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kikurage @RR2GO moron mountain

borderline schizo, sorta fine tits tho ♠️ disgraced former twitch mod, asexual thot, fake gamer enby ✨ ssn: 457-55-5462 they/them

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@bigsufjanfan 2 games in a row my fucking internet died the second before winning a match im gonna screamcan they fucking STOP NERFING BRIGITTE @MichaelGunEmoji in that case 🤮derrick just said "intestines" with a long "i" ("intestynes") and i said "intestynes?????" and he just said "sorry. intesteens" @MichaelGunEmoji are u sure its not a green pool cover lol @sidewalkflowers HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️.ereh uoy ekat neht ",tops a wonk I" ,ekil eb syuG
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here to tell you that someone in their mid 20’s flirting with 30yo’s is actually completely okay and not weird at all
Retweeted by kikurage @stopitmom okay and?i fucking love fondant it’s delicious and you’re all incorrectno more fondant slander on the tl this tweet brought to you by fondant gang @333333333433333 LMAO @333333333433333 why is everyone talking about cake today what did i miss @bigsufjanfan i call my parents gigi’s parents and i’ve yelled at my dad for calling me “mommy” at her because i wa… aunt referred to Nori and Bean as her Grandpups™ and it broke mehis account got suspended RIP i hope u and ur uncle are chillin about the “dugs my uncle” tweetlol i was little i didn’t know what kodachrome was so i thought the paul simon song was “coat of chrome” like homi… dad got gigi an entire pizza. like he went and ordered an entire pie and picked it up for the dog i am going to murder him @angryuglybitch it looks so fucking uglyjust learned via a snapchat ad that there’s a show on quibi where anna kendrick finds a sentient RealDoll @Rocket_Falls listen,i’m losing my mind at those fucking wojaks it’s not even accurate at all lmao like you can’t properly drag women if… take one L and then make these
Retweeted by kikurage @sh0bble i love mannyFirst thing I’m doing after they release a vaccine for this bullshit is getting blackout drunk and going to karaoke
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@LeftAtLondon i love fondant id eat a block of fondant with icing i don’t get the hatei just walked up to sean and said “i cannot listen to my mother talk to kevin’s friends about politics” and he just… mom will try to turn “hating the president” into a bonding experience with every single person she talks to and… people are worse to far right people to me bc at least far right people have opinions, they’re just bad ones.… of them literally said “if you’re too far on either side you have a problem you gotta be in the middle that’s w… mom is talking to my cousins friends about politics and it is so fucking dumb i literally had to go inside the h… have a five minute conversation without turning it into a tantrum about donald trump challengeaphobic twitter ppl who think being bisexual is a personality trait be like i am uncomfortable when we are not about me?????ppl on here really say aphobic shit with their whole chest and then 5 minutes later unironically complain about Bis… @sidewalkflowers i mean my bf is but still lmao @sidewalkflowers way more ppl r into asses now anyway i just have to carry around weights on my chest and they’re n… but it’s true🥴 love when i get sent a post by someone i have muted for being an aphobe and i click the post and it is them being an aphobe. i don’t misshe keeps trying to drink our alcohol and diving off the deck he’s a little monster @humidnightbIue i know i’m dyingtrying to get a picture of his heterochromia but he’s teething on me @maplegooby @acstruggletwts this is like the 4th or 5th time for me!! i’m not sure if it’s random or based on frien… rollins sold out :/ @gaut1111 yeah they do that using the thought bubbles too! so you probably just have to talk to them more haha @loverinetc @acstruggletwts kid cat is the real treasure tbh @gaut1111 i’ve had it a few times, it might just be random or it might be based on your friendship level with them i’m not sure @gaut1111 they’ll have a white thought bubble over their head sometimes (like the one if they’re thinking of moving… @kittynouveau i know he’s perfect lmao he has heterochromia but i haven’t gotten a good pic of his eyes @kittynouveau he’s being a brat also fell off the deck into the pool before lmaolmaooooo the puppy just stumbled and fell ass first into his water bowl so he was like sitting in it and now his ass is dripping wet @stopitmom *breathes* me:
Retweeted by kikurageCancel culture strikes again
Retweeted by kikuragebabey 10 week old puppy is asleep on my lap rn @jobinaview true she seems like she’s def worse tho lmao she shit the fucking bed @SpookyCandle i guess but i’ve had the like magical Upstate New York apples before @disco_socialist perkins whipsno homo we snorting tampons @Palesunglasses i knowshow villain / actual villain
Retweeted by kikurageno one else is brave enough to say it @bigsufjanfan why does he have to be gay for thisSomeone actually paid @jonathansfrakes to do this 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Back to the wrestling now. #factorfiction
Retweeted by kikurage @kittynouveau it’s so good but it literally has more pear than apple i don’t understandi would pay $50 for good onion rings right now @newlyretro Wait lmao that’s literally what they’re doing @sidewalkflowers ive been there twice best two meals of my life bar none shes a fucking genius i swear @sidewalkflowers ive told you about dirt candy right? amanda cohen is a fucking genius i cant wait to try this deadass gonna cryi just found out the dirt candy chef opened a burger place and i’m geeking,,,,,,, i need the overpriced borgergoing to the zoo and laying down in the lizard exhibit fully nudelegit trying to google if i can use reptile lamps to try to treat my psoriasis bc the ones for medical use are $400… Infectious Disease(s)ppl who don’t capitalize the “S” in AIDS........... what do you think the acronym stands forFor like a century, corporate media decided who got “cancelled” & often the people didn’t even do anything wrong (S…
Retweeted by kikurageNew York City Police Department Wikipedia article edited by the NYPD
Retweeted by kikurageAll the stars are here!
Retweeted by kikurageanyone replying to this with “enemy of my enemy” shit is a fucking demon maybe six digit numbers are hard for you… some research
Retweeted by kikurage @DietAdvil thank u honey no worries @canyonoflight @sassyblackdiva yeah one of my friends lives in a Fancy old house and their downstairs bathroom is p… @DietAdvil oh bc of “queen”? i’m fine with that most ppl who know me irl use fem pronouns bc i’m like. visibly afab… @DietAdvil ider what you’re referring to tbh so suffice to say don’t worry about it loljust encountered the word "landfolks" used as gender-neutral "landlords" i'm
Retweeted by kikuragehaving psoriasis is the highest form of oppression actually. not reading repliesuncontrollable psoriasis itch is legitimately one of the worst things i have ever experienced so honestly? i think…
Retweeted by kikurageokay this one isn’t even a thing. i’ve never seen the fucking PEZ Clown before in my life. there’s no way there’s j…’m honestly a hypocrite bc i’m a freak who loves to reappropriate advertising shit semi-ironically and if it was a… it STOP @SouthrnGothHick @fcukign no i love the morton salt girl she rocks i just hate that there’s a funko popi don’t know enough about CS to know if this is really elaborate bait but it seems like way too long a thread to no… thought this was bait but there’s an entire thread...... no don’t know why this makes me so angry but it does’s a fucking funko pop of the Morton Salt girl ...........