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the children are our future and it's in good hands
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan just any other book.............please
@seanbgoneill the worst part about mine was when the girl finished our religion teacher got up on stage and went “g… @seanbgoneill a girl at my school once performed this acappella at a talent show and I’ve honestly never recovered @JNkappers hate this tweet @benforeman_ that’s impossible it’s a made up place ben. Doesn’t existu only realise how ridiculous a place England is when u leave London and the train is like “now approaching upper w… normal country
@alimkheraj WHATThe fact that they somehow made Billy Crystal sexy in When Harry Met Sally...THAT'S the magic of cinema.
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigani'm a dickhead you conceptualise the formation of a new country known as 'The Island of Ireland'.
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @AnnaCafolla the accuracywant to take a moment to welcome the man in the turtleneck into the ra
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It nearly this time of year I’m very scary Guess who?
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganbroke: apple watch woke: eRosary bracelet @sarahmanavis I’m “saving” this video to watch later, BA test kitchen is officially now my prime time tvmust be SO hard for english people now they actually have to give a fuck about the north of ireland, thoughts and p…
@fudwedding who needs proof she whacked hernobody: every woman on the shoreditch high st to peckham rye overground: these are my veja trainersAmericans: I’m Irish Everyone: that’s fine Irish people born in Ireland: I’m Irish Law: nah u ain’t fam
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganthe photos from the shaun the sheep premiere are sending me and beauty twitter what growth vitamins actually WORK? i lost loads of my hair during chemo (duh) and it's sti… live in a society..............
@izlew I blame the farmersI consider it a personal attack that GBBO hasn’t done a vegan week this yearEntirely predictable frm DUP 👇'Step outside party shackles' so we can ensure NI remains shackled to an archaic abor…
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Britain still views the Irish as their subjects and thinks that we can be registered as British for their convenien…
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Leeds, circa late 80s. Another great image by Peter Mitchell.
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @seanbgoneill omg this works for me every time thoreposting this article I wrote for the summer issue of @i_D bc I’m still fuming about that fucking! dumb! extinctio…
Conversations about fast fashion are really important. BUT this says more about the person who decided the FIRST ta…
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @alimkheraj morning!
me but since february happy mental health day y'all!!! fence but reading ur complaints about rihanna vogue interview is worse than reading the actual rihanna vogue interview @brianoflynn_ lol i literally finished paying off 3 installments for 3 vaccinations today -- over £500, loves it! @tom_usher_ omg in the thumbnail i thought this was that woman off bake offthis piece from @seanbgoneill about stephen gately's influence on young queer people in ireland, on the 10th annive…
ffs you're all going to ruin the fun of the coleen rooney story with endless thinkpieces aren't u 😔
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganrebecca vardy is a toutcolleen rooney has made the internet good again"... it's Rebekah Vardy's account" has to be the best use of ellipsis I've ever seen
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganhas anyone had a really great or a really bad (paid for) meet and greet experience? DM moi xo
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @moya_lm yeah ryan's content sucks
screaming at American drag race fans trying to understand blu hydrangea’s accent is everyone on LinkedIn a fascist
the festive szn is coming! climate apocalypse is coming! read my article here! Belfast
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@tash_wynarczyk I would be sexy mr tayto
do u think blu hydrangea will do nadine coyle or arlene foster for snatch game @seanbgoneill the mystery was settled by that Harland and wolf lookpls RT this so the americans finally stop taking credit for halloweenno one: absolutely no one: nobody at all: me for the entire month of october: IRISH PEOPLE MADE UP HALLOWEEN UR WELCOMEsarah ewart is a hero. i'm thinking about all the people forced to travel to access abortion today – 21 will do so…
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finally lost all my chemo weight GOOD RIDDANCE BITCH @brianconey @AnnaCafolla what a summer @douglasgrnwd just @ me u coward @moya_lm @fulfil have never been so jealous @AnnaCafolla big ‘mephedrone in the mandela hall toilets’ vibe, this
and that’s on periodt, luv.
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigancompletely obsessed with the photoshop job on mariah carey's christmas tour announcement slimane being paid millions of pounds to produce a SS20 collection that was basically missguided’s “jeans and… once got in a lift with David Beckham and didnt realise bc the other person in the lift was a woman with really i…
A year after a landslide vote for legal access to abortion in Ireland, hundreds take to the streets of Dublin today…
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganthe irony of protesting for a soldier that was involved in shooting people for protesting
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganand also rugby is of course only for class traitorsnot to be rude but I’m kind of glad Japan beat Ireland bc Ireland’s call is the worst song of all time and I hate hearing it @CharlotteGush not a secret they just don’t release names until the shortlist haha! mine is brotherhood 🥳we have absolutely no choice but to stan
MAMA, I MADE IT to add that this book is inspired by my da and when I told him I made the longlist he demanded to be “played… @fudwedding ahhhhhh thank u!! @stephanieboland to protect the cow’s privacy xxi made the longlist for this today and I’m absolutely BUZZIN can’t lie a therapist asks you what your mind is like on a daily basis
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @annetdonahue ok but I would watch this tho @fudwedding @moya_lm @clairemhutchy emo queen @fudwedding @moya_lm @clairemhutchy stacey orrico deserves our continued respect @moya_lm there is only one correct answer @TVsCarlKinsella SURELY it's welcome to the late late show with me, michael latesu leave diana out of this
@genofeves @AnnaCafolla I once got interviewed for the stephen nolan show about whether we gathered at city hall to… @AnnaCafolla lmao my ma banned me from the venue and I'm still raging about it @ameliargh ugh pretty ugly little liars is like crack to me tho @AnnaCafolla quick trip to fresh garbage first xxfirst harry's baby now this the queen really wants everyone to stop talking about her son being a pedo and how she… into this 'goth teenage me at catholic school' look
normal country @tom_usher_ what absolute touts
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @alimkheraj when we all finally forgive her for 13 reasons whywell this is very upsetting @ameliargh then she was gone by lisa jewell lmaohook it directly to my veins pls
@AnnaCafolla @JNkappers can’t believe this Claire I wanna run to u xx @liamhess @AnnaCafolla no I’m absolutely fumingas the person who wrote the internet's first VSCO girl article (😜😜😜😜😜) i'm begging u to stop writing VSCO girl co… feels v post apocalyptic right now but also a bit like when it rains at the end of a 90s rom com so i'm into it tbh