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@BoogieDogCHI I almost said “I don’t have time to go that far back, I have a dog now” and then remembered that you… @BoogieDogCHI I’m not going THAT far back (though those matches RULED) but I figure start with Kidman winning the b… doing a deep dive into the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, starting with the WCW Cruiserweight Title’s…’s not addicted to crack, he’s addicted to crackin’ skulls. Listen to the lyrics. @RandomSegments It’s not over for anyone until Super Tuesday. Iowa was a clusterfuck for everyone (even the “winner… still know who I’m voting for in the primary, but a few folks were very impressive in last night’s #demdebate, so… me out: revive the Syracuse Saltine Warriors with a less racist mascot. stars. No notes. to technical issues, tonight’s #njroad results will have to be part of tomorrow’s #NJPWed.THREE HOURS TO GO! IWGP Junior Tag titles are on the line! Roppongi 3K are on a roll, but they've never beaten t…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVyou know the real problem with bernie? it’s not radical leftist ideology or democratic socialism, it’s that this tw…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV @colettearrand My girlfriend is obsessed with Macho Man, and it’s given me a new appreciation. He was operating on… H wanted to watch Wardlow/Cody. @markhoppus Not everything...’m honestly sorry for giving you the mental image of Michael Bloomberg cumming while his balls are pulverized by a stiletto.When you feel millions of people step on your balls at once... Epstein is dead so Mike Bloomberg has to get his kicks SOMEWHERE. If that means spending $500million to g…"...then they changed the algorithm." is this generation's "And then they closed all the factories"
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV @Phylan
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVAfter a brief media blackout, Elizabeth Warren has returned to the national spotlight, drinking a cold beer out of… I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Wardlow looked good as hell in defeat. @ryansatin Interested to see what they do with Balor next week#DemocraticDebate’m not used to saying this after a debate but I have...hope!? #DemocraticDebateANNOUNCEMENT! I am not in CHAOS. I just saw people going to the ring to honor Tiger & assumed everyone was coming…
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IV @KevinInChains I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees it.Elizabeth Warren, soaked in the blood of Mike Bloomberg, high fiving staffers and petting her dog. #DemDebateHe’s dead, Jim (Pt. II) have a buddy helping with #WWENXT results #DemDebate is a callback and Bloomberg is Trump’s stand in. @astweetedbyRP This is an audition.Don’t kinkshame the former mayor of New York tweets don’t seem so bad now, huh Mayor Bloomberg? #DemDebateCharlotte Flair gets to wrestle the greatest wrestler in WWE, AND Rhea Ripley. Gonna be a fun spring. #WWENXT*here *whoopBianca Belair interrupting Green & Carter in the middle of their match saying “I’mma let you finish,” “she doesn’t… Lee holds the record for quickest win in the USA era of #WWENXTWho am i supposed to root for in GYV vs. Forgotten Sons? #WWENXTI KNEW it looked bigger this year.Smoke one for Stallion Cup. #WWENXT Dusty Cup trophy failed the wellness policy, is suspended for 30 days. #WWENXT“Where’s our golf cart?” “YOU got it impounded.” #WWENXTEveryone please keep your shoes on though. @MikeKillam Did you also watch Star Trek V: The Final Frontier today too? @bpritchard152 The exalted cutoutBalor promising his “next move,” next week....#TickTock? #WWENXTDevlin & Rush are putting on a fun match. I still wish Garza was involved.He’s dead, Jim. took the belt off Garza why? #WWENXT @mattkoonmusic Admittedly Cody doesn’t have to win to get the match, but it’s pinfall/submission only so I could se… @TheAdamBomb90 Someone suggested MJF make the referee declare him the winner by forfeit, and I’m kinda on board. @Lola_Bradbury No pun intended but I feel this tweet in my pores. @MrWarrenHayes Jason Jordan has hairNo one: Anime character getting hit into the ground:
Retweeted by Ross W Berman IVHonestly, I built my whole prediction around them not jobbing out Wardlow in his in-ring debut but this ALSO makes… & Sasha are the (non-Uso) definition of Day One-ish @RandomSegments @ItzzzWoody I figure you keep him off TV until the PPV, then have him jump MJF in Chicago. @TheAdamBomb90 Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a confrontation at Revolution to build to the match at DoN.It all boils down to Wardlow. I can’t imagine he’s gonna look like a goof in his first match. They seem smart enoug… @ItzzzWoody @RandomSegments Yeah then I’m holding strong to my prediction. @TheAdamBomb90
@RandomSegments @ItzzzWoody It’s just feels like a feud they can easily extend. Hell, maybe they’ll find a way to m… @astweetedbyRP 100% @ItzzzWoody True, the language is just vague enough that Cody can lose and still get the match.’m making my prediction. Wardlow beats Cody in the cage, and they hold off on Cody vs. MJF until Double or Nothing.The fact that I went to F Is For Fake, two different Jakes, and Billions character Oliver Dake, before getting to “… GELLAR *as the waiter takes the menu from him and his date*: WE WERE ON A STEAK! @BriannaWellen @SHO_Billions I’m bored and my dog is asleepROSS GELLAR *standing on Christopher Denham’s shoulders during an episode of @SHO_Billions*: WE WERE ON A DAKE!ROSS GELLAR *wiping frosting off the bottom of his shoes*: WE WERE ON A CAKE!ROSS GELLAR *losing power during band practice, just as they were getting to the ska punk song*: WE WERE ON A LESS THAN JAKE!ROSS GELLAR *looking at art forgeries with Orson Wells*: WE WERE ON F IS FOR FAKE!ROSS GELLAR *surfing in a Richard Nixon mask*: WE WERE ON POINT BREAK!ROSS GELLAR *standing on top of Jake Paul*: WE WERE ON A JAKE!ROSS GELLAR *wearing a big mustache and tossing pizza dough in front of bikini clad women*: MAMMA MIA! WE WERE ON-A SPRING BREAK!ROSS GELLAR *holding a hoagie*: WE WERE ON A LUNCH BREAK!ROSS GELLAR *with a cigarette dangling from his mouth*: WE WERE ON A SMOKE BREAK!Imagine listening to conspiracy podcasts when there’s...*gestures to the entire recorded history of music*Vegas is weird, cocaine is bad for you, folks.Podcasts always start out like “hey I’m gonna interview my buddy about stuff he’s done” and then when the metrics s… @AytchDeeThang SameYou might say it wasn’t in a match, but it was in an NJPW ring, and the fall was counted by Tiger Hattori, so techn… Hattori has officially pinned Okada more times than SANADA.Grandchild: “Grandpa, what was 2020 like?” Me: “Every other week I would stay up until dawn and watch old Japanese men cry.”The year is 2035. Hiroshi Tanahashi is delivering his farewell address at his retirement ceremony. The 10 bell salu…’m just in awe of this look, and want to own every single piece.Between Liger, Nakanishi & Hattori, I feel like I’m watching a lot of old men cry in 2020. #njroad #ThankYouTigerA truly legendary fit on Keiji Mutoh. #ThankYouTiger #njroad!!! #ThankYouTigerMUTOH!!!!!!! #ThankYouTigerHiroshi Hase!!!!!! Holy shit!! #ThankYouTigerKABUKI!! #ThankYouTigerThey're just letting everyone beat Okada now. #ThankYouTiger #njroad have no idea how SANADA’s hair works, and that is what makes wrestling great. #njroadI have no idea how Okada’s light-up jacket works, and that is what makes wrestling great. #njroadTiger Hattori wiping tears away between matches. #njroad #ThankYouTigerIf this were WWE, instead of having a series of retirement matches, Manabu Nakanishi would just be repeatedly murde… continuing to make...choices. #njroad #ThankYouTiger