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Father. Husband to @TheLHC. Staff Engineer at @reddit. Former @StackOverflow Dev. ❤️ Metal, ReactJS, Keyboards, Mice, Semicolons. Opinions are my own.

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There was a point where my girlfriend (now wife) and I were scrounging change for $1 pizzas at the supermarket and… will never forget what it's like to be poor.
Retweeted by rossipediaNice touch that the voice of the Iron Legion in Age of Ultron is James Spader as well#DarkThoughtsThings will get worse before they get better.That doesn't mean the internet is wrong. Or connecting people is wrong. There's a lot of good that comes with techn…, though... there's an outlet. No matter what your poison, you will find people online who share and reinforce t… wants to hear it, but there's social value in ridicule, historically. The town {insert perjorative here} us… @_developit If you still support IE11, you deserve all the pain you're gonna get.
Generally not a fan of infinite scroll on websites. But hot damn it’s perfect in the Kindle appYou can replace "giant network of surveillance cameras" with pretty much anything tech related theses days. is all about making things easier. After a sufficient time you get to a tipping point where enough tech…, monied, 20 something, righteous tech hipsters are my least favorite people on the planet
Retweeted by rossipediaRemote work isn't a reaction. It's a recognition. An understanding of the fact that requiring people to colocate a… sick season could be over already, that’d be greatAnd finally…the circle is complete.
@technicallyjosh @rustlang Told you, dude. It’s legit.Because of course he did. GOP is just rubbing it in our faces now going “yeah? What the fuck are you gonna do abo… API developers, Please please please please do not use 200 OK as your error status. ❤️
Retweeted by rossipedia @rossipedia Always worth remembering...
Retweeted by rossipedia"Meritocracy" is a rather thing veneer of bullshit. First and foremost, nobody gets paid what they "deserve". You… seems like a win all-around @shanselman literal lol @shanselman point being: Mooch is talking out his butt @shanselman well, I mean... it *can* be. "exponential" can take a couple different forms </pedant> @DavidKPiano Remote is a requirement for me. Been full time remote for 7 years, never going back.Fuck it, I’m telling her about Yggdrasil
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And here’s my 3 year old son eating a frozen piece of cinnamon raisin bread Like a psychopath
Oh god... it started feeling weird at 10ms. Latency truly is the worst @MonicaCellio @shog9 @netflix GoT @MonicaCellio @shog9 @netflix a couple years ago I'd have said you're missing out. now I'd say you're one of the lucky ones.You wanna know why Bloomberg is getting such media attention? Because the GOP would absolutely LOVE it if he was t… @Jhnnns More than happy to take a look, hacks are welcome :) @Jhnnns I do. But as I said... reasons. It's a sanity check as this module is supposed to be externalized, but I wa… initial ideal is to attempt to require() a module name that's a pre-generated UUID. But I'm wondering if there's a more elegant solution.ok #webpack peoples: I want to cause webpack to error if a specific module is ever included in the bundle. Not at r… Ok, fuck that. Fuck that to high heaven. it's our fault for being so distracted with fluff that we let practically anybody who wants to get elected to C…'s leadership is spineless know I'm coming from a rather privileged point of view in that I'm entirely self-taught (actually a HS drop-out),… @zachcodes @dan_abramov Lambda isn't free. Doesn't matter how they spin it, you pay for it. @shog9 @gortok @StackOverflow plans don't mean anything if you end up taking too long to execute on them.Just... wow. This album is always going to hold a special place in my heart. When I originally tracked the music f…'The Drug In Me Is Reimagined' is out now! A new take on 'The Drug In Me Is You' in celebration of the album going…
Retweeted by rossipedia @kentcdodds I've read a few studies backing up the idea that people who get married quicker tend to stay together l…
@bradygaster does this supercede the `hub` cli tool?Color me fuckin' shocked. China gonna China @RichSeviora honestly the labels are kinda useless for me at this point. only the alphas are accurate anywaysI don’t have a problem. You’re the one with the problem. :-p @tenderlove supertweets @Aimee_Knight Hot take: burnout is always a people problem
I honestly can’t help but admire the GOP in a way. They’ve so completely blinded their base to anything resembling… @jlongster $30/mo for email is insane for anyone. Full stop.For some reason I wanted to listen to The Real Slim Shady this morning. So I went to YouTube. They censored out "K…'ve heard plenty of warnings against premature optimization over the years but I've found that premature generaliz…
Retweeted by rossipediaI lost brain cells trying to understand this thread. But I did read the word "Byzantine" more than I ever thought… People with mechanical keyboards:
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@googlechrome At least there's an open issue with it: Still, annoying as hell and breaks all sorts of form inputs.Looks like @googlechrome broke the Intl.DateTimeFormat hour12 option: Works as intended… literally have no idea what is going on at Stack Overflow's blog. It's just a black hole that writers are hurling…
Retweeted by rossipedia @theHumbleBeing @DavidKPiano s/will/has been/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Please don’t ever make a junior developer... or any developer, feel stupid for asking a question. Remember where…
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@DavidKPiano var is still perfectly valid in those scenarios where you actually desire the hoisting behavior (as in… Zelda Rap commercial… it varies depending on how much attention I’m paying. If I’m actively daydreaming or imagining, then 1. I… built an air quality sensor and I'm starting to think the only IoT stuff that won't "go bad" are diy things that…
Retweeted by rossipedia @enriquel8 sorry @lizardbill Ooooh not quite, but that’s a great runner up. It’s Willow. @enriquel8 It’s a custom build: the Corne. Case is an aluminum limited run IMK (, PCB from… watching the best fantasy movie of the 80s.I'm not Maher's biggest fan by any stretch, but I agree with him whole-heartedly here. The idea of winning by play… may or may not be well past the "more keyboards than devices to use them on" point... 👀At first I hated the lack of a number row. But there's something strangely addicting about the minimal layout @gortok Dragon: "Don't talk to me or my son ever again"
This is a very bad & dangerous answer.
Retweeted by rossipedia"Why do you get paid so much more than me? What makes you so senior?" "I've failed more times than you've tried." @aggieben To be clear, this is the first time I’ve ever had to change the DB in 20+ years. @aggieben Currently in the process of swapping out a DB on two projects. On one, we’re just gonna bite the bullet a…
Look, I'm in software development. I understand software licenses that are tied to the user. I get that. And if tha… @TheLHC @lockekeynetflix I would watch paint dry with you honey 🥰Eyyyyup. Was thinking about buying a Tesla, but this is a hard deal breaker for me. @gortok Oh god no… please no. And I love RustI mean, it just boggles my mind that companies still do this. Apple became the most valuable company in the world d… @gortok Yeah... feels like a somewhat unreliable business model 😬The lack of focus on the Stack Overflow blog makes it feel more like one of those content/traffic farm sites that I… @vcsjones why it's not just "restart" or "reboot" from Run is beyond m e @shanselman …while also not dismissing the preferred paradigm of other programmers 👍 @markdalgleish NiceTuesday: Light dusting of snow, School District delays day by 2 hours. Today: 6+ inches overnight, over half the d…
@jc4p 👀 Tbh tho, naw. If it were tabs v spaces, then yeah. Probably.Come November, Trump can just declare any results he doesn’t like as invalid. And he will. And his followers? T… I’m being hyperbolic. Maybe I’m just scared and don’t want to be surprised. I hope to god that I’m wrong. And… Pelosi did with the speech ? That’s what the Senate did with the Constitution. With democracy. Your vote. W… know what? Fuck it. I don’t care who you vote for. Come November, it isn’t gonna matter anyways. The GOP is a… @Rich_Harris I agree about right tool for the right job. But I'm not convinced it's as simple as CLI vs GUI. There…, although with a caveat: Don't try to recreate a fancy GUI in the CLI, just make a simple CLI. Text in, t… is the great equalizer. The CLI will outlive any and all attempts to kill it. Although I'd be happy to be proven wrong.I feel you, Rich. I really do. But to be real, people have been trying to "kill" the CLI for decades. I've personal…, I f'kin hate 3 yr olds some times.. running away from me screaming bloody murder all morning because he doesn… @tailwindcss You see, I fucking hate writing styles. I also hate naming things. And I love @adamwathan
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