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DJ RQ Away @RQaway New Orleans, La

DJ RQ Away • Akhil's Dad Tour DJ - @tankandthebangas #djrqawaypresents @whatisawayteam

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I just wanna get to the point where I don’t have to check my account for any purchase. I don’t wanna care, I just wanna know it’s there.
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Check out "We've Got The Power" @EventbriteMy point is, as your business grows.. don’t be afraid to grow with it. Get the help you need. Get ppl around you wh…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayI just took some losses and hired some team members who understood my goals and knew how to help with one particula…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayCrazy thing about small business is: half the things I do, I had no interest in doing. Like none whatsoever. I star…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayThey. Had. To. Sue. To. Get. This. Data.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayIt's like Ceaux a mind reader you did it right is what's important. Knowing what "right" means is important first.Eh?! really gotta work on my chop game étouffée bouta be hittin!"I did this all myself" is growing to be less and less admirable.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayTerry trippin man.Thank you all for buying and sharing on this Tuesday!’s up to us to study and become the revolutionaries we think the world deserves fred hampton ended many of his s…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwaySince last week, six Black trans women have been found dead. Repeat their names back aloud: Brayla Stone. Little…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayDid you actually think it was good or of quality or were you just "trying to support"?Man I just like the show! system is broken.Morning folks! Have a groovy day! @czabunchy Laugh you right outta fussin bruh! @mynameisphlegm nah there wasn't any fanfare lmaoThose were not fireworksGuess who’s going to have a comedy set on Amazon prime very soon 🙏🏾🙏🏾. Got the news July 4th.
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Them: don’t overthink it Me:
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayDr. Jennifer Avegno explains why New Orleans testing sites are meeting capacity within minutes. She also says she i…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayBut seriously HOW!?!?Fam what!?!?!?Cook with New Orleans chef Jordan Ruiz as he prepares his spin on a Peruvian classic, lomo saltado, Wednesday at no…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayBREAKING: The Louisiana Dept. of Health reported 1,101 more coronavirus cases and 8 more deaths in its daily noon…
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @JustGCue Seems like it's been that way since we pulled up! lol2020 just keep 2020'n @finesznpt2 Yes please @goldentimetay You want it, it makes senseAre we devolving?Hmmm? chill! @iamsdotlee Hopefully it's not a terrible transition mama @iamsdotlee So sorry for you maw. I'll be doing the same soon.What COVID and Racism have in common: People don't believe they exists if they haven't been affected personally.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayRaw honey#NP Take Five by Tito Puente to the little King @TheSaucyFicker BlasphemyUpdate: roasted sprouts & yams x lemon garlic shrimp happening now
The Truman Show is filled with a crazy amount of little details so here's a thread of some of my favourites:
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayThis is real video yo err'where @iamsdotlee 😢😢😢😂 RT @dumbricardo: introverts be like “i know a spot” then go home
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @czabunchy @Ce_its_me 😭😭😭😭 @czabunchy @Ce_its_me Da crib mane!No fireworks shortage I seeI’ll say this as simple and as straight as as I can… ‘The Virus is REAL and it will FUCK you up and possibly KILL y…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayPleasure level on forgiven college debtPan seared catfish steaks with the aforetweeted catfish fried rice on top!?So dig...Women of Twitter, hear ye hear yeeeee! ...go get your oil changed tomorrow.
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayFrom 2009-2014 I had college airwaves on smash with #Reel2RealRadio. I’m bringing it back via the live format... st…
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Houston even chopped & screwed coronavirus
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayThis has to stop yo it's not raining? CoolNew playlist featuring some Saturday feelin Hip Hop cuts and 70s grooves. Dana Dane, Patrice Rushen, MC Lyte, Isaac… catfish fried rice thoNew playlist featuring some Saturday feelin Hip Hop cuts and 70s grooves. Dana Dane, Patrice Rushen, MC Lyte, Isaac… x Cookin @ForeverQueenE_ Bota Box Nighthawk is amazing! @ericakaane Bruh listen!!Good morning folks! Be safe today!Freddie Longworth, an Oglala Lakota tribe member and protestor, says his people are “orphans crying in the night” a…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayA man has started dancing in one of the highway lanes.
Retweeted by DJ RQ Away @SpinGriffey @ya_maJESSty Yall are hilarious yo! 🤣🤣🤣A lil cuddle would be slammin tho @Browness @eLB_co Yeah that's a nah fam! @kaelinellis 12 hours/ no repeatsPetty actually care about this shit yoTune in for some grooves and moves with @mynameisphlegm right now yo! On IG Live or...
Come jam for a cause!! #Repost @mynameisphlegm • • • • • • hey y’all! Just here to say today is the day!! The Sin… @KingGshock I dig that man. But I feel like we should have the resources to handle an alligator, that's not a new occurrence.lawebb_o_ne is follower number 25 of my Twitch channel! Thanks for the follow! @KingGshock People, humans, "man" but more specifically wildlife professionals @tearsoftechno @NOLAnews BasicallyY'all know we move whales?! to play Black anthem before national anthem during Week 1 of the 2020 season: AP Source | Saints |…
Retweeted by DJ RQ AwayLive now! Get Down NOLA Link in bio
I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Music & Performing Arts jams on vinyl played by yours truly today at 6 p.m. cst #rqawayfm #getdownnola Watch on IG or listen on the lie*resets social media app timers*Get yo people bruh! Down NOLA all vinyl happy hour happens tonight at 6 p.m. CST Tune in on IG, twitch, or folks! @largedaddyjet I had snacks on deck and everything! @largedaddyjet I left quick quick! 🤣🤣🤣 @jacqpfrancois I put up no fight whatsoever, just politely (and very very quickly) took my ass insideMe: *watches Harry Potter on the balcony* Flying cockroach: "Snape be trippin bruh!" Me: