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Rosehill @Rosehill1999 Kanaloa, Tangaroa, Taaroa ect

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i love responding to a question by answering a completely different question @breathingco2 im more of a balasana guy @breathingco2 thats meweirdos everywherelike yeah painting realistically is obviously popular style and is already upheld as a western ideal but itʻs so ha… painting is so hard i donʻt think we appreciate realism enough cause that is some laborious stufflooking through my folder of photos i have of my art wait im kinda good so what happened tn and the past 5 nights a… nvm i misremembered im actually kinda good at oil paintingok wait maybe i lied i kinda ate this commission up further notice i have exhausted my love for the medium of paint and will not be painting with oils or acrylics @solarbroccoli @joeliusdubois me too @joeliusdubois never doing oil painting ever again @joeliusdubois i did my worst oil painting so much balance in the world @montieGG got more where that came from @jstngraphics word word @jstngraphics best way to combat twitter cropping is to do a 3 photo set, with 1 full size, and two horizontal deta… @montieGG i feel like dying if you not minenot even one day everyone just went "wtf is escape room" looking at their Spotify wrapped 2020 and then went on with their dayspotify tried to make escape room happen like they made hyperpop happen and it lasted 1 daypretty face and a big bank @ybistudios lets gooooo!!!!!the way they ate
Retweeted by Rosehilloil painting is so infuriating @fewocious vibesNew prints up 💜
Retweeted by Rosehillthe episode where aang goes on a journey to the past with roku and zuko reads about sozin is one of the most underr… up is deleting your tweet threads before you finish them and not after.Mmmmmmm
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Retweeted by Rosehillme after getting a vaccine with a faulty microchip
Retweeted by RosehillI'M THE BEST BOXER IN THE UFC!!!! #UFCFightIsland7
Retweeted by Rosehill @nxwhere2go idk @averyadzima @ccnnnrr overlooked art like ai generation, pop art, conceptual art, 3D modeling, political art, and p… @AlhVcarD @_Be_Bop its true iʻll never lieDo i speak te reo maori? No! But that never stopped me!Its a triptych its a triptych ohhhhhhhh shiiiiitTangaroa, Te tangi a ngā Tohora, Te manawa o te moana, Tangaroa, The cry of the whales, the heart of the ocean, th… @jlindsayfilm :Doh my goodness 💜💙
Retweeted by Rosehill @AnuheaNihipali 😓💕aw wth lets goooo thank u so much for supporting preciate u @TelfarHero @joeliusdubois only the begninning?Its true its trueI invented art and who?
Retweeted by Rosehill @regeneratedgirl ive never tried the other flavors but theyʻre not for everyone @regeneratedgirl itʻs not carbonated but itʻs like a sweet apple tea with that vinegar tart acidity in the back of your throat @regeneratedgirl apple cider honey one is the best they don’t have facial features so you already can’t tell the gender>>
Retweeted by Rosehillpooping rn @howsdisgurl god is red by vine deloria jr. @gum_mp3 Have u ever watched someone speed run ghostrunnerAnd then we go to sleep like this you wake up alone because im in the studio making art but ive made us coffee @SupaMalaman truei can fight and i have g*n what do i need a half nelson for go home and clutch my skull and punch the walland by that one year i mean those few months before i quiti used to get bitched around in wrestling practice that one year i tried doing it for the hs team.
@tobidire itʻs not a album nvm its a ai generated ambient loop for a sleep app.grimes has a whole ambient album out and i didnʻt knowYoure arguing about minimum wage im vibing we are not the sameThis is so funnyIm losing it @byr420n AHHHHHHHHHH!?!/q//q/q//w///q/qI wonder why im running out of storage on everything its because i save every video, photo, pdf, audio file ever in existenceForgot i saved this video of aunty kekuhi and her back up singers i liked this a lot ka rent free inoa no Rent Free need for donations at Camp Migizi in Fond Du Lac. Two spirited leader is operating on very low resources and…
Retweeted by Rosehillwabi sabihi my job is giving me an unlivable amount of hours/wages n my living situation is still very unstable which scares…
Retweeted by Rosehill said i wasn’t gon post this anymore but i need help rn so pls spread 🥲
Retweeted by Rosehill @thehueman i would never their lies are just that @gothjafar @coolado_ im bitchesphotographer make propoganda cause they rlly are convincing me i donʻt want to live in Hawaii anymore and that i want to move to arizona @SupaMalaman YOU GET ITim tweeting im tweeting speedrunning twitter speedrunning twitterFINITE RESOURCES
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Retweeted by Rosehilllying in bed sad sent cute animal picsLo he visto por encima y creí que eran las caras de Bélmez.
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Retweeted by Rosehillusing dark magic to maximize profits on stardew valley with @sasponella