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Ron Chan @RonDanChan Portland, OR

Comics + storyboard artist. Draws PvZ for Dark Horse. My comics are safe for kids, but my Twitter for sure has cussing. Member of @HelioscopePDX. He/Him

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@AndreaDemonakos I didn't get one either!! Oh well, excited for all the new stuff that we'll get in April!Nintendo plz give us shrubbery to landscape with in Animal Crossing. Release the shrub update. The shrupdate.タケノコが生えました!春です!がんぼるぞい!! translation: Bamboo shoots have grown! It is spring!
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@roxypolk Haha, yeah not worth it unless you're moving a serious volume of packages. @roxypolk Ha same. We don't own a printer so if we have to ship anything, we gotta run by the studio 😅 @jcaffoe OMG that's so many!!! I still need one, but I don't think you can share fish 😭 @emily_erdos I can't wait to take a picture with it next to her when it arrives!I commissioned Emily to do an Animal Crossing portrait of Sallydog!!! 💖💖💖😍
Retweeted by Ron ChanI commissioned Emily to do an Animal Crossing portrait of Sallydog!!! 💖💖💖😍 @Shattered_Earth Cursed fountain!!!
@McKelvie @chris_roberson As far as weapons moving forward, I found upgrading Grip and Pierce to be the most useful… @chris_roberson @McKelvie Haha, I almost NEVER used the shield. It's probably useful, but it also never occurred to… @doomquasar hello I'm Somewhat Core 🤣 @chris_roberson Loooove Control, but was really surprised to find that they didn't include any difficulty options.… Boy, page 73 has been posted for subscribers on my Patreon! Float through infinite space! (safely tethered)… @lanibirdtweets It's so goooood. Space Brothers was my palette cleanser when I was trying to watch Attack on Titan, lol. @Trungles Omg yessss I'm so glad you also love this showSix favs? Six recs? I dunno, I'm gonna use the opportunity to list six underrated anime series IMO 🤣 Space Brother… @adampknave I'm wouldn't dare because I'm NICEJust occurred to me that I could make a coin tile to mark my money trees! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH @ohcararara Mine is the saaaaaame @TangoCharlie @BourassaArt True enough! I'm gonna delete the tweets. It's a silly thing to complain about. 😉 @ohcararara Yesss! I def wanna see your island! @ohcararara Me at 10am: Welp, I've hit my rocks and found my fossils. Guess I'm done for now. Me at 10:01am: OK b… @BourassaArt Yeah, I think you're right! I'm being too much of a curmudgeon haha @allysonwillsey Hehe maybe it's time to train a roomie to do mitt work with you instead! 🤣 @allysonwillsey Mine def rocked around a lot more than Pat's, but I also had it on carpet, so it that made it slide… @allysonwillsey I... probably wouldn't recommend it on a second floor 😬 @Jody_Houser Haha you're good!!If you have a Nintendo display name that makes it obvious who you are, thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart-shaped hole @allysonwillsey I used to have a similar one I bought off craig's list years ago! Sadly, it had to go when I moved, haha. @danomak Haha, I don't really see it happening, considering I'm also eating more CARBS @neomonki One time I legit pulled a muscle in my palm playing Ring Fit!! 🤣🤣 Ever since then, I've been really caref…
@neomonki I finished working out over an hour ago and all I wanna do is lie down still hahaSince quarantine, I've switched from one-hour workouts twice-a-week to half-hour workouts every other day and today… @steve_lieber Well that is fucking cursed @OhHeyDJ Sometimes I really hate Nintendo lol @danomak Gotta make em feel welcomeOh my god I just noticed my goat back thereHEY #AnimalCrossing #ACNH @andrealrosales It takes a little time, but it's pretty easy!'Tendo plz let me bulk craft fishing bait I'm suffering #ACNHI did... the thing $$$ :D #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
@OhColeman @laura_hudson The "fanny" difference always makes me laugh. @laura_hudson So they think the opposite? Do "plans" sound devious to them? @laura_hudson I had no idea about this difference!! @mechbunnies Thanks!!Sallydog would like to request belly rubs. @ValeriaFavoccia Thanks Valeria!! Very happy to be paired up with you again! @themikenorton Thanks! I did!Ayy! I did another Stranger Things cover! happy with my room rn!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH how a video game is fulfilling a desperate need for sense of control and semblance of structure really makes you thinkLANDSCAPE PLANS #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
@LazareGvimradze Ha! Heck yeah! @TerryBlas The game wouldn't give me any so I had to get them from a friend! @yoshisquared Y'all are so cute!!Ok I finally made a boy that looks like me! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH I offer you some free grass brushes for Clip Studio in this trying time
Retweeted by Ron Chan @Plustenstrength @misenkitchen Nice! I hope you like them!! The only thing about them that doesn't quite work for m…
@kharyrandolph Haha I felt the same way after Cat and I cut my hair! (I did the sides, she did the back.) Like, dan… @jontsuei Oooo dang that looks GOOD @jontsuei Dang, that sounds great! @jeremyholtbooks Your muscles look better than mine, but I think we occupy about the same space, haha! @wordweasel Now THAT does make sense! @jeremyholtbooks Oh interesting! I haven't tried on much women's clothing myself, but I'm not against the idea @Boilerplate1893 @misenkitchen High quality nonstick pans are fine as long as you never heat a bare pan and don't u… @jontsuei Haha nothing creative, mostly just whatever recipes I order from our Sun Basket subscription service.A lot of ppl are probably cooking at home more right now, and if your pans sucks, I gotta make a rec: @misenkitchen @amandawtwong @OhHeyDJ RIGHT? It showed up in my facebook ads and I was like DAMMIT YOU DID IT AGAIN YOU SNEAKY ALGORITHMI'm not gonna buy this because buying new clothes right now seems silly, but I just want everyone to know that I th… @SaraAlfageeh I've been waiting for a nice pair of glasses to be available since day one and the shops just keep ge… thanks auto correct 😆Recent sketch card commissions! Korea and Asami! @heyjenbartel Haha I'm gonna look for it next time I attempt shopping!! @heyjenbartel OMG I've never been bold enough to buy Biscoff spread but I've always wanted to. @TBonvillain This is how I feel when I think about the word "renew" too hard 😆 @TerryBlas I'm fierce!! 😆Made some custom tiles to enhance my campfire! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @oudkee Thanks again! @hmwsgx Oh my gosh Wrex looks so soft and round here 😍
@RandomMeasures Haha the workout isn't anime, just the workout playlist.TOO REAL guess this is who I am and there's no use hiding it @hmwsgx Aw, big bummer!! Sorry she didn't work out 🙁 Sally didn't like stairs at first, but took to them pretty fas… @Ryuu_Akiyama years old and I've finally gotten ok at folding a fitted sheet 😎 @hmwsgx @TrueUnderdog DOG! Omg it happened!! What a cutie!!Here comes a new challenger! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #StreetFighter
@passingfair @yoshisquared We had a German intern at the studio one summer and one of her friends back home asked h… Boyfriend Is A Bear, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Aposimz, and of course, Jon's wonderful adventure series, Sera… recent Naruto commission I did: Pain and the six paths of pain! @BenjaminDewey @DigDoug @steve_lieber @David_Hahn @dmeconis @jeffparker @DanSchkade @ThatJPHerron @ChrisSamnee @OhHeyDJ I played a little with Sean the other day and was pleasantly surprised to have very little lag even tho he's in NY now! @OhHeyDJ Oh I def looking forward to trying him! We still gotta play some time! @OhColeman @debbiedayglo @dmeconis @ElinorJoneser @BrittSabo @FredCStresing up is @Cattifer's dog, Sally.
Retweeted by Ron Chan @cegoudreau @Cattifer OMG SALLY!!! @claytonhenryart @Procreate Hey, @TerryBlas, weren't you looking for a nice Procreate inker?