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@northtrucktales *checks weather forecast* Thunderstorms! That will doI had to delete that tweet because the typo was going to kill meWe've had the plague of flying ants, the actual plague and now the drought. What's next? Is it the flood or the first born sons? @ThatJezRose I thought about it Jez. Far too hot to find actual answers @Martin_Hemming Can they though, Martin?Do butterflies sweat? Just one of the pressing questions I've been thinking about instead of doing any workThe head gardener of Versailles says we should protect ancient trees like we protect manmade monuments et je suis a…
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"Emus are not stupid- she knows exactly where she lives"
@ScepticBrian @fascinatorfun Thanks, I spoke to him actually but do let me know if you hear anything else @LucyParmaTallon @TheSTMagazine @matthaig I hadn’t actually realised that, thanks LucyMen more likely to break the rules; women more likely to be furloughed than men in the same jobs; women more likely…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen“Caroline Flack messaged me. You always think, maybe I could have said something.” Best-selling author @MattHaig
Retweeted by rosie kinchenThis is quite the picture wise observations like this one interview with the delightful @matthaig1 about mental health, counseling celebs on twitter and his new book happenings in Dover & Deal. Here’s my profile of Natalie Elphicke
@Sathnam Turn it off. Wait for the sweat. Turn it on again. Bliss @Sathnam I have a bedside fan and I ♥️ it #smugThis is the first podcast in a new series exploring the death of 14-year old CJ Davies by @thetimes crime correspo… @HadleyFreeman 🤢
@jack_sommers @ThatJezRose 🤪💇😬 @Martin_Hemming Says the stick insect 🙄 @TAMinUK I have no doubt that you could pull of a fringe Tony. Next time I drink too much wine I'll come and sort it out for youDon't let a drunk person cut your fringe. Especially if that drunk person is you @rosiekinchen Lookalikes: TOWIE’s Arg (bf of Gemma Collins) & Johnny Depp’s barrister David Sherborne. Are they rel…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @sofiaxsmith It’s uncanny!What do Johnny Depp, Coleen Rooney and Meghan have in common? Their barrister. Here’s my profile of, David Sherborn… love this piece by @JANUSZCZAK on his lifelong battle to beat the bulge
@jack_sommers 😂😂 @jack_sommers Does it make you nervous?I do spend my professional life climbing trees though, so who's laughing now Rishi?Great profile of Rishi Sunak by @chedwardes (though it is somewhat crushing to discover that the chancellor is only…
This is heaven this! Swiss gardener @maurice_maggi has been scattering seeds of 50 native species on road verges & tree pits…
Retweeted by rosie kinchenThis is the crux of the problem @PossumGolden sure it's
@alice_hutton @thesundaytimes @MeganAgnew @Baby_Lame Lovely piece Alice
Our survey of 20K pregnant women and mothers found that 15% either have been made redundant or expect to be made re…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @Work_Life_You Thank you for reading, it matters so much @IsabelHardman Thank you Isabel, much appreciatedOur attitude to bipolar disorder is the real joke, not Kanye West, writes @rosiekinchen
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @AmandaPCraig Yes exactly. I just hope they aren’t too pig-headed to admit it @AmandaPCraig Thank you! I felt pretty against it by the time I left. If it ever made sense I really don’t think it does anymore @sarfrazmanzoor I love your mask @JaneBarlow123 @thetimes Thank you! I'm sure they'd love you to... @jonsalmon Thank you for reading and sharingUK Dad reveals horror of watching his small daughter come under influence of toxic @unimedliving #SergeBenhayon
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @EdScottLondon 🙌 @EdScottLondon Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun and made me very grateful to have electricity and running water...“Many I speak to point out the similarities between her father and Epstein” How did Ghislaine Maxwell wind up in…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @Kat_Burroughs It would be interesting to know how recent it is. I feel like the country/ city divide has become mo… is fascinating picture is reminiscent of the bit in Bridget Jones where she slides down the fireman’s pole and hits the camer… I spent a night in a tree so you don’t have to. Here’s my report from the front line of the battle to stop H…’ve been feeling livid about Kanye West, here’s why mental health really isn’t funny
It increasingly seems that British families are becoming smaller, not just more stretched-out
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @francescasteele Dismissive isn’t a good look in a pm!There are lots of very sane people with concerns about the speed of Covid vaccine. This is very much the wrong appr…
Not the point I know but that dinner jacket is a crime
This thread is amazing.
Retweeted by rosie kinchenPeople: I am totally cool about mental illness Also people: hahaha omg look at the famous person with mental illne…
Retweeted by rosie kinchenIt really is. It is grim to take the piss out of people when they are clearly unwell
@ThatJezRose @DippyTango Agree absolutely @DippyTango @ThatJezRose Horticultural therapy is a bit more than “going for a walk”I know nature therapy works because I did it. But charities, parks, gardens urgently need funds to be able to offer…
@DaviniaRamos Sorry only just seen this! Hope you found someone
Reading Norman Foster on the “snag-free” door handles on the Boeing 747 is an amazing insight into the geeky mind o… a profile of the enigmatic Amber Heard as she gets ready to give evidence next week you are looking for a pacy summer read, her book A Double Life, is one of the best I’ve read in a whileSpoke to @PhilbyWrites about Kim’s legacy, betrayal and fancying Dominic West (awkward)’m an unashamedly sentimental gardener and I love this interesting article
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Touch wood ffs Ian Botham was... interesting While I can, I’d like to widen the pool of profile writers I commission at the Observer Magazine. If that’s…
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@wigsandwords @mcwomensforum Sorry to hear that, I hope you’re okay x @annavanpraagh @harrywalker1 @TagHeath It would make a lot of sense for the free quota to kick in earlier or be mor… @harrywalker1 @TagHeath Exactly, a two year career break is hardly an easy thing to bounce back from @harrywalker1 I think lots will be doing the same, and people (mums) will have to stop working as a result. It's awful.Beach hut waiting lists are the only waiting lists worth being on is very soothing to read but our childcare system has been in such a mess for such a long time that I can't re…
The Spectator is growing fast: we now outsell two national newspapers. We’ve returned our furlough money, now we’re…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @PeterAlanRoss No I think it’s just cosy. Why, is it weird? @PeterAlanRoss Mine has colonized my seed tray (head to the left in case you were wondering)
@timjones6119 I’m just very suggestibleI’ve known Julian Lewis for a long time & have great respect for him. He is a real expert on defence issues and we’…
Retweeted by rosie kinchenMy problem is that whenever anyone says “read this thread” I actually f*cking read it @octaviabright_ @ELLEUK Brilliant piece @ptrhydn Exactly @ptrhydn I'm not saying it is a bad thing- but it's huge demographic change and I'm not convinced that we're prepared for itToday's @aliceTTimes column is excellent on the Downing Street frat house:
Retweeted by rosie kinchenThis has been happening for a while and isn't discussed nearly as much as it should be
Told my son I’d lost my face mask this morning and he went and got me this, so you suckers enjoy your £100 fines 47% more likely to lose jobs than fathers, women 70% of part time workers & part time work fell 70% in firs…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @JohnDav18241692 Thanks grandad John 👍A pitch-perfect notebook from @j_amesmarriott is so bleak, especially when half the country is hooked to a drama based one woman's experience of rape
Good luck to the mighty @Joeli_Brearley + @PregnantScrewed who have started legal proceedings against the gov for i…
Retweeted by rosie kinchen @jenlipman @JonathanDean_ very true!