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Ross @RossJNicholson England, United Kingdom

Potterhead. I make stuff. He/Him.

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And I’ve done a fair bit of the roof. @ThisIsGuido Thanks! Just taking a break from the cupboard.Finished one section of the Godric’s Hollow house (apart from the glazing) #Art #Craft @SilentTheatre1 That’s even more rude. @SilentTheatre1 Sounds familiar!Doin’ a window #Art #Craft @evolvoodoo I work in a care centre, so I didn’t have to pay for it.Just ordered a COVID antibody test. Apparently it’s not a small prick 😬
An understated trainer. @creativeblock_ The prize pratts in the replies 🙄 @materialboytjie I see.Obviously it’ll still be me who gets paid. Any takers? No? 😜Have to go back to work tomorrow, technically today. Anyone want to go for me? @toolegs It’s not me, is it? 😮
Did a bit more painting #Art #Craft @mcqueen_melissa @thechrisbarron She does! 😊
❤️ caturday from the Lulu @thechrisbarron @katya_zamo This bloke went too far.’s David Thewlis in Only Fools and Horses. take yourself over to Etsy and treat yourself. (If you want a link to a specific one, let me know in the commen…
Retweeted by RossTwitter just does not want to behave today. So, I won't link. I'll just put these here and tell you that you can fi…
Retweeted by Ross @AgathaChocolats Tiny archaeologists dig up skeleton.Never, ever forget.Remember that we were capable of horrific things. Do not forget. @AuschwitzMuseum Love for this man. I wish I knew the name of every single person murdered by the Nazis. They deserve to be remembered. @thejeffreymarsh I love you ❤️
@MeltingSwans Talking about how it’s hard to debate with people, and locks their account ❤️ @MeltingSwans She’s padlocked her account.Where some people say “Fighting for the rights of women” maybe they should really say “Fighting to take away the rights of trans women”?🤪 @SilentTheatre1 As what? @trixiemattel There’s probably some really old reason for it that’s really stupid and outmoded, and really old.‘ere, what’s the UK equivalent of ‘Drinking the Kool-Aid’?Why do people think the remaining members of the EU need us more than we need them? It’s absolutely fucking ludicrous. Delusion.There’s probably also an element of people wanting to be seen as kind more than they care about actually being kind… can’t stand those “I bet no one will share this” type posts on Facebook ‘cause it’s usually using others/other’s… @OddlyYvie I won one of the signed artwork prints ❤️ @sueperkins I think perhaps the trouble is the cards we hold feature Mr Bun, the baker. @Woodkid I have two; In Your Likeness and Reactor.Painted one section of the house. The paint job is deliberately untidy, ‘cause that’s how it is on the original bui…
You kind of get an idea of how it’s going #Art #Craft was Rihanna breakin’ dishes? Was she at a Greek wedding?Bloke waxing lyrical about the good old days. The medieval period that is. Fuck’s sake. @KathyBurke Same. By many, many things these days. @JOJEHARVEY I imagine Robert Lindsay could be made fo look like him and, because we’re probably more used to him in…’s a new @Woodkid album out at midnight ❤️ Apparently it’s been 7 years since the last one 😮Yet there’s some bloke saying this is virtue signaling, that deniers should be given a platform to express their id… not all that interesting but I am pleased with how they turned out, with the texture and everything.Beams for a certain Tudor style house I’m making a miniature version of. Made from card #Art #Craft
@smithskaye Thank you! @btcarter @donttrythis Yes, the Cupboard Under the Stairs.Ariana Grande says she can’t wait to give us her new album, but I don’t want it. @MeltingSwans Haha. Yeah! I wouldn’t mind being that small sometimes, so I could hide from people. @MeltingSwans Haha! No. People often remark on how surprised they are that I can do such small intricate things with my “Big fat fingers”. @ColJc2 Thank you very much 😊 @materialboytjie Ahhhhh, thanks! 😊 @materialboytjie Am I? 😮#TalenthouseArtist @lexehlex Thanks! @leaky @wizardingworld Recognise this? It’s a miniature diorama I’m making. @CChristoforos @donttrythis A few people have thought that. Thanks very much! @donna_clayton Thank you.And a cheerful biro sketch #Art #Drawing Bagginses portrait #TheHobbit #LOTR‘Baked apple’ I made from clay #Art #Craft Christmas dinner things I created #Art #Craft vial holder I made from card #Art #Craft a replica I made of an Azkban Prison ID.’s some ooooold 2D stuff. inspired by the original prop and demiguise cookie from Kowalski’s. Both made using clay.
Retweeted by RossFairy in a bell jar, wand made from clay (original design),little person, miniature set of clothes #HarryPotter
Retweeted by RossDon’t like the Howler anymore either, ‘cause it’s not accurate. Hand of Glory, potion/potion ingredient bottles and holder, apothecary/potions box, Golden snitch and Harry’s n…
Retweeted by RossI don’t really like the book anymore. It’s one of the first things I made though. Scamander’s feeding chart, The Monster Book of Monsters, Newt Scamander’s beast sketches, Dumbledore’s portrai…
Retweeted by RossNewt Scamander’s suitcase, light box based on a scene from The Tale of the Three Brothers animation, the Sorting Ha…
Retweeted by RossReplica I made from scratch of Newt Scamander’s suitcase from the first Fantastic Beasts film. I also tried to repl…
Retweeted by Ross @Discordaddams1 @OddlyYvie But is it really a waste if you became a great drag queen?I’m going to post (probably retweet) some old artwork. If you’ve seen it before, just shut your eyes. @MeltingSwans I didn’t. I cheated. Shrunk it and printed it 🤫This is how small they are. I show you my teeny Hogwarts acceptance letters? Here they are, just in case. @Woodkid @JimmyKimmelLive Goliath? @LlewellaGideon That’s nice. We were given forget-me-nots at my gran’s funeral. @ab_iron @donttrythis Thank you!
@worst_tweet Thank you! @JOJEHARVEY Joke! ❤️ @JOJEHARVEY That’s brilliant! It’s really nice to hear some good news. Fingers crossed she gets back in touch ‘caus… @JOJEHARVEY Have you heard from your long lost friend? @akrazia, @EmoBurd, @Nils_Foerster, @AutL78, @jake_worrell Thank you for following! @jimbodragclown ❤️ @thermo_vending @donttrythis It’s not real 🤫 @MacKimBo She was the best thing in it! I never believed that the woman herself was like the character. @thermo_vending @donttrythis That’s magic! @oom_rl Thank you! @thermo_vending @donttrythis It could just be that all the elements were put together in such a way as would fit th… @thermo_vending @donttrythis No idea. @Judgementus_VW @donttrythis Thank you! @JakeWeinmann @donttrythis Thanks! Someone else said something similar in a prop group I’m a member of. They though…