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Dub Poetry Artiste / Writer Performer/ Creativity Revivalist. I tell the stories that need to be through dub and help artistes tell theirs

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@chloedeakin_ Don dadaWell @rrobinson72 you have blown me over with 'A Portable Paradise' - what a moving, generous and political triumph.
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @jsaphra Awww thanx Jacqueline @BetaRish @soshunetwork @jsaphra @MarvinPoet @Carrie_Etter @taniahershman @KMcCarthyWoolf @CarolineBirdUK
Retweeted by Roger Robinson black people shaped France
King Midas Sound getting some props from Ransom Note for the LeGuessWho Show. hello, The Hurst are offering concessionary places for the November course I’m teaching with @rrobinson72. If…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @thebugzoo @LeGuessWho You did a great job with all the shows.
Poem of the month: A Portable Paradise by Roger Robinson
Tweeting 10 literary women who have held my hands and hearts when I was very scared. @LouiseTondeur @Voices4Real
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonYou can still book tix for the launch of the 1st major antho of British LatinX writers 'Un Nuevo Sol' @flippedeye,…
Retweeted by Roger Robinsonwrote a thing for @guardian about dub poetry, featuring some of the most brilliant minds of any generation…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @harleyoliverb @guardian @thebugzoo @moormother @TheLastPoetsNYC @LillianAllenDub @JKBroadrick Good one Harley I enjoyed it. @_ajit8_ Thanx for telling them.
Every time I hear di sound: a short history of dub poetry - The Wire Radio 4 - Profile, Bernardine Evaristo
@JTaylorTrash Wow get better , self care is a must.In September I curated a shelf at the exquisitely beautiful independent bookshop ⁦@LibreriaLondon⁩. I just saw it t…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @BernardineEvari @LibreriaLondon @mrsjaneymac @nikeshshukla @unseenflirt Awww thanx sooo much for including me Bernardine.!!!!
#NewProfilePic Younge becomes a Professor at The University of Manchester
@enaj34 I hope you get into more poetry I always say that the right poetry book hasn’t found someone yet to be the door to poetry.I have never been a huge fan of poetry but @rrobinson72 has changed my mind. Anyone interested in Black British hi…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @JonathanAStroud Congratulations Jonathan @wordswithpurple Hahahaha yeah you’re right Liam @robertmitchellm Soundtrack soundtrack!!!! @Thegirldreams Thanx ShirleyHonestly believe that @rrobinson72 is one of the greatest poets of his time
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @closedcircuits Awwww thanx @leoboix Thanx Leo @JonathanAStroud @SILKfestival @GoldRosie This Festival with these people in that town in that green room was such fun.In the Green Room at @SILKfestival, comparing notes with @rrobinson72 and @GoldRosie ahead of our event yesterday.…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @LouisaAdjoa Thanx Louisa @jonahlikespoems Hahaha Thanx Jonah @bildungsrawan Thanx Rawan @flippedeye Flipped Eye all daySpotted, read and enjoyed @litworks
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonRead this great poem by @rrobinson72 #poet #Poetry_Planet #WritingCommunity #poetrywriter #paradise
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonA fine poem taken from an extraordinary book of poems... Congratulations to @rrobinson72 for being awarded 'poem of…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @thebugzoo @guardian Thanx KevTeaching the truth: Decolonising education HIV experts are calling on Uganda to legalise homosexuality
Flame 2 - Dive
Respect to Roger Robinson for being the first ever British Black Man to be nominated for his work as poet, for the…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @KMcCarthyWoolf Thanx Karen. Yeah watch it’s beautiful sad and intense. @JTaylorTrash Thanx Joelle @HPrizm Priest Blessup!!!! @pascalepoet Thanx Pascale you are such a massive influence on my writing.Delighted to see @rrobinson72's 'A Portable Paradise' (from the @peepaltreepress collection of the same name) as po…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonA poem by @rrobinson72 selected by @GuardianBooks. Poem of the month: A Portable Paradise by Roger Robinson
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @hannahlowepoet Thanx Hannah @Guardian #PoemOfTheMonth is #APortableParadise by #RogerRobinson @RRobinson72 the first #BlackBritishMale to be sh…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonWell alllllriiigghht I’m poem of the month in The Guardian with the title poem of my book #aportableparadise. Thanx Guardian peeps.
Out in Norway for the @SILKfestival . The quality of food out here is so high that I feel like I’ve never actually… @KMcCarthyWoolf It’s been out for a while I just looked at the whole thing it’s great . Made me tear up a few times.
Dris WTF did you do? Ats WTF did you do? Woooo. #Topboy is stressful yo.This #ThrowbackThursday we are going all the way back to 4 weeks ago. Here's Roger Robinson with a set of poems th…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonHappy 10th anniversary @SILKfestival Norway. I've been working at this lovely festival almost as long - interviewin…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson
@JasminePoet @poetrybusiness @warda_ahy Go on Jasmine you’re doing it
@mekanoset Wow literallyGlad to see this thread. If you love their work you’ll love @InuaEllams @KayoChingonyi @maryjean_chan
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonGrenfell Tower: ‘The fire was no accident. Now we must go after those responsible’ saw the first all women-of-colour Shakespeare production. @rrobinson72 is the first British Black man to be n…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson'Even Belgian chocolate has a colonial history due to the exploitation of raw materials from the Congo.' Johnny Pit…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson#KingMidasSound in Heidelberg Frankfurt was live and intense. A small nice venue with a super professional tech cre… @Carmichael_Rob @easybee Thanx for sharing Robert @easybee 'Grace', from Roger Robinson's 'A Portable Paradise', which was published this year. The poem is wondrous,…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonWe had a great time launching Roger Robinson's latest collection, A Portable Paradise (@peepaltreepress), at our…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @RachelFell @McrWritingSchl I am current reading Roger Robinson’s A Portable Paradise - highly recommended
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @Becky_Swain @RachelFell @McrWritingSchl Thanx for sharing the vibe BeckyIf your notebook is full of unfinished poems and your ideas feel like particles floating in the air… this is the co…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @tanyaemziekuto Awww hope you enjoy the rest @thehoneyeffect It will happen for sure. @jesslouisewood @thewritingsquad Jessica don’t stop ever this is your work in this world.Just reflecting on a great workshop with @rrobinson72 last week by @thewritingsquad - it felt like a much needed po…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonHey, at 14:00 on Saturday 1st November, the mighty @rrobinson72 and I will be on stage at @SILKfestival, Norway, in…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson#Poetry TS Eliot Prize Readings @IMcMillan Hear the poets shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize reading from their ow…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonI just discover this magnificent stuff from @kingmidassound @thebugzoo @rrobinson72 : I have no words....
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonAnd speakin to the crowd afterwards for the 2nd time this week, there is so many uttering the word "Intense" with a…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonMost of the weaponry i utilised for the @kingmidassound show tonite
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonDuring tonite's @kingmidassound the fog was so dense + the audience was so quiet/attentive, i swear to god i though…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonBlacks in London Host First-Ever Memorial Service for Victims of Transatlantic Slave Trade - Atlanta Black Star
Without youth theatre, I would never have won the Booker prize | Bernadine Evaristo Photos Of Black British Girlhood In The 90s
Tomorrow night! @kingmidassound in the area. Tickets on sale here:
Retweeted by Roger Robinson @BlueBirdTail @peepaltreepress @tseliotprize @flippedeye Thanx Nii👏 Congratulations to @rrobinson72 on making the shortlist for the 2019 @tseliotprize . Two poems by Roger are featu…
Retweeted by Roger Robinson29 more days to listen to @bbcPoetryPlease with @Malikabooker and her fantastic poetry choices from Warsan Shire,…
Retweeted by Roger RobinsonKing Midas Sound | 24 Oct
Roger Robinson @rrobinson72 If you’re in Brum tonight get down to this opening . The sublime photography of… @Zeeforzahra Thanx Fathima