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@Prof_AJScott @McAfee Is it a piece of software or is it just an extension on Chrome? @NParticipacion It is baffling. @MelissaSusTeam @HogFriendly @NCLSusCampus They are solitary animals but when there's free food available that rule…
@SFMBreitenbach @NUGeog @MikeRogerson7 @OlaKwiecien3 Low Force is beautiful. There is a great walk between the two waterfalls too. @LaurenceBraith1 @DanielFooksArt @Emmabarnett I suspect some of her parents employees experienced poverty. @TomLondon6 He knows and probably has known for years that this electoral suicide.#Starmer endorsements @SocialistVoice @piyakhanna @Richard90850020 Including his take on BLM? @michaeljswalker If you watch the interview again he didn't just distance himself from BLM's defund the police issu… @michaeljswalker Usual centrist garbage of banging folk over the head with a self perceived knowledge of the proced… @AlanDersh Never your own. @normfinkelstein Brutal take down, Norm. 😂 @michaeljswalker There are arguably no standards.
So... this cute game called Outsider: After Life (by @OnceABirdGames) was released a few days ago. As a puzzle game…
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolThis is so cute! Thank you! ^^
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @HelenMcCallin I have a friend who is a landscape gardener in rural Yorkshire for some pretty big estates. Every da… @HelenMcCallin He had asked for porcupines first in his defence, but I always try and show him how great our wildlife is in the UK. @marthasydenham @suziegeewizz @aarjanistan @StarmerWorried Surely he cannot be that stupid to believe this zero tol… @HelenMcCallin I was teaching my youngest about beavers earlier today and I was disappointed that his enthusiasm di… @michaeljswalker The ratio is strong on this clickbait. @michaeljswalker Getting that clickbait vibe. @4thandJawn Is Trox a real person?😳😳...In the USA app store...
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@sunlunpete You look class pal. My hair is wild too. @sunlunpete Great photo Pete @channel5_tv @NUGeog Steve Low is a class act. @AlanDersh Norman Finkelstein's accusations about you were 100% correct and you ruined the man's career and denigra… @AaronBastani I am blocked from whoever it is. @DanielFooksArt Love it
@AaronBastani Fella got sent home from work today because he wasn't wearing a mask. @ITVNewsPolitics @PaulBrandITV This is straight up propaganda.
So at 4pm today (I'm told) a Statutory Instrument was laid down. To allow pubs to open at 6am Saturday: 14 hours'…
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @MelissaSusTeam @HogFriendly @NCLSusCampus What ink do you use, Mel? @jon_swords You just described my whole day. @SamTarry @CommonsTrans @HuwMerriman @unitetheunion @lloyd_rm @peterkyle Marvellous, Sam. @michaeljswalker This would of course create jobs. @OnceABirdGames Not surprised by this. I am onto my second play through and noticing so much more detail I missed t…😃😃😃 #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity #wow
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolGreat review of Outsider: After Life #android #ios #Gaming @joejglenton @ashropshirelad_ Ahh I am starved of good YouTube content of late, it's a desert out there. Love all t… @ashropshirelad_ @joejglenton Link me please. @joejglenton As somebody who was raised (albeit not strict) as a Christian, I never understood how anybody reading… @jezzurps @WilliamsSharrie @MalcolmJenkins @PhillyPolice @6abc Respect the Wire reference pal 💪 @MalcolmJenkins @MooreMaya Incredible @DanielFooksArt @ms_czapla That gif is beautiful
@OnceABirdGames People really need to play this game.The message "please stay in Leicester" might go down better if the Prime Minister's dad hadn't fucked off to Greece.
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @SocialistBloke @TheProleStar @CCleePolitical Coincidentally, Cummings is a Wearman. @SocialistBloke @TheProleStar @CCleePolitical High poverty where Grimes is from compared to these two. @SocialistBloke @TheProleStar @CCleePolitical She is from Tynemouth in North Tyneside. Grimes and Cummings are from Durham.New games that we love!!! ^^ #indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @michaeljswalker How does the current budget compare to similar nations in the EU?A friend made this... 🤣🤣
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @joejglenton Got to hand it to them, they handled this very well. @MsiDouglas @valentinolazaro Would love to see him play more. @OnceABirdGames What a game!Outsider, the single camera shot sci-fi puzzler we've been working on in the past four years, is OUT NOW! Android:…
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolIt's been a long time coming but I finally got #Outsider installed from @OnceABirdGames. I decided to take a sneak…
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolThe game #outsider from the portuguese studio @OnceABirdGames and published by @Rogue_Co is a point n ’click advent…
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@DawnHFoster Corrupt af🤔
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolPlease watch this 35 second Magnum clip. I have not stopped laughing.
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @LouiseRawAuthor @jdpoc New grift @suziegeewizz I had a beard before the tedious hipsters moved in and gentrified it.Bournemouth fans in fine voice as the final whistle blows. @JoshuaVirasami Perfect articulation of the argument to defund the police.Forget about whether Kier ‘Tough on Crime’ Starmer is on board with a BLM *movement* demand. Make defunding the p…
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @shonfaye *how you do it @shonfaye As a father of a child who has very recently started this journey I have become overtly aware of the host… @AaronBastani It is a bankrupt sort of populism isnt it?I am sure that I read that Newcastle United @nufc were going to feature prominent advertising of local charities an… @novaramedia @AaronBastani I don't know where he stands on any issue. I guess we have a few years to find out but a…
@PaulGriffin_ @NUGeog @JohnClayton78 Will read this in the morning, Paul. The very last conversation I had with our… @benjaminbutter @mattzarb He made a trap and you came in an laid down in it. We will let you out of the trap in the morning.The dodgy bloke who sells used tickets to drunk students outside Jesmond metro is back. Nature is healing.
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @mattzarb That was some manoeuvre Matt. You're agile. @Williamos6 I disagreed with Labours plan to increase police budgets. I am not anti police but our relationship wit… @JacketPotato97 The media support him. Otherwise he has no qualities. @novaramedia @AaronBastani Great show @AaronBastani. @PalyJen Nah I reckon you would make a great supervisor. The structural barriers in academia are certainly amplifi… @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC Think Yemen is only rated as 1 football nation on football manager 20. @PalyJen Yeah I am yet to apply for a PhD because of this. I have already suffered impostor syndrome my whole life,… @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC And the savings of having of kids move into the first team. Hoping these Saudis spend a… @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC That's bloody miserable for you. I know you share my belief that youth and training fa… @Prof_AJScott Will have a read once this migraine has buggered off. @TeddyHickmott @AaronBastani @IWTheDarkPrince @Keir_Starmer Teddy how can you back benefit caps and campaign to end… @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC You think it is in danger of losing this category? @YoungFabianBAME @Keir_Starmer It is a lot worse than him simply dismissing that one demand, in the interview he di… @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC Is there an academy with a worse record in recent years? @JimmyMackem @SunderlandAFC Worst academy ever @tom_usher_ Beautiful. @Rodders52699341 @ClaudiaWebbe @bbc5live @Emmabarnett "Cleansing" wrote the brand new account. @andrew_dowd @mainlymum @eapbee @ClaudiaWebbe @GazNorris15 @bbc5live @Emmabarnett I thought I had blocked you in the past? @Simon_Vessey Green Party's stance on BLM: @suziegeewizz Im a member of the GP but like a lot of members I supported Corbyn and thought Labours Green Industri… *Rooseveltian New Deal*? I don’t think so Barely worth the ticket to Dudley
Retweeted by A Blue KagoolDidn’t expect him to be this upfront about it tbf
Retweeted by A Blue Kagool @JamesFl @ronanburtenshaw How else would you describe it? 😂 @IRBFUK_org_uk @SpillerOfTea @Keir_Starmer Farage was just the punchline to the incredibly bad joke of that interview.