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Thanks for having me on this! Loved talking about the original Nintendo Gameboy year’s Directors’ Choice Award goes to Aaron Chen! #MICF
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@kaitalm Yes!!!!!! @kaitalm Worst twilight zone episode ever.
@karencheee Mona Lisa - The original viral meme. Everyone started smiling in portraits after her.The Sea Goddess likes his stance on the environment and maxmizing profit in high tech manufacturing.'m performing stand up comedy in Austin TX April 26-27 @moontowercomedy , San Francisco CA May 2-4…
Honored to be included in the 2019 #TIME100 — my brother @trevornoah gave me that co-sign!
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @hasanminhaj is so funny.
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@roywoodjr Ask if you can do a GoFundMe in his name for debts.“Government shutdown? There’s no government shutdown with Asian people in charge. We don’t shut down for anything.…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengThis isn't China, it's Chinatown. Warrior premieres this Friday at 10pm on @Cinemax. #WarriorMAX
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @CallMeTasteless @Doritos @TastyBite @tasty @ihatejoelkim I'll sign you.
@MattNegrin I just started playing this.This is great
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI’m tellin y’all If @DwyaneWade had these knees he would’ve played 4 more years and retired with 5 rings
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@philipwang I’ve been a fan of yours and @wongfupro since University. You’re the OG!Pure 🔥
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI think given the choice Asian parents would straight up actually go to jail for their kids get into Harvard.Excited for our Town Hall tonight at 7 pm on @CNN with @AnaCabrera! Get your friends to tune in! 👍🇺🇸
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @gregmlarsen It's probably great.Hilarious man
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @ronnychieng 2020. “Make It Work” x10
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengThe best set I've seen in a long time is @ronnychieng's on @jimmyfallon . Congrats, brother. Thanks for inspiring.…
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Always love watching @ronnychieng do his thing but on The Tonight Show?!!! It brings me to tears.#SoProud
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng.@ronnychieng on @jimmyfallon 👍🇺🇸
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengHere's my stand up set from the Tonight Show with @jimmyfallon yesterday! @FallonTonight’m performing in Austin @MoontowerComedy April 26-27, San Francisco @CobbsComedyClub May 2-4 and Australia & NZ Ju… stops by to perform stand-up #FallonTonight
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @declanf @michaelkoziol “The asian century”I have 8 shows left. People like my show. I don't know how to market a show. It's good. Come to my show. Tonight. 9…
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @bryanyang @nicepantsdude woman just came up to me and said “Are you Andrew Yang?” Then before I could say anything she said “No, no you’re…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI’m doing some stand up comedy on The Tonight Show with @jimmyfallon tonight on @nbc ! @fallontonight 👔@Bonobos 📷An…
TONIGHT: Ethan Hawke, @DwyaneWade, @katedelcastillo, and stand-up from @ronnychieng! Plus, new Thank You Notes!
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengJust bought tix to see @ronnychieng at Cobb’s Comedy Club in May. Woot! 😃
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Popstar is the most underrated movie of the decade
Retweeted by Ronny Chiengunused adobe suite subscription is 2019 unused gym membership
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @karencheee Please welcome to the stage “I Went To Harvard”!! @angryasianman Ahahaha @wongrel It’s all about sharing the controller.Combine this with the robot with dog legs. @RemyHii @ABCTV.@Oprah stayed after her interview for a #BetweenTheScenes, or as she calls it, “that behind-the-scenes thing you d…
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@roywoodjr You eat subway sandwiches. @AkilahObviously Get this fish @bryanyang @donttellcomedy save a life pleaseGo see Yannis Pappis tape his new special!
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @danielradosh Can't keep up with your millennial lingo man. @aparnapkin The podcast lobbyFlorida man struck by hit-and-run driver, Good Samaritan tries to help but man pulls knife, so Good Samaritan shoot…
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @danielradosh What is a memory holePerhaps my proudest film moment. cc: @jormataccone @thelonelyisland @ericandre @chelseaperetti
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengCan’t wait for the Snapchat black hole filter to drop. - the most unwieldy weapon of all time. AI, someone made a very haunted video of Jordan Peterson rapping "Lose Yourself."
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengGo see this show
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengPROBLEM SOLVED. for the World Premiere @EmptybyDesign are now available! Get your tickets now - see you there!…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengWarner Bros. Goes After Trump For Using ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Score In Tweet
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengHow about they give us a Trillion of these coins and we call it even?
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @realDonaldTrump The mainstream media is so focused on regurgitating whatever people say on social media without in…
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng#Singapore ad agency creative Stuart Mills in alleged altercation with security guard — alleged? It’s on video Sma…
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So true. The reason this happens, of course, is laziness and/or lack of resources (to travel, to conduct polling).…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengDonald Trump tells the story of how Ulysses S. Grant triumphed over Robert E. Lee in the Civil War with a little he…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengHonored to be nominated with the incredible staff at @patriotact for a Peabody Award this year. Congratulations to…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengWilling to bet "Nguyen" is a waaaaaay more common American name than "Schoesler" or "Fortunato."
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng“Sorry I kept a slave.”
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI will be there when my kid gives birth not bc I care but bc I need to lock down the title of Grandma before the ot…
Retweeted by Ronny Chiengget your cousins @hulu password
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengHey friends, there's still a few tix left for my album recording shows on Sunday 4/14! Featuring special guests…
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I hope this snake runs for President. craziest battle you never heard of took place in 1897 near the Khyber Pass between India and Afghanistan. 21 S…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI've been trying to write this for a while.
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengI hope this python runs for President. getting that last joke in before the light. for letting me visit your gym @krongracie @KronGracieJJ
Of the many uses for AI, I’m particularly excited about how it can help improve the lives of the world’s poorest.
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengPitch deck: it’s like AirBnB for desperate vapid shallowness.
So frkn excited to announce you can officially pre-order my debut novel, Being Black n Chicken n Chips, right here…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengA special thank you to @pkcomedyshow for 14 years of making us laugh and for helping us shine a light on so many am…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengGreat night at @largolosangeles last night with @chelseavperetti @bcgoldthwait @ronnychieng @peteholmes John C Rile…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengSaved By The Bell: The Noah Class
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng7pm Main Room Superstar Comedy with @joerogan @JenKirkman @ronnychieng @MichaelRapaport +more! #thecomedystore
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @ms_michellelaw Ahaha hahaThe overuse of antibiotics to combat bacteria and fungi are creating a new breed of “superbugs,” giving rise to one…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengHe pushed back at Instagram influencers looking for a free stay. Now this Filipino beach club owner is a local hero.
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengThe sky is the limit for the very funny @ronnychieng #hwlaughfactory #comedian #standupcomedy #hahaha
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengFantastic show from @DamienPower01 whip smart and damn funny. Do yourself a favour.
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengFirst player in #NBA history to average a triple-double in three straight seasons. 🙌 @russwest44 🙌 #ThunderUp
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengBMW, Daimler and Volkswagen colluded for years to restrict the development of clean-emissions technology, the Europ…
Retweeted by Ronny Chieng @HarryShumJr This is the meanest I’ve ever seen you.Someone has to start fighting back. #WarriorMAX premieres Friday, April 5 at 10PM.
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengLong Shot is coming May 3rd and it’s a goddam delight. Please enjoy!
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First heel President. United States has revoked the visa of the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor because of her attemp…
Retweeted by Ronny ChiengVideo of me trying out my new Michael Jackson joke for the first time on stage.