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Developer Advocate for web / Chrome at Google. I’m practising development.

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@jaffathecake Atmosfear. The prerequisite is that it needs to be a group happy to shout at the television.
@gguuss Demands AirmilesThink I'll grab a drink or ten and re-watch John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness". A bit of escapism to a bett…
@g33konaut ➡️ spoke to everyone who was involved in reporting the story of the little boy in the hospital, the Tory lies that b…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @terabaud The one I've heard from a few people is to add a small cover charge.Despite all my rage, I am still just a quick note to say that I am a bit of a martini.
@MylesBorins @bgalbs I'll still sometimes type tweets and messages in a separate window when I can't remember if Enter or Ctrl-E… @adambroach @ericlaw They say some of these people are still trapped in the basement to this day. @estellevw Those endorsements are an important part of career growth and opportunities. 2020 goal is to have one group photo where I look like a human being who knows how to smile instead of something…
@ericlaw Our office lifts make you select a floor first, then get in the indicated lift. As a result, I now often p… @DasSurma I have a very particular set of skills.🤡🧠 Tweets are people's genuine experience 🆗🧠 Trust, but verify 🌟🧠 Trust nothing, everyone has an agenda 🌌🧠 Making y… worth it for learning about the Terrible Claw Lobster.
@kosamari I am very much enjoying the translation here.
@ThijsFeryn This is amazing! Let me know your schedule, we'll come up with a scheme, and I can keep schooling mysel…
@Psynian Correct combination, cheers!
@estark37 @justinschuh @carlosjoan91 Love it. Can I just opt-in to this as a permanent theme, plz?Eating this again right now because I am on a C-food diet. through the thread for some interesting fingerprinting techniques in the web. I'm on the fence about the perso…
@jennylg Foþs @ryszu I think they were only on a $1 salary so I don't really know how they could have saved anything for retirement.
Little #googledocs perf tip, if you swap out the last part of the path (usually /edit) on the doc with /mobilebasic… @RReverser @jsoverson Exactly this! DARE YOU. ☕😬✈️ but accessible exploration of the upcoming #SameSite cookie 🍪 changes. You've only got 2 months left to fi… @asgrim If it helps, I would happily eat it again. We've had one lunch, yes - but what about…I have, of course, combined these in the time-honoured tradition of The Three C's to make currywurst, chorizo, and… from home 🌭
@tomayac You and your solutions! What am I supposed to complain about now? Good point though, blocked.wishing I could make content this sublime
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @CodeFoodPixels @threadreaderapp I've heard more convincingly sincere statements from my mp. @threadreaderapp @thegreatgonzo This is a virtual ulcer. @CodeFoodPixels @threadreaderapp I can feel an eye twitch building.Why Twitter makes me hate everyone 1/527The worst thing about Twitter threads is every fifth post being someone tagging that useless thread unroller bot in… @rob_sheridan @TheOnion "Riding the J O bus" is my new euphemism. @dalmaer One of my interests was hobbies and interests... How deep does this rabbit hole go?
@dalmaer @ehsanakhgari @humphd Yes! I love the idea of a privacy Geiger counter that can highlight how and when you…
@ben_nuttall Smashing. @RReverser @hashseed @mathias There's one thing that I want you to know Since you used this quote tweeting gizmo Yo… @ben_nuttall Sporty two door model, I see. @Ocramius Trying to think if I can deny this... @mathias @hashseed @RReverser Going to spend all day tomorrow working on my 27 piece Greek epic on appropriate use of work computers. @RReverser @mathias @hashseed #haiku time Twitter complaining When I should be working too Ironic wind blowsActually, I'm just using my time out of meetings to schedule more meetings. @mathias @RReverser @hashseed You asked for this @mathias :P Having these colleagues is a perk and I'm not saying… @RReverser @DasSurma On Thanksgiving week? Bold strategy. @DasSurma (Apologies, can't believe I didn't make this my immediate initial reply) @Paul_Kinlan @DasSurma I declined the No Meetings Week invite, too busy.It's half past two in the afternoon and I have been out of meetings long enough to turn my computer on. @johnwilander @thezedwards I think the implementation is small, sure. However developers have been able to take the…
They're on and I'm watching them answer questions right now. Jump in!
This makes conference videos so much more #accessible ♥️ Need to know everywhere a given topic was mentioned? Want… anyone active on #mastodon ? I want to follow some people there, but it feels a bit quiet… people mirror from Tw… 4.1.0 is live. Note the SameSite fixes depend on .NET Framework patches.
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @Log3overLog2 made a critical point in his CDS talk ( which I think is often misunderstood.…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @paulmatthews86 See, that looks much tastier!
@RReverser You're angry because I'm right.Oh, I forgot my actual controversial opinion. All #soup is a watered down version of a better food. Literal weak sa… @mattsmcnulty @Paul_Kinlan @aerotwist That we need start the trademark process immediately?This is gorgeous and you can get the PDF straight from the British Library @Paul_Kinlan @mattsmcnulty Do I earn crypto for sharing via these? KinlanKoin? KinKoin? KinLoin? @holly Threaded posts in the timeline made me wonder if this was a cat / alpaca cross. @paulmatthews86 Default is just a ragù since I can almost do that in my sleep, but it also makes a difference for b… @paulmatthews86 15% more meat, 100% less taste. 😋
Always get the high fat meat, it tastes so much better. 20% fat beef totally changes a meal. Maybe this isn't contr…️⃣ Enable 2FA 2️⃣ Delete phone number
@katie_fenn @MakingMonzo Strong finance sector tweet right there 😋 @juokaz Sounds like a smash hit.We need to change developer attitudes 🕵️ From: gather *all* the data, you might spot something later! 🔬 To: decide…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @CiaranMcNulty Admittedly both approaches can be twisted to the game of, "Let's decide on the result we want and th… I guess this is kiiiiiinda a #perfnow subtweet, but I didn't want to "well, actually" what looked like a really… being it's far too easy to pick up components of personally identifiable information without intending to or… need to change developer attitudes 🕵️ From: gather *all* the data, you might spot something later! 🔬 To: decide…
#PWA #PSA: Please add relevant offline functionality to your web apps, because it gives me something to do while I @kosamari @aerotwist Bring your hol(iday) self to work.
Woohoo, after removing `const`, `async`, `fetch`, `for…in`, and even `String.contains` this will now work as far back as Chrome 30! @mrdoob Also, geolocation to add the ${your_city} ${month} ${year} loading title plz 🍜🤖 @yoavweiss @perfnowconf MooTools meetup?Quick sketch for Blade Runner day.
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @thezedwards This is just in a WebView so I can try it on a variety of... vintage devices.…… but if I want to test old WebViews then the actual test site needs to use JavaScript from about five years ago. 😭So it's going to be on of *those* issues, huh? @CiaranMcNulty Who doesn't get scared when they go offline though?My version of corporate interview [phrenology | astrology | questionnaires] would be watching the candidates' behav…
@Psynian @DasSurma, *you* were answering GitHub issues at 2 am on your day off! Also this is an educational journey, so you're welc… @PhoenixHawk @jonathandavis @webkit We are also tracking the incompatible clients we're aware of here: @PhoenixHawk @jonathandavis @webkit I believe this is fixed for iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 which are currently rolling…
@DeathStranding_ @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @wwwbigbaldhead Oh my... then I got to this little interlude with…📣 ICYMI at #ChromeDevSummit last week they announced @____lighthouse Stack Packs for @magento with platform-specifi…
Retweeted by Rowan MerewoodThank you for the birthday cake @DeathStranding_ Let me just blow out the candles...🙄 Me reading conspiracy about $myBigTechEmployer: Ridiculous, does no one check sources or think critically any mor…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood
🙄 Me reading conspiracy about $myBigTechEmployer: Ridiculous, does no one check sources or think critically any mor… @akrabat I saw the new Microsoft keyboards have fingerprint built in, though I have no idea how cross-platform ever… @jimmy0x52 @sambecker @HoeflerCo 📬