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@hallmarkmovie @jessemetcalfe @lind_official Tonight's #MarthasVineyardMysteries be a welcome change from yesterday… @terencecrawford When you're up you're up. When you're down you're really down in this sport. @FBICBS @yayagosselin #FBIMostWanted 👍🏼 @trutriciahelfer Do you have any more Hallmark movies in the works? They are always fun & entertaining. @loudibella And Mark's BEEN in that position as a fighter himself. He was thinking of Wilder's health which is how it should be. @BreadmanBoxing After he stopped it he told Wilder that the towel had come in so he MAY have seen the towel first.… up still stunned! Legacy defining performance by @Tyson_Fury! Shut me & everyone the hell up!…
Retweeted by Ray PoplawskiGood morning. 👊🏼 @RagingBabe Breland did the right thing. @LennoxLewis @Tyson_Fury The aggression & pressure was too much for him. @BobArum @Tyson_Fury Like Ali said- "I shocked the world!" @AlBernstein @Tyson_Fury Don Mc Lean must be smiling now, especially if his record sales got a bump LOL @vinnie_paz A fraud doesn't build a record of 42-1-1 You're being too hard on the guy. Duane Bobick was a fraud.Congrats to @Tyson_Fury on a huge win and bossing his way to the WBC & Ring Heavyweight straps. Once again you show…
Retweeted by Ray Poplawski @haydenpanettier I was shocked by how good Fury looked & how Wllder was never really in the fight. @wmwallis @boxingrich No desire to see a 3rd fight unless Wilder beats a top fighter or 2 leading up to it. @boxingrich I suspect Fury may have broken Wilder's eardrum in the 1st round & he never recovered from it. @davesportsgod Fury will box the ears off Joshua. @davesportsgod Not bad for a below average heavyweight, right? 😉 @BradGerstman It messes with your equilibrium. @RagingBabe It was a number 1 song for weeks & a classic! @BradGerstman Not sure if the ear bleed was from a cut or internal, which prob. meant a broken eardrum. I had 1 of those once. @TheRemyThorne22 @bigggchillin I'll get you next fight! 😜 @rosieperezbklyn @Tyson_Fury @trboxing @premierboxing You said it. #WilderFury2 @AlBernstein Wilder was hurt early never recovered & was battered throughout.Wilder's eyes were glassy. No reason to let this continue. #WildervsFury2 @davesportsgod And Fury is NOT an average fighter.And Wilder's corner wisely stops it! Fury gets the TKO. Wilder looked like a completely different fighter tonight.… could be it. #WilderFury2Wilder can barely stand. He's going to get hurt if they don't stop it. #WildervsFury2Wilder is in bad shape. His corner may want to call it. #WildervsFury2Wilder looks like a different fighter tonight. And he's down again!! #WildervsFury2 @rosieperezbklyn @trboxing @premierboxing Wilder has to LAND & hurt Tyson or it's over soon!! #WildervsFury2Wilder HAS to land something soon to stay in this. #WilderFury2Wilder's legs look real shaky. #WilderFury2Is it too late to change my prediction? Lol #WilderFury2Wilder looks out of it! #WilderFury2Wilder down!! #WilderFury2If Fury lands 1 of those rights Wilder's going down. #WilderFury2Fury winning rounds early. #WilderFury2Fury fighting like he wants that 2nd rnd KO! #WilderFury2Here we go! #WilderFury2 Wilder by KO!!Fighters are in the ring & intros about to begin. #WilderFury2 @Alexpad @boxingrich Lou gave me a fancy red Adidas 2 piece suit from the Polish boxing team used in the Olympics,… @YForeman Prob. longer than the actual fight!Tyson Fury entering the ring to Patsy Cline! #WilderFury2 @rosieperezbklyn @Tyson_Fury @premierboxing @trboxing A final prediction Rosie? I like Wilder by KO! @Alexpad @boxingrich Lou stopped by a few times with other fighters. He would bring stuff like bagels & posters, bo… @boxingrich That brought back memories of Lou Duva stopping by to pick up a videotape from me on the way to the air… YOU CHARLES MARTIN!!! @rosieperezbklyn A record gate, Rosie! $16M +, topped Holyfield-Lewis 2! #WilderFury2 @RagingBabe No argument here. @HeatherHardyBox Flip that hair!!So far this has been a typical lethargic heavyweight matchup. @GeorgeForeman George, what kind of atmosphere did you have in your dressing room just before a fight? Relaxed, or… got buzzed there.I like Martin in this.Heavies Gerald Washington vs Charles Martin on tap next. Last fight before #WilderFury2 @davesportsgod Have a beer for me. @CommishRandyG Who you got Randy? I like Wilder by KO. @davesportsgod If that happens the Fury fans may riot lol @PRProSanDiego @trboxing @premierboxing @CommDigiNews Gary Russell ( and others ) should take a page from his book and fight more often. @RagingBabe Junkyard as in sloppy yet exciting? 🤔 @soledadobrien Agree 💯And the ref save Santisima from further damage. Navarrete scores a TKO in the 11th round.Navarrete threw a lot of punches that round. @heyitsmarcosv That 10K could be pocket change for him!😴😴💤If Navarrete has enough energy left from making 122 he should end this.This has not been a great undercard.Navarrete is beginning a beatdown of Santisima #WilderFury2 @MichelleVicary @HallmarkHubby @hallmarkchannel @alexandrabreck1 @robertbuckley @JackeeHarry Especially if you have a Dyson LOL @GarthVader777 @LennoxLewis All a matter of opinion. @boxingrich Haha That's a good analogy. And if you're at an all day concert that can be quite a chore.Navarrete hurt Santisima with a hook to the body. Looks like only a matter of time. #WilderFury2*jr. featherweight.Busy Emanuel Navarrete defends his featherweight title against Santisima now. #WilderFury2 @GeorgeForeman Is there something wrong with rooting for a favorite going into a fight? I predicted you to beat Moorer!!That score of 99-91 was WAY off. I hope that 1 judge WON'T be working #WilderFury2 !! @GeorgeForeman Do you think Fury's added weight will work against him tonight?Fundora had a good 9th rnd & will prob. win a fairly close decision. Unless Lewis does something very dramatic. @EspinozaBoxing Not using his skills/height/reach to his best advantage. @AlBernstein Could this mean it's "curtains" for Tyson tonight? 😉 @premierboxing But so far Lewis' face is getting busted up in the process. @rosieperezbklyn @hbomax @trboxing @premierboxing Rosie!! #TheFlightAttendant crew should have a PPV feed set up fo… w8 unam. over Imam. Now onto the #WilderFury2 PPV with #FundoraLewis starting us off. This could be entertaining. @JesusAldana2 Monroe from Too Close for Comfort 😜 @YForeman Wilder by KO at any time! How do you see it? @pjtherealist @LennoxLewis Emanuel told me he wouldn't let them spar together- he was afraid they'd kill each other… @pjtherealist @LennoxLewis But Wlad had better skills. You can't deny that. You think Vitali's chin makes up for th… @CrystinaPoncher @SBRFlores That's SOME gig!! Epic night is right! #WilderFury2 @audrey_smallman You're welcome Audrey!Imar Imam vs Javier Molina 8 rnds. at welterweight up next on the #WilderFury2 prelim FS1 show.Wow. Just got back in time to see that Ananyan scored the upset. Going to have to watch this later.Ananyan took some wicked shots late that round. @BrandonSpano He DID have a relatively late start in boxing at age 20 so he may still be in his prime... @LennoxLewis A quick question Lennox- which of the Klitschkos was a better fighter? @bigdogXVI @taylorhickson @DeadlyClassSYFY And Taylor also from the excellent gone way too soon Aftermath.1st #WilderFury2 prelim of undefeated KO artist Subriel Matias vs Petros Ananyan starting now on FS1.#WilderFury2 PPV has been ordered. Soon the undercard bouts on FS1?ESPN.