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dancer & content creator for @officiaIdevour // @highandro //

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@JaIjayyo NOOOO I MISSED ITin n out spread makes my pussy wet fr 😭😭😭😭looking down at a man sucking ur titties is so funny idk why like yeah suck that shit
my breasts remind me of mount rushmore…ur face should be among then @iSing4EGirls ARE WE NOT FRIENDS @iSing4EGirls @iSing4EGirls hi friendAlright first giveaways of December. Let’s give 3 away! To enter: Follow me @iSing4EGirls Retweet Tag a friend…
Retweeted by ro,why do u guys follow me @smileyfaces___ YOUVE TRIED IT???i wanna try freeze dried candy so bad!!!!!i went to check my po box at ups and they recognize so much with how often i go that the manager just said to me, “…
@JaIjayyo HUHwho’s d*ck do i have to suck at riot just so we can keep bind @Nightttwing @brigoose_ who asked @Keeoh THIS IS SO CUTE IM GONNA CRY 😭 @joytuai 6’5 @vkimmxo you’re so fine 😭 @ValorLeaks BIND 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭need a bf that stans twice so i can show him my ttsi’ve just been binging videos of pc building bc i wanna be able to learn more when i’m building mine this saturday 🥺me and my future bf MUCH TO DO. SO LITTLE TIME. editing my own clips really got me stressing
NAH BUT THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SHOW 😭😭😭😭 boobs are cold @longbaebae im saving thisy’all are different fr @JaIjayyo u crashed my stream brostream crashed bc of MY SHITTY PC AND I TOLD CHAT MY PC STARTED SMOKING AND THEY ALL FREAKED LMFAOOO
@iiPhasey 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 @broknn_ LOUDER FOR THE PPL IN THE BACKpics i would send to my bf but goes on twitter instead @GDinhiero yeah :( and they did too! they moved before i didi miss him terribly :( @ashIyne no u 😡💕streaming’s been something i’ve been focusing on so i haven’t had the time but i’ll definitely try to post more dan… @GDinhiero stop bro i’m gonna cry. U SEE MY RECENT TWEET. but i really do miss dancing but bc streaming’s been taki… didn’t expect this kind of reaction to dancing again but i’m honestly so thankful :’) @seshiriaa_ AHH STOP 🥹🫶🏻 @Xansmind thanks boss 🫡 @GDinhiero LMFAOOO YESSIRRR @jerbifer I WISH U PICKED ME INSTEAD 😔 @JaIjayyo DESERVEDDDD @daboiyahoo 🤝 @TTVsailortori @suppycaitlin PLSSS THANK U 🥹 @GenerallyEric thank u king 🫡 didn’t need the room anywaysss @Nightttwing HEY @kkimvu the song is called blue flame by le sserafim c: but thank you bb 🥹🫶🏻nobody asked but i danced on @suppycaitlin's dating show for the talent portion and i've never been so embarrased j…
@Xansmind @adamculler HUH 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @Xansmind pls @itkevv_ can’t stop watching this NEED MY TITTIES SUCKED RN! OR ELSE I DIE! DONT LET ME DIE!! SOMEONE SUCK MY TITTIES!! HELP ME!’ur future ex gf only 69 i'm getting tonight up creamin rn contact
for being there for my struggle! now i can’t definitely stream and edit till my heart gives out! i will also try to… have been stressing over getting a new pc since my current pc has been acting up so much & i finally got all the… soapy tiddy pics for WHAT… FOR NO ONE TO SEND IT TO
to everyone who lets me live in their heads rent free, lemme give you a smooch @ilyyamour u know me so well 🤝i can’t wait to get on my knees tomorrow 🤭that 12 hour stream made me so sleep. only good d*ck can make me feel that way so that was a new experiencei’m alive
i will be sleeping for the rest of the day. thank you to those that stayed up with me! i will show more appreciatio… morning’m really on val at this time. what a great way to end the subathonIMA CRY FR stream for 12 hours hi
@farmdango PLS I WAS WEARING CONTACTS AND ENDED UP BLIND THE WHOLE DAYwhat happened to saying good morning and how’s your day going be streaming later tonight at 6pm pst! 🥹 ur reading this, DO NOT drunk text anyone pls @TheLonelySubie NO LMFAOOOO @thetechkid i haven’t had any action since then… i be reminiscing @ByungshinLaw im sorry im a virgin now @ih8tft123 LOL NOdamn 4 years ago i got nut in my eye.. i do not recommend btwi will be making out with this strawberry soju bottle for the rest of the night
@lumwtf GOBBLE ON THIS DICKhappy turkey day! i hope food isn’t the only thing you guys are going to gobble on today :’)i need someone to look at me the way my sister looks at fall guys. she looks so happy @JaIjayyo LMFAOOOO ILY AND IHY FOR THISneed someone to suffocate with my thighs brain rn most downbad mf u know
@ruben08967 STOPJFJSJ IF U DO CAN I RECOMMEND ONE LOLham >>>> turkey any dayfuck being stuffed like a turkey, i want him to glaze on my face like honey glazed ham really need to get better lighting so i can film dance vids again LMFAOwish i was getting stuffed like this turkey my family is preparing for thanksgiving :/i can’t stop throwing my ass whenever antifragile comes on @jonahsunn u get mei had a dream about making steak. now i want some