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just remembered kristin stewart ordering a “vodka neat” in Lesbian Discourse Movie and got chills
felt cute, might’ve posted on instagram too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @markyarm i'm watching on my computer with a friend's password lol @josephlongo_ ok ty i was not so sure @markyarm it's a show! three episodes in, and it's goodi deserve all the unfollows this gets me but i am watching the flight attendant and i love her nownot: cuomosexual hot: cuocosexual (i'm sorry)
Retweeted by rosemary donahue @matthewfamularo MF (this time it means motherfucker)please tell me what you're doing this winter inside — new hobbies, skills you're learning, etc. this is not for a p… fun thing to do is if you don't know why something bad is happening, just blame the weather!plz pray for me, going through inexplicable mitski phaseWhen you trip on the stray goblet near the sleeping dragon.
Retweeted by rosemary donahuekaley cuoco = good!milo says goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite @makesgoodsoup praying 4 u @itsa_talia big if true @C_GraceT hmmmmm i finished gossip girl today, maybe i’ll join in on a grey’s rewatch @ImLame_JkIRule CONGRATULATIONS you deserve it!!!if only i would have a place to wear this in the next ??? months
boyfriend chipotle pussy gonna be a weird year again, i see🚨JOB ALERT!🚨 If you work in Product and are looking for a new opportunity in digital media and publishing, you jus…
Retweeted by rosemary donahue @erinisaway oh absolutely she has no right hahahalily said, "it's rufus humphrey, not rufus rent-free"
personally i think adding someone’s number to your phone’s favorites is the most intimate act. mine is pretty much… IRL ivy league scandal wired: whatever happened that apparently made everyone in gossip girl quietly quit… @Muna_Mire this was the first episode i watched and i was very very not warned @SultanReina as it should be! @elizabotking @HelloCVH a very good call!!!happy birthday to @HelloCVH, the person we all ask to solve our very niche problems because she always has the answ… that if you want to have written something you have to write it!!!i have chosen my fighter and my fighter is all of them @thequeermudgeon @v1rgor1sing @chaninicholas oh but this one was an absolute mindfuck
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my grandmom betty’s pumpkin chiffon pie > @Reena_Rai this works for me! dorota and vanya tag-teaming itAn Extensive List of All the Times It Didn’t Make Sense Dan Was Gossip Girl (1/4,283) @k8bushofficial @marfsummers lol i died at this part thinking the sext was exactly this, “look at me, having a neck in bed” @transscribe the biggest problem with this is that when people go get it elsewhere (not via prescriptions), it’s of… @transscribe i have so many thoughts on this. there’s no middle ground with doctors, it seems, when prescribing pai… @veryhotmomm this is a pretty good starting tutorial! more adventurous with my macrame @eve_ettinger @laura_lucille @jnlovegood @MaryRimi ❤️❤️❤️my mom telling a story
Retweeted by rosemary donahuemay i please get a crumb of two-week enforced city-wide shutdown @jeannakadlec lol same tbh @jeannakadlec time to write one i guess @matthewfamularo lol my brother has basically the same tattooeating leftovers. enjoy the first round 🥧
@joshgondelman hahaha i know! @joshgondelman josh
@JessMoxxy @danecardiel oh yes i am very much of the opinion that even when divorce is painful it is pretty much al… @jeannakadlec (i have too, though) @jeannakadlec oh noooo bb @JessMoxxy @danecardiel hahah sure!my idea of family has also changed so much over the past decade. i’d still choose some of my biological family, but… spent it together anyway with the pups, and it was really nice. now, of course, this year i’m also not seeing my… year i chose not to visit my family because it would’ve been the first year i was out as gay and my brother wa… anniversary to @danecardiel being #thankful for our divorce! dan meeting serena day to all who celebrate🤎
Retweeted by rosemary donahuemy take is that the more queer movies there are the more we won’t all have our hopes hinged on each one that comes… t*ylor s*oft actually ever been on cobblestones they are not very fun to walk onthinking about her (this tweet, as i wistfully prepare to make my grandmother’s pumpkin chiffon pie) thing i have been continually struck by this year is how many people don’t realize that this situation of being…
Retweeted by rosemary donahueNormalize editing. The myth of epiphanous writing—which is “perfect” and shows up fully formed, like Athena—is an u…
Retweeted by rosemary donahueThe Happiest Season (2020) when bethenny was bleeding out in home goodsIf we could harness the power of lesbians DMing each other about The Happiest Season, we would have a vaccine tomorrow
Retweeted by rosemary donahuethe best part of being an adult is being allowed to ruin your appetite with snacks before dinner!!! @styleisland that’s why it was on my mind!
(this tweet was not inspired by an actual disagreement, but thinking we went to the same one for flowers when we ac… a relationship, whenever possible, blame all minor disagreements about inconsequential things on the mandela eff… @JesseASparks @blumie no apologies necessary but also, i think you can trust your judgment about these things! @reneegenn @RachelCharleneL agree! @eiffeltyler @joangossips somehow i've made it through my life without seeing these and i feel like it's been slightly better so far for it @esmewang @HappiestSeason @TheCut esmé!!!
me whenever i log on twitter dot com is REALLY gonna dizzy up the gays phoebe wins a grammy I will cover iris by the goo goo dolls
Retweeted by rosemary donahue @JesseASparks @blumie oh jesse whygoing through my drafts and i predicted the animaniacs reboot, fuck nate silver, i am your god now i don't see anything getting better until frank ocean releases new musicthis is true the timeline with this gay christmas song from @_girlinred_ @AlannaBennett this was my favorite part @AlannaBennett THIS MOVIE IS OUT OF CONTROL my girlfriend and i watched it a few weeks ago and i swear to god multi… @KaylaKumari LINKi get so cross when twitter asks me if i want to read the article first, bitch i edited the article !!!!
Retweeted by rosemary donahue @kastaliamedrano tiny cat!so so grateful for the work i get to do @TeenVogue. for this month’s style shoot we profiled a group of young black…
Retweeted by rosemary donahue @schlesismore hahah i just watched this episode and remembered she was talking about dreams! i went back to screencap it right now for YOU! @schlesismore no reason at all other than everything sucks and milo makes it better, here are some photos of him when i first…
Fleabag (2016) u,,, grammarly you are addicted to a certain kind of sadness"There is such a hyperfocus in dominant culture on vilifying trans women that people forget transmasculine folks ex… — Season 2 (2019) wrote about the unique challenges trans people face when trying to get abortions and what healthcare providers ca…
Retweeted by rosemary donahuei had a dream last night that i said this to someone really angrily and then, in my dream, i also said, “i should tweet that!” 🥴