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Whoa! @JamalJimoh Shouts to Dream @mikethemiz yoooo
@DonLaGFanClub @DonLagreca agree @rob_robison6288 @DonLagreca awwwwwGreat job by @Edelman11 G (@Regulator) speaks on his conversations & relationship with Suge Knight. Watch the full conversation w/…
Retweeted by Peter RosenbergUnfortunately Stephen Jackson decided not to come on the show this morning. I was hoping to have real direct dialog… @ZEE_MTL @oldmanebro you were saying? I'm scared to do this? we have done it countless tim… got off the phone with Stephen Jackson ... had a great and honest conversation...he's hopping on @EBROINTHEAM
Everyone talks about owning masters. What matters is who owns the revenue that those masters generate. You could…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenberg @LEPBOGUSBOYS @AGrassani6 appreciate that!Stephen Jackson's "apology" was blaming those who were offended for "making assumptions about him" .... that's not an apologyStephen Jackson just delivered one of the worst apologies I have ever heardAs I talked about on radio extensively last night, what DeSean said is awful & perpetuates horrid anti-Semitic trop…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenberg @PabloTorre thank you Pablo ....I am seeing it in my comments all day ...tons of people agreeing with him @JimSnyd03904555 correctlet's have Shabos dinner together and discuss @UnBearJew LOL @Ebony_N_Sweet as I said in the me fake Jew all you want ... my mom was born in a displaced persons ca… me legend killer 😂 you Tre message, as a Jew, to Desean and Stephen Jackson and all the misinformed fools on twitter ... Full convo With… up ... @DonLagreca and I are radio only up until 5 pm then we will be joined by the @YESNetworkWhat about doctors or health experts you absolutely privileged hackadoodle do?! @LEPBOGUSBOYS False ...A vote for Biden does not mean you are a Democrat. I am not a registered Democrat. I am a sensible human that has eyes & ears.
Retweeted by Peter RosenbergThe not being a proud white supremacist one West took pictures with a MAGA hat on with two white people flashing the white power sign I could give a rat…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenbergresponsible smart voters and those who do not want divisiveness and anger are voting for Joe Biden -- @oldmanebroKanye DID NOT DUMP TRUMP! AT ALL !!! READ !!!These joints are tough! @itsthereal Jackson’s comments were offensive and uneducated; however, ignorance is no excuse for prejudice of ANY kind.…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenberg😂😂😂 @ShaniKulture @oldmanebro @LAURASTYLEZ @DJKASTONE @ajwarda I don't think it's ancient ... I think it's straight out of 20th century USA
Checking out of this cesspool that is twitter for a bit. I wish I could do it permanently. I constantly question wh… to make things worse dude ... this is what we need ... Jews and Black People going back and forth .. way to fal… all knows about and/or has skateboard hookups?
Retweeted by Peter Rosenberg @CRAIGDELENDIK @Alsboringtweets But I talked about it at length on two radio shows and tweeted about it ... nice try thoughAwesome and important cause to support! Do it for the kids! @HeyHeyItsConrad @83Weeks @EBischoff the Ric-Lethal story is criminally underrated @THEmodmother great point sad @thelxrdgabe @JonYoniKastner @BryanLopez231 @JackJohnsonAnd need to say one thing here...I am not arguing who is Je… @_ejike_ actually I do speak up about this very frequently...not trying to be defensive but that is just patently f… out this interview with @osse2021 !! I know you're dad is proud of you...congrats man you claim to NOT be anti semitic -- DON'T QUOTE HITLER's not that hard @Misshattan 👀Pusha T is the hip hop equivalent of the old school athlete who played a full season with broken bones...he's cut from a different clothICYMI with @DonLagreca & @Rosenbergradio: @JPFinlayNBCS discussed the expected name change for the #Redskins and j…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenbergthere are anti semites who are way more powerful and influential than Desean Jackson.... wake upMy thoughts exactly Black neighborhoods .. illegal guns School shootings .... legal guns America has gun problem.
Retweeted by Peter Rosenbergwere live celebrating @50cent right now .... and talking Pop Smoke and more @Wale Lol love youIf you just realized Desean is a fool -- he's never played on your team before @Wale Lol I play music that is much less "in vogue" than you my friend .... here you go @Wale You just like complaining ... I play your shit every week on my show ... but hey I'll play along ... "yeah yo… @Wale Who is yall? @Wale I would like to hear some please ... @brokemogul Lol thought the same @furena Lol stopThis is the dumbest sh*t I've ever seen 😂
@TeeBern @davidsonLj @sarahcpr @UofMaryland whaaaaaatthis is terrifying @arielhelwani 😂 is a very good precedent to set...good job by the DA Manhattan DA charges Amy Cooper over viral Central Park… @ronwil96 i forgot completely cuz it was wasted on a random episode of dynamite @shayasilbers1 damn it @andrewmarantz LOLAwesome'm seeing stories that summerslam is going to be at the performance center...I still wish it could be held at a pr… the most satisfying knockout ever 😂 excited to announce that I’ll be serving as a producer on @Kaepernick7’s docuseries, as part of his production…
Retweeted by Peter Rosenbergunreleased track from @konceptjackson_ prod. by me on the radio tonight + 300 on @HOT97 #RealLateWithRosenberg
Retweeted by Peter RosenbergKickin off Real Late tonight with new @WESTSIDEGUNN !!! Midnight on @HOT97Speaking on behalf of the Jews -- we do not claim this person. Furthermore no Jew would tell the world they spent…😢 @nickrosenberg It's not about being impressed and it's not about Snyder. He sucks. The bottom lind is it has to cha…
@arielhelwani Big @dlockettUFC run in @ballark Lol this required an article?Why does Ron Rivera have a major voice here? How about Joe Gibbs and Doug Williams? I would love to hear from Art M… can not describe how crazy this is for me to read. It really shows the power of people to come together and apply… running for president is just a thinly vieled attempt to do the following: Divide the youth vote that is clea…
Retweeted by Peter RosenbergIf he gets 3-5 million votes -- Trump wins ...You remember? The guy he hugged in the Oval Office and said was like…
@MartySmithESPN CorrectThe Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro by Frederick Douglass Just read this for the fir… @DaleJr !! What new nickname do you favor for our football team? I'm leaning Red Tails! @MrChuckD Horrifying @superman5142 I talked about that last night too .... @hnicjp No idea ... love jack black and I'm pretty into wrestling lolI watched Nacho Libre for the first time last night. I'm not sure how that's possible but it is true. Curious to wh… @JRsBBQ The best! Blessed to have spent some time with her ❤️ @danbau76 Last night was just part 1...the setup for tonight @arielhelwani Ok well that would be something 👀If you have not caught up on this case - you should. This murder is so tragic and I still want to understand what t… is to position those who support BLM as a radical mob. He is starting a four month campaign of the most overt ra… hope everyone knows that tonight's event is a rallying cry for racists and white supremacists...the purpose is to… mean, I’d say Happy 4th of July but we both know better don’t we
Retweeted by Peter RosenbergSome real talent here @arielhelwani @MMAjunkie Booooo