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And to all, a good night.... #G1CLIMAX30NJPW G1 Climax 30- Night 4 Results (9/24) B Block Heats Up
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV2020 is weird still don’t think he will, but Naito is making a serious case for winning this year’s G1Naito’s next opponent is Goto 👀It’s for sure coming, Naito has been stretching these matches. cuts it close to the time limit yet again, sneaking out a win over Zack Sabre Jr. Have to wonder how long Nai… my 30min Draw fans at? Okada going through...something...Naito is poised to be the Ironman of this tournament. This is his second mat… Block has the best mix of styles imoI bought every single nearfall. Seeing YOSHI-HASHI start to fulfill his potential (and possibly surpass it) is legitimately heartwarming @RossWBermanIV On the list of things I thought I’d say, “Naito and ZSJ are gonna have a hard time following a Yoshi…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVEVIL gets the win but all eyes are on YOSHI-HASHI. YOSHI-HASHI has stepped up his game by 200% this year, what a match! #G1CLIMAX30That finishing stretch was insane.An extended Butterfly Lock nearfall on a former double champ..., like YOSHI-HASHI, comes at you fast. #G1CLIMAX30“Oh, Dick Togo!” -Traditional Japanese Saying #G1CLIMAX30I feel like Juice’s “Sweetboi” comments got under YH’s skin, so he’s taking it out on EVIL. #G1CLIMAX30EVIL wisely taking a seat for the two minutes it takes before YOSHI-HASHI even walks through the curtain…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVIt’s been a wild night, so I’m not sure I can count YOSHI-HASHI out on this one. #G1CLIMAX30Juice now has an argument for challenging for the US Title challenge certificate. He wasn’t in the NJ Cup USA, so t…, beating a guy like KENTA in Japan is a sign of serious things to come for Juice.Two left hands and a Pulp Friction sees Juice Robinson get a career-defining win over KENTA. KENTA pushed Robinso… @KarenNerdsOut I’m not so sure of that. I’ve seen what they consider “Family Friendly”Clearly where WWE went wrong with KENTA & Juice was not letting them try to murder each other for 15min. #G1climax30🎶Whoa Black Betty🎶’s face is an entire mood. way KENTA bounces on that DDT... is not fucking around, Juice needs to get his legs under him or he’s in danger. #g1climax30Juice had an easy time against the “Ichiban Sweetboi” YOSHI-HASHI, but KENTA might be Too Sweet for him... ...Ok,…“You must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent.” #G1CLIMAX30 but this really is yano's year
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVYano is 2-0. Tanahashi is 0-2. 2020! #G1CLIMAX30
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVToru Yano doesn’t let a little thing like being blinded by athletic tape stop him from getting a VERY Yano-esque wi… adjusting his tights while countering a wristlock is a big flex and I must respect it. #G1CLIMAX30Hiroshi Tanahashi will not stand for hateration or holleration in this dancerie. #G1CLIMAX30Hirooki Goto fights through an injured shoulder to put SANADA away with GTR. The new look is seemingly cursed, as S… was a crisp Ushiguroshi too.“Look at me, LOOK AT ME! I am the Goto now.” #G1CLIMAX30 is using his injured shoulder to throw elbows at SANADA. A bold strategy to say the least.If KENTA was able to disable Goto’s dominant shoulder then Goto might already be done in this tournament. #G1CLIMAX30This match is going to be good.Finally figured out SANADA’s new look... #G1CLIMAX30 submits Uemura to get revenge for night 1’s loss. Night 4 of the #G1CLIMAX30 is underway!Tsuji busting out a goddamn Oklahoma Stampede👀#G1CLIMAX30 one is just for me, I think.“Noodles, I slipped.”“No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve: ask for me to-morrow,…, I’ll see you all at 5:30am ET for night 4 of #G1CLIMAX30. Naito/ZSJ EVIL/YOSHI-HASHI Tanahashi/Yano Juice/… Starks & Taz with Kingston/Fenix/Penta would be MONEYEddie Kingston and TAZ!? Am I seeing this right??Getting Kawada & Kobashi shoutouts on Turner TelevisionNaitony Clifton
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVHe needs to start getting the goggle tan lines around the eyes. @ZombieArmyCraig Yeah literally tweeted this right before everyone in the women’s tag was also in Red & Black lolThis was supposed to be a throwaway, but honestly if we take this thing more seriously the 392 days is well within… @CraigxMitchell Congrats!! @ShaggyBlack in black & red. Cody in black & red. Just observations. #AEWDynamiteUntil there’s a vaccine, “392 days til the Jericho Cruise” reads like a threat @Midlod Oooh, points are made. Valid points are made.I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. #AEWDynamite after he slams the leg into the post, that’s the Stardust moment.Just a little bit of Stardust showed up in that beating. #AEWDynamiteThey sold me on some of those nearfalls.Fire Ant LivesReally feels like they’re building to a shocking upset.I think Orange might win this, holy shit. #AEWDynamiteI kinda want Brodie to squash Orange here. Break some hearts big man, knock his head off. #AEWDynamiteIt’s Orange Cassidy timeThis was a Miro leg injury tweetShitttt
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVStone Pitbull: Tough & Hard awake enough to say, oh WOW OK FUCK THATVery nice, very not evil. You love to see it. and Gayle Sayers. That’s it, I’m going to bed.RIP Gale Sayers, damn.At this time, we would like to confirm the passing of Joseph Laurinaitis aka Road Warrior Animal at the age of 60.…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV @Tarratastic It’s only night 3. I gotta save SOMETHING for October. @KarenNerdsOut Putting it in my back pocket*realizing both Jay and KENTA could count as “Florida Man”* the best headline I’ll get to write for the G1, short of “Florida Man” entering the tournament. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVJay White has attacked and dethroned Kota Ibushi. #G1Climax30It’s Demon Time. #G1Climax30#G1Climax30 lack of debuts for the first time has really made this G1 feel like a sequel to last year’s tournament. Even Su… year’s finals are tonight’s main event. Ibushi says he’s going to become God, but he’s going to have to go thr…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVHit him in the throat again, that was great.Tough AND Hard? In this economy? #G1CLIMAX30SOON! Taichi counters the Gotch Piledriver with Black Mephisto to get the win over Minoru freakin’ Suzuki. Taichi st… just kinda roaring at an unconscious Taichi is an image.