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we should have put our foot down when Irish americans started saying “patty’s day” but we did nothing and now look… a doubt the most upsetting thing about being in my late twenties is now when I eat too many carbs the next…
It says a lot about the political culture in the UK that the only person who has faced any consequences for Dominic…
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @lollyadefope I want what they have 🥺men, what’s stopping u from looking like this other day my bf’s mum popped round for a socially distant visit and asked how i was doing lmao joanne do u real… @joelgolby "the aesthetic of sponcon informs real life" is probably the most depressing and accurate sentence i've read in a while like damnmy conspiracy theory is that this is sponcon for simply lemonade DISCUSS do be wanting peri peri though. the duality of mani haven't hugged my mum since february man has ever done so much for O'Neills in such a short space of time
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan
@FedoraAbu omg I have been watching so many of them!! why are they so satisfying and so disgusting at the same timeim still sad tho so what the FUCK @amandarossagain I should get a veterans discounthad a bad day today so I made the TikTok hack cake and did this foot mask I paid like £23 for off amazon replying to every woman on instagram’s quarantine cooking stories with wholesome encouragement be fair, no I don't actually remember that..
Retweeted by Róisín LaniganI know I shouldn’t be surprised and yet im still furious that matt hancock had the GALL to open his press conferenc… @thediyora COVID-19 deaths reported in the Republic of Ireland yesterday. No COVID-19 deaths reported in Northern Ireland today. #Hope
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganthere’s literally no concrete end date to shielding everyone’s been just told to stay in “until the end of June”. c… week sucks and its tuesday’m annoying but it’s like .. who isn’t
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganbooks! specifically these books! i wrote about for @i_D
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @HannaHanra yes I need one!! for a short person @joelgolby @alice_emily i've seen these happening before and always been so confused!! what a great ideajust got an email offering socially distant botox. nature is healing xi do have rollerskates but my bf has banned me from using them on account of the time i fractured my spine xonce I'm allowed to exist in the world again I really wanna buy a bike so I can go places, but I'm so scared and ba…
@JNkappers funny I once lived with someone in greenpoint who woke me up at 3am to ask if I wanted to go look at a bridge @paulbIack I watched this for the first time the other night and cried so much lmao lockdown has done me in @hannahtindle I feel like suddenly these are everywhere???me before and after driving to barnard castle boxed a fucking grizzly bear and it still made more sense than this’s so depressing to see trumps “the media fuckin SUCKS” excuse to deflect all valid criticism has seeped over isn’t itdominic cummings looks like he’s about to tell me that despite making it to judges houses, I will not be going forw… in the car kids. me and your mam are sick so we're going to go and test my eyesight on the fuckin motorway
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganwhat is your favourite time consuming quarantine hobby? mine is making extremely elaborate bowls of porridge @nthnashma @jamesdgreig it just feels so fancy!damn ok u hive 🙏sparkling water hive should I buy a soda stream (non dominic cummings related tweet)
@bearcavingamy sadly the english edition is as shite as you’d expect absolutely love to see it with this image.
Retweeted by Róisín LaniganI love this song @ttoinocontext
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigancrazy how I could absolutely batter dominic cummingsThis van has just turned up outside Dominic Cummings house @SkyNews
Retweeted by Róisín LaniganDID HE GO TO BARNARD CASTLE OR NOT single boris briefing
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganit’s been a while since I’ve screamed at my tv like this
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @laurassic_parc grma 💕💕may this joyful video break up your cursed dominic cummings timeline’s had it all but my highlight has been dominic cummings leaving his house with a finding nemo ball, a film al…
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigankeep going to tweet a really angry emotional thread about wanting nothing more than to go home to Ireland to be wit…
@douglasgrnwd I’m obsessed with herI am begging you to understand that “people on unemployment are currently making more than people working for minim…
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @seanbgoneill I’m gonna be all over the wild Atlantic way, getting the full american tourist experience @seanbgoneill I’m actually in the middle of planning a post rona Irish road trip to keep me sane lolim not glamorizing being a dumb bitch i am just a glamorous dumb bitch
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@joelgolby poke man. sold pokes @thebobpalmer we met on holidaymy bf just shouted at me for this tweet bc “why would u bother coming up with the joke and then use a pic this pixe… plans 2020 years today since our island voted by a landslide for the Good Friday Agreement, protecting the right of…
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganu all think im joking as well dog has absolutely had it with my FaceTime bullshit @BigDirtyFry Hope you’re holding up okay x @laurarfitz @GlastoFestFeed @daisy_bernard this was such a wholesome moment 💕can’t stop thinking about a gram of uranium containing 20 billion calories. the ultimate forbidden quarantine snackme buying PVC trousers and 1kg bags of pick n mix believe it's coming up to two years since we repealed the 8th. getting teary thinking about hugging pals whe…
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @amandarossagain missed ugreat hole
2020 has turned out some absolutely incredible divorce looks tbf
Well, it's been six months, I'm ready for Saoirse Ronan to play an assertive young woman discovering her own strength again.
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganamericans are TAPPEDjust got asked to write something on spec to secure a freelance gig for which the rate was $0.02 a word 🥴I know obviously clapham but hear me out: there’s no point to maida vale and it has a v sinister energy this is a boring dystopian tweet but where can I buy some reusable facemasks pls
oh to be browsing the crisp aisle in a foreign country with someone you love
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigan @danilboparai is this a subtweet about @Fionartley
mine x @Czaroline there’s something about having to remember to cook your own meals and sleep in a bed when u have no ener… @MucusBlack no don’t I’m so obsessed with this case @danilboparai oh thank god u got to this bit i was dying to mention it!! RIP to a real one 🥺My Plans: 2020:
Retweeted by Róisín Lanigansorry for not responding i am completely disconnected from reality
Retweeted by Róisín Laniganhas boris just decided he cant be bothered going to the press briefings now or whatall I know is when I lived in america my fridge was filled with the daily essentials: orange sunkist and york’s peppermint patties ONLYwhy do Americans always have massive fridges what do u put in there @AnnaCafolla kim is in the car outside waiting on a sausage roll bapcan u believe we live in a world now where kourtney kardashian knows what a centra is
imagine emerging from a quarantine spiral to see daniel o’donnell belting out here I am lord at your kitchen window… bravest thing I’ve ever done is move to england in the middle of the neknominate craze @Donnan_S mine had a dinner party last night I was fuming lol