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It's nearly time to kick off Christmas! 🎉⛄️🎄 Get your tickets for my Christmas Show at the @RoyalAlbertHall here:…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @RomanFox2 Artists and their promoters are responsible for the creative content of events, and for the reasons outl… @RomanFox2 Hi Foxtrotter! As an artistic institution, we don't support any particular political or religious viewpo… @j8ybb yes, that would be the restriction for these seats. ST @j8ybb The seats have limited leg room, although one seat is on the aisle. ST📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: @Stormzy, @OfficialSting, @IAMJHUD, @RaphaelSaadiq, @coldplay's Chris Martin and @HERMusicx will… @tvsedmatthews Hi Ed! Thanks for letting us know 🙈 We were made aware of this typo and are getting new posters made… better ways to spend a Monday night than rehearsing Xmas carols with @royalchoral - concert Tues Dec 10…
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@LovesTKandSP Hi there. Yes, you will be able to gain entry with your digital tickets. FH🕐 Approximate show timings for tonight and tomorrow👇 🍕&🍷 from 5:30pm 🚪 6:45pm - Auditorium doors and boxes open 🎤… @bryanferry #DidYouKnow that we originally blocked @bryanferry's 1974 Hall debut? That's back when we tried to ban… guys. I'm bringing my interactive (and very silly) poetry show 'Down with the Poetry King' to @RoyalAlbertHall
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: @bryanferry returns to the Hall for two nights and will be releasing his new album 'Live At The R… #FashionAwards take place annually at the @royalalberthall & celebrate the nominees selected by a global voting…
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallThe QUEEN 👑 (a.k.a. Olivia Colman) is back on our screens today, playing Elizabeth II. Quite right too. Olivia gav…
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallJoining over 2,500 young people, volunteers and staff of @OnSideYZ, The Duke of Sussex attended the inaugural…
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@okaddme Hi there. We are expecting the show to last just over two hours, including an interval. Please let us know… @xtinkerbell88x Hello, last year the show was approximately 2h 15. I would expect it to be similar this year, pleas…
@JAMESeHARNESS Hello, tickets for ET are not ready for printing yet, they will be sent out closer to the date. Thanks, Diane.
Very special competition alert: win a page of E.T.’s Flying Theme signed by the legendary John Williams – plus 2 ti…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall📺 WATCH: A little while ago, we had a chat with @m_giacchino and he said nice things about us, so we agreed to let… in now! @DJAFrankenstein is about to give an EXCLUSIVE first play of the new @RealSnarkyPuppy album recorded l…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall.@letterslive ✋ And thanks @Forbes! Signed: "the world’s most famous stage" 😬 📖📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: @katiemelua returns to the Royal Albert Hall for her third headline show in November 2020 🎤 🎟 Pr…📣 NEWS (for grown-ups!): Due to extraordinary demand, we've just added more tickets for Father Christmas at the Hal… for our #CitiesofLove 2020 Tour are on general sale now! ❤️ Get your tickets here:
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallIt’s time to Spice up Christmas!!! 🎄🎉My new Christmas single is out now! Listen, download or watch the video here:…
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallUK! There’s very few tickets remaining for BNL’s @RoyalAlbertHall show next April! Grab yours here before they’re a…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @annafboggi Hello please phone us on 0207 589 8212 Thanks AC
Getting ready..... Will & Neil setting the desk; mixing sound check in preparation for @RealSnarkyPuppy
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall🕐 Approximate show timings for tonight 👇 🍕&🍷 from 5:30pm 🚪 6:45pm - Auditorium doors and boxes open 🎤 7:30pm -…! See you tonight at @RoyalAlbertHall. Pre-order our post mix double CD/vinyl here:
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @ChadIssac_ The Katherine Jenkins tickets are estimated to be dispatched next week, the meet and greet the following week. ST @Andrew_Morris82 Hi Andrew, if you have purchased tickets directly via the Hall then you are welcome to exchange ti… @IdanDekel Hello, it is unlikely and we have not had anything confirmed I am afraid. However, please keep in touch…
@russellquirk @EmmaBunton 🙏🙏🙏 @russellquirk @EmmaBunton You're too kind - thanks again! @russellquirk @EmmaBunton Hey Russell! Oops 🙈 Thank you so much for letting us know - we definitely missed that. We… we spice up Christmas a little earlier this year????! 🎁🎄 My Christmas single, #ComingHomeforChristmas, is out…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @NMHub Have a wonderful day! AMS📣 NEWS: After the @OlivierAwards, @BAFTA Awards, @BFC Fashion Awards, we're very proud to be adding the…⚠ Final tickets released for @aussiefloyd ⚠ Don't miss the world-famous, critically-acclaimed tribute band as they… @IamGrahamPorter If you booked through Ticketmaster, then you would need to contact them for advice. Their phone nu… @IamGrahamPorter It depends on the situation. Please do telephone the Box Office and they will assist with your query. Thanks - KT @IamGrahamPorter Hi, our terms and conditions state tickets cannot be resold. Please telephone the Box Office on 02… @PaulAlterskye Hi, we have yet to have timings confirmed and they will be added to our website once they have been,…
@Jeanett60383324 Hello, we are sorry to hear about this. The filming will have been organised by Music for Youth. AMS @dovester100 Hi there- Snow Patrol is not an ID check event. He will only need to contact us if you are collecting…’s the Oscars and the BRIT Awards. But where’s the ceremony for the world's greatest activists? 🤷 We're on it…
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A day studying my favourite soundtrack of them all, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Catch it in concert with the @BBCCO
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallAt the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. #ArmisticeDay
@BeckyAzulpuff Yes - you can use them and you do not need to print them, we are happy for you to show the QR code on your smart phone - DB @BeckyAzulpuff Hi - what show is this for? LC
@PEdmondsonJones The RBL decided to sell though See Tickets, so although we are hosting the event, we do not contro… @PEdmondsonJones Hi Paul, ticketing for this event was handled exclusively by See Tickets, please do get in touch w… marks the 96th @PoppyLegion #FestivalofRemembrance at the Royal Albert Hall Listen on @BBCRadioTwo at 8pm o…
Looking at the pictures from @aha_com on Tuesday definitely gave us that #FridayFeeling! Check them out 👀👇 📷… @BBCOne @PoppyLegion Look back at the history of @PoppyLegion's #FestivalofRemembrance at the Royal Albert Hall 👇 @BBCOne @PoppyLegion We'll be hanging out our 143 year old Hammercloth for HM The Queen's visit to the…, we will commemorate the British, Commonwealth and Allied armies who stood shoulder to shoulder in the piv… @rpoonline @VasilyPetrenko We recently caught up with the @rpoonline's new Music Director @VasilyPetrenko and asked…📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: Maestro @SufiSartaaj returns to the Royal Albert Hall in 2020 ✨ 🎟 Tickets on sale now 👇 you Monday, London! I'll be playing #Miracle with @SarahBrightman at @RoyalAlbertHall on November 11th!…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @LoveVincitOmnia @Harry_Styles .@Harry_Styles 👋📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: the @rpoonline's newly appointed Music Director @VasilyPetrenko will conduct three Mahler symphon…📣 JUST ANNOUNCED: @deaconbluemusic return to the Hall as part of their #CitiesOfLove tour next year! 🎟 Priority Bo…’m over the moon to announce that @willyoung & @JadeJonesDMG 💕 will be joining me on stage at #ChristmasShow! 🎄❄…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @emsworthPaul Hi Paul, you'd need to contact our merchandise team to see if this is possible. They can be reached a…
@dschillereff Hi - we haven't got anything confirmed yet, but please keep an eye on our website as it may be announced at a later date. LC
Anyway, they're a talented, strong, knowledgeable, efficient bunch and we wouldn't be here without them! So thank… this year, we completed the biggest improvement to sound in the Auditorium since the installation of our iconi…⚠ If you're afraid of heights, skip this one ⚠ They have different perspectives. under the roof, some on the roof. It's pretty hot up there and the metal structure is technically not attached… work inside, some outside. wear hard hats and hi-vis vests, some wear soft hats (and A LOT more safety gear these days...) mean, we employed these guys to do... something? 👀👉 that's not the only kind of engineers we employ! At almost 150 years of age, we need structural engineers, civi… are some archive drawings of their work. It's pretty good stuff. things first: #DidYouKnow that the Hall was designed by the Royal Engineers (and not just architects)? Like… What's it like being an engineer at the Royal Albert Hall? 🤔 💡 A #ThisIsEngineering Day thread 💡 P.S. it do… Wanna come? @RealRichardKind   @RoyalAlbertHall
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@ConorFurlong Hello, the revised start time is 8pm. The auditorium doors will stil;l open at 6.45pm. Enjoy! AMS @aha_com ⚠ UPDATE ⚠ 🍕&🍷 from 5:30pm 🚪 6:45pm - Auditorium doors and boxes open 🎤 8:00pm - @aha_com 🛑 10:10pm - End… 👏👏 amusing... @bryanferry @RoyalAlbertHall 1974
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall🕐 Approximate show timings for tonight 👇 🍕&🍷 from 5:30pm 🚪 6:45pm - Auditorium doors and boxes open 🎤 7:30pm -… @CaptainRazzle Hello,latecomer policies for music events tend to be more relaxed, usually between songs.Thanks, DM. @CatherineAllitt Hi there! That will be absolutely fine as long as the water bottle is empty upon entry. Best, VC
@xAlison07x Hi, we do not have any bag restrictions, although searches are carried out on entry to the building NK @WendRim1 We do provide a cloakroom at a charge of £1 per item. Please ask a steward upon arrival for directions - DBWhen it's Monday but you remember @officialronnies' 60th Anniversary Gala last week 🙌 #MondayMood Exclusive pictu… in to @bbcone at 9pm on Saturday for the #FestivalofRemembrance at @royalalberthall. This year we will commemo…
Retweeted by Royal Albert Hall @LaraRixon Hello. We do not have any dates scheduled as yet but the pattern so far implies we will continue with th… @LaraRixon We do not have it on our schedule. You can find details of all of our upcoming shows here. ACGet ready London. The #GlobalCitizenPrize is coming! 👑 @RoyalAlbertHall
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallIt's our debut at @RoyalAlbertHall on 14th Nov & our friends @LHN_Recording are giving away the LTD CD being record…
Retweeted by Royal Albert HallSaw #HarryPotterInConcert tonight at the @RoyalAlbertHall It was so so incredible to hear Patrick Doyle’s score p…
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@ChoirSbs Hi, last year's concert was 2.5 hours including interval. Hope that helps with your planning! NK @mic_1987 Hi Michael. You can leave your luggage in the cloakroom. Please be aware it will cost £1 per item and it…
@geographygem Have a wonderful afternoon! AMS.