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Novelist, poet, critic, activist, trans woman, Londoner, sentimentalist, radical, somewhat disliked by various silly people. Read my Catullus versions. She/her

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I have successfully written 500 words a day for the last two weeks. Don't hate me. @ThisMariaHutch If rhey didn't spend their 80s nights dancing to the Sleaze Sisters in The Bell or going to discuss… @ksej I didn't say surprised. @JaneFae I have to say I neither know nor care, though if she's not, her behaviour is far worse. But after Suzanne'…
@flockofwords @DominaMelody I was already in my 30s when I saw the Hughes films and Heathers but I'd got a lot of i… @DominaMelody @flockofwords I assume so. @natachakennedy Bigot4bigot unfortunately. @D_Libris It's ironic. They demand to keep trans men and reject all the trans dykes they get in compensation. Luck… @ThisMariaHutch Between 30 and 35 I went from cute straight trans girl to hot trans dyke momma. It's true. @D_Libris No stupidly I didn't screen cap the tweet which quoted her. I was too fucking angry.As I once said, I didn't go through all that to be straight. #stillqueer @HickeyWriter @stealthmunchkin They get even more pissed off when trans women who were gay or bi turn out still to be queer.Woman is not a nation state. Lesbian is not a nation state. There's no reason to import border controls and passp… think they have the right to tell Elliott who he is. What I want to know is this. Did I miss a fucking vote?… never lied to anyone. I made damn sure that anyone who showed ínterest knew I was trans. (I've always been conce… because of the disrespect to me because why should I care? I have had to run from the Mob: MI5 have a file on m… due course I fell seriously in love with a woman and we have lived happily ever after. I didn't start calling… put on weight and the men I was attracted to were less interested. At the same time lesbians asked me on dates. I… I was transitioning, I had a lot of sex with men and was quite enthusiastic about it. A lot of them said they… story is isn't everyone's and other stories are valid. During the period when I tried to present as male, I sle… but the transes are stealing our imaginary girlfriends... No one is stealing anyone and it shows an unhealthy s… am truly shocked that Kathleen Stock believes that Elliot owes lesbians a damn thing. He is who he is and he has… @GailSimone Basically he's a mixture of Rommel and Speer if Vader is Himmler and Tarkin is Hess. Competent. Smart.… wrecked the country out of spite and dogma and called it reform. She was our Nixon. is utterly scandalous that Starmer's Labour is taking money from an Islamophobe apartheid denialist. @MagsVisaggs When Bill Barr steps back, it's because he knows you will lose and he knows what the legal punishment… @BlitzGamer210 @NeglectedMonkey @AmyDyess Nor I. (Look at the date on my piece.) @Chican3ry There is a trans cabal warehouse in West Hollywood just waiting to courier round special HRT-infused cop… @NookaoftheNooks Let's face it. If anyone trans had forged this, it would be much funnier. @Dolleymore1 @MsSweetTD @benjamincohen That's precisely why people recommend puberty blockers as best practice. The… steaks baked with pearl barley, dried apricot, red onion, harissa, garlic, cashews and preserved lemon. Steamed asparagus. @flockofwords @solarcat @jacytheblue When I went to NY in my 20s, the weirdest bit was realising that steam really… thanks. TEEN DREAMS is my favourite among my critical books but it is also a sort of memoir... thread on Paul Conrathe. Damning without heat. @DanielPolansky Pre-war he actually knows what he is talking about.This is an excellent and thoughtful thread. @2damntrans I suppose Stock could blame Derek Parfitt. We did talk about personal identity a couple of times when I… @2damntrans Gosh, there was I thinking that I realised I was trans in the 60s and transitioned in the 70s of my own… @MsCCollins1 @shonfaye As if they ever were... @sonniesedge @christineburns Money they are prepared to throw into a bottomless pit in order to inflict pain. Vexat… @sonniesedge @christineburns It basically lets rich transphobes spend a lot of money trying to delay vulnerable kid… smart friend in Germany being smart. sheer gall of Mel P. on this ... @joss_prior @Donna_Beeeee Missed her... @BoostNEffect Suez. @BecciCath @kimwillsher1 That's the one.This will cheer you up without watching any of it. yet we're the totalitarian snowflakes? For people like Shapiro, anything less than overwhelming dominance is… @andrewducker I'm with Dr. Samuel Johnson on this. There is no settling the point of precedence between a louse and a flea. @Donna_Beeeee @joss_prior No Venice either. @DavidPaisley @theSNP @EnnylNosredna @scotgp @rainbowgreens I'm not in Scotland nor a Scot for many generations and… @svejky Plus In Memoriam is a pretty big exception. @svejky Browning? Either of them? Early Morris. Tennyson as lyric poet. @DanielPolansky And made no real effort to try to understand the 60s and 70s, lazily caricatures Widmerpool for eve… @OhmyLooper A friend with whom I have quarreled over her support for a campaign whose advocates have made public cl…
@TheTrashiesUK @MyQueerHeart If this was even discussed, it indicates that the Tories have been trying to destroy the EHRC for a long time. @supermattachine @RaxKingIsDead I had to go for a couple of blood tests and a CT scan. Each time there was a social… @SportIsARight @dr_i_rohl There's a third leg. Trans creativity. @Chican3ry @tfirstelizabeth @herong And Martine Rothblatt. @tfirstelizabeth @Chican3ry @herong They're already denouncing us for that on the American Right. They read about t… inerrancy but only when it suits them. @cnlester @Chican3ry @herong I always heard distant dogwhistles even in Raymond. Transphobia has always to come wit… @Chican3ry @herong I see we moved on from having an Empire to having an Industrial complex. @SzMarsupial That seems like a fair description. It was one of the prettiest shows ever. @MagsVisaggs I have a limited amount of hatred and I don't want it cluttering my head space so I tend to restrict m… for this. I've been pointing out the drift to explicit anti-Semitism in trans-hostile feminism for a while…
@AnneOgborn @CatsCavern @geekylou @GoatSarah I remember her telling me about that before she left the UK. By then I… @mattzarb @SolHughesWriter I'm assuming the claims it makes will be refutef @DanielPolansky I am having to cope with current events in the fifth volum of RHAPSODY by setting them 15 years in the past @DanielPolansky Proust at least had a sense of where he was going. And got thereAn important thread. @HeatherKatzUK @mimmymum @DavidPaisley Neither water nor post boxes experience emotional pain. @MagsVisaggs The Velvet Underground and Nico. Mahler'sSixth Symphony. @Hollyberryboo @SalmaYaqoob There is no such thing as a TRA... WPUK have regularly said things like 'women weren't… @joey_cuppa @joss_prior @setoacnna No idea @joss_prior @setoacnna My impression when I met her was rather more positive than I expected. And her back story is a lot more complicated. @joss_prior @setoacnna Not a gigantic fan or anything but... I agree. Enough people hate our guts. We don't need to fall out.
@stephenwhittle @MarkOosterveen @RachelPollack1 @sunflowerpoppy @christineburns @lawrenceschimel @jolwalton @alisapower Well, I shouldn't have abandoned my art for 35 years... Worst career management since Ovid pissed off Augustus.I've had the privilege of knowing Lisa for years. @MarkOosterveen We all stand on the shoulders of giants. I owe it all to @RachelPollack1 and @sunflowerpoppy who he… @pellowponders Still too many of course but it would be interesting to find out what they thought they were doing. @anyotherleader @mattzarb @Chevilang The failure of Milliband to nail it asap: Brown and Starling's bizarre refusal… @mattzarb @Chevilang Indeed Liam Byrne presented the Coalition with a 'Profligacy caused the Crash' myth by what wa… @Hal_Duncan That's one of our differences. I'm moderately retentive. @Hal_Duncan Whereas I've just read Procopius and Byzantine intrigue now fascinates me. Now you mention it I can a… @Hal_Duncan The Silmarrillion gets better once Genesis is out of the way and it becomes more like the Kalevala or Homer. @Hal_Duncan As anyone who's read RHAPSODY knows, I love Quite Deep Time but tend to refract Very Deep Time through garbled memory. @secondshelfbks We - women writers trans and cis - should do you a massive benefit reading post vaccination. @Hal_Duncan Plus he and some of the EU writers wanted millennia of Silmarillion style mystical backstory. Which I'… @Hal_Duncan Now I want to read SW fanfic in the style of Gibbon. @Hal_Duncan Oh, and why are humans such a dominant force? @Hal_Duncan Or the way all the things the Good Emperors left in place combined to screw everything the moment that… @Hal_Duncan If we were ever to collaborate... @Hal_Duncan I suspect it's more like post Mauryan India where a high-minded settlement under Asoka - I'm not unawar… @Hal_Duncan Whereas part of the problem is that there is working magic in this universe that largely smashed everyt… @Hal_Duncan The Jedi are a bit like C18 Jesuits. Or is that my education showing? @Hal_Duncan Equally the Republic is weird. A sort of Galactic UN where a lot of aristocrats talk high-mindedly but…