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When you’ve drawn 2-2 with Trabzonspor at 10 but have to defend the Elvish kingdom against the Orcs at 12 @BazzaLFC85 Not really“Ssssshhhhh” v Trabzonspor. There is atmosphere. @gracybfc Gawthorpe House itself is really nice. I’d heartily recommend it for a dog walk. @IdleandWild I had to watch a 17-minute video of you having a look around Barnfield for that, so I'm glad you like it.This is a piece about Bournemouth and Burnley, but really it is a piece about what smaller clubs should do with the… week's column, on understanding the anger and defiance of Manchester City's fans, which has been met with...we… @kippaxcorner @SPricey32 And there won’t be a mea culpa if they win at CAS. There will be the same reflection of re… @kippaxcorner @SPricey32 That’s quite telling. It’s not my job to “reflect both sides of an argument.” It’s my job… @SPricey32 Yes, me too, but it’s interesting that some are still prepared to see it all as (I guess) some sort of a… @kippaxcorner @SPricey32 Yes. Have you considered that they might be guilty? @kippax77 @ajagbeadewole I think this is a fairly obvious point, and that you’re deliberately missing it. Mike Ashl… @kippax77 As for the rest of it: I don’t quite get what you mean about a false equivalence between sportswashing or… @kippax77 I saw this one, but didn’t reply initially because of that last line: I find the idea that fans have a pa… @kippax77 @John_Bluestone So no, to be honest, I don’t think they’re in it for the profits, which is probably why i… @kippax77 @John_Bluestone The problem may be in that case that I’m three hours ahead of you. In terms of profit: th…
@John_Bluestone That....that isn't what the piece says @SPricey32 Hmm. It's interesting, isn't it? This is not a direct parallel - the cases are not the same in severity… @brandtgassman ..the owners aren't in it even for traditional business reasons. Is there a point at which City/PSG… @brandtgassman least a common interest between fans and your more frequent capitalist owners: the better the t… @brandtgassman I'd probably dispute "political" on that - I don't think Andrea Radrizzani wants to be Italian prime… @ajagbeadewole There is a difference between being owned by a national of one country and being owned by a state investment vehicle. @Connaughton195 It was a Liverpool-supporting mate of mine who gave me the idea for the piece. It's not a view I'd… @BurfMCFC @PrestwichBlue @mellotrono Is there a point at which you will say "actually, do you know what, they've got us on that one?" @BurfMCFC @PrestwichBlue @mellotrono But I'd like to ask you, too: you're right that the media should be aware that… @BurfMCFC @PrestwichBlue @mellotrono That's fair. I'd say I've couched everything over the last week as being conti… @Mattm_Williams Thanks Matt, that's really kind. Hope you're well! @mellotrono @PrestwichBlue That's a good question, actually. I think there was probably a sweet spot where they wer… @Hillary41006279 @ajmeb53 Please inform @nytimes of this in writing. @ajmeb53 It shouldn't be: you get five free pieces a month, don't you? In which case you must have read more than f… @Connaughton195 You should get five free pieces a month. So if you can't see it, it means you've read more than fiv… @mellotrono I am going to watch with great interest how many people assume that this is directed solely at them.(And just because I sort of thought in for a penny, in for a pound, there's also bits in there about how Emre Can i… wrote about Manchester City: not the business, or the team, but the club, and why the people who will defend that… @conorvgalvin Thank you. That's what it is, though, isn't it? Otherwise you're just cheering on a load of people yo…
@deyi_Mcebisi @tariqpanja They cut a deal with PSG, which is by far the best parallel for City in terms of how they treat big/small clubs. @theevilweasel1 That may be something that would appeal to you, and that’s fine. But to me that would suggest that… @theevilweasel1 If Uefa crumbled now, football would be rebuilt by the elite (or would fragment and the elite be hi… @theevilweasel1 You rebuild Uefa because...Uefa is corrupt? Not sure the EU has jurisdiction. And… @theevilweasel1 Rebuilt by who? @theevilweasel1 Uefa is flawed. Deeply. It is not an easy or obvious good guy. But at least it’s in some way indepe… @theevilweasel1 That’s all fine until you ask what we’d replace it with, and what the motivations behind that would… olive branch to Uefa, though, is interesting because it suggests that there is a realisation that a stance of “… sets the bar: City themselves are defining their task as establishing their innocence of the charges, rather t… that City still feel Uefa’s case is built exclusively from the Football Leaks emails, which is definitely… was always a slightly odd line of attack: who else were they expecting to look at it? The people off the Voice?Ferran Soriano’s statement interesting in a lot of ways, but what leaps out is him stressing that City aren’t at wa… @setpiecemenu @hughferris @stevenwyeth I don’t think Didsbury has room for more people from the south. @SebSB @CalvinBook @btsportfootball You see I’m slightly torn on Leipzig. And at times I’m not sure objecting to an… @SebSB @CalvinBook @btsportfootball You shouldn’t need to. It’s excellent. It’s interesting, too, that the more uni… @Gonk83 Otherwise people will start to think it’s really easy and it will lose its allure (I am not seriously saying he should be stopped)The Champions League is supposed to be harder than this. It’s meant to be the highest level of the game. You’re not… a running start, presumably, but also: on grass? In boots? In the middle of a game? That seems a big claim.
Erling Haaland is unrealistic LNER trident’s current attack born in Leeds, Sunderland and London
Retweeted by Rory SmithDortmund and PSG have saved up all of their crazy for the last 20. A ridiculous goal from Erling Haaland puts Dortmund 2-1 up. @MarkOgden_ All three are equally the best player in the world @MarkOgden_ And literally as I reply to you... @MarkOgden_ He has been the best player in the world even while being actually moderately quiet for most of the game*twists cap off can of worms, considers action, keeps twisting* You know who else is playing well? Emre Can.Jadon Sancho probably the most dangerous attacking player on the pitch in the first half-hour. Which, considering t… League x Crystal Maze @Stuart2Caven 1-0 Atletico, if I had to. But could equally see a very tight draw in both legs. @JanWolf521 Yes. I think this is a game that suits them. @s_l_christopher NoChampions of Europe, champions of the world, unbeaten in the PL. And yet I think Liverpool are just what Atletico M… @MiguelDelaney @JoshRobinson23 @JackPittBrooke @MiguelDelaney I have borrowed my thighs from Adama Traore
Atletico Madrid aren’t what they once were. There’s an air of the end of an era about Diego Simeone. But Liverpool… @CodoBod @UpTheArse3 It’s exactly what suits Atletico: a chance to be a proper underdog. My genuine instinct is its… @Thewexicanawake Atletico has an Israeli billionaire backer, has done deals with Azerbaijan, and plays in a stadium… @UpTheArse3 Yep. You can’t sell the underdog narrative at Atletico in 95% of games now. It’s why I think Liverpool… Atletico Madrid struggling because Diego Simeone has changed, or are they struggling because they’re different,… the first time in the modern era, there are no Russian teams left in Europe in spring. Some of that is bad luck…
@Allyacaneat Think you’ll find Uefa have explained why City have been punished: breaching FFP, misleading informati… @NipHolmes That’s kind of a separate thing, and while it’s not ideal, it has kind of always happened. @GothamGoonPanda @PoznanInMyPants I can assure you I don’t have any cronies.Speaking of which - on a tangent - here is a column on why there will be no Russian teams in the Champions League a… has been used particularly punitively against teams in places like Russia and Turkey, which kind of gives the li… for the suggestion that City wouldn’t have been the only ones to have tried to find ways around FFP, possibly no…’s a few examples: Gladbach and Getafe and Lazio this season, but also Atletico Madrid, who have basically bee… dreams are available: the dream that your club might be really well-run, or have a great academy, or appoint… it does prevent is anyone joining the elite fast, which brings me on to...this idea that FFP is bad because an… couple of other things have occurred to me, too. One is this idea that FFP prevents anyone joining the elite. Tha… I think City have to be slightly careful with the risk of reputational blowback, even if they prove th…’s a bit of a false dichotomy in this whole Man City/Uefa thing: it’s really not difficult to think at the sam… @SimonWeigh @seth_ferna Broadly agree, though there are a lot of clubs - most notably Chelsea - who took FFP extrem… @Large_Goat @seth_ferna That’s very clearly not what I meant. Just that protesting your innocence isn’t necessarily… @seth_ferna Yes famously people who are guilty always just accept itThe fire and fury of Manchester City
@andresDCmtz I suspect that will happen anyway. Think Uefa know they're unworkable in their current form. But the e… @andresDCmtz I think you have to separate whether FFP should exist in its current form/at all (which is a valid que… @DanT4D @WillBuckley24 @barneyronay They may well do and it might well work. But Uefa will say they provided false… @WillBuckley24 @barneyronay @DanT4D The complication with this is that City aren't being punished just (or possibly…
@d_penrose @HRashid_ I think what he feels is that the advantage of having that fanbase, combined with expertise, i…
@MarkOgden_ Yes but players’ authority doesn’t rest almost entirely on the perception of their impartiality. @pF1G__xG3w0z9qe @dinabass @krishan_dave Doubt it. I leave that to @JamesPiotr. I think it was a piece from 2014 th… has been banging on about this for what seems like half my life, but it’s worth it. Really, really good. Defin…