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@EvanOutOfTen The etymology of the friend's name is just… Vidi Vinicius. Victor.
@wimgtr Just try a little, man. You'll see. The dance moves are just the camouflage. It gets a lot worse under the surface.Does anyone know of any artists that work with/manipulate their own personal data? Looking at more and more of th…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @oluoluoxenfree Also @sarcellec does amazing stuff, my favourite being this 🍄 @oluoluoxenfree I've been enjoying following what @Rumyra has been plotting. I mean, it *is* generative, but I thin… a few DMs on help with SameSite cookie issues. Want to say, I'm more than happy to help that way! (I mean, it's… @Paul_Kinlan @jaffathecake I resent that you put this image in my head so I'm sharing it back with you. time at @DevParty_ today talking about 🍪cookie best practices + DevTools! ✦ Check out @rowan_m's detailed co…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @Paul_Kinlan @bgalbs @rauchg I can also highly recommend Doon. @BenLaurie Gotta 10×ꭞ that evil! ꭞ allowing for a 0.1% margin of error
@hexrcs @Una I believe it's German - they say the 'j' differently, so it's actually from "guava" because the nose l… on the special edition of Fellowship are gold btw. @slightlylate Java applets!It's felt like a long week/year, here's a Friday selfie. @Una So many tutorials... @robert_daly @Lady_Ada_King Out of interest, was that just a typo/brainfail or was there something that docs/tools could have made clearer?📢Heads up: in 85, Chrome is changing its default referrer policy to strict-origin-when-cross-origin. By default, no…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @bobbydigitales @danbri Entry looks pretty much the same as my Windows machine. Though, it has highlighted that I b…
Finger puppets. @tomayac @danbri Honestly, it's the journey - not the destination. @bobbydigitales Aw yiss. Now it's running, I'm going to rip out the cruft and restructure so I can swap the optiona… @bobbydigitales @danbri I swear, WebGL on my ThinkPad looks like I'm running a SNES emulator. @danbri It does lack power, but it's just been really pleasant to use. I generally use Linux though, so maybe my ex… @danbri Pixelbook! I've actually been doing all the dev on there too.Apologies for the terrible video, but I hacked in the camera controller and... omg 💜⚛️ I gu… @chaptersindigo @iammeaticus @merbrebner @_ravenclaws I did just test creating an account, logging in and logging o… @webKnjaZ @RReverser I like this. Feels like an opportunity to illustrate behaviour that helps a community. A well-… you're a company that depends on the web platform and a healthy, diverse browser ecosystem then you should inves…
Less than a day to go from plain Canvas to @threejs_org ⚛️ now runs silky smooth! I am basi… send me links to websites that use @SassCSS with sourcemaps? I'm writing some analysis code for it for the W…
Retweeted by Rowan Merewood @bgalbs At least some gratification is still instant
@bobbydigitales @mrdoob I'm warming towards him a little. @bobbydigitales @mrdoob Aaaand, the layout here is, uh... just slightly off, but oh my goodness look how smooth it… @codepo8 @bobbydigitales So, they are all (where supported) OffscreenCanvas rendered within a worker. I was origina… @bobbydigitales @mrdoob Ok, I made it hard for myself by starting with OffscreenCanvas and having never touched thr… @aerotwist @bobbydigitales Oh, I'll take a peek at calendars. I definitely found the worker call tree kind of impen… @mrdoob Yeah, I was thinking the right thing to do would be to draw my sprite types first and then just drop them i… @bobbydigitales Wow, ok... this could be fairly easy! @bobbydigitales Yeah, ok, ok... 😅 I guess I know what tonight's work is then. @bobbydigitales Yeah, I feel like I'm approaching the "learn three.js" point... plus, XR and VR! Still though... sh… @RReverser Plus, if a browser can run Quake 2 smoothly, I feel like I should be able to get it rotating a couple hundred circles. @RReverser Each electron can move at a separate speed and they're actually on individual elliptical orbits. I shoul… @RReverser My experience with was that I was swapping worker time for paint time. @RReverser I will do an alternate renderer as I suspect I can set these up as nested rotations, but it does turn in… @a_bowl_of_stars, ⚛️ is my current nemesis. I've split the drawing across 3 canvas elements, nucleus is o… @ben_nuttall Let me add a task for that.Creating a document for a meeting to talk about the document that describes the process for creating documents… 😭Interested in #Web Security & Privacy? Then attend this Saturday's #GDGDevParty and catch @maudnals talk! Maud…
Retweeted by Rowan MerewoodNow we're getting there... ⚛️ now has: 🌀Fermat's spiral* for the nucleus 🎨 Improved, respon…
@tomayac I knew that dark mode might summon you 😁 On Turbolinks, I like the idea but I think I'll stay lighter as I… @shrikeh @philsturgeon Literally had this tweet sat open as a reminder. I'm asking around. I guess it depends on wh…, never mind. @derickr Yeah, now I have it doing some kind of automatic layout I want to see if I can get to the point of being a… @derickr Also, I think the Chrome-only issue was because I wasn't passing through the atom for the on-screen Canvas. Fixed (probably). @chris_emerson Ah, I think it was where I wasn't passing the atom through for the default canvas fallback - should be fixed! @derickr Oh no... run! Run as fast as you can, it's not stable!// 📋 todo 🔀 transitions, not page navigation 🎛️ optimise atom config, it's a big blob of JSON ⏺️ Fix nucleus arrang… @tomayac Yes, yeeees... stare deep into the chromium internals... @tomayac Ah, yeah - I've done zero testing elsewhere at the moment and hadn't updated the fallback. Thanks! @bobbydigitales I feel like I shouldn't need a library here, but maybe I can dig into their pack() function. I thi…'t look at anything past copper though, it goes a bit bonkers.Ha ha, it's aliiiive! ⚡ It's a hot-off-the-press, hot-mess, work-in-progress... but you can see where I'm going her…
Now creating the electron orbits, protons, and neutrons just from the atomic number, mass, electron shell layout, a… @davidbrunelle WOW. I am IN. @davidbrunelle I have just read the plot summary for Gleaming the Cube... this is incredible. I can't believe I had never even heard of it. @JecelynYeen This is like actual magic 🤯 @derickr I want to try fiddling with the rotation settings to see if I can get it creating more of a cloud-like ef… to a Potassium ⚛️ atom with 19(!) electrons in a 2/8/8/1 shell and... 🤪 maybe I need to tweak this visualisat…
Now we're progressing! First attempt at a carbon atom ⚛️ with its 6 electrons across 2 shells. Still a filthy hack… @juokaz That's going to be even harder to animate, I think I'll just fling it into the sun. @juokaz I'm going to solve global warming by moving us away from the sun. @bobbydigitales I feel like I am going to hit a point where I need references / tips for optimising / batching the work that's going on.Ha - baby steps, but getting there! @jeffposnick I'm going round in circles!"Oh, this will be a fun little animation!", he thinks. Three hours, several coffees, and a headache later, he was r… @derickr @s_bergmann Because the graphics and sound capabilities of the 1200 were positively obscene for the time. @bgalbs So, I'm just following this math through: if *everybody* bought the stock instead and *nobody* bought the c… @aliafshar You can always point your friend to chrome://settings/content/notifications (or follow through to there…
@solarrsystem I bet it would be out of this world though. @DasSurma Everyone knows how to say that upside down omega thing, right? @Paul_Kinlan I've had good experiences with Laptops Direct They're northern.It's Friday and I got my email under control, so good news - you don't need to send me any more! 📨🗑️Decided to diversify my skillset and become a personal brand consultant for @Paul_Kinlan (he may not be aware of th… @ibluebag The only accident I've been involved in was swerving into this 📞 when I meant to execute a controlled turn to the 🚫 @Paul_Kinlan Oh, wait, wait - actually... I've been working really hard today. @kelly_tengi I'm pretty sure I did add some similar instructions... I probably should get punchier. @Paul_Kinlan Oh, I'm going to call you something for sure 😤 @Paul_Kinlan Hmm and your number isn't in my contacts either... 🤔Seriously, this is your third attempt... From a London number, I know at least 5 people in London and I suspect mor… @shochdoerfer Of course, like... but maybe he declined by mistake!Top tips if you never want to speak with me: ☎️ Telephone /ˈtɛlɪfəʊn/ me ❓ From an unrecognised number 📼 Don't leav… @KeyboardCo I've heard of that! Leaving the house... what a concept. @KeyboardCo Thanks, they can always drop me an email to merewood at google dot com with questions.
@angshah Ooh, yes - I'll practice standing behind a keyboard looking depressed! @angshah Town Meteor @KeyboardCo you have a warning on your checkout page about Chrome on checkout. I suspect this is probably due to th… @tekgrrl Oh, this looks nice. Do you have a recipe? @enricoschaaf @Paul_Kinlan I have my fingers in many jars of jam, so you're good. @enricoschaaf @Paul_Kinlan I actually do need to revisit OAuth... good suggestion!