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Holding Fallon Smart’s killer responsible is a matter of basic justice and accountability. We won't stop fighting u…
Pardoning the killers of Jamal Khashoggi gets us no closer to justice or truth. America can't accept the Saudi Roya… disaster is a wake up call, but it didn’t have to be. Too many seniors and their families have suffered as a r… report shows that warning signs were ignored, putting seniors' lives at risk. For years, federal data found th… months, Americans have witnessed nursing homes nationwide get hit with a wrecking ball by #COVID19. This week,… and McConnell are politicizing financial assistance in the middle of a global pandemic and jeopardizing acces… McCarthy thinks that empowering states to use #VoteByMail — like Oregon did this week — is “federalizing” ele… is either incompetence or a malicious attempt by the Trump administration to fudge the testing numbers. Both a… years ago today, gun violence devastated Thurston HS and the Springfield community of Oregon. Let's hono…
Earlier today I went to the Senate floor to sound the alarm on this nomination: Senate just confirmed John Ratcliffe to be the next Director of National Intelligence. Ratcliffe has proven tha… to the Trump administration, it's open season on Americans' privacy and civil liberties. I'm demanding answe… 40 million Americans have lost their jobs. No amount of suffering appears to be too great, no jobless number…
Seems like a good time to remind everyone that Donald Trump votes by mail.The White House is pretending this crisis is over. The only place this crisis has disappeared is from Mitch McConne…, “if only” there were a good example of how #VoteByMail has proven for the past 25 years to be a great way of c… Trump is exploiting a pandemic to suppress Americans' votes in November.
Annie Glenn lived life with a tireless commitment to helping Americans with disabilities and communication disorder… Oregon, you otter vote today!
Retweeted by Ron WydenToday's the day Oregon! Make sure your vote is counted. Locate your nearest dropbox and turn your ballot in by 8 pm… today's Banking Committee hearing with Steve Mnuchin makes it clear: Americans need greater transparency f… is the Senate’s third week back in DC. Instead of helping the 36 million Americans who have lost their jobs or…
My #VoteByMail mask arrived just in time for Oregon's primary. Oregonians: make sure your ballots are turned in by… bipartisan amendment to deny Bill Barr warrantless access to Americans' web browsing history failed in the Senat… is growing, bipartisan support for expanding the program @SenatorCardin and I created to help small businesse… are 169 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell is still refusing to expand #VoteByMail through Nov… timeless takeaway from #40YearsAgo when #MountStHelens erupted is to always take heed from the scientists, foll…
No state legislator was more popular with the Gray Panthers than Mitch Greenlick. For decades he has been the go-to… Senate Republicans failed to hold Donald Trump accountable in February, I said that I feared it would lead to…
The Trump administration has yet to deliver on any of its pledges to provide frequent testing, protective equipment… nation’s nursing homes have been hit with a wrecking ball by #covid19. Unprecedented challenges should’ve been… more than ever, vulnerable families need support to get food on the table. This is a shameful and cruel move by… that moved overseas to avoid U.S. taxes don’t deserve a bailout at the expense of taxpayers. This move is…
Read more from @thebulletin ed board about my 21st Century Conservation Corps for Our Health & Jobs Act, which comm… amendment to secure browser history from warrantless spying would have passed with a full Senate present. The Ho… how much more do workers have to suffer until you get your administration working around the clo… thank you,@RonWyden, for leading the charge and securing 59 votes in favor of eliminating warrantless surveilla…
Retweeted by Ron WydenToday the Senate votes on reauthorization of FISA. I've been fighting to include ironclad protections for Americans… is big: yesterday the Senate passed @SenatorLeahy’s amendment to enhance independent oversight of secretive FI… few days ago Mitch McConnell said point blank that he hasn’t “felt the urgency of acting immediately” on the next…
Fifty-nine members of the Senate just voted in favor of my amendment to block warrantless government surveillance o… have an amendment that would require the government to get a warrant first before accessing someone’s browser his… McConnell is forcing a Senate vote on his amendment to give Bill Barr warrantless access to Americans’ browsi… to work with @SenDuckworth on her common-sense & bipartisan bill to help new parents get #COVID19 stimulus ch… Barr’s top priority as Trump’s AG is consolidation of power by unmasking anyone who makes his client look bad.…
.@HouseDemocrats' latest #COVID19 relief package includes a critical provision to give every American the option to… officials know it's safe and easy to #VoteByMail because they do it themselves. They just don't want YOU to k… McConnell is forcing a Senate vote on an amendment that would give William Barr free rein to look through the…
Crises like #COVID19 highlight the urgent need for Oregon to have a strategic food reserve for emergencies. Here’s… tale in two parts: health and creating jobs during #COVID19 is urgent business in rural communities in Oregon and nationwid… corporate tax cuts are on the line, the Trump administration moves mountains. Unfortunately, the same can't be s… experts are sounding the alarm: internet voting will leave our elections vulnerable. Companies sellin… are 176 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell is still refusing to expand #VoteByMail through Nov…
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Over 33 MILLION Americans are jobless and the White House's “plan” is: give up. Americans are at a greater risk than ever of having to go without basic necessities. My new plan will pr… unemployment numbers pack a hellaciously powerful one-two economic punch: gigantic in size and taking place a…
There’s no doubt left: William Barr won’t stop undermining the rule of law to punish Trump’s rivals and shield his friends from justice.If Barr’s Justice Department will drop charges against someone who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and who… William Barr has destroyed the credibility of the Justice Department to help someone who was working on behalf o… week we’re raising awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. It’s long past time to reduce the st… of postal workers are putting their lives on the line every day to help Americans stay safe during this c… years I’ve been pressing for ironclad protections to safeguard whistleblowers from retaliation. Let me be clear… play a critical role in our democracy. Their courage allows us to hold government officials accounta… Trump has been waging a war on whistleblowers. Yesterday, the Senate voted to give a promotion to a Trump no… Trump's efforts to act like this crisis isn't happening, the numbers tell a very different story: this cris…
For too long Congress has ignored the growing problem of online child abuse. I introduced comprehensive legislation… hours ago I was on the Senate floor sounding the alarm on this nomination. I will continue pressing the Trump… has declared open season on whistleblowers. His nominee to head the Counterintelligence Center was just confi… that we're in the middle of a global pandemic and the Trump administration is still suing to repeal the AC… businesses like @1188BrewingCo in John Day are the backbone of the rural Oregon economy. Here in the…'ll be joining @FSFP tonight at 8:00 PM EST to discuss the urgent need to secure America's elections. Free and fai… by mail. That's it, that’s the tweet.
Never thought I'd see the day when Republicans would use a global pandemic as an excuse to cut taxes for the mega-r… pushes Ratcliffe on sending complaints to Congress, when he just says he would follow the law. "You want to…
Retweeted by Ron WydenDonald Trump has sent Congress yet another unqualified nominee who values protecting Trump over defending Americans… but certainly not least, I asked Ratcliffe if he would comply with the law that I wrote that requires the decl… I pressed Ratcliffe on the dangers of internet voting and why he supports it. He told me election security is… to Donald Trump, it's open season on whistleblowers. I asked Ratcliffe how he would handle whistleblower com… pressed Ratcliffe on whether the President can go around the FISA statute to conduct warrantless wiretapping, as… Ratcliffe, Donald Trump's nominee to serve as Director of National Intelligence came to the Senate Intelligenc…
Relying on online voting is like placing our ballot boxes on the streets of Moscow. #VoteByMail is the safest way t… businesses across the country have been hit with an economic wrecking ball. It's clear more needs to be done… challenges must be met with bold solutions. Supercharged unemployment insurance is a lifeline for mil… are 183 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell is still refusing to expand #VoteByMail through Nov…
Voting by mail in Oregon is “wheel easy.” See for yourself:
As ballots start arriving in homes this week you may notice something different. Return postage is now prepaid whi…
Retweeted by Ron WydenAs usual, big corporations are getting richer and minority-owned small businesses are getting left behind. Congress… MILLION Americans have lost their jobs in a little over a month and Republicans are still debating the merit… should have a strategic food reserve on hand for crises like this pandemic, or potential disasters like an e…
Senator @RonWyden is right: Vote by mail works, and we need to expand it during this pandemic. Congress must act t…
Retweeted by Ron WydenOregon has been using #VoteByMail for decades. It's safe, easy, and effective. Voting by mail is the solution to sa… 30 million Americans have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Meanwhile Republicans in Congress and…
Even corporate America agrees that #COVID19 relief funds should have gone to workers and businesses in need. That's… head of the national coronavirus task force doesn't know how masks work. reopening before it’s safe, states are forcing workers to choose between their money and their life. The cruelty… businesses in Oregon and nationwide have been hit with an economic wrecking ball. Congress must do more to he…
If you’re an Oregonian and you recently lost your job as a result of this ongoing crisis, you can apply for superch… that the self-employed, gig workers and others who I worked to include in the supercharged unemployment insura…