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Ingvar Stepanyan @RReverser Ukraine ➩ London

Obsessed D2D programmer (parsers, compilers, tools & specs). 🥑.wasm (WebAssembly Advocado) @Google, previously broke the Internet more than once @Cloudflare.

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@WebReflection @DasSurma Ok. What code did you use to produce that array of bytes you were asking about? @WebReflection @DasSurma As mentioned in another reply, it rather sounds like you're solving the wrong problem, so I'll wait for details :) @WebReflection @DasSurma (this whole thread sounds more and more like XY problem and it would be really helpful to… @WebReflection @DasSurma Okay this is really confusing :) Can you explain again which part you're trying to represe… @WebReflection @DasSurma (of course, if possible, I'd suggest not using strings in this context at all) @WebReflection @DasSurma But if you really need to convert binary data to JS string, then you need to use old good… @WebReflection @DasSurma No, it just means that you're trying to decode arbitrary binary data as an encoded text co… @WebReflection @DasSurma Well your question wasn't initially clear :) So the only way then is to perform manual con… @WebReflection @DasSurma (ah wait, no, TextEncoder isn't supported for UTF-16) @WebReflection @DasSurma What do you mean "go back to source"? From what? `dest`? If so, the only way is to re-enco… @Scott_Helme If you're on roaming, then your traffic is routed via UK - maybe that's the reason? @mgattozzi @CuddleViper Nope, the other way around (as noted below). `Sized` is almost never necessary. @mountain_ghosts Check out plotters? This is what criterion uses nowadays if Gnuplot is not present. @Sunjay03 I've seen it in some other crates myself before, which is why decided to add here as well. The diff looks so much cleaner :) @myrrlyn My point is that you need these tests either way for crates that use something more complicated than alloc… @myrrlyn > has either defer unresolved name errors until target selection That's what compiler already does with extern functions 🤷🏻‍♂️ @myrrlyn In this model crate author should still add tests for targets without std support (just like authors have… @myrrlyn But that's still fine, as long as the references to these types don't survive DCE. If they do, then user w… @matborowiak I was thinking more along lines "the difference will depend on particular regex engine, and, correspondingly, JS engine used". @myrrlyn In "my" model, you don't need to do either - you can keep using `std` methods as before, and leave figurin… @matborowiak "It depends". What did I win? 😀 @myrrlyn See my follow-ups. In this model you could define `BitVec` unconditionally, and user just wouldn't be able… @myrrlyn Mayyyybe we'll still need some escape hatch attribute that turns unavailable imports into runtime panics,… @myrrlyn This makes it much more natural both for crate authors and for users, as any unavailable API is just caugh… @myrrlyn Instead, I'd much prefer link-time verification by the compiler itself, where crate can do anything it wan… @myrrlyn IMO the right solution is not to put this onto the authors of the crate at all. It has been already seen h… @myrrlyn If you split std into enough crates, you don't need `feature = ...` at all. @myrrlyn This (except I'd prefer `extern crate` instead of attributes - there's no need for magic here). @rustlang Now with no_std support (thanks @CryZe107!).
@CryZe107 @rustlang Ah, well. I have... opinions about usefulness of no_std approach. But if you want to make a PR,… @CryZe107 @rustlang I wished for it to be in std so many times (and surprised that methods don't return Cow by defa… wrote variations of these string manipulation utils so many times in various projects, so... Introducing cow-uti…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @KevinHoffman Can you enter your PIN number in this ATM machine though? @_developit ...I can't get enough @gibson042 Sure, it's fun, but that one at least isn't context-dependant :) @mikesherov @tlakomy The math didn't seem to add up, so I checked the post and it says "5 2x devs" :P @hsivonen Oh my god why? From reading the comment, I thought one char should be enough for determining end of the word? @RReverser The screenshot doesn't show the worst part: the number of character that have to be examined to decide w…
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@leszekswirski @hashseed @mathias @_jayphelps @ChromeDevTools > Also variable and function declarations Only assum… @femyeda I don't think == vs === or or ASCII are relevant to that tweet / code.Luckily, this relation is 1:2, so at least the reverse transform (uppercasing) is more straightforward. this particularly means is that is, counter-intuitively, *not* the same as…, TIL. Reading code for string manipulation APIs in various languages never stops revealing interesting edge cas…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanDownshifting advice from @rustlang:
@orta What about meta refresh tag? (still a bit worse than HTTP header, but better than nothing I guess) @orta Happy to hear it's on the roadmap anyway :) @orta Huh, didn't think that would be hard. What's the issue? If it's a general domain/website management bureaucra… owns, can you please set up a HTTP -> HTTPS redirect (or even HSTS)? cc @orta @dalmaer @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari "BUNdler for tiNY apps" @ejcx_ @ericlaw @blowdart Did you push the Turbo button yet? @TheTasteOfALiar Making climate change top of mind for more people fights climate change doesn't it? It's a politi…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @vincesalvino @benj_fry @yaahc_ Ohh I use Power Shell daily, but didn't know this. Pretty cool, thanks. Interesting idea - a WebRTC based file transfer tool to send files from one computer to an…
Retweeted by Ingvar Stepanyan @rowan_m God Rowan of a mere wood?I'm quitting tech to become an engineer for a few days 😐 @VinayTaylor @gabriel_micko @kosamari I don't know much about it. How does it solve this problem? AFAIK the only so… weeks, five hotels, three regained and another two lost personal items... time to leave. Bye, Bay Area! @benj_fry @yaahc_ Oh, I don't care about multiple processes or collection, I meant just shell-level redirection to output file for stdout. @rowan_m @DotProto That's what everyone says about any new fashion 😝 @benj_fry @yaahc_ I mean, I'm not using any async abstractions or threads, just good ol' plan println! / eprintln!. @benj_fry @yaahc_ I have no idea what you're talking about in the first sentence tbh 🤔 @mx00s @benj_fry @yaahc_ It doesn't exist, that's why I said "we should have" them :) @mx00s @benj_fry @yaahc_ Yeah for debug stuff. @benj_fry @yaahc_ To the OP's tweet though, I'd argue that we should have stdout, stderr and stdlog to keep everything separate :) @benj_fry @yaahc_ E.g. whenever I'm writing yet another tool, initially I'm just lazy and use println! for regular… @benj_fry @yaahc_ It's useful exactly for cases when you want to output some debug info that you don't want caught :) @mayhplumb @GretchenAMcC Staff nights out were held in this bar
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanDammit, Google, just stop ignoring words. When a user searches for "[Product Name] [very specific query]", they *do… you can do this in Rust too these days with a cross-language LTO. @gabriel_micko @kosamari Yeah. @kosamari Ability to use on desktop / without phone. Too few apps support this nowadays.
@steveklabnik @mgattozzi IIFE @steveklabnik @mgattozzi 😂 @jgrahamc @Cloudflare @wasmsf The photo board with employee pictures at the SF office. Looks like it was created so… @mitsuhiko @SimonSapin As in, if some code uses global RefCell to store some dynamic data (as some libraries do), t… @mitsuhiko @SimonSapin The API looks pretty cool! Although, is it a concern / should it have a documentation warning about global state? @binjimint @luke_wagner As a follow-up, I don't suppose there is any backwards-compatible way to add and use such form now? @Cloudflare @wasmsf @jgrahamc what's even going on here? 🤔 now @YIozzelli is talking about compiling Flash to WebAssembly at @wasmsf l. @brionv, you should talk and make… roads lead back to @Cloudflare 😂 Hello, @wasmsf! @lgarron Internationally transit can be up to often faster than driving, too :)I have a personal rule to take transit if it's no more than 50% longer than driving/rideshare. Internationally, th…
Retweeted by Ingvar StepanyanFirst Muni didn't show up on the scheduled time. Second came at the scheduled departure time; then driver said he's… a proponent of a public transport, decided to take a Muni in San Francisco since it showed up as reasonable time… @kosamari I guess the idea is that you might have subscribed to the newsletter before buying the mattress.👏 @rauschma Needing a function callback. I need to create an array from WebAssembly side with given 4 values, and whi… @MaxGraey Yeah I know the pitfalls, hence the ironic tweet. But I have specifically 4 args so doesn't matter too mu… @bradleymeck Ah yeah, I guess I could use Array.of here too. Not that it matters *too* much for multiple params.Oh no I just used `Array(a, b, c, d)` JavaScript constructor overload and it still looks like the best solution 😨
@rowan_m (erate) @rowan_m shit @rowan_m Wait I thought it was supposed to be the other way around (me answering with that). @_jayphelps @Rich_Harris It is amazing! I'm surprised how well it works given how crazy / hacky the idea behind it is :D @rowan_m I'm ready! :)"ship and iterate (a.k.a. shiterate)" 😂"It's not a triangle of doom, it's a tetrahedron of doom." (c) Andreas Rossberg @ WebAssembly CG meeting @billticehurst Idk, I was staying at a simple apartment via Airbnb and walking around quite a lot. Definitely not bars though :)