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Roxy the Tall @RoxyTall Sydney, New South Wales

THOT stands for That Hot Otherworldly Temptress | Angel Vixen

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@MiltBuckner No thanks @munironic Sucks man @FlyIngenuity It’s happening, we’re doing this @MiltBuckner 1000000000000000 @MiltBuckner 7’6 @bobjcomedy Stay away from all of our waterways and you’ll be golden 👍 @nykes69 Lmao @spylastrine 7’3 @lilydont Enjoy yourself 🎉 @nykes69 Worst account ever @bobjcomedy I want Australia today be mysterious to Americans haha @F00LINTHEZ00 You answered your own question, my friend @doc_hollandaise Nice @bobjcomedy It’s pretty neat here yeah :) @RyoHazuki120 Anytime 🙏 @bobjcomedy LOLLLLL @RyoHazuki120 Don’t be @bobjcomedy Omggg she’s upstaging me, how rude (and awesome) @astrochodex Lmao exactly @DoorHinge9 It’s an ibis and totally evil yes @DoorHinge9 I present to you: the Australian bin chicken @FlyIngenuity DOOOO ITTT @Ocerg98 Is it cos you give people thumbs up all the time 👍 @munironic 😞 @DaleL_McDowell LMAO I remember this graph!! I’m not even on it goddamn @munironic Exactlyyyy, we’re finally on the same page here @munironic Okay yes, and truthfully I would never laugh at you @rellortnocon Aww 🥰😘 @antisisyphus Proud of you! @bebephoquechic What are you even saying pleaseeeee, I’m happy you’re back ❤️ @rellortnocon Me @DauntingToaster “sTeP oN mE” @munironic Exactly what part is unrealistic to you? @physics_doer Celestial @Wesley_Barton Okay yes I shall take you, hop on @bebephoquechic OMG YOURE BACK!!!!POV: you’re a tiny person and I’m laughing at you @munironic 🥰
Retweeted by Roxy the Tall @Karlmarxhd @zei_squirrel @inthejungle319 HAHAHAHHAHA @antisisyphus This is good and right @dingo_spice 🥺 @munironic Pretty @FatMachismo Lmao @physics_doer ☹️ @La_boca_es_m1a I just blame myself 😞 @nykes69 But twitter is activism, didn’t you know that? @InternetRascal Sucks man @captpraxis This hurts to seeI have a tendency to either downplay or completely ignore my achievements and to only focus on my perceived failing… @dingo_spice Yessss I love this so much!!!! Thank you! @grimmrad Why do you end every sentence with... @no_goblins Welcome back!!!!!
@sadsleepygirl23 I bet she would ☺️ @perfectsweeties I love it, thank you Thomas 🌸 @grimmrad Are you afraid to say his name? @sadsleepygirl23 Oh she’s quite the character @grimmrad ? @perfectsweeties Cherry blossom @sadsleepygirl23 Save some for me!There is a certain golf course that if I ever mention to my mum that I’ve been anywhere near it, she will pipe up w… @PUNISHEDASH Goals @munironic You have the steeliest gaze everAm I too late to submit?
Retweeted by Roxy the Tall @DouchebagScooby 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @ahumblebunnie I would sprint there if I could @JesseDoctor Yeah it’s good as, and I love chomping on the crispy sheets ☺️ @LalalaLindseyJ Get on our level 😏 @estrozeneca I’m happy you feel how you look ❤️ I’m dead serious when I say you always look utterly amazing @KawaiiSkelli Aw ty ❤️ @bablobiggins Some sort of shebo @JesseDoctor Aw yiss @StefaniaNight The ideal life @ReplyGuyCR1 Nobody wants to hear your terrible opinions @justky1018 That is a criminally bad take. Glad you got rid of that mess! @russianbot3004 I’m gonna have to ponder that using all six feet of my tall body @StefaniaNight Let’s be vapid together 👉👈 @russianbot3004 I’m trying so so hard @SashaMichelle89 @dingo_spice Am I too late 🙏 @munironic ☹️ @ahumblebunnie They’re wrong @Bimb0Slice You are amazing @Sandernista412 Unhinged @biboofficial Congrats!! You look greatFor the sake of my mental health, I’m going to become really really vapid @KawaiiSkelli So what you’re saying is... I am a goddess @AscensionEdible Ty ❤️ @MitchyDelta Extremely @AnriLefebvre Spirits @EmperorCuck 😘 @realcarlytravis Lmao is your avi just you shaving @666SatanHimself 😘 @Mistress_Raven_ Ooooo thank you ☺️ @LalalaLindseyJ Ty!!! I love them @StefaniaNight ❤️ @ItzSimmie Cos it’s all over me ☺️ @bobjcomedy Hi Bob :) @ahumblebunnie *sigh* fineRiverside sunset gazebo date?