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bengal me.😩 had Nicki ready to risk it all.
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @ohrelly_ 😭😭I know some Mustees
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.Lmao @Druski2Funny
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @vontheevirgo i can’t stop laughing.😭😭😭
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.i have been hollering for a minute. @jayvellee you know we have that around here.i just might be a hoe. get wildly ratchet when this song comes on.😭’all shoulda never let me see this book cause imma wear Mustee and Dustee into the GROUND
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.tired of this being pushed back.“top secret actor” omg. @Yooshawnn waymentthey are teasing us. omg. @jermesz same!!!!You using your charger?
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.i support anything that brings more scorpios in the world.’ll always love party.this is the one @doctuh_p let me know how you like it @doctuh_p keith put me on when he put hennessy in my hot chocolate. sure. @doctuh_p spiked? pls. @doctuh_p staying in the barracks. looks like y’all have it covered.clarke really wasn’t bad. she had moments but sabrina? a d*mb b*tch. @doctuh_p i see. timeline looks like a war zone.what is going on?
2021 Max is truly the baddest bitch.
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @shawnthescheep you laughing at yourself? weird @shawnthescheep *giggles*Where do i start ... “kiss is a noun & a verb so you can either give my ass a kiss or kiss my ass”
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @PSawyerSchue
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.ooooooh. about an aot live action series instead? love the ps5 user interface. @_TheJaysantana it will never not send me😭😭😭 @Euphraxio and now he’s posting google images of dicks with herpes 😭“this you” gets y’all caught up every single time.crazy cause ‘a quiet place part II’ was originally supposed to be released last march.
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.omg what if they bring tony back? i need it but also let my sister riri and rhodes shine first. @jermesz ready for cars to look like the ones in ‘speed racer.’ that’s what this car reminds me of m, vision coming back, doctor strange vs scarlet witch, avengers disassembled, young avengers. so many pos… @jermesz mclaren elva!this looks so futuristic. will be back alive. @chuckietoyou wait huh? @ImAlexBruh 😍
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @shanqhai hia black man. a fine one at that. can’t wait to see more him. @fugetnuget LMAO @iDavey mamas had an attitude with me through that speaker but checked that attitude before i got to the window. as she… armin: *transforms* the old lady living near the port:
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @SadityKell the article said some chiefs fans were harassing him and that the cop came up and attacked him first.without them saying his name i would’ve never thought that was trey from that video. @SoulsticEclipse good morning 🤍this video is disgustingly unclear. @TheShawnyboy i’ll follow you when i get that app. 🤍No matter the temperature, you gon always catch me in shorts
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @TheShawnyboy lolFour stills from a movie you believe is a masterpiece, no title
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @peepgawd1 that’s a good movie. @peepgawd1 add ‘atomic blonde’ @peepgawd1 might watch that tonight. @peepgawd1 a good movie!!lorraine broughton. can hear this video
Retweeted by the mongrel manager. @VizyLawrence good luck.the things i would let him do to me. @TreBracey do i need to post the conversation from the manga? we can’t have you in denial!“pan de queso” just sent me. @TreBracey she’s adopted 😭 @michidominguez_ @reallyrai @boys_luh_Rich no, it’s said in the show that everything changed for black people when… @xhersian movie. @xhersian let me revisit! @xhersian i haven’t seen this in yearsin need of a hug
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.
Retweeted by the mongrel manager.that video weirdly turned me on while also making me ask “what the fuck?” 💀
caresha pls. @InFeRn0AnT *whispers* read the manga. @VentersAccount saw so many comrades die. this was a build up.