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while scrolling Disney+, the hubs says: “of course something called Black Beauty would be about a horse, that a wh… love Jingle Jangle. my kids loved it. and now my son is pretending to do equations in the air like Jeronicus and…
@iSmashFizzle why. why do i keep watching when I KNOW!
@MatthewACherry i had been counting down to see Soul with the fam and friends. we planned to make a whole thing out of it for the kids.this right here. @rgay plenty of room! PLENTY OF ROOM!!! @DoctorJonPaul what in the Abyss nightmare is this?!?!!
@iSmashFizzle WHAT.
never confuse a friend with a fan. especially when that friend existed long before the fans. especially when yo… forget.
@_YungBleu the SAD said i should delete all social media and give up on maintaining my eyebrows. the SAD is here. the SAD is strong.the SAD is here. the SAD is strong.
@austinchanning @iSmashFizzle end of day? mine would barely make it to lunch. @soledadobrien sometimes it feels like we’re living in the prequel to Watchmen.
@MatthewACherry well, damn. right as i was getting real righteous about this plant-based eating life. they move as much as a chicken. @LeslieMac this is like a storyline from The Crown. @nhannahjones my god. who have we become that we’re willing to die for a dinner party?! chile please, you better pu…
@karenhunter y’all know he on a budget. @Luvvie
@ashleysimpo “okay” is usually my last attempt at restraint. after that, it’s in god’s hands. a smile and/or quiet… @exavierpope this is in all the holy books, look it up. #actualfactuals
@javanreed you got this, friend💪🏾❤️ @MatthewACherry “girl!” “hey, girl!” “girl.”
@exavierpope i don’t understand “golf culture.” if i’d made that (amazing) shot i’d be popping bottles, splashing a…
@JamilSmith moving forward she should keep Black women out her mouth. and generally, women of color—not Black women…
@AndrewYang someone smarter, better looking, with a much more calculated agenda. matter fact, he’s already out there, getting groomed. @WannasWorld now i really wanna hear the story! this has never been true. married and had a full ass family with t… @tressiemcphd whiteness, plain and simple. in its purest form. the fear of having the power dynamics reversed so th…’m feeling a lot of feelings after hearing our new President and Vice President speak. seeing them up there, heari… tweet. we demand a new tweet. do not make this mistake again. maybe you weren’t listening tonight but you can’t… @USATODAY new tweet. we demand a new tweet. do not make this mistake again. maybe you weren’t listening tonight but…, Joel. i know some of these emotions are a trauma response. her direct letter to us, his decency and heart. aft… thank god. i thought i was falling apart as a trauma response. i crying because he seems so normal and harmless? is this a trauma response?
so do you think they'll escort him out in handcuffs? or like, jump out of the helicopter or budget truck...with han… @nicolesjchung @Luvvie perfect. very on-brand.consider this my RSVP. time (or thousands of times) for the USPS for holding it down in impossible circumstances!it's really nice to cry happy tears for a change.My 4 year old just yelled “BLACK GIRLS ARE WELCOME TO BE PRESIDENT!”
Retweeted by tiffany rose.not to be a real mommm, but i really want everyone out celebrating (and all of us, really) safe inside their homes…’s his follower count going? you know, his life blood. who we got working on wiping that shit out?i hope Black people walk away from all of this understanding and embracing the incredible power (individually and c… truly appreciate all y’all posting videos from your neighborhoods and stoops and cars of folks celebrating. som… @Luvvie oooh, i love this song. @Luvvie A👏🏽NY👏🏽THING👏🏽 @ashleysimpo ethiopian food + dranks ordered from the Black-owned app. 🌳🌳🌳 putting on real clothes and a red lip to… dear internets, where are the memes for her?! sincerely, my therapy toolkit. @karenhunter i got emotional imagining all of this. what a beautiful day it will be.peace and protection. @karenhunter and let those babies out of cages. @javanreed glory be! celebrate, best friend!! y’all did that!!😘just wanna shout out all the girls with “difficult to pronounce” names, degrees from HBCUs, those who decided to be… debut for the washington post.
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @taylorcrumpton yes👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽THIS. take your time, do your dance. don’t let anybody “woke” this away from you. we know the deal, we know what’s… @rgay chiiiiile...There is still work to do, and we are far from perfect. But most of America has stood against an overt white supre…
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @JoelakaMaG yeeeeeaaaa West!! get it baby girl!i just remembered Dave Chappell is hosting SNL tonight! the universe!Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect! Georgians look forward to adding our votes to the total once all voices are h…
Retweeted by tiffany rose.We did it!
Retweeted by tiffany rose.Thinking of John Lewis, John McCain, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the many others who did not live long enough to see th…
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @mayaharris_ thinking of your mommy today. no doubt her spirit is present, celebrating right along with us all.wanna celebrate and honor all the work it took to get us here? do THIS! are you celebrating?? waiting for hubs to get home to pop bottles. me + the boys had a dance party and i’m ab… god, i wish i was back in Brooklyn right nowwww! @MyDaughtersArmy i think she helped make it happen.❤️ @exavierpope i think so too. maybe not all but a significant enough amount. some will be radicalized further, turn… @BreneBrown glory be. @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris thank you for everything you did to help get us here.I LOVE THIS SONNNNG!!!!i truly believe our ancestors, the ones we lost recently and long ago, helped make this happen. just want to take a moment to honor that.the sweet, sweet poetry. ousted by Obama’s right hand man and a Black/Asian woman. glory be. @JoelakaMaG worrrd. sometimes you have to be into the healing before you can even be open to that accountability (… @tressiemcphd every time i think of them i imagine Don Johnson. i’ll explain. they remind me of that crew plotting…
ooh, this y’all. we’ve been discussing heavy in the group chat. the next will be a charismatic ken doll, stay focus… @DrBritWilliams see. see! this is what’s wrong and why we stay having to stop to grab a stray. Keish, get on the te… @nytimes. this could also be a beautiful series with @humansofny. informed. what can be done about these baseless, dangerous emails and texts 45’s sending to his following?! some of us… @ashleysimpo @GEEdotMichelle heavy rebrand already underway. he’s in Canva cooking...To the political donor class: Fund Black led organizations. Fund Latinx led organizations. Fund AAPI led organiza…
Retweeted by tiffany rose.dear media, stop using the term “legal vote.” that is meant to imply there are “illegal votes” and that is not. a.… EXCELLENCE.
Retweeted by tiffany rose.Wow! You can love this country, while ALSO fighting for equality. You can hate losing, while also being gracious i…
Retweeted by tiffany rose.“there you are, Peter” granddad is from Germantown in Philly, my grandma has lived in Clayton county in ATL for the last 25 yrs, I have…
Retweeted by tiffany we discuss states like Georgia, let’s choose our language wisely. Georgia didn’t just flip itself. it was the… do we get these election workers some edible arrangements and pedicures and grocery store gift cards??Black folks in The Midwest and South said “WHAT WAS SAID????” Again. Thank your local Black organizers. Preferably…
Retweeted by tiffany rose.So many deserve credit for 10yrs to new Georgia: @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @TimSnowPhoto @KillerMike Adding the names of the Black women organizers who have been engaging GA voters, issues &…
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @Ooh_Im_Fanceyy @melissabeck @fiyawata this.💜Let’s Give Stacey Abrams Her Flowers Now
Retweeted by tiffany rose. @MatthewACherry this why i’m not sleeping...My grandmother had a scripture for everything. If she were alive and she saw how Rep. John Lewis’ district was abou…
Retweeted by tiffany rose..@staceyabrams, a dedication.