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Retweeted by trey!elon musk has been working for years and years to cut three minutes off a very brief commute. tony stark built a ro…
Retweeted by trey!I have been Somewhere Else In World... to see which wife tomorrow will bring
Retweeted by trey!Wrestling is Anime
Retweeted by trey!as a true basketball purist I've turned off the game and will find out the results from a magic johnson tweet
Retweeted by trey!guys should play Neir Automata..
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Retweeted by trey!And you may find yourself by a beautiful cliff With a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself How did I get here?
Retweeted by trey! @animemoms oh noooooo I stand with cliff wife @goomvi what happened to cliff wife is cliff wife okay is cliff wife canceled do I stan cliff wifePLEASESomeone please explain Cliff Wife to meI'm offline all day and now everyone is saying Cliff Wife....
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Retweeted by trey!the goat a 2nd-century Chinese warlord, one thing I love to do is ally with Cao Cao only to cruelly betray him. It's a go…
Retweeted by trey!Andre3000, a scholar, philosopher, and prophet.
Retweeted by trey!I promise that if I ever become a grifter it’ll be something mundane like “low rent paranormal investigator” and no…
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Vento Aureo vol. 8 cover (1997) vs Shueisha Jump Remix — Vento Aureo vol. 1 cover (2007).
Retweeted by trey!Thank you for looking at the picture! My wife and I are blessed by everyone and very happy!
Retweeted by trey!Suiryu is the Yamcha of One Punch Man and I think that’s beautiful.
Retweeted by trey!this not what i meant
Retweeted by trey!It is cool when rivals begrudgingly work together to save someone and violently enact justice. That is Badass to me., Rogue, and Mage
Retweeted by trey!【癒し隊】にとりささみ『ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん』 #ツイ4
Retweeted by trey!Absolutely smashed last night and this all I posted. That's highly trained big brain disciplinehewwo everyoneFOLKS..... ITS A GOOD NIGHT
Retweeted by trey!Neo really hit that mf
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Retweeted by trey!this is my contribution to the hxh fandom
Retweeted by trey!ARMY: your nickname reflects poorly on us all. we're changing it to something like "raven" or "switchknife" ME: no. "hostage killer" is good
Retweeted by trey!This book has interludes in it like it's a Paper Mario gamePersona 3 MC look out, the Dark Hour is coming. Oh no he has his Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M SV Silvers in, he cant hear us oh god
Retweeted by trey! @Dauragon Please.....I dont want to cancel my wife.....This is why I will never use the Dva cop skin, and you shouldnt either 2 FEEL OLD? A MOVIE FROM BEFORE ISNT FROM NOW.
Retweeted by trey![Big Pussy Bonpensiero, in the hospital while his loved ones wait in fear for any news]: not vibing rn tbhthis line was said with a thousand percent sincerity and it bowled me the fuck over You Believe Gaming?The official baddie of the evening is Nikaido from Dorohedoro
Retweeted by trey! @nameoftheyear @goomvi oh absolutely, down to dabbling with questionable kinks @nameoftheyear @goomvi i am surprised by the stupidity yet longevity of this bit @nameoftheyear @goomvi batman is just an isekai into a world of depression and impotent rage at our broken society @goomvi @nameoftheyear what is space but every other world but our own @goomvi @nameoftheyear star lord gets completely isekai'd as a child @goomvi @nameoftheyear Spiderman going into space for the first time? Hell, that's an isekai @nameoftheyear @goomvi the ending of endgame is him going into another isekai story for pure wish fulfillment, it's all the SAMEEASIEST WAY TO PISS OFF WHITE PEOPLE: BE LIKE "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT B?" WHEN A BEATLES SONG COMES ON.
Retweeted by trey!chad goro is still so fucking funnyAkechi on his way to a Phantom Thieves meeting
Retweeted by trey!youre welcome everyone
Retweeted by trey!quick doodles
Retweeted by trey!Persona 5
Retweeted by trey!Goro Akechi Is Just A Chill Guy
Retweeted by trey! @AlolanMeowth this is how i wanna diethanos was probably beating his meat OD when he was alone on that planet
Retweeted by trey! @goomvi Cap coming to the present is an isekai, to megreat painting, Kakyoin...!
Retweeted by trey!Persona 3 MC look out, the Dark Hour is coming. Oh no he has his Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M SV Silvers in, he cant hear us oh god @goomvi fellas you ever justthat feel when you run away from the god of fear and he chains you to despairModern Persona is really mock worthy garbage until Burn My Dread comes on and then I'm going nutsplease fx my toilet landlord i beg youperfect timing, my toilet stopped working the day before i go out of town. i put in a request and pray that it'll… time great late title card
Retweeted by trey! @austin_walker Thaaaaaank you for telling more folks about this game, it's so cool and I'm so glad its getting eyes @goomvi @Dauragon'll kill my phone battery But I dont wanna be a dumbass So @goomvi damn......been seriously getting into this or like, granblueI refuse to do the first cartoon crush thing cause i dont wanna have to talk about the french goth spider from the…
Retweeted by trey!after hundreds of viewings of this video, I’ve decided Banks saying “great shit man that was dope” is now my favori…
Retweeted by trey!one inadvertently good part of moby's memoir is where he describes a young lana del rey telling him she thinks he s…
Retweeted by trey!shoutouts to the lesbian couple who had Jack Frost at their wedding, y’all r cute
Retweeted by trey! @Dauragon it's an evil world we live in @goomvi is slime a sandwich
Retweeted by trey!Real childhood shit My Fathers Dragon fanart fucking obliterated my whole entire shit描きたいものを同時に描くにはこの方法が一番良かったのもあるけど、世界観的に違和感もあまりなさそう・・・
Retweeted by trey!nobody: eight year old me while my parents argue during the financial recession of 2008:
Retweeted by trey!dont pit queens against each other please Megan songs hit different coming from a Bluetooth speaker in a cup on a blanket
Retweeted by trey!I Don't care what we've said in our raps, woman come No 1. We all owe our lives to wemon.
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Retweeted by trey! @austin_walker god. christ.lrt: im actually crying laughing holy shit lmaohe posted again and trust me: it's still incredibly good
Retweeted by trey!I had no idea how good this one was gonna be until I finished and holy shit it's so good
Retweeted by trey! @sailorbee please stop buying cloud strife macchiatos. he's a big boy with an allowance he can buy them himselfClass consciousness in America is listing your education on FB as “school of hard knocks” instead of your occupation as “CEO at self”
Retweeted by trey!i lvoe and cherish all of the girls of this site, and other websites. you all become my wife more and more with each passing day. Thank you
Retweeted by trey!This feels like a parody of a Sopranos scene really am not interest in like, any of the mob plotlines, but Tony repeating back mildly intellectual ideas to Dr… just saw a preview of Will Smith's credits music from the new Aladdin!! managed to sneak a video- watch before…
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