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In One Piece, the TRUE treasure is the friends they make along the way, but really the treasure is specifically Bon…
Retweeted by trey!august sfw patreon poll winner was edelgard in a swimsuit she can't swim so i gave her a floatie. hubert is on sta…
Retweeted by trey!da edelgard wife guys have logged on
Retweeted by trey!hey everyone. here to contribute some content
Retweeted by trey!Haikyuu S4 anime will premiere January 2020 Confirmed.
Retweeted by trey!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love going to video games forums and posting shit like "Please tell me how to like Mario"
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@BigMisatoEnergy get you one who can etc @BigMisatoEnergy boy yo ass sleep#鬼滅の刃
Retweeted by trey! @alexchevalier1 have absolutely no idea who this but have to say: Wife @Dauragon Sanji kinda sucks but sometimes it really be like this. @Dauragon keep your head up king, your straw hat is falling offThis video has been deleted.
Retweeted by trey! @nickisnixed absoutely cannot blame you. i do not know what's wrong with me.It's A Demon Slayer SaturdayC
Retweeted by trey!Good morning ~ ✨ (via Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? @aniplexUSA)
Retweeted by trey!Saying "Seriously, just trying asking me what Finnegan's Wake was about. Watch what happens" to myself all morningS.A.T8
Retweeted by trey!! In Your Name Havers Rise Upi'M a wEirDO
Retweeted by trey!you gotta have the ! In ur nameI'm glad that @sailorbee also knows that the correct way to put your name on social media is as excited as possible
Retweeted by trey!I love anime.
Retweeted by trey!it do be like this @sailorbee Victoria.....My friend......
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things I NEED in a girl👸🏾🙌🏾💯 dumb as fuck🤔 CDL license🚛🚍 ass ODEEE phat 🍑😛 postdoctoral research fellow🔬👌🏾 A hoe😩 war veteran🇺🇸 intelagint📚
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Retweeted by trey!Nobody: The six persona 1 fans:
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Retweeted by trey!Mom's dark powers... (via Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? @aniplexUSA)
Retweeted by trey! @sailorbee this was a gripping narrative
Retweeted by trey!PRAY FOR BONE BONEPray for BoneBone
Retweeted by trey!Screw life, what if we just became pirates? haha jk....unless....
Retweeted by trey! @sailorbee @alexchevalier1 oda got us covered anyway @alexchevalier1 yeah i really cannot drop a $100 right now but i am pawing at the screen @lynnedrum dorothea is so pretty im going to throw up @sailorbee SAAAAAMEkinda need these Dragon Ball Goes Back in Time with Converse Stars Japan Collaboration ✨ More:
Retweeted by trey! @Dauragon oh yeah she eats the Hot-Hot Fruit it's a whole arc @Dauragon oh just waitfire emblem is really replicating the southern small town experience. im spending a lot of time in church so a girl will notice me
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Retweeted by trey! @animemoms Shes cute and happy and always having a good time and I love itme watching Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two Hit Multi Target Attacks every week @animemoms shes Momther @animemoms Watch At Your Own Risk! @alexchevalier1 I feel youwill not screencap the rest of the episode its bad @animemoms sorry not sorry @alexchevalier1 broe.... @bansheetweet every older woman in this show has been revealed to be a mother and the good mom is the only one who can defeat them @Dauragon absolutely notA FOURTH MOM??? you know the time skip is getting closer and you still havent recruited the students you wanted
Retweeted by trey! off mom isekai. like this isn't even a joke, you just called it Hotel Mom Inn respect all of you.....i'll be waiting for you all the end of the Grand Linethe only downside of all my friends reading one piece is that i cant post stuff from the newest chapters.....capone bege is a wife guy did not think at all huh"not to be an idiot asshole but" is maybe the funniest and saddest rando reply i've ever seen a mutual getmy son: mom why is my sister’s name Rose me: because your other mom loves roses my son: thanks mom me: no proble…
Retweeted by trey!作れと言われるまま作ってみたけど疲れたのでもうゴールしてもいいよね!!!!??????
Retweeted by trey! @danikaharrod it truly be like this sometimeswhen mom leaves you alone in the grocery store so she can discreetly look at pictures of chris hemsworth in the lat…
Retweeted by trey! @BigMisatoEnergy hell yes im so happy for you!!Summer Carmilla could divorce me, take my dog, take the kids & put them up for adoption, take the company my family…
Retweeted by trey!don't mess with them⚠️ #jjba
Retweeted by trey!🦋と🌧練習
Retweeted by trey!Edelgard wearing this shirt i saw
Retweeted by trey! @alexchevalier1 yeah I got into a lot of fluffy romance stuff lately and it's been Too Much. it's a saccharine boy summer.for going out to get groceries and drop my trash off in the rain I am in fact, braver than the troopsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure vs. American Copyright Laws
Retweeted by trey! I hate this title, I heard that Lysithea dislikes ghosts
Retweeted by trey! @Dauragon @nickisnixed that flashback hit me so hard, i did a straight 540 on his characterinosuke, keep the boar head on, you're attracting the hoes @Dauragon combined with the insane face tech, it actually felt like i was looking at an aunt or cousin @nickisnixed he's so so good @Dauragon it was so embarrassing when everyone said the southern lady from DMC5 was absurd because no one REALLY talks like thatI wasnt even talking about Raphel when I made this, I've barely said two words to guy I'm Black Eagles The supports… house is so fucking stupid
Retweeted by trey! @alexchevalier1 i def will.....but ufotable made it look so good...... @nickisnixed it really took me a while to get into it, but that seems to be just me. it's not doing anything super… @alexchevalier1 i realized there were only like five eps left and i might have to finally jump ship to the manga....ひとまず全身彫り終えました…!痛いのによく頑張ったね!!
Retweeted by trey!ITS 4AM I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP @lynnedrum this literally fucking happened to me on my 21st birthday because I was high as hell. I truly hope helicopter come soonthree triesForgot about Weather using his otherworldly powerful stand to make some clouds for Jolyne to piss in