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@dramadelinquent Cutlery Etiquette? is an escalation to accelerate the intended goal of privatizing eskom. No early notice or warning anymore. It… many women and girls have to be raped and murdered before state of emergency on such savage is declared in SA.… the saying "there is money for everyone" might be true, however there are gatekeepers with the sole intention… conclusion I reached after reading numerous books of the so called self help successful people is: they made th…'s about going through the motions to counter criticism of not following processes that might ensue.
City of Joburg is literally out of the blue @helenzille, City of Tshwane pending, coincidentally weather service re… morning good fellow people of this proud land of Africa. When you’re not strong, lean on each other
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @theboyRatty @bouga2 "Church is tripping" "Crowd is hoping" "My man Christ is leading" "I'm Pope de Francis, here to serve my mission" @fanamokoena Spot on. And as men/boys we've been left unattended/unchecked for ages because our physical compositio… is savage and jealousy brewed and aged together. Which part could be that valuable to dismantle a "decent" car… an arrogant party, I wish this outcome humble and ground you. As for people of Johannesburg, I hope they learn… @Melusi_MD It must be one of those self doubting weaklings who sometimes alternate that with "at least I am not in…
@mj_ncube @Abramjee "No more low-hanging fruit construed as time to take from the other" Line from "Failed State" poem I wrote. @AndiMakinana @CoruscaKhaya Parenting is so overrated and ridiculous sometimes. Parents don't want teachers to educ… @ithemba02926319 @roast_and @Abramjee @Tsietsi_Mohale Read the person tweet comprehensively before spewing nonsense.’m looking for someone that would like to give me old clothes and shoes they no longer wear. Been struggling to ge…
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @ferialhaffajee @Fin24 How come it's not "breaking news" like you usually do with EFF leaders? surprises there. Prepaid president confused leadership is like a bat, he is a bird and mouse/rat when it suits h…
@Maphanga_Walter Kikilikiki or is it because he does 2 seconds noddles uma eqa iziko? @KamvelihleGoba Goba is that you? I've been told you are masquerading as an EFF member. Anyway: INFLUENCE does not… @FutbolBible @seremrays Pure greatness at Barcelona FC should be a disclaimer. Messi has become a brand, and like a… @TruthIntake @NMadzenga If you had listened to a video clip towards the end before he stood up, you would not be as… that commitment and dedication,Doctor, I am convinced you would not let a patient die unnecessarily because of…
@NMadzenga In moments like this I hate English language as a medium of communication in a workplace. A brother coul… @Mabitsela_Ali Oh I see what you mean there. BLF would be like old analogue camera negatives as they are articulati… @Mashome_10 Up until a child who want to know his or her father exposes them on uTatakho show then you realize that… @Likhusele12 @mpinarammy Did you ever consider the possibility that Mary was probably raped or had an affair. Asking for an Atheist friend.
@FairPlayZA The problem is with bilateral agreements SA signs in a position of desperation for foreign direct inves… @Sincita_Buchule Political space is contested through "crushing" the opponents. Zuma might be a victim/casualty now… seems to be a rise of exceptional circumstances phenomenon where Zuma is involved. When others do the same th… @_AfricanSoil Comprehend the phrase...could have made BLF unattractive for white people to join(like FF+)instead...…'re entitled to your opinion.A smart guy could have made BLF unattractive for white people to join(like FF+) ins… This praise singer has no sense of occasion. Maybe she got carried away because of dignitaries present and gr… @giraffemob Kanti naye akaziboni.
And we are inundated about corruption and mismanagement of money however we're yet to hear that service providers a… @sindane3 @HonourableHloni No worries, built in hard head, I mean hard hat. he going to start his party now that his factional youth league has been disbanded? Asking for RET band wagon.…
@Uncuthumazangwa good sex, oh okay. I went back because of utswayi, @Thola_md Ufuna ukukuthasha ngane yami, akukhiphe idimoni. @City_Press @msindisifengu This has to be the most patronising gesture. I wonder how would he appreciate this award… @HonourableHloni Precisely. It's foolish of Cosatu to expect the so called strategic equity partner to "throw in" m…
@AdvBarryRoux I am God and so is everyone . "He made man in his image" @MahlodiJR Nazo! Kusho ukuthi kumele uthengise imbamba mntanami. God and your ancestors have unanimously agreed tha… dare say Cyril is a phantom billionaire @JacksonMthembu_ @Sophie_Mokoena One hand pledge to reduce CO2 emissions while the other pat ones shoulder for a jo…
@ali_naka Doublespeak on steroids. Prepaid president when with "investors" speak about strategic partnership and wh…
Wow 8000! I hope a doctor who made such observation received an award for meticulous work. I'm interested on the in… @HonourableHloni ANC is more likely to tell Panyaza to tone down his stance and be accommodating. @EricanSA Ayeye kuzoba lit.Distortion is a chargeable offense? Anyway Sheila's body language saying, So what, it's my vagina and we are consen… @MullerHelgard According to your msunery analysis and insinuations there's only black police is SA. Who said police…
@ZolaAmanda Lisenkomeni you say @thami_tzz let's RETWEET and FOLLOW all who replies with #FreeKanyaCekeshe .
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @FloydMayweather @pmcafrica Okay. Don't give us a staged fight like Rocky moviesThere's something psychologically traumatic about 57% ANC "archived"in past elections. From Mbeki to Zuma presidenc… must know that when men agrees(with minor resistance) to appoint them to leadership positions, the bigger pic… can one forget the trendsetter of s-curls among men back in the day. 16V measures to EFF presser on Thursday,how predictable. Journalists and editors have become marketing tools fo…
@KI_Ratshi @MbalulaFikile @AdvBarryRoux I was about to write that @EricanSA I heard someone said, "trying is to fail with honour" Just be yourself. @KhumaloNel That's progress from years of narrating the ordeal in the victim perspective. One on one lets go For Awareness
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @floletoaba1 @Chabbs10 With that said we must understand the position @TimModise @justicemalala etc in various medi…
There's no ANC. I mean in the sense of being a governing party. Prepaid president and Jamnandas being "breadwinners… @AdvBarryRoux @ChoppiesBW Abathanda ukucab'mathambo. Nazo! you have been catered for. @WaazaniaR @LandNoli @Julius_S_Malema @EFFSouthAfrica Why would Malema want to kill either man if he could defeat t… would respect her more than being embarrassed. Amagwinya are popular where I work. Somebody has got to do it. No… @LeighMathys @MYANC One thing Zuma taught this chaps is to play victim. They collect up dirt on each other to use a…
@YandyDlamini Cheating partnerWhere is the hospitality seeking African Union and/or SADC lame ducks. Africans would bemoan US big brother bullyin… @eNCA It should be expected. Responsible fathers don't leverage their children for selfish ends. think Prepaid president uselessness is rubbing off to you or is it other way round? morning we paid Pastor Neyi Zimu a visit at Baragwanath Hospital and we are impressed with the progress our br…
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @Dineo_Metja No read between the lines nonsense or Ass-U-Me @tshidi_lee Condescending attitude. @toolzbabe So you must trust your partner won't become pregnant. You must be a pseudo Doctor
@pinkykhoabane Rumour has it Andre de Ruyter is on the sealed CR17 campaign donors list. It's "Fakimali uzobona" kind of arrangement.If one looks at unions former and present leaders in SA, you would realize that they only mobilizes workers to trai… @inyaniyodwa @LandNoli @Julius_S_Malema @KhandaniM @somadodafikeni You're not helping me with blame game or finger… @LandNoli Why is transformation in this country is perceived as cadre deployment? Are were saying all black profess… @muli_malong @WaazaniaR @LandNoli @osipuka @KhuselaS @thabisonx @GosSgafc @Kgomo389 @mrlungisa @StephenGrootes That…
If you drive Polo Tsi and Gti, please be aware....
Retweeted by Rony S Shabalala @Amand_Radebe @pmcafrica Simple. The aim is create curiosity among lesbians with hope they give "some" to those men… @KhandaniM
Pessimist: Glass is half empty. Optimist: Glass is half full. Realist: Glass is a bit of both empty and full. Wh… @SpheWaseMbo Awuboni ke nazo ladies make bricks that are made from recycled plastic, the young ladies employed 15 young other people and c…
Retweeted by Rony S ShabalalaPlease keep our special boy in your prayers. We rushed him to hospital for very high fever. He is not doing so well.
Retweeted by Rony S ShabalalaI wish all those who believe could apply their God given minds instead of trusting this or that version of things a… @siba_nombewu Busy admiring themselves in the mirror @_AfricanSoil @LandNoli @Magashule_Ace @MYANC That would be odd if confirmed because NDZ also campaigned and contes… @mzwandileMasina @CyrilRamaphosa Ubukeka engathi wawuminyile ukuba angakubuzi ukuthi When are you tendering your re… @ZweSibiya @ali_naka So you had to pick on AKA in making your point. bias judge(s) with preconceived outcome would save Prepaid president from this mess. @AdvBarryRoux For a second I thought he would take the money back after he picked up dust. can't be choosers is lost to this Refugees. When they left/fled their country of origin, they made plans/me… is a contributing factor to the high number of depressed people in SA; helpless, incompetent and indecisive St…