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DJ RQ Away @RQaway New Orleans, La

DJ RQ Away • Akhil's Dad Tour DJ - @tankandthebangas #djrqawaypresents @whatisawayteam

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@wdsu ain't playin no games fam
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @Ce_its_me dis you!
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away.@solangeknowles performs a selection of songs from her latest album “When I Get Home” 🎤
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away"We ain't try Blue"
YEAH MAW! @Danse4MeTiaB @labella_mama 👀Wait a minute... *opens map* @tigerthedj My man!Do yall ever wish God would just walk into your room and sit on your bed and be like " okay so this is what you sho…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayThe women that ask me if I'm single really make me wonder if I'm being punished for something that happened in a past life.You neither SatanNot today universe!
Sunday night you #AwayteamWaitFam y'all really coppin these hoodies like right nah! Lawd!Fresh gear on deck (finally!) Link in my bio | #NOLAway'm kinda excited man, fresh take on the classic #NOLAway design. Hit the link in my bio to get yours asap! Free sh…
Thank you.I want art money.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayJust incase yall wanna see the show:
"Her walk mean, her style hard, need a one guard for a haircut" - @Paasky
The Fargo SplashIt's been a hella long minute but I'm back on the decks at Tipping Point tomorrow night. Round up the homies and co…
@REDlaVeau Lmao bruh this Beth: future wife aka "Beth", I promise to cook all three of our daily meals for life as long as you promise to peel… Parmesan Mac n Cheese is hella tasty famThat bechamel sauce almost whooped my ass tho.Pullin up to the function like... @morenarizada @labella_mama She be knowin!Pray this come out extra dope! @angelaBAEvis @morenarizada FancyThe beauty supply on Broad open if yall need somethinI hope everyone gets a chance to spend time with someone they love today.Zackly! @JustGCue Mikey!Tweeting this for anyone who might need to see it
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwaySomebody please wake me up at 7 a.m.Today was awesome
Keep you an OG around. Protocol.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayI must be the only person that's cold in New Orleans '97 (cult of personality era) gatekeepers & winners pushed this narrative of numbers/sales/winning is more imp…
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Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @jus10_W Party time!In other news, I found out who's eatin arby's...Just tried to treat myself with a lil black friday shoppin and wound up playing THEE fuck outta myself...shoppin over fam.
Jumped off the tour and flew home long enough to be a part of one of the flyest weddings in New Orleans history.…*adds mac n cheese to turkey day menu
Friends and House music on a Sunday night, I'll take it
@__BJ_ Man ion know! LmaoMy Popeyes fast lasted a whole three months @watchmen is crazy artful on so many levels @sirlightflower Already knowinAnd then there was fish tacos & WatchmenToday was "interesting"CEO of Pepsi recorded saying he'd never let his family touch any of the products; Zuckerberg puts ducktape over his…
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @sirlightflower
Check my lil homie out! place that we CAN chat and fellowship is my annual Holiday Crate Dig, coming up hot on Sunday, Dec. 22 at Domino…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayTake more risks.💡. DJ’s stripping the power from the clubs and promoters are last hope for real party culture.
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayExactly one week left to watch… 📺 🔘 ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ 🔘 ‘Rocky Films’ 🔘 ‘Pulp Fiction’ 🔘 ‘Jackie Brown’ Here’s eve…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayThis might be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in my life.
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Catch @_DJFTK & @justgcue on the scene tonight at #thetippingpointnola do, however, wish I was fishingTiny lamb meatballs w/ rice pilaf and brussels happened was awesome manGirls: “I’m not even that bad of a driver” Also girls:
Retweeted by DJ RQ Awaydis hard . what’s y’all favorite verse ?
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayReal life tho
New merch cometh! #spreadlove #nolawayPractice Orleans, I’m teaching 4 film production and editing class for the public in January. Who’s coming? Details soon. 📹🖥🤞🏾
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @Browness @ze11a When we eatin!?People act like they don't know Twitter public. As in other people can see what you shared/said. @djsoulsister I just told Sierra I feel well rested and unaccomplished 🤣🤣🤣 @djsoulsister I need some serious tips. I wake up three days later every timeI really suck at naps man. @ze11a Says the man with his own patented pico de gallo & guacamole recipes!
Imagine if we didn’t act like we knew everything. Imagine if we didn’t use information (or the perception of knowin…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwaySee, this dude gets it
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayUpdate: on a lil lunch 2020 Grammy Award nominations were announced this morning and it's a good year for Louisiana artists! Congrats…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayAcceptance culture sucks. @WWLTV Crews began stabilizing the crane that hangs over Canal St. at the Hard Rock site this morning. You can see…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayCongrats to Lucky Daye on being nominated for 4 #Grammys 🖤 - Best R&B Album - Best R&B Song - Best Traditional R&…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayCongrats to all the people who finally got they Grammy nom! Validation is always good. Win or lose y’all still gift…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayChristian Scott too Recall Nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album!✨ Thank you to everyone at the Recording Acade…
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away.@TankandDaBangas picked up a Grammy nomination for best new artist. Plus other New Orleans musicians receiving Gra…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayTank and The Bangas, Lucky Daye, and Pj Morton all New Orleans artists nominated for Grammys. You love to see it
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @mzangeljohnson Lol