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Ron Eisele @ron_eisele Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Author. Early aviation historian, enthusiast and aviator.

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Boeing 314 Clipper , San Francisco Bay crashed in New Guinea 1943 over England's, Inglewood plant, California 1942 (Landing Signals Officer) USS Wasp, early in the war PT-22 Recruit PT-22 Recruit testing Douglas glide bombs buzzes the tower at Bassingbourn, England Champagne Gal 5,000th P-38 built, temporarily painted orange to celebrate, 1944
25 January 2004 Mars Exploration Rover "Opportunity" landed on Mars. 3 month planned mission. 2 undergoing tensile stress test in a dirigible hangar at Weeksville, North Carolina. January 1964. 13.59.04 UTC. A Thor-Agena B rocket launched Echo 2 from Vandenberg AFB. A 135 ft. diameter inflat… January 1931. First flight of the first Breguet Bre.330R2 prototype F-AKEZ. High-altitude sesquiplane variant of… January 1927. First flight of the Morane-Saulnier MoS-121 (Morane-Saulnier MS 121), French single-seat parasol m… January 1926. First flight of the Stinson Detroiter. American 6-seat cabin aeroplane for passengers or freight.… aged 68 on 25 January 1968 in Sussex, 11 victory Sopwith Camel ace with 210 Squadron RAF, Lieutenant Ivan Coup… aged 71 on 25 January 1967 in Lae, Papua New Guinea, 13 victory SE5a ace with 41 Squadron, Captain Eric John S… Sumner Sewall. 17 June 1897 – 25 January 1965. Sumner Sewall DSC and Oak Leaf Cluster, Croix de Guerre. aged 67 on 25 January 1965 in Bath, Maine, 7 victory SPAD XIII ace with 95th Aero, United States Air Service a… personal markings of Leutnant Otto Könnecke’s Albatros D.V. 25 January 1956 in Bad Aibling, 35 victory German ace Leutnant Otto Könnecke. W.H. Fysh (left) and P.J. McGinness (right) in 1919. McCauchey Bristol Fighter ‘Battleplane’, Palestine. Paul McGinness (pilot) on left, Hudson Fysh (gunner) on rig… Paul Joseph "Ginty" McGinness DFC. 4 February 1896 – 25 January 1952. aged 56 on 26 February 1952 in Perth, Western Australia, 7 victory Brisfit pilot ace with 1 Squadron SFC, Lieu… 25 January 1899 in Langley, Birmingham, 8 victory Sopwith Camel ace with 45 Squadron Lieutenant Ernest Harold… Lieutenant Theophile Henri Condemine and a SPAD XIII of Spa69. 25 January 1895 in Champagnac-Fontaine, 9 victory French Air Service ace with Spa154, Sous Lieutenant Theophil… 25 January 1894 in Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland, 10 victory Sopwith Camel ace with 70 Squadron, Canadian Lie… you to all of today's followers old and new, re-tweeters, 'likes,' contributors and readers. Very much apprec… PT-19A and a Chrysler Town and Country, 1941 Model 75 crop sprayer post-war captioned "bullet holes" handwash"Has much to say about honour; and about manhood". BT-13 Carrier personnel. What it took... XB-19 barrel rolling F-111C. 'Yankee Lady' BT-13 Valiant trainer trio "Glacier Girl" and P-51 Duck 'Miss Velma' SNC, Corpus Christi, Texas 1942 PT-19 American P-51C Mustang from 'The Greatest Generation Naval Museum', San Diego from 'The Greatest Generation Naval Museum', San Diego from 'The Greatest Generation Naval Museum', San Diego from 'The Greatest Generation Naval Museum', San Diego C-47 Skytrain Mustang's and P-51's at Las Vegas, 1950 Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Army blimp 1940 P-26 Peashooter at Duxford P-26 Peashooter at Duxford, USS Valley Forge, Korea's, Boeing Seattle plant XB-15 Flying Tigers in China assembly at Inglewood, California 'Yankee Lady' "Caroline" 'Ferocious Frankie' Wildcat American SNJ-6 'Glamorous Gal'
@WilhelmCanaris3 I think, though I stand to be corrected, that the A4 Aggregate was the first winged vehicle to exceed Mach 1. @DarioAPerezP Thanks Dario @zatopek2317 Yes, I glanced over the article. I think it was either the Mail or Express.24 January 1985. 19.50.00. UTC. Launch of STS-51-C, Space Shuttle Discovery mission, first shuttle mission to deplo… 24 January 1971. Ferdinand von Hiddessen, German WWI pilot and politician, first German to bomb Paris in WWI. January 1966. First flight of the Learjet 24. American six to eight seat (two crew and four to six passengers) t… January 1961. A B-52G Stratofortress carrying two 3-4 megaton Mark 39 nuclear bombs broke up in mid-air near Gol… January 1961. First flight of the Convair Model 30-5, the 990 Coronado. American narrow body jet airliner, a str…