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Writing buddy/plushie have started to let go of prose problems (word echoes, missing words, etc.) while drafting. If I do stop and edi… @MsAnnetteMC Eeeeeee!!!! So happy for you!!!!!! @GummyLoafers Omg your kitty is so precious.I need to hit 37K today and beyond. I’m inching closer & closer to the midpoint of this book. I’m also noticing th…
@SAChakrabooks Congrats, Shan!!!! @andthisjustin Congrats Justin! @ericsmithrocks Thinking of you and take care. ❤️❤️❤️ Take all the time you need. @michjenkins Thank you so much, Michelle!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Rustykitty65 I live basically on Lake Erie and there are secluded stretches here where I can get away.I’m sorry, but no. Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop is in a giveaway with other amazing books! @aldengilroy Lake Erie has a terrible reputation 🤣🤣🤣 @thejessiedevine It is open here. We find the same secluded spot away from everyone else. This is Lake Erie @aldengilroy This is gorgeous!!! I am envious of the ocean water. I have Lake Erie water 😂Searching for inspiration here @rumena_aktar Same! I haven’t had them in so long. @heyjomachin It was so tasty 😋Lunchtime pork chop rice bowl @bearosekoch Soooo cute 😭😭😭I have been seeing so many sweet doggos and kitties from that tweet. Thank you for cheering me up 😍😍😍 @fully_bookish I squealed! So cute!!! @kesscostales You will getting it!! @lindsaymwong I just hope I nailed it 😂Ingredients for this book: - candy - humor - tears I can’t wait for readers to discover Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club. @BegunRiv Ooo lox and cream cheese bagel 😭The person (recent selfie) The fave food @KarenMusings Heehee I was waiting for this!!!!!! @Cat_book_tea Ooo gnomes??? @BegunRiv Omg I love this @theLasagna Flint and Lady J were my OTP in GI Joe 😬Your pet and what they’re named after (just pictures) to southwestern France (or elsewhere) and enter for your chance to win 5 armchair travel books (women's fict…
Retweeted by Roselle Lim @mixbecca It’s been working so far and keeps me motivated. @tie_jackets @lj_lawless I love them so much @JRHoward9 It keeps me motivated :D @Rachael846 Thank you!! @YamileSMendez Congrats Yamile!!! @lizwritesbooks I’ve been posting some sporadically. I think it might be a great idea to turn it into blogposts. @GretchSchreiber So happy for you! @NatashaNeagle_ It will come. I believe. ❤️❤️❤️ @judyilin Omggg
@KarenMusings The best of nerds ❤️❤️❤️ @lj_lawless I just know them as Kamaji’s friends in Spirited Away. @KiannaShore I hope I can fill all the pages and this MS will be done!! @lj_lawless Yes!! they are soot sprites!! @DianaUrban Thank you!! It’s been so motivating! @ClausenApril It’s keeping me motivated!! @GretchSchreiber @LaylaHersch You’ll know soon what it is! :DI just got good news in my inbox. @NatashaNeagle_ Thanks, Nat ❤️ @SoniaHartl1 It’s so hard. This book is hard. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @sarahaelisuk Thank you! It’s helping me with my motivation. @rosiedanan Thank you!! Bulletjournalling for me is fun. I’m probably going to do another black paper doodle soon.I’m at the point in my writing when I think this book will kill me. 🙃 I just hit the 35K mark. @lindsaymwong I am so sorry 😞Make sure to subscribe to the website bc a blog tour announcement is going live in a few hours!!! 👀
Retweeted by Roselle LimEEE!! Happy book birthday @sarahkuhn !!! @shantellylace 😁 @AngrygirLcomics This is me (Bare hand) but with ants. @rosellewriter And no one likes someone who poops in the pool....i love this metaphor lol
Retweeted by Roselle Lim @TomTorreD20 Damned right @rjkaes Stop subtweeting me @AlexaMBooks You are a wonderful mama ❤️❤️❤️ @FarahHeron I’m sorry, Farah. Listing mine makes me sad so I am not going to.PSA: The book community is one of reciprocation. Taking and taking isn’t going to earn you any points. Be kind to… @Almost_Anna @recitrachel EEE I love this!!! @mcastner1 I just finished Ozark season 3. *chef’s kiss* @KarenMusings Yup. Oh hell yup. @jules_writes I need to finish Sophie by late August. This means I need to get to the 2/3 mark by the end of July.Name a movie that traumatized you as a child. Use a gif. @KarenMusings I am also noticing this trend up here.Best list I’m on: Seduction Tips. Why yes. I will show you how to seduce someone with food. @ericsmithrocks my heart is breaking for you. I’m so sorry, Eric. :(Your first celebrity crush. GIFs only. @MsAnnetteMC I want the best for youuuuuu
@mizelse I love him sfm @SoniaHartl1 Same to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @BriannaShrum Sending you all the hugs. @NatashaNeagle_ I am so sorry *hugs* @bkwmn1992 @LauraMLippman I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading Patti!Solve a ghost mystery, bear witness to the past, and help heal a community. A perfect summer read for kids or your…
Retweeted by Roselle Lim @RoamingRebee yesssss.... This is such a cute show! @LaylaHersch Don’t get me started on British crisps with their fun flavours of Roasted Chicken. 😭😭😭😭 @LaylaHersch I am lamenting that I’m on the wrong side of the border. You have Planters Cheez Balls 😭😭😭😭 Oh and Funyuns. @LaylaHersch Gah.. I’m sorry. @larissa_z Heehee! @hcor I love him sfm. @SoniaHartl1 OMG YES. I love him so much in every role he’s had. @eunicekimwrites I SQUEALED! @erinhahn_author I am not going to spoil it for you. It’s such a cute show to watch! @megswrites I also remember him from The Good Place too! @Sayantani16 I am so delighted. @MommasMosaic @Sayantani16 SAMEEEE @megswrites I love him as Kevin sfm.I low keyed screamed when I found out who Mary Anne’s dad was in BSC.I hit my word count for the day. My brain is so fried. I hope tomorrow is better. 😑 @MichaelMammay She is advocating for her feline rights. 😂 @theLasagna I want to send this to all my friends bc they need to hear it right now. ❤️