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Ingvar Stepanyan @RReverser Ukraine ➩ London

Obsessed D2D programmer (parsers, compilers, tools & specs). 🥑.wasm (WebAssembly Advocado) @Google, previously broke the Internet more than once @Cloudflare.

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Rebooked from a premium economy to a regular economy with middle seat, for a fee and a fare difference. Airfares are wild as usual."Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority League, Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia par… world from dtrace on windows arm64. cc @ahl @bcantrill
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyanjust remembered the guy who 3D printed an EF mount for the gameboy camera and chucked a 70-200mm lens on there, giv…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanAt the airport 20 minutes past the check-in time 😔 Time to learn about rebookings. @sebmck In this case I left an hour earlier than I normally would, but there was some crash on the road which delay… people walk the ropes. Some people climb the rocks. Some people jump with parachutes. Me? I go to airports. @AdamRackis Not yet and the chances are decreasing.Ughhh the driver thought he knows better than the navigator and we went one round for no purpose... This is getting intense. @jaffathecake Thanks!Ah yes, exactly what you want to see on the way to an airport.
@mitsuhiko @getsentry Rad! Can't wait to see how it plays out :)Explosive new statement just released by the Joint Investigation Team prosecuting the MH17 downing. In short: JIT p…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @IRLmaciek @end3r @js13kGames @rustlang Is that the size with JS included?Can't promise anything yet, but since DWARF support in WASM seems to be happening I'm playing around with making…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @markdalgleish me: "XState" them: "...I'm looking for a date utility library" me: "Time is a state machine"
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @DavidKPiano @markdalgleish 🤯 @nevidoma_osoba Їх це теж дратує, цікаво спостерігати ) В ту ж копілку - their vs there, less vs fewer, ... @Rich_Harris @wycats @robpalmer2 @samselikoff @NicoloRibaudo @tjcrowder @ember_map @lukastaegert @guybedford Could… @Rich_Harris @wycats @robpalmer2 @samselikoff @NicoloRibaudo @tjcrowder @ember_map @lukastaegert @guybedford Yeah I… @Rich_Harris @wycats @robpalmer2 @samselikoff @NicoloRibaudo @tjcrowder @ember_map @lukastaegert @guybedford I beli… like the new "assertions" feature in TypeScript, although I'm a bit surprised it was implemented as a special-cas…, the recording of our with @fractorious #ChromeDevSummit talk about the new #WebAssembly features is out:… @John_Papa async.js library
@qz Hm.
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanGooglebot supports Web Components 😲 I don't personally know how many people use them in prod, but at least it seems… off the press at #cds2019.. Median time for Googlebot to render (exec JS, etc): 5s! 90th percentile: minute…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanAs someone who tried developing browser extensions in the past, I'm *so* excited about upcoming changes that integr… @tlakomy They're served as MP4 and likely weigh less than some of the images in your feed :)The tricoloured heron. (Photo: Jackie Kramer)
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyansounds bad
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@Raqbit_ That makes sense! The problem is, developers often go for easier solution of disabling text selection on `… @dotcypress 😂OH: "Nginx mints are the best mints ever." (c) @torch2424Oh, the things you'll compile! ⌨️ @fractorious and @RReverser take a look at modern WebAssembly, how you can use i…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan📢 Achievement unlocked 🏆🔓 The work we have been doing with OpenCV.js and #webassembly at @IntelSoftware is now for…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @CryZe107 #ChromeDevSummit :)--target wasm32-unknown-cdsHoussein just announced something I've been working on for a little while: @babel/preset-modules! A Babel preset t…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanTo clarify - I just don't think this is a "feature" of native apps we should be copying. If anything, not being abl… @bobzhang1988 @Vjeux @reasonml Congratulations! Have fun!😂 riiiight
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanIn the future, Chrome would like to reward sites delivering typically fast experiences, while providing transparenc…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanUhh... please don't disable text selection in Web pages and PWAs.turn off web assembly, once and for all
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@ag_dubs @rustwasm So subtle 😂 @ag_dubs @rustwasm I've been actually finding clippy pretty useful for generic stuff like inefficient data structur… @ag_dubs @rustwasm Interesting idea! What sort of hints do you imagine? Clippy warnings?Such a great idea at #ChromeDevSummit: a lounge, where all introverts can gather together and talk... oh wait 😝 Mozilla and Google are organizing the first WebAssembly Summit February 10th, 2020 Mountain View, CA…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanMe, seeing a name badge Henry Zhu: "Oh, nice to finally meet you!" Him: "Well, I'm not that famous, but hi! Are you… @jsoverson Likewise! @marvinhagemeist @laparisa All things offline!Good morning, #ChromeDevSummit!The sticker crop is looking healthy at #ChromeDevSummit
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanPretty wild that the most popular company that people use to google stuff literally ended up being called Google… l…
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TypeScript is actually right but it's too hard to understand why
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanKotlin to Rust migration resource use change for @nevi_me’s service: RAM from 20 GB to 500 MB, CPU usage to one third of previous. #rustfest
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @_jayphelps @ferdaber Yeah, I guess. When asked earlier, I was just actually interested in whether .call+.bind prod… @_jayphelps @ferdaber Ok, then one more question: is speed of *creating* closures that important (especially when i… @_jayphelps @ferdaber Oh, so you're saying that arguments you're passing to bind2 are not *actually* arguments, but just closed-over values? @_jayphelps @ferdaber Me neither. @_jayphelps @ferdaber I mean, the .bind variant technically only takes args that are passed to the created closure,… @_jayphelps @ferdaber Hmm, why do you need extra args in custom closure variant? @_jayphelps @ferdaber Or was that about generic wrappers like bind = (closure, ...args) => closure(...args) ? @_jayphelps @ferdaber Ah, interesting... and you're saying that custom wrappers like bind2 = (closure, a, b) => c… @aweary Wow, you got even younger... and who is this guy holding you? @_jayphelps @ferdaber Maybe I don't understand what you're trying to do... but I mean e.g. function MyClass_myMeth… @_jayphelps @ferdaber It will lead to more imports to Wasm, but should optimise much better overall. @_jayphelps @ferdaber Why not provide type-specific wrapper functions (like e.g. wasm-bindgen does)? I imagine the… @_jayphelps I have no idea what's going on there 😅 @_jayphelps I mean... const call = () => { throw new TypeError('call is not a function'); } would have pretty muc… @rakyll Wow, never heard of / seen this, but sounds like an awesome idea.Lovely that some conferences cover the travel of speaker +1s. I wished it was more common. It would encourage more…
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@rrpre Then I’m suing everyone who wrote these headlines
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @mitsuhiko @ChromeDevTools Not just of function - of any instruction, but yes. @alexgomesdev @muqsithirfan @ChromeDevTools @golang It should be actually perfectly possible, as Golang supports/em… @mitsuhiko @ChromeDevTools Most semantics there seem to be for value representation, which we don't support yet, bu… @ivanceras @ChromeDevTools @wasmerio Thanks! Just to be sure - did you check it to work? I'd be very curious to see if it has issues similar t… is awesome! Congrats to the #Chrome dev team 👏 If you are using the @wasmer/wasi npm package, you can now deb…
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OH: We bend over backwards for the 1% that uses IE11 and we do nothing for the 5% using assistive devices #a11y 🤔
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @pcwalton @tmr232 @ManishEarth Implementation here: @pcwalton @tmr232 @ManishEarth LLVM linker seems to support it too? @rahul1sethi @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage The loop goes through and deletes all cache items, so yeah, it will. @robpalmer2 Thanks. I'm not supposed to be coding as much, so it might take a while to get to the next one - might… code that declare let-variables no longer cause failures in DevTools console. We hope this makes trying o…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @DasSurma @_marcba Fixed: i +=+ 1 - valid - symmetric - handcrafted - underused*apple watch buzzes*: meeting in 10 *phone calendar pop up*: meeting in 10 *desktop calendar pop up*: meeting in 10…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanThis is interesting: GitHub oauth bypass via HEAD request to oauth endpoint Fixed in prod in 3hrs (!!), bounty $25…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @linclark Thanks!My "starter project" is out in Chrome Canary! There is still quite a lot of work both on our and tooling side to pr… @AppleCard is such a fucking sexist program. My wife and I filed joint tax returns, live in a community-propert…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @ow (also "no tracking" is probably a bit of overstatement, unless you combine it with ad-/track-blocking browser;… @ow I mean, sure. The easiest way to avoid tracking is to not to use any apps. But if you do actively use Instagram… @ow The editor is, unfortunately, subpar compared to the native app, but it's good enough for viewing photos.
@linclark @luke_wagner livestream please @FreeMasen @rustlang The usual way to do it is to run a test in a new thread created with custom `stack_size`. you know I was really worried about WeWork's future, but this slide from Softbank's earnings call really clears…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @kristoferbaxter Yeah it's convenient. I've also used Oakland once when flying Norwegian, it's also pretty small and close to SF.