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Father. Husband to @TheLHC. Makin shit fast @facebook, Former @reddit, @ubnt, @StackOverflow. ❤️ Metal, ReactJS, Keyboards, Mice, Semicolons.

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Joe Biden vs Donald Trump debate would be HILARIOUS to watch. Please don't make it a reality.
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Apparently this morning nothing but 2 day old, plain, and COLD pasta will do for breakfast 3 year olds are weird af
Intelligence is the Great Filter. @tarynpivots Nope. Not in the slightest. The *only* hope we have is that it touches a "National Security" nerve so… I'm dying here haha
@SwiftOnSecurity Of course it is. How was there ever any doubt? How the hell are we *still* surprised after 4 years of this shit?Ugh... to clarify, I got a second lampUpgraded my office lamp from a 600 lumens bulb to dual 2300 lumens. Anyway, can anybody recommend a place to get new retinas?
Template string support for literal types in @typescript has got to be the biggest game changer in a while. [cries… @brian_d_vaughn @GameStop I literally can't facepalm hard enough at this wtf
@SwiftOnSecurity Jesus fuck just... NO. WOW. No. No thank you. Nope. NOPE. HELL NAW.Never read the comments. @lizardbill @kevinmontrose and @JasonPunyon used to call it "Friday Driven Development" (still might, not sure).Time zones are friggin weird man @brad_frost Just imagine having so little of worth in your life that expending energy to write and send this seems…
@ken_wheeler an $80 electric chainsaw was one of the better investments I've made recently.Listening to the isolated guitar tracks for Master of Puppets, and wow... they sound like complete shit. If ever a… who says tonewood doesn't make a difference in how a guitar sounds hasn't been listening. @brian_d_vaughn I feel this. Had to turn this on a while ago, unfortunately.'d say probably @ServiceStack, followed closely by @reactjs @GremlinHunter1 @HamillHimself That's... a good point. @HamillHimself Lost me at "GOP apologizes to nation". Literally unbelievable, would never happen. @DavidKPiano Dude... ouch. I mean, true. But still... owww.oof
Do I go fix up all the misspellings of my names in the music publishing databases so I can accurately get my royalt… @Nick_Craver lol... I didn't even see what you were referencing, I'm just traumatized by that phrase @Nick_Craver @Nick_Craver @thefarseeker Oof... that train wreck finally made it out the door I see @ken_wheeler Oh man they got to you. I did a small project for a school about 15 years ago, those people are never… @endcycle And I for one welcome our new POSIX overlords.As much as I love me some macOS, this is some seriously gourmet shit right here. YES Summer is finally over. Good riddance (until next year). just keeps snowballing 😑 if y'all seen Photobucket recently, but it's a hot dumpster fire of suck
@aurelgasser @aaronshekey ooooohhh good point. yeah that makes much more sense. @aaronshekey @aurelgasser Stomachs of European decent generally have a rough go with Indian food, don't they? I me… @aaronshekey I mean... THEORETICALLY @aaronshekey Depending on how bad they are, that can be more a curse than a blessing 👀 @aaronshekey lmao I didn't make it to the last note the first run through I involuntarily twitched when it happened, it physically hurt me @JasonIsbell @aaronshekey Thanks, I hate it. So, so, so much.Ugh... I need to stop arguing with people about remote work and actually get some work done, damnit. Grumble grumble...Ya know, Windows on HiDPI is pretty damn good these days.
@bretcope I just saw “meatball” on NASA’s site so I’m gonna go with that as canonTIL the NASA logo on the side of the Vehicle Assembly Building is called "the meatball". @peteplaysmusic wow that case is snug afOMG Karabiner Elements works with Big Sur now. My nightmare is over @marksbirch XMen 2000 was awesome, and X2 was also pretty good. Great casting and it looked like they were going to… @marksbirch I dunno man. That FF movie was sooooo terrible.
@lizardbill I will say that J-Law’s makeup job is much better in DA though @lizardbill The X-men need character development. You can’t just jump us into an ensemble and make great cinema. It… Apocalypse is pure, unadulterated, hot garbage. A dumpster fire on full display. It’s almost as bad as the Fantastic Four reboot.Gotta stay on brand worst thing I can imagine is the fact that we’ve saddled the Zoomers with the responsibility of rebuilding Demo…
@endcycle @JacksonGuitars yeah, it's a @JacksonGuitars USA KE2 Eerie Dess Swirl Ya know, just a guitar I've been drooling over since the mid-fuckin-90sScrew sports cars. For my midlife crisis I want guitars. #NewGearDay @shog9 Sure. Still doesn’t need more visSo that Hays Stanford piece of shit is now spouting some nonsense about working 100hrs a week The same “what’s st… you're anxiously awaiting UPS and you hear a big truck outside and go look out the window but it's just FedExHooooooooly shit this is the most 2020 thing on the god damn planet @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 The other issue here is where you draw those bounds. Apple does not have a monopoly on smar… @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 I actually agree with you on those points, and I think the point that Epic is trying to mak… @brian_d_vaughn "pretends" Giving a lot of credit there... @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 Circling back to this, are you implying that Apple has “cornered” a market? ie: that Apple…
@juliasilge ooooof :( @juliasilge is this US? or regional?Oooooh 100% it's Ubiquiti. Because it didn't exist. There was zero onboarding. None. @Stevoisiak @shog9 @gortok @sklivvz I'd be 100% behind Epic no questions asked if they didn't do that, tbh @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 Tbh this is probably the main reason I’ve never gotten into iOS dev. Charging a fee just… @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 Yes exactly this, to both points. But I’ve not got much faith that Apple with change any of… @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 I don’t disagree. But at the end of the day that’s what the deal is between Apple, devs, an… retrospect, avoiding the 3080 launch was a good decision. @gortok @sklivvz @shog9 What you get is the guarantee that the app has been vetted by Apple and adheres to the guid… @jceee24 I'll try tomorrow. Every time I tried delivery they gave me an error message saying it wasn't available.Fiiiiiiiiiinally got my PS5 pre-order in at Best Buy. Had to switch around stores, but it eventually went through a… In summary
@shog9 @gortok Curious, what government protections are you referring to? @shog9 @gortok Hmmm good point. Murky waters, for sure. @shog9 @gortok Which again, I don't think Apple's doing anything wrong. Shitty and generally unfair, probably. But… @synchrony you're probably aware, but I can't log in to my account. Constantly getting an error and asking me to log in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @gortok @shog9 I also don't disagree with Apple's stance of "I want my 30% no matter what". They built the product,… @gortok @shog9 But still, ultimately I believe this is Apple's playground, and I'm not sure I agree with the idea t… @gortok @shog9 I didn't particularly gather that Apple was calling Epic's behavior fraudulent, I got the impression… @shanselman Don't lie Scott. That's a FaceApp version of you isn't it. @RichSeviora I am exciteOnce again, regardless of whether or not you agree with Apple's policies, Epic *agreed* to abide by them, and then… you see "simple" and "just" together in a sentence, it's usually neither @aggieben @ken_wheeler Watch that 8th amendment, bruhProbably because "Millenial" is an amorphous term that is more related to "the younger generation that does things… @lizardbill I only have the two hands, unfortunately(You gotta know what's coming just from the thumbnail)What's stopping you from coding like this? video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a…
Retweeted by rossipediaWhat's stopping you from coding like this?'s stopping you from coding like this?
Retweeted by rossipediaThe rejection of the premise that anything about this is desirable or valuable in and of itself. @jlongster @acemarke Or did I just get whooshed @jlongster @acemarke Ok now I'm confused... are y'all talking about Rome.js? The JS dev toolchain? Or Roam, the net…' rainbows and unicorn farts over here today