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That Edouard finish was pure Larssonesque. Magnificent @KiNGGeexD Felt the exact same. It's not just his presence but he always dives to the correct side. Hes phenomenal @RyanMoickel If it wasnt for his saves it would've been a hammering.Seeing a lot of harsh comments from last night. 1st half was excellent & unlucky not to be a few up. 2nd half Cope…
What a night at Ibrox! Scotland have officially pulled ahead of Czechia into 14th place. 2 UCL spots for the 21-22…
Retweeted by RonnieI despise the bastards but that's a sensational comeback from the Huns considering they were rode rotten for 70 minutes. Jammy or not.We should pay the money and get Forster signed up permanently. Unreal goalkeeperHappy with that. Lost our way In the middle of the park 2nd half and got overrun but their keeper had a blinder and kept them in it.Excellent 1st half, got good control and pressing them very well. Creating superb chances. Can see us stepping up… Ya beauty
Celtic’s on the ball again
Retweeted by Ronnie @NCCeltic Quality man @cardiffbhoy Spot on! He should be called out on this!DJ, musician, producer and music pioneer Andrew Weatherall has died aged 56
Retweeted by RonnieRIP Andy Weatherall. Sickner. Primal Scream - Come Together - 7" Mix Andrew Weatherall @michaelmcguk Fucking hell, that's a sickner @amadoit__ Porto players and management should be fucking disgusted with themselves. The racist bastards in the st… reading how Aberdeen shouldve took something from the game but out with the goals, we had the 2 best clear cut…
@smiddy3x3 😂 I'm sat burst on the couch with serotonin seeping out my brain 😂 @NessyBhoy67 I've never tried there mate. Never got that far along. Maybe next time. @SeanJames67 Me and the misses. Pair of burst baws 😂 @andypingu67 Cheers mate. Salt & chill chicken balls instead for 10/10?Sunday night chinese banquet from Little Bhudda on Duke street. Chicken curry fried rice, crispy shredded beef thi… control and back heel from Edouard opens up the play. The run from McGregor opens space for Forrest to look at…'s the mark of champions that. Wasn't pretty and had to dig deep to find a winner. Should've been more in the… That's a brilliant finish from the big galloping stallion. @DazFurey I think so. They're terrified of him.That was a never a penalty on Main. If Jullien puts his hands or arm on Main then can see the argument but he doesn't. @WolfgangDikface That's s great shout mate. 4-2-3-1 try get better control here.Not a great 1at half. Allowing Aberdeen to play their game and getting drawn into daft fouls. Can't seem to get con… fucking in there! That Aberdeen defender is there to annihilated! @CelticFC @AberdeenFC Thought we might've went back to 4-2-3-1 with a view of Copenhagen game but difficult to just…
Waterlogged pitch 😂😂 What a riddy. That's league 1 stuff. Potential fixture pile up is gonna hammer them @gary_k86 @deeko1978 @chris_sutton73 @Record_Sport In the last 50 years the only decade the Huns in whatever form h…
@Pena_Cartel People actually saying that isn't a foul? Fucking delusional beyond comprehension. Biggest issue is Mo… @melbourne88 Aye it's not even contentious. BBC just pandering to the Huns paranoia.Still scratching my heid at Thompson & McFadden on Sportscene last night saying Morelos goal should've stood & wasn…
@Kieran_Celtic That's tremendous!McGregor's goal was a thing of beauty again. Just direct and rapid when we break forward and pure precision finis…’s stats in 2020: 8 games, 8 wins 27 goals, 3 conceded, 5 clean sheets.
Retweeted by RonnieAfter 26 games last season v this. (Scott Brown had just scored the winner at Rugby Park!) The Huns are 8 points…
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@smiddy3x3 😂😂 qualityPlenty of pain in here! Delicious! 2nd half was glorious. What a beautiful sight watching Jullien & Jozo towering home the headers!The biggest surprise of tonight is we score 5 and Edouard wasn't on scoresheet!Not copying to well with Hearts pressing and work rate. A bit to flimsy in possession anaw. Would consider a chan… @CelticFC Glad Lennons stuck with 3-5-2 and the same team who have been producing the goods. That Hearts defence i… Forster's group stage saves 🧤🔥 #UEL round of 32 hero?
Retweeted by Ronnie @LilZe85 Dynamite! @NCCeltic Thats a cracker
@yabhoy @CelticLisboaa They was Callum ts the shot up is majestic @CelticLisboaa My goal of the season so far. Every part is sublimeThe build up for this goal was outstanding and what a finish from McGregor. The touch, then bang 🤤
Retweeted by Ronnie @cmonthehoopscel Phenomenal goalRetweet this beauty 🖤💚✔️
Retweeted by RonnieJust sorted tickets for Rage Against The Machine in Berlin Lollapalooza Fucking yassssssss
It's only the 9th of Feburary and Celtic have now scored more goals this season (122) than the whole of last season…
Retweeted by RonnieThat'll do, complete control and played in the right manner. Plenty players game much needed game time. Professional.It's like we're playing with a mitre delta blow away. Cant grumble too much about that west half, only negative wa… @macaroni1888 Considering Artmedia Bratislava humiliation was only 6 months earlier, Strachan era seemed ominous. T… things I remember from the game were Roy Keane & Du Wei debuts with DW subbed at HT, the strong Celtic team th… Britain stole $45 trillion from India
Retweeted by RonnieIdentity, genius and the problem of Barcelona.
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Racism has been trivalised to tarnish reputation of a club & fan base to create a fictional narrative with widespre… @chris_sutton73 @Record_Sport Absolutely man. Give the guy £40k a week basic with £1m signing on fee & plenty add o…
Just seen Huns highlights and yet again they rely on 2 set pieces for their goals. So many times this season its b… @CelticFC @Oedouard22 That is majestic viewing @gtfyb @CelticTV Big time. Hes far more productive further forward both for assists and goals. Brendan brought best… @CelticTV That McGregor run to set up Griffiths. The build up from Christie & Forrest and then McGregors control &… got a good dilemma over coming weeks. 3-5-2 is working a treat whilst allowing Jozo Ntcham & Griffiths to… a @CelticFC striker, praise does not come much bigger than this ☘️
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We had some daft bombscare defending moments but our attacking play at times was sexual. Purring. A joy to watch.… must have broke the nutmeg record tonight
Retweeted by Ronnie😂😂😂 hes unbelievable We are watching something specialWow that's unreal Goal of the seasonHow fucking sloppy we gonna a be before we fuck this up?McGregor was been outstanding tonight and that epitomises how good hes beenFar to sloppy and fortunate to be 1-0 up. Needlessly giving the ball away and committing daft fouls. Expect a few… a machine! Yassss
Was reluctant for the club to respond to the Huns but that's a great statement calling out Sky. The whole situati…
@Hunskelper1967 Thats it. The manager and players are continuous bottle merchants, always crumble when it matters.… Huns title challenge is imploding, all this Morelos nonsense is PR to deflect the Huns away from this reality.…
Hearts looking fucking awful in these highlights. Defensively all over place gifting chances galore. How did they beat the Huns? 😂😂Sunday night feast. Chicken kerala and a south Indian garlic chilli chicken fae Red Tiffin on Duke street. Tremendo… battled well but all the credit to Lennon for those substitutions. Edouard is unplayable. What a pleasure to watch this guy.Fucking sexual Celtic Outstanding from EdouardFucking sexualYassss Relief. What a finishNot playing with the right speed & touch. Hamilton doing a good job pressing and stopping Griffiths & Edouard. No… Great strike. Let's push on and win this!
Watched last 25 minutes of Hun game and they look total devoid of flair, creativity and belief. Clueless. How More… @EddieHa35418086 Right on cue mate! @EddieHa35418086 Hopefully. Gerrard has them consistent, we've had a excellent points return for 1st half of the se… the players we've offloaded, the injury crisis we're dealing with, the change in formation to 3-5-2 and…
@cumbernauldcelt @CelticFCTickets Cheers mate @CelticFCTickets Surprised the criteria is so high. I'd have thought we'd get at least 5k tickets?
Scintillating 1st half. Sexual at times. 2nd half Jozo injury and change in shape knocked us off balance. Shows th… in que Jozo injured 😂😂Only fault you could say is we haven't scored 5 or 6. Tremendous performance and theres more to come.
Tremendous! Didnt expect them to drop any points today. Just shows that with no Tavernier or Morelos they will struggle.