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Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @kayrosso1 @CarlBeijer LolGaddafi did it first
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @DSA_RACIST It’s the disability I struggle with the most but that’s because im trying to be an academic lol @andraydomise Cory Booker messed her brain up @imjustliketony CringeThanks for 25k. Please stop following meHe’s in @REDACTED50 EPIC STYLE :D @old_lotion LOLthere's a gosh dang vegetable in the white house
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @amanofhisage @cupofteapool I was @illestkhanate Same @cupofteapool Lmfao WHEWWWThat’s Barack Obama
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawganyone else feel absolutely nothing @cupofteapool checked and it’s still up thank god'm never gonna be comfortable with the media's wholesale reinvention of biden as a soothing or healing politician…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgMayor pete seething that he didn’t win thisBiden’s brain making the dial up noise trying to process this poem @JerryghiniHigh @Notazmxr Historical fact is a cope lmaowhich is why it’s going to be oh so delicious when they continue to let us rot for absolutely no reason @JerryghiniHigh @Notazmxr The soviets dealt 96% of german casualties but sure, that was the last time we as a natio… love how he keeps invoking peace, democracy, and decency but can’t bring up any historical examples of the US promoting that @IsaacD_homme @Absurdosic Owned @CarlBeijer Crazy, that’s the only time most of us felt alive in 2020“What are the common objects we as Americans love?” Drone strikes and statutory rape? @K_Black_Type_R IlyGOT OUR FIRST MLK MENTION“Stop the shouting and lower the temperature” lol fuck you segregationistBiden being sworn in surrounded by nothing but flags for the dead, the military, and the lifeless ghouls that are h… as the posts go you begin to enjoy the work, feel free to toss me a couple of bucks to help fund my archival sub…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgTomorrow will be the first day of the #FDRvBiden project, tracking both men's terms simultaneously for the first 10…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawglove watching bejeweled celebrities sing to a sparse crowd of oligarchs and military to celebrate an ancient segreg…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @paulsef GODthe last thing you see before you're confronted with the intersectional nature of the multiplicity of your offenses
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @SusanBruiser Knew I couldn’t have been the first one @ChillStableGuy That’s so coolPresident Elect / Apple II / SSI / 1981
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgbabe are you okay? You've barely touched your Narcan
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @tomorrowsashes Yup I had just seen them the night before at echostage @fentyyhoe SETUP @djmikeharvey MeI tweeted this basically for @PUNISHEDASHfollow the homie @Tryhard_Radio I think it’s my calling @pderevere Thank you!!! @eatinginmycar Proud of you🥳By popular demand I made this intro playlist to celtic music. This is also the one and only playlist I'll ever make…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @eatinginmycar How’d it go?its wocky slush wednesday
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @LivCIAPlantEmoj LfggggI’ll never forget how liberals used the election of a far-right billionaire to gin up anti-communism.
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @DoorHinge9 Hey @syntheticenvy :0I have been pardoned by Donald J TrumpSurprise! You’ll never guess who’s funding this think tank trying to drag us into nuclear war!!
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgits wocky slush wednesday
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgCompletely feral. No longer able to bask in the illusion that anything is redeemableI think the next few years are going to make me go ape mode @notkristiane I’m leaning into itSays a lot about the Squad who have been silent over Julian Assange, while people like Sarah Palin call for him to…
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgI just reclaimed the soul of the nation
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgI’m going to reclaim the soul of the nation
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgJoe Biden must do a fortnite dance to restore the soul of the nation @garfpooop Just my fb flashback lolI hope they play Paul walker see you again for the covid memorial bitThey should hit the whoaJoe and kamala should wear timbs to the inauguration @antisisyphus Reverse it and that’s me @KinskyUnplugged PARDON TAY Ktay k
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @andraydomise HFJDJDJJDJFJFJFJDNJDhas anyone made shadow moses in animal crossing yet @MeganBitchell Yup @captain_german No @captain_german No @andraydomise Love uim bony @matrixreloaded_ Where are you watching it? It’s impossible to find after they took it off Amazon @emergencyzackup That’s right @murderer_real 🤣 @popularloner23 Beautiful @42WhiteRose It was stupid you didn’t miss anything. So low energy years ago today
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawgTrump has pardoned Revolver Ocelot
Retweeted by gaming disorder pawg @cursed_ape :) @pcasper2 Love him @Leninsbians I’ve seen every one like 3 times @justinboldaji @lukeisamazing I often play fighting games standing upUploading my pussy to the chiral networkHe’s watching james bond