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Finishing an incredibly long day (in a string of long days) cleaning out my mom’s house, trying to figure out where… @HotpocketJohnny Thanks for the insight! I haven’t looked at houses yet, but will explore.
@agarrettABJ This chasm in the rental market (the “missing middle” in planning parlance) is next on my list for our… @agarrettABJ Constant complaint among my peer group, yeah! Not necessarily ready to buy because we’re expecting to… called him a living saint. He was always up for a Nobel Prize for his work advocating for the dignity and care o…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyInternal report finds that L’Arche founder Jean Vanier engaged in decades of sexual misconduct | America Magazine
you love to see it!! this is what I call innovation in local news like Catherine of Siena as much as anybody, but if I were an undergrad again, I’m not sure I’d find this mosaic i… the date: On March 10, we're inviting Democratic primary candidates for Summit County Sheriff to debate. 7 pm…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyLocal news businesses should be like corner stores. Run locally, with a low overhead, small profit and modest salar…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyI asked someone during an interview this week how much money she made. She gasped. “You tell *me* your salary,” s…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyHanif Abdurraqib is reading in Akron tonight. Don't miss out!
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphy @azirulnick @MyNrhindi Locally, United Way offers free tax prep to households that earn less than $60K/year! I’ve g…
@CarterRubin @Sammy_Roth offers free tuition to families making under $80,000 and a break for homeowners #FightOn
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyOne time we arrived at what Brett thought was Tacos El Gordo and found that it was closed. Brett nearly cried. (Tur… CORNER: This Film Isn’t Sexist, It’s Historically Accurate to a Time Before Women Had Interiority:…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyLocal news is in full scale crisis, while the ranks of those covering national politics (politics - not policy, not…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyWent to school for Journalism. Dropped out. Created hundreds of projects from albums to events & kept writing along…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphy🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉’m member #17, yo. How sweet is that? Super proud of @thischrishorne, @FlocoTorres, @MyNrhindi, @rozmurph & and ev…
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I honestly feel like if you care for any student within APS, you should read this thread.
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphygotta schedule vacations in your five-year planEnd of speech. I’ve gotta run because we’re officially becoming a co-op tonight (!!!), but keep up with the Q&A via… calls part of this “right-sizing the district,” including “some unpopular school closures” and mergers. Says… Ohio’s school funding model has “repeatedly been ruled unconstitutional” and forces schools to run levies ev… I Promise, 90% of students met or exceeded personal goals. 95% attendance rate, higher than the district’s. F on… Early College HS is the second-highest-performing high school in Summit County, James says. And APS is contin… concern: the “summer slide,” when students essentially stop learning over the summer. Wants partnerships that… Success in kindergarten. In 2018, only 60% of preschoolers were on track for kindergarten success. Equit… on Kenmore-Garfield CLC is 2023. It’s the last building that will be opened under APS’s current (and long-running) building initiative.United Way bought the Sojourner Truth building and adjacent parking lot on Broadway. APS sold Perkins Middle to the… program: “Stay in the Game,” funded by Cleveland Browns Foundation. Will include marketing/awareness initiative… wants to focus this year on chronic absenteeism. 8+ days in 9th grade correlates to reduced likelihood of gra… GRAD expanded to East CLC in 2019. James boasts that the program was critical in boosting Buchtel’s grad ra… graduation rate is up to 79.8% for the class of 2018. For students in CCAs, it was 94.6%.James jokes (?) that is the Cleveland Browns want to sponsor a second turf field like the new one at Ellet CLC, he’s on board.Over the last 10 years, 45,000 APS students have attended performances or concerts at the Civic. APS also has dance… still do Safety Town! Every kindergarten class was visited by first responders this year to learn about fire s… APS students are heading to the regional science fair at UA next month.Now developing a middle school CCA plan. “Our CCA transformation is a preschool through 12th grade transformation,”… 2019, 86% of CCA graduates were employed, enrolled or enlisted within six months of graduation.APS is up to 8 named College & Career Academy partners, including Huntington, KeyBank, Bridgestone, Summa Health, A… students earned 1,451 industry credentials in 2019, led by 429 from students at East CLC.This includes principles of robotics and engineering at the middle-school level (more on that TK, James says); and… is “Designing a framework to support computer science education from K thru 11,” in partnership with Kent State, James says.“We have created a model where all APS students will have the opportunity to explore their career interests before… student from each of APS’s high schools acts as an advisor to the school board. (I didn’t know this.)Our starting point: all! I’m at the annual State of the Schools speech from @akronschools superintendent David James. Highlights to follow in thread.
My New Thing, apparently, is having 1.5 drinks and then regaling whoever I’m with about why they should not use Tur… story by @aurabogado is stunning. A 17 year-old Honduran girl is still in a government shelter, 6 years after…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyToday's the last day to register!
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyWhen a disgraced religious order offered 15,000 euros if a boy said he was not abused by a priest, his outraged mot…
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This would be a wonderful step for a wonderful organization:
What's up in downtown Akron? Bowery's first tenants move in, other redevelopment projects proceed
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So grim. My own two cents, a la Spotify income for a musician: arts coverage isn’t extra, I think it kept local pap…
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Thank you for everyone's awesome positive feedback on the series I published this week! It takes a lot of time and…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphyhappy valentine's day!!! do you believe in love??? these galapagos tortoises dated for almost 100 years and then th…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyFor the first time in Pew surveys dating back nearly two decades, nearly as many adults say protecting the environm…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyThis is a wildly compelling piece. Read it!!
1/ @City_bureau’s notebook newsletter is out today—I’m taking over to talk about impact in local news. This ain’t C…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyWhat?! 👀 Lookit: @akrondevilstrip is one of 15 newsrooms joining the Facebook Membership Accelerator. Not only will…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyI'm continuing to report on this story. If you know Larry, his views on the web or if you have insight into what G…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyMcClatchy Co. filed for bankruptcy this morning — "a move that will end family control of America's second largest…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyINBOX:
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"Michigan has the second highest rate of ICE arrests among all states in the U.S. with at least 100,000 undocumente…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphy🚨We're hiring! 🚨 We have two open positions: * Program Director: • Programs & Grants Ad…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyWe're teaming up with @akrondevilstrip and the @comminfocoop for a day-long 'Share + Learn' event in #Akron on 4/9…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyIt’s still shocking to me how wealthy you can get in America by screwing over poor people. Case in point: this land…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyThe man found dead after a standoff yesterday was being evicted, police believe. "The tenant was four days late on…🚨🚨🚨JOB ALERT! The @FullerProject is hiring an experienced journalist in California for a big, important new beat: d…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyGonna get a lot of hot takes soon about how Bernie is as much of a threat to liberal democracy as Trump, and it's g…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyI would like to think @mayor_max would never face a primary challenge
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help I just learned about this account and I cannot stop snickering
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphySubmitted by @0kay_0k
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Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyOver the past decade, the price of insulin has roughly tripled. @propublica is spending the next year working to d…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphythis is nuts—and buried near the end, but after newsrooms shrinking for the last decade ONE IN TEN American journal…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphy"I'm a copy-editor" - boring - who cares - what does that even mean "I am here to right what has gone wrong" - mys…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyThis is a fascinating story from @ABJDoug for Home In Akron, an investigative series about how and where we live. T…📣 The stock market is not the economy 📣
BREAKING — WOW!!!! #Parasite is first film *not in the English language* to win Best Picture in #Oscars history. #Korea
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyBong Joon Ho is surging in New Hampshire
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyWhere's the Oscar for Skimbleshanks? SKIMBLE, WHERE IS SKIMBLE??
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyAmericans pay a lot more for cell & broadband service than people in many other countries
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Please tell your extremely wealthy friends to buy Tribune Publishing before it’s too late.
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyThe @uscensusbureau made a metro area population quiz game that is rather brilliant in its nerdy simplicity.…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphyThis, from @hamiltonnolan, is one of the clearest assessments I've seen on why journalism cannot be objective, neve…
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'I Hate This City,' Says Woman Who Only Goes to Three Places:
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While Twitter was down, I was searching the L.A. Times archives for stories about the Spanish flu and found, like,…
Retweeted by Rosalie Murphythis is the future liberals want jobless numbers might be good, but the cost of healthcare, child care, higher ed, and housing keeps on rising f…
Retweeted by Rosalie MurphySo excited to be part of this! @DaveOBrienCT @robingoist I was deep into Canton natives Relient K as a young teen, and one of their all-time great… @DaveOBrienCT @robingoist Can’t-on really ought to become Can-off, right? Unfortunately a phrase with kind of the same meaning
@thischrishorne @FlocoTorres @akrondevilstrip @MyNrhindi I assume you mean the extremely good-looking people pictur… @robingoist @_BronT_ GOOD call