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Ryan Hoover @rrhoover SF ✈️ LA

Founder of @ProductHunt, @WeekendFund investor. Working on something new: @yourstacks. Real likes, no gimmicks. ✌️😸

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@akeem Curious! Subscribed. @ashleymayer @suzywillow I love the brusselsATTN SF friends 👇🏼
@sanchalipal LOL, Tiger King. We just started. :) @soulcarousel @yourstacks @ProductHunt Haha, nice :)Have you ever scrolled on producthunt thinking like, "damn, i can't even center a div on another div..."
Retweeted by Ryan Hoover @carmeldea Yes! I discovered it with @jtzou, @staringispolite, @jimmydouglas, Eubanks, and Haithem in Mexico last year. ❤️ @AtomSilverman @ProductHunt @kickstarter While not out of the question, funding is a very different business and use case.Making #content, not sure. Twitter, can you help Henry’s dad? 🎸🥁🎹
@austnryder @briannekimmel @garrytan @Nivo0o0 @alexisohanian Fart, the makers of Button Shortcuts! @me_aktas @Suhail @ProductHunt stay tuned ;) cc @mishachellam @louis_bernabe @Suhail @DarthGarry @Suhail I didn’t! We might remove them though. :)I broke my “rule” and changed my profile pic. Mask on, courtesy of @Suhail. @alphacolin welcome! :) @awilkinson Endel keeps hitting my radar on Twitter and YS @tientienc @yourstacks where are you going to put them!? @Far0s aha! Nice :) @alexyoungkwon @yourstacks Ha! True. Very similar dynamics.❤️ this new project by @gc and team: A social network for charitable giving. @andrewchen @suzywillow @DUALIPA I hope not 🤯 @andrewchen TikTok got me into @DUALIPA and normally I’m not into most pop @jamestodd @nathanwpyle Ok. Now I get it. Long day. 😅 @jamestodd @nathanwpyle I’m so confusedWhich consumer behavior do you think will stick after all of this? 🤔 by @jimscheinman
Shelter in place is forcing new behaviors. Some of them will stick. @Gabriel_Whaley lol wut @benxedel Sometimes this happens when it gets posted later in the day so that it doesn’t get buried. I’d recommend… @alexisohanian @garrytan Even better: Add a cat with Snap Camera goes to my teammate, @DeVladinci @SarahADowney @RuPaul @RuPaulsDragRace AMEN @MrBenJ5 @yourstacks 💦 @MrBenJ5 🥞 @MrBenJ5 @yourstacks Did you stack your hydroflask yet!? :) @timexile @endlesssfm We can assist, Tim! @jakecrump, mind helping him out? @zackmariscal @yourstacks 🙌🏼This is such a lovely idea...Goodnight Zoom: Storytime between your child and an isolated senior.
Retweeted by Ryan Hoover @zackmariscal @yourstacks pics please! :)
@carmeldea With your onesie I hope @ericbahn That’s awesome“If one cannot love oneself, one cannot love others” From The Courage to be Happy @alexyoungkwon <3 starcraftOn repeat, fitting for the time we’re all living through rn @DerekWilliamson Creative! @mujawed I haven’t done the researchShelter in place Twitter: What are you doing for fun on the weekends? The more creative and unusual the better. 😊 @irosenb 🎉😊 @lkherman Same @VitaliGisko @ProductHunt You should post! 😊 @TimoSolo @MattSenter @trylolli 🕺🏼
@KatieS @netflix 🍿Thread 🧵 @nikitabier Unless you are
@eriktorenberg I stopped changing my underwearThis week Q&A has been hosting discussions with music industry vets on Zoom daily at 4pm. You can tune in now:… @eriktorenberg zoom is life @CodeHands @yourstacks @ProductHunt and we love it :) @CodeHands @yourstacks @ProductHunt it’s a rip of’re jamming with one of the makers of Auxparty. 🎶 Join!
Retweeted by Ryan HooverNew project from @deray and @bobakemamian: #WhileAtHome
@cszhu @fugugames @Square Nice! It’s a little late in the day so we’ll schedule this to go up tomorrow if that’s OK. :) @cszhu @fugugames @Square Nice! Want to post to PH? :) Happy to spread the word 📢 @ahn_going @yourstacks I actually just made some egg pancakesThanks to everyone who has been spreading the great word about @Codeverse going virtual. 🙏 It means the world to me…
Retweeted by Ryan Hoover @CatalystWeb215 @drinkcann Lol, good pointJust stacked @drinkcann: I’m a fan of this growing category of non-alcohol “social beverages” 💦 @carmeldea this is so carmel @ElkanahReed Of course! Thanks for joining us. :)🚨Announcement! 🚨 We're hosting a global, WFH Makers Festival that focuses on relief efforts (in any form) for the…
Retweeted by Ryan Hoover @yourstacks @kevinrose @brodoNYC I just bought some 😋 @grizzwithak likewise, Kris! :) @grizzwithak @ProductHunt @AvoidHumans ha! True.This is an interesting idea built by a husband + wife duo: "Asynchronous meetings for remote teams" @DUDEwipes Really? Will DM. 😊 @JasonGabaee Yes! @joshelman Warm butt paper(tm) @rrhoover There is still time for it to become toilet paper...
Retweeted by Ryan HooverThis looked like toilet paper online 🤦🏼‍♂️ we really want to know? 😬
💕's now over 120 #coronavirus-related apps/services/initiatives in my ever-growing collection @ProductHunt! You…
Retweeted by Ryan HooverCurrent status @AlexCartaz @mmasnick @auxparty 👍🏼👍🏼That Mubs smile 😃 @coreytrampe Strange! @jakecrump, can you please take a look? @SarahADowney @yourstacks N64!?? I wish I had mine rn. @bnox @yourstacks 🙌🏼 @russellcrispin @scottallen541 @David_Toper! @TheBencuya @ProductHunt OMG, lol @TheBencuya you bet! @_harryhurst 🎉 @pau DM’ing you now!
Nicolas Jaar, live streaming rn (h/t @suzywillow cc @benrbn) @tonysphere @yourstacks 👋🏼“Start a podcast without recording anything” 🤔 @internetVin Digging the vibe :)This is a demo of Futureland I've been working on Full vid:
Retweeted by Ryan Hoover @yourstacks ssshhhh @yourstacks true