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Nintendo Nerd, weeaboo trash, kind-of cosplayer & streamer @twitch Business:

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@Meg_Kaylee Girl don’t even start with me!!! I’ll come over there!!! @Wizzologyy It’s not mine either but I feel the same way 💖 @Wizzologyy They are intentionally escalating things @thatnerdviolet That’s disgusting. I’m absolutely appauled. There is no excuse for this“They’re just trying to do their jobs” WHAT THE FUCK IS THEIR JOB THEN???? If their job is to protect people, ho… @LilChickerfilla @JordanUhl @Slasher What exactly is their job??? Cause I thought it was protecting people, but if… @LuxieGames Hahahahaha Luxie I love you @Meg_Kaylee You are so freaking cute oml @breadwitchery @MCUltimateEvent HAHAHAHAHA it is SO fitting for you to have somehow gotten stuck inside of a wall a…
😱LIVE😰 The biggest minecraft noob ever joins the biggest PVP event in minecraft history (I think?) Going live now… @sophiabottt 😨 spare me @BootyHaver AHHH @anything4views YES CHAD
😌LIVE😌 Doing my makeup on stream because I didn’t want to be super late!!! After that a lil bit of sonic followed… Donate if you can, everything helps should be killed for the color of their skin Racists shouldn’t be in positions of power People shouldnt be… @thatnerdviolet IM ON MY WAY RIGHT MOW YOU HAD BETTER PREPARE
@thatnerdviolet WHAT A BABE @xoGlitterTV Weird, maybe it’s just where I live but I could swear this is exactly what men look like!?? Huh💖LIVE💖 GOOD VIBES!!! On my egirl shut today!! Having tea and hanging out and then we’re finishing up sonic adventu… THREAD OF WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by PapiMARSHAL ARE YOU GOOD????? @RainAlexander1 Of course @mintydragons @thejoannagraham Yoooo this is spot on @sairaspooks Again, still mad they didn’t cast you 😡 @thejoannagraham My cosplay comes up as the 11th and 12th result when you image search for Ramona Flowers @LucyL96_ Dude same @DylPixel_ Thank you dyl☺️Got sum cool shirtz :^) just wanted to share @sairaspooks Pls don’t, I forgot this side of me existed and I’m not ready to face that demon @RadiationGhoul @breadwitchery THIS RESPONSE IS EVERYTHING @ChillboBagginzz ITS SO BEAUTIFUL WOW @third_artifact Lmfao what the fuck!?? Honestly I’m not surprised that a guy who looked like that would do that tho…
@ChillboBagginzz You’re hecking CUTE @negaoryx Okay definitely fair cause this is a kids movie from 2010 called Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it’s actually supe… it’s twitter and I know I have to be clear, this is a joke. I don’t expect all men regardless of nationality,… @Pikaclicks You can definitely make it work!!! @Pikaclicks YESSS @iDraggSkope Ayyyy we love to see it @umolinaXII You got this @breadwitchery CUUUUUTIE 😍 @AlekosMontoya21 I mean me too so I feel you @finamenon I don’t blame you @Nothowey It’s a joke friendo you look great as is @JustDekker Dekker you look great so don’t sweat it @373RN17YPL46U3 That’s rodrick energy and I respect it @Pikaclicks You’ll get there someday 😌 I believe in youDear men, what’s preventing you from looking like this? @NavajoPrincess_ If it’s the girl in the gif I kinda see it!!!Papi / Papi @CandyCakesTV If that happened to me I’d probably just lay low for a while and then try to grow on YouTube I guess?… @indeimaus 😳 oh noAnyone else repeatedly have that stress dream where you’re changing or getting in the shower and you look to your l… @AshleyRoboto I’ve known multiple people that would tell me something that wasn’t true and then when I didn’t belie… @PaladinAmber Caterpie? More like caterpenis amirite? @JustSeum 😏 @mattor_man My thoughts exactlySome music just hits different at night, you know? @neekolul @PhillyD Now that’s TASTE @bubblywaffo Lately I’ve been liking using a small amount of lipstick then blending it out!!! I’ll usually set it with a powder blush too!
Btw we are streaming some sonic adventure 2 for a bit of you wanna come by and watch me make my chaos kick butt in… @BloodyfasterTV T....teacher? 😳 @Ku1tsu @microwavedpeep you have dishonoured the brodo code >:(I’m not wearing blush my face is just red cause I am remembering that time I called my fourth grade teacher mom and… @pokimanelol CUUUUUUTE @BloodyfasterTV You are your community are both SO AMAZING I am endlessly proud @neatoqueenRL That’s so sweet I really appreciate that!!! I have struggled with getting the confidence to put mysel…
@neatoqueenRL FUCK YEAH CONGRATS!!! @breadwitchery In person I straight up look like someone punched me in the face in order for my face to look like i… @BikeMan @breadwitchery HARLEY WHO IS DOING YOUR CUSTOM SKIN????? If I can’t play well at least I can look nice or semi threatening!!! @JustSeum I LOVE YOU THANK YOU @BikeMan I DO MINECRAFT YESTERDAY WAS SO FUN😈LIVE😈 I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!! Today we are kicking it with more Sonic Adventure 2 and Chao raisi… @shaperka That sweater is sooooooo cute!!! @Ka23Water Carti I wanna go to Pluto I think?This fits the song wayyyy too perfectly
@negaoryx CUUUUUTE @senuftheculture You realize there is 277 hours of one piece. If I decided to watch it as the only anime assuming I… @BloodyfasterTV GIRL OH MY GOD @senuftheculture There is no way in hell @littlesiha @StJudePLAYLIVE YESSSSSS KILL IT @AshleyRoboto You are so freaking CUTE @ReturnoftheZack Yes man @breadwitchery ASTRONOMICAL!!!! @EdgarAlanBro724 Don’t hate me..... I’ve never seen shawshank“Hell yeah I have enough time to sit down and watch a movie!!! I can finally get to that list of movie recommendat… @carlitocarls 3 point lighting system!!! 2 lights on the side and a ring light in the middle!! Adds dimension to yo… HEAR THAT FOLKS??? WE GOT THE OKAY TO START PLAYING WII GAMES IN THE RETRO TAB NOW!!! @BikeMan BIKEMAN NOO Those bottles are two different sizes????? How does this happen to you????
@btflglitch @breadwitchery @UnsanityLIVE @Novaleesi DAMNITJTJTIRIUEHDJS NOOOOOI @btflglitch @breadwitchery @UnsanityLIVE @Novaleesi LOL HARLEY YOUR FIRST WIN WAS GUARANTEED ANYWAYS LOLOLOL @ChillboBagginzz LMFAOOOO @DioxideDolly OH IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE TURN IT UPPPP @Ashewyn IF THEY DO DONT DO IT ASHE @ChillboBagginzz 🥴 treating it like it’s an unsolved math problem lmfaooo @shaperka I was making sure that I couldn’t see chat write the answer 😅 @BikeMan THIS IS HOW I USED TO DO IT I FORGOT @osxdude That wasn’t the point i was trying to prove I could do 5th grade math LOL @osxdude This video is cut it took me like 2 minutes LMFaO @rickyberwick This is why I do trust girls 😌✨ epic prank