! @EnchantmentLL Yes
Please share!: CFP with *updated dates* Digital symposium in LGBTQIA+ narratives in Fantastika Graphics novels (SF…
Retweeted by Dr Sam HirstGreat thread you want to know a little more about the queer found family you just meet a little off in these stories... inclusion of marginalized people has never been the fantasy in any kind of historical romance. The fantasy--an…
Retweeted by Dr Sam HirstGoing to make my sapphic zombie, queer found family, dagger lesbian, unwilling hero story go up as available to all… @briarspell I worked with @eyreudite for doing something similar. Recommend.Sapphic zombies, queer found families, dagger lesbians. @anotherStorying Colour me intrigued! @MoreOrLessAMess My original thread makes my position clear and I was tweeting about an article and the arguments i… @MoreOrLessAMess I'm sorry if I'm not making myself clear. Hopefully the original thread went into more detail but… @MoreOrLessAMess That's my problem with this article and what it's doing because I don't think it's doing the work… @MoreOrLessAMess I'm in fandom communities and I produce public work about race, and abolition for them. I think I'… @MoreOrLessAMess This *specific* presentatuon in this article is, to me, disingenuous because it obscures so much.… @MoreOrLessAMess I'd want to see Austen within the context of her time, looking at the work of other writers and th… @MoreOrLessAMess I agree with most of what you're saying here but the problem remains for me that this type of very… @CMRosens Yes, I think people often think I'm rolling in money from publishing when in fact it was ... 10s of hours… people following me not know this? Just in case! Any publishing I talk about with academic journals is free wor… Friday all! by Darcie Little Badger @jeannekmele There are a couple of talks on Gothic romance specifically - from Lori A. Paige (whose Gothic Romance… @pkennedywrites @jeannekmele @ashim_nadi Aww, thank you! If you're looking for Gothic intros and resources, Romanci…
@DelFeeny @AmbJohnBoIton Shockingly no!ICYMI Scottish tales of the Demonic! @triciamatthew @emilyrohrbach1 Thank you! @ElenaBerrino 😍 It's so cool! @idlewild_ I can't stop laughingMy God. Majestic self own. I wasn't ready. @Burnthe02748724 I agree with all your points here. @Burnthe02748724 Yes. We don't really get to pat ourselves on the back for belatedly enacting measures to partially… clarify: If you would like to consult or interview me about my book #PassingOrders on my wider research on the r…
Retweeted by Dr Sam HirstWe've got demon doubles, cloven hoofs, shape-changers, deceit, betrayal, murder... and, most importantly, devils! the devil's the devil been up to in Scotland? Find out about the history of demonic depiction in Scottish li… @emilyrohrbach1 @triciamatthew Yep!Should note that I'm not trying to slam the research at all. What I'm talking about here is the presentation by news media etc. @demonologian I can't imagine. Certainly no-one would ever accuse the US of doing anything like that. Perish. the. thought.Actually, no, I haven't finished. 1) Austen was dead 23 years before her brother went to that meeting 2) Being '… importantly, look into what Black writers, activists and everyday people were doing and also what they were as… you're interested in what anti-slavery work looked like in the period - try researching boycotts, legal actions,… couple of sly references to slavery in Mansfield Park isn't taking part in that activism. I'm not trying to sland…'ve talked more about this here 4/ - both Black and white - were integral to raising public awareness and/or changing public opinion. The plet… makes it about having the right ideas, maybe, possibly and ignores the fact that this was a fight. A fight where… mean... I'm glad that Austen might have been pro-abolition but this obsession with deep dive into past public fig… @ElenaBerrino Does he think people don't know? I remember an American friend once saying to me that America wasn't… @middleagedwitch Too real. Noooooo.One tiny kitten blessing please a fascinating thread @ElenaBerrino Oh my God. How did he get that out with a straight face?How niche is that as a literature tweet?Robert... is that you? @sinister_garden Thank you!
@CMRosens It's a balance but you pull it off xD @CMRosens Pink and purple. I said what I said.Today's daily June content is another great Gothic tale! This time by Robert Louis Stevenson @rozburrows Aw thank you! @Pinkwood Oh nooooo!The sound of something falling behind a closed door @blai_starker @inkandplasma I was the opposite. I couldn't stop reading because I needed something to 'make it righ… @FashnHistry Football! @agothiccookbook Disturbed that this is coming from a cookbook... @CMRosens Nope. Couldn't happen to a nicer wanker. @inkandplasma I just reread this! The ending absolutely destroyed me even though I knew it was coming. Reading the second one now.The absolute joy of this. The position he plays is hooker, but obviously that had to be modified for US sensibiliti…
Retweeted by Dr Sam Hirst @pietersender xD @SarahBetty1 Grosss! I think people would just have avoided the yellow stained monstrosity! @helengrantsays @andrewwharmby1 @BookmarkLincs 100 years of football history @helengrantsays One tiny little bonus point for that, I guess. @thehitotian After all... it was only a little bit @LiamJHogan A book on the history of football!Man came into the bookshop. 'My dog weed on one your books outside. But only a little bit.' Only. a. little. bit.… @BraceofPeacocks Aw, thank you! Our local has a fairly small range but they pick so *well* that there's always a co… @BookshopW Thank you! Also a little bit of bookshop in the background! @beal_ellie @BronteSchiltz @manmetucu Excellent! Thanks Ellie!New glasses, new hair. Feeling remarkably summery for a Yorkshire person! @BronteSchiltz I'm honestly not sure. I think @manmetucu are currently collecting data. Letting them know about the… are apparently now 2 x 0.5. Across the department. I don't know how much solidarity there is out there, but… many part time staff are at risk of losing their jobs in my department at MMU? Apparently it's 22. While they'r… @MasonHawth0rne I feel like... this is very much my vibe
Today's June Content! A Class on the Northern Gothic. Suspicion of ghost-belief as credulous, superstitious and enthusiastic remained in tension with a contradictory… The threatening interrelation of ‘superstition’ and ‘enthusiasm’ is seen in the infectious nature of Annette’s s… is I in @thebookseller. Have a wee read and pledge to my Kickstarter to breathe rotten life into three Gothic a…
Retweeted by Dr Sam Hirst @agothiccookbook I painted my crush a magical painting and all I got was murdered #TragicTuesdays In Radcliffe’s texts, only villains reject the supernatural on principle.Well... turns out there are a lot of people interested in theology and the Gothic/seeing me squirm! Off we go 1) R… @rgildesign @ThomasWellmann So cool!Going to leave this here while I go to bed. They will be from my book on the Gothic and theology. They will be pick… @WendyBookworm @CatSWrites They're two of my favourites :)
I always have so much fun talking to Sam! Here we talk about romance and I construct my red string conspiracy wall…
Retweeted by Dr Sam Hirst @hayleylouisePhD I was doing my first recently. What helped me most was going through and looking at other reviews… solved! @hayleylouisePhD Amazing!The 18th century Gothic novel. @hayleylouisePhD I love this xD @VoteMikeBaldock Dear Lord!Niche eighteenth centuryist content there but I know the rest of you all feel my pain.