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A few more from outside the seminary. through to Cardross earlier for the old abandoned ruins of St Peters Seminary. Fucking class.
Big Elhamed and Jullien are turning into 2 great signings. Very impressive again.Rennes players those last 15 minutes should be utterly embarrassed by themselves. Trying to get Hayes sent off fo… what's pleasing, to see the level of aggression, fight and determination back in this Celtic team. Something t… that was an excellent game. Superb performance and overall we were the better team. Very good point and start to the groupAbsolute disgrace thisBig Bayo 😂😂😂 Ref is fucking at itBrilliant Jonny HayesThis is a very good of football. Nicely poised for us to get a 2nd.Fucking yassss Well deserved. Great 2nd half so farStonewaller. Absolute joke form the refDaft defending from Ajer aside that's a pretty decent for half performance with good control and good half chances.… defending from Ajer. Outright stupid.Super Feyenoord they make you happy. Good team of their fans in George square
@JamTarts Great stuff. Getting to laugh at Levein & Hearts that bit more is pleasing.
@rockimpark_com Oaft fucking SOAD & Korn 😆
Derbysieg! Stadtmeister! Yes!!!! #fcsp #fcsphsv
Retweeted by Ronnie#hamburgistbraunweiss #fcsp #fcsphsv
Retweeted by RonnieSt.Pauli - HSV 16.09.2019. #stpauli
Retweeted by Ronnie2-0! Hamburg ist Braun-Weiss! ☠️👏🏼 #fcsphsv #stpauli
Retweeted by RonnieJust a pity its a Monday night as St Pauli district would've been absolutely rocking of Friday or Saturday. Still… yasss What a result what a performance. Put those Hun bastards in their place. Should've been 4 or 5. #hamburgistbraunweissHow many counter attacks are St Pauli gonna mess up here? That's about 4 brilliant chances in 10 minutes Allez allez allez St PauliAnother goal correctly chopped off for Hamburg. That'll do!Both St Pauli and Hamburg fans creating a pretty eye-catching show in their derby clash tonight. Just imagine the…
Retweeted by RonnieYasssss 😂😂 no idea how that went in but what a OG #hamburgistbraunweissYasssssss Fucking in thereCan only hope St Pauli make amends from the 4-0 massacre last season. It'll be tough but absolutely capable of get… Hamburg. Fucking do them St Pauli #hamburgistbraunweiss
This is the story of how the East India Company took control of 200 million people and one of the richest empires o…
Retweeted by Ronnie @KilmarnockFC That's an outstanding pass @davidmclaren3 @ScottishSun What a fucking odd ball and predictable response from you Huns. Also, you do know that… @SundayMailSport “But if we play those games like we have done recently, we’ll continue to progress and go far in t… @vonny_bravo Liberals, please fuck off
3-0. Going on 7-0. Running riot. HT and Slavia have hit the post & bar and missed 3 excellent chances. Running riot here. Clear to see Slavia are a very good team.1-0 Slavia Prague. Could be 3-0 by now. 21 minutes gone. Madden left Celtic and joined Prague in 1905 and managed them for 25 years. Plaque on the wall and have named… Slavia Prague v Slovacko game tonight. Slavia top of league with 6 wins & 2 draws from 8 games so far plus CL qu… over the cracks. They struggle to create and break teams down.Huns reliance upon set plays has saved them this season. Goldson 91 min Vs Killie from corner for 2-1 Barasic free… @TEnglishSport If the physio & doctor deemed Jullien fit to play on then I'm sure Lennon just worded his interpretation wrong.Its disgraceful that Hamilton's pitch is acceptable. Players trying to run 30 yards or more with the ball and it… to grind that out 2nd half, credit to Hamilton for making a game of it but I'll take that. Good 3 points on a s… @macaroni1888 Both complemented each other but 2 different types of player. McManus a left footed stopper & Caldwel… @macaroni1888 Here big McManus was a good player under Strachan. Severely limited, aye, but he put in some great pe… first half playing good stuff. Our pressing and winning the ball back has been excellent. Just a pity it's onl… That's a great goal. Brilliant link up from Edouard and perfect cross from Elouyounassi. We've started this superbly.Liking the look of that Celtic team, potentially the strongest lineup with exception of maybe Johnstone for Elouyo… @LilZe85 Some belters in there. Forgot about Adam Mathews in the tap bin.All of Celtics goals away to Hamilton since they returned to the top flight.
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@sting1ok Top man cheers mate @Hunskelper1967 Without doubt 1 of the best cities for the fans to be travelling over too. History, culture, stadiu… for the game the morra. This feels a long time ago. What a feeling. Anyone know where's best in Prague to… @Hunskelper1967 No mate but still considering Rome although looking a slim possibility. Seen you've booked up to g… @michaelmcguk Its infuriating seeing such a historical & stunning place getting wasted by these groups. We made a… through to Kutna Hora to see the Sedlec Ossuary - Church Of Bones. Church is decorated with up to 70,000 human… @michaelmcguk Get yourself over matey! Only negative is the sheer volume of tourists, tour guides/buses and stag/…'ll struggle to find a more stunning city in the world in Prague. What a city! @Jon_Hopkins_ Tickets sorted for Edinburgh big man. Buzzing for your new gig!
@AlisonGConroy A run 10k every 2nd day and I'm a fucking machine. Ryan Jack is clearly a pussy @DExpress_Sport Of all the horeshit we've seen and read since the 2-0 skelping last sunday this is up there. Delusional @georgedmundson4
@Richardgoldie3 @scotsunsport 😂😂😂 sorry hes 12th choice striker. Colombia's provisional squad for Copa America and… @scotsunsport 😂😂😂 11th choice striker who has looked pathetic in his limited outings. @Record_Sport @LiamBryce_ That's a cracking article. Hes almost at the point where hes just as pivotal as Forrest &… making of Ryan Christie from the people who know him best and how Celtic nearly missed out on star |…
Retweeted by RonnieThe Rathaus on Marienplatz in Munich is some fucking building. Size and level of detail on it is immense. Cracking…
Two goals tonight for Odsonne Edouard playing for France U21s. His first start tonight. Four in two matches for th…
Retweeted by RonnieCan someone do a video montage of Eddies goals against the Huns? @Oedouard22 @cdmurphy1980 You showing off how many goals you've battered in against @RangersFC mate? #Hunskelper
@ETimsNet The last week has been a fucking laugh seeing pathetic positive articles about the Huns. Record & Sun hav… @COYBIGCMONHOOPS Its fucking sexual🤣🤣🤣🤣 gets better every time 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by RonnieOdsonne Edouard against Rangers: 7 Games 5 Goals 2 Assists Alfredo Morelos against Celtic:
Retweeted by Ronnie @paulhutcheon 'Tory Trotskyism' get yerself tae fuck with that ya clownshoeKarl Marx... for shame Ronnie for shameRed Vienna was the years of 1918 to 1934, between fall of Austro-Hungarian empire & fascist rule. A tremendous soci…
Combined with Emperor Franz Josep and Archduke Franz Ferdinand also living in Vienna in 1913, you had 6 of most inf… summer of 1913 Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler & Tito all lived in Vienna and hung about in Cafe Central. Stalin went to… @chris_sutton73 @Record_Sport The comparisons.with both Sinclair and Johnstone are bang on. Interesting to see th…
@jmccal10 Top man @Br3nnyG Cheers mate but says both those links are blocked when I open them. It might be cause I'm in a different c… got a link for re-run of sundays game? I've watched the SPFL highlights twice every day since sunday and wo…
@CelticLisboaa Also do a clip of kick off. Edouard just hammering the ball right up to corner flag. @mrjamesholden @bordercommunity @atlaselectr0nic @boilerroomtv @bordercommunity @mrjamesholden @atlaselectr0nic @boilerroomtv This is excellent. James looking a bit like Rasputin… @ANDYGAL19 @manyofhorror57 Cantered it anaw. And to think he done it with a patched up back 4, 3 of which made th… @CelticLisboaa Ntcham ripping Jack a new one with his footwork. Might be about 80 minute mark. @NessyBhoy67 @P__67 @GerryGreener31 😂😂 outstanding @rfcjjm2 @tedermeatballs Never been better ma man. Skelping Huns and seeing Neil Lennon celebrate GIRFUY is always good. @tedermeatballs When the Huns have been called out 2 twice in space of 4 weeks for being racist and sectarian this… @tedermeatballs For years we've listened to Huns revelling in & glorifying peadophilia at Ibrox. Jock Steins name c…
@stevenm030 😂😂 I dont envy you at all doing all that. Think of the flexi time you'll make tho 😆 @stevenm030 That's a nightmare mate. That train back from inverness only gives you a 12 minute connection at Perth.… @cfcdaly Cheers mate. Agree cracking place, small & easy enough to get about and see the sights. @cfcdaly Bratislava mate. KGB pub. Fucking classCoupla £1.50 pints way Lenin & Stalin. @Hoidy I loved Ntcham skinning utter fuck outta Jack with some tremendous footwork. Tore him a new one.
This is a great tactical insight into Lennons approach on Sunday. Outwitted and outthought Gerrard & Huns big time.